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"An Act for the uniting of the Parishes of St Margaret and St Mary Magdalene in Southwark, and that it be from thenceforth called the Parish of St Saviour; and that some of the Parishioners shall be incorporated by the Name of Wardens of the Parish of St Saviours."

A Private Act of Parliament [32 Henry VIII, cap.64 (old number cap.49)],
neither entered on the Parliament Roll nor printed; a flat parchment sheet 58cm x 29cm. 
Shelfmark:  HL/2fPO/2fPB/2f1/2f1540/2f32H8n49 ;   Citation;    Image


Le Roy le veult

Where the mooste noble vertouse Prince King Henry the sixte of noble memory by his lettres patentes dated at Westminster the nyneth day of May in the twenty and seventh yere of his mooste noble Reign gave licence vnto Petre Averyne [newline 2] John Gloucestre and other parrishens of the parrishe churche of sainte Margaret the virgyn of Sowthwarke in the Countie of Surrey that they might founde create and make a perpetuell ffraternytie in the saide parrishe in thonour [newline 3] of Thassumpcionn of our blessed lady / and that the brethirne and systers of the saide Guylde or ffraternitie shulde be one body and a Commynaltye perpetuall incorporate: And that the wardenes of the saide ffraternitie and their successors [newline 4] for the tyme being by the names of wardenes of the saide Guylde / shulde alwaies be called and be persones hable to purchase and Receyue to them and their successours landes and tenementes to the yerely value of Twenty markes by yere [newline 5] that by the name of wardenes of the saide Guylde or ffraternitie they might impleade and be impleaded pursue and defende aunswere and be aunswered as by the said lettres patentes amonge other thinges in the same conteyned [newline 6] more at large may appere / Whiche wardenes of the saide ffraternytie haue purchased and otherwise laufully obteyned to them and to their successours / meases landes and tenementes to the yerely value of twenty markes sterling [newline 7] and haue had and enioyed the same and all othir thinges in the saide lettres patentes comprised according to the tenor purporte and effectes of the same lettres patentes  And where also afore this tyme in the parliament holden at [newline 8] Westminster the eight day of June in the xxviijti yere of the mooste gracioux and victorious Reignn of our mooste dradde soueraignn lorde kinge Henry theight for diuerse reasonable consideracions it was then and there amonge other [newline 9] thinges enacted that the parrishoners of the saide parrishe of saincte Margaret in Southwerke in the Countye of Surrey and their Successours shulde be a perpetuall and an hable body Corporate in the lawe / And that the [newline 10] said wardenes and their Successours shulde haue a common Seale to serue for the busynes of the said Corporacion.  And that they by the name of wardenes of the saide parrish church of Sainte Margaret in Sowthwerk [newline 11] in the said Countie of Surrey might impleade and sue allmaner of persones.  And by the same name might defende and impleade others and be impleaded in all maner of Courtes and places afore all maner of Justices and [newline 12] mynystres of Justice  And all other whatsoeuer and by the saide acte were aucthorised to purchace certaine meases landes and tenementes in the same mencyoned or comprised as by the same acte amonge other thinges therin [newline 13] contayned more at large may appere / And where also the late Monasterie of sainte Mary Overey in Sowthwerke aforesaide vpon certayne good consideracions is now dissolued and the parrishe churche of Saincte [newline 14] Margaret aforesaid prostrated and conuerted to another vse / and the parrishens aswell of saincte Margaret aforesaide as of saincte Mary Magdalene Overey at this present houre repare vnto the said Late monastery of saincte [newline 15] Mary Overey, and there ioynctly as inhabitantes of ann sole parrishe heare devine seruice and vnto them be there mynystred aswell Sacramentes as Sacramentalls wtin the churche of the saide late monastery for the greate [newline 16] ease and commoditie of all the kinges liege people dwelling or enhabiting wtin the seuerall parrishes aforesaide  And forasmuche as the saide churche of sainte mary overey is a very greate churche and very costely to be maynteynid [newline 17] in due reparacions.  Wherefore at the humble Supplicacionn of the saide seuerall parrishoners of saincte Margaret and saincte Mary Magdalene aforesaid.  Be it enacted by the king our soueraynn lorde the lordes spirituall [newline 18] and temporall and the Commons in this present parliament assembled and by thauctoritie of the same  that the said inhabitantes and parrishoners of the saide seuerall parrishes shall fromhensfourth be vnyted knytt and ioyned [newline 19] togethyr / and shalbe and remaine foreuer as one hoole entiere bodye and parrishoners of one parrishe  And that the saide churche of the saide late monastery fromhensfourth shalbe a parrishe church and named and called the [newline 20] parrishe churche of saincte Savior of Sowthwerke and so at all tymes herafter shalbe called and not otherwise / And that the parrishoners of the same parrishe amonge them selfes yerelie at suche tymes as aftre their sadde [i.e. sober] [newline 21] discrecions ^they^ shall thincke conuenient foreuermore shall nominate and electe sixe or foure hable persones dwelling wtin the precincte of the saide parish to be churche wardeines  Whoo shall doo and exercise all and euery [newline 22] thinge as any other wardeines may doo in any other parrishe or place wtin this Realme of England / Whiche wardeynes shalbe a perpetuall and an hable bodye in the lawe  And also shalhaue a Common Seale to serue [newline 23] for the busynes of the same corporacionn / And also the same wardeines and their Successours foreuermore shalhaue and enioye to them and their successours aswell all meases Landes and tenementes Rentes Reuersions seruyces [newline 24] and other hereditamentes. / As also all other revenues aduantages and profutes whatsoeuer whiche at any tyme were or be in the possession of the saide wardeins of sainte Margaret and saincte Mary Magdalene Joyntely or [newline 25] seuerally, to any entent or purpoase by reason of any otherr saide late corporacions any statute acte or lawe heretofore made to the contrary herof in anywise notwtstanding / And that the saide wardeines of the saide parrishe [newline 26] of saincte Sauior by the names of wardeynes of the parrishe churche of saincte Sauior in Sowthwerke in the saide Countie of Surrey shall and may impleade and sue all maner of persones. / And by the same name may [newline 27] defende and impleade and be impleaded in all maner of Courtes and places afore all maner of Justices and mynystres of Justice and all other whatsoeuer  And whiche said wardeynes of Saincte Sauiors of Southwerk [newline 28] aforesaide and their successours foreuermore shalhaue and enioye all and all maner of thinges profutes commodyties and advauntages in the saide lettres patentes of the saide noble vertuous prince kinge Henry the sixte [newline 29] mencioned or contayned. / And also shall clerely absolutely freely surely and indiffesybly haue and enioy all suche meases landes and tenementes and other hereditamentes whatsoeuer whiche the said wardeines of the saide [newline 30] guylde or ffraternytie of Thassumpcion of our blissed Lady in the saide late parrishe church of saincte Margaret in Southwerke in the Countie of Surrey at any tyme heretofore haue hadd purchased and obtayned by [newline 31] vertue of the saide letters patentes / be it by feoffament gifte bequest or otherwise / Any thinge afore this tyme doonn or herafter to be doonn to the contrary herof in any wise notwtstanding  And also be it further enacted [newline 32] by thauctoritie aforesaide that the wardeines of the mysterie of the lethersellers of London and their Successours foreuermore shall well and truely doo maynteyne kepe and observe and cause to be doonn maynteyned [newline 33] kept and obserued in the saide churche of sainte Sauior in Sowthwerke at all tyme and tymes yerely foreuer all and euery suche foundacions ordenaunces and other thinges as were and arr declared and appoincted to be doonn [newline 34] by one John Scragges late Citizeine and letherseller of the said Cittie of London deceased in as ample and large maner and after suche fourme and condicion as the saide wardeines of the mysterie of lethersellers of [newline 35] London / and their predecessours heretofore haue doonn or ought to doo observe and kepe in the saide late parrish church of sainte Marye ^magdalen^ in Southwerke or ells where in the saide Countie of Surrey / Any thinge in this present [newline 36] acte conteyned or afore this tyme had doon or made to the contrarie therof in anywise notwtstanding  Sauyng to all and singuler persone and persones and bodies politique and corporate and their heires and [newline 37] Successours / and to theirs and Successours of euery of them / other then the kinges highnes his heires and Successours / and the late wardeines of the saide late parrish churches of sainte Margaret and Sainte Mary [newline 38] Magdalene in Southwerke aforesaid / and of the saide Gilde or ffraternitie and their Successours and the wardeines of the mystery of the lethersellers of London aforesaide and their Successours and euery of them [newline 39] all suche right title accion / entree / ffees / annuyties / rentes interestes lease leases clayme profute and demaunde as they or any of them hath haue / or of right ought to haue in or to the premysses or eny parcell therof [newline 40] in suche like maner and fourme as if this acte had neuer been hadd or made / Any thinge in this acte conteyned to the contrary notwtstanding.

Soit baille aux commons
A cest bille lez comones sont assentz


The church of the late monastery of St Mary Overy to be given to the two Southwark parishes of St Margaret and St Mary Magdalen — the latter parish housed in a chapel attached to the monastic church and called in this document ‘St Mary Magdalene Overey’.  The monastic church of St Mary Overy to be henceforth called the parish church of St Saviour of Southwark.  The commodities of the fraternity of the Assumption of Our Lady in St Margaret's parish to be transferred to the new church.  The Leathersellers Company of London to continue and maintain, in the new church, the foundation set up in the parish church of St Mary Magdalen by John Scragges, leatherseller, deceased.  The preamble states that the erection of the said fraternity and its endowment with twenty marks a year was licensed by patent 9 May 27 Hen. VI; that the Parliament of 28 Hen. VIII [c.31] enacted that the parishioners of St Margaret's parish should be a body corporate; that the monastery of St Mary Overy is dissolved, and the parish church of St Margaret converted to another use; that the parishioners of both parishes will now hear divine service in the late monastery church of St Mary Overy.