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  • Certificates of Residence (TNA class E115) were issued to individuals at risk of being taxed in more than one jurisdiction, either because of land holdings in different places or because of a change of residence or of status. 
  • These Certificates were a key component of the collection of taxes on individuals, or Lay Subsidies.  The language of the Certificates is formulaic, but each Certificate affirms that the person named is to be taxed in one locality and not in another. 
  • Many Certificates offer minimal information.  They often do not include particulars, such as town, city, or parish of residence; status ("gent", "alien", "widow", etc); or profession.  Persons certified specifically as elsewhere in Surrey — Kingston, Farnham, Reigate, etc — do not appear in this list. 
  • NOTE: Persons certified simply as in "Surrey" are included.  Thus, many names in this list are not of St Saviour parishioners.  Persons certified in Southwark are included, but "Southwark" included parts of four parishes.  Conversely, parts of St Saviour parish — Clink Liberty and Paris Garden — were not in the borough of Southwark. 

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Abbott, John:  
Adams, Richard:  
Adams, Theophilus (Sir):  
Adams, Theophilus:  
Agmondesham, Elizabeth:  
Agmondesham, John:  
Albany, William:  
Alexander, Robert:  
Aley, Thomas:  
Alford, Edward:  
Alice, John (Southwark):  
Aliffe, Thomas:  
Alington, George:  
Allen, Charles:  
Allen, Edward:  
Allen, Henry:  
Allen, John:  
Allen, Nicholas:  
Allott, Anne (Lady):  
Alpe, Stephen:  
Amy, George:  
Amy, Richard:  
Ancell, Richard:  
Ancram, Robert:  
Angell, John:  
Annesley, James:  
Ansell, Richard:  
Anthony, Derrick:  
Antrobus, Thomas:  
Ap John, Edward:  
Apsley, Michael:  
Arnold, Ralph:  
Arnold, William:  
Ashfield, Thomas:  
Aston, Edward:  
Aston, John:  
Atfield, John:  
Atkinson, William:  
Atlee, Thomas:  
Atlee, William:  
Atwell, William:  
Auborne, Matthew (Southwark):  
Aunger, [no forename]:  
Aunger, Francis:  
Austin, James:  
Bagley, John:  
Bagyne, William:  
Baldwin, Henry:  
Baldwin, Thomas:  
Bale, John:  
Banks, Daniel (Sir):  
Banks, Daniel:  
Banks, Robert:  
Barber, Thomas:  
Baringer, William:  
Barker, Edward:  
Barker, John:  
Barker, Matthew:  
Barker, Robert (Sir):  
Barker, Thomas:  
Barlow, Richard:  
Barnard, John:  
Barnes, John:  
Barrett, William:  
Barton, William:  
Basse, Thomas (Southwark):  
Basse, William:  
Bassett, John:  
Bate, William:  
Beal, Edith:  
Beecham, John:  
Belton, William (Southwark):  
Bennett, Dorothy:  
Bennett, John:  
Bennett, Richard:  
Bennett, Thomas:  
Benning, William (Southwark):  
Berry, Anthony:  
Berryman, John:  
Best, Thomas:  
Best, William:  
Bicknold, George:  
Bicknold, Ruben:  
Billingsley, Henry:  
Billington, William:  
Bingham, John (Southwark):  
Birchett, Thomas:  
Bird, John:  
Bishop, John:  
Bishop, Thomas:  
Bisk, Edward:  
Blackwell, Elizabeth:  
Bland, Thomas:  
Bludworth, John:  
Blunden, Overington (Southwark):  
Board, Stephen (Sir) (Southwark):  
Board, Stephen:  
Bodley, Francis:  
Bolney, Bartholomew:  
Bond, John:  
Bond, William:  
Boreman, John:
  • 1628 John Boreman to be taxed in Surrey.  [TNA, E115/70/32]
  • 1641 John Boreman to be taxed in Surrey, and not in the hundreds of Kingston, Elmbridge, and Copthorne, and the half-hundred of Effingham, Surrey.  [TNA, E115/51/50]
  • 1641 John Boreman to be taxed in Surrey.  [TNA, E115/47/146]
    Borley, Thomas:  
    Bothell, Thomas:  
    Boughton, Henry:  
    Bourne, Christopher:  
    Bourne, William:  
    Bowes, Robert:  
    Bowman, Thomas:  
    Bownest, Thomas:  
    Bowtell, Thomas:  
    Boylett, George:  
    Boys, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Boys, [no forename]:  
    Boys, Peter:  
    Braborne, Richard:  
    Bradfold, Thomas:  
    Bradford, Thomas:  
    Bradley, Mark:  
    Brampton, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Bratherick, William:  
    Bray, Edward (Sir):  
    Brend, William:  
    Brett, Alexander (Sir):  
    Brewer, Robert (Southwark):  
    Bridger, Richard:  
    Bridges, William:  
    Brightling, Stephen (Southwark):  
    Brightman, William (Southwark):  
    Bristow, John:  
    Bristow, Julian:  
    Bristow, Nicholas:  
    Bristow, Richard:  
    Britten, Richard:  
    Brockett, William:  
    Brodbridge, Richard:  
    Broderick, William:  
    Bromfell, John:  
    Bromehall, William:  
    Bromfield, Edward:  
    Bromfield, Hugh (Southwark):  
    Bromfield, Richard:  
    Bromfield, Robert:  
    Bromhall, William:  
    Bromham, William:  
    Bromley, William:  
    Brooker, John:  
    Broome, George:  
    Browker, Hugh:  
    Browker, Thomas:  
    Browne, Francis (Southwark):  
    Browne, William (Southwark):  
    Browne, George (Sir):  
    Browne, Henry:  
    Browne, Hugh (Sir):  
    Browne, Hugh:  
    Browne, Richard:  
    Browne, Thomas (Sir):  
    Bull, Matthew:  
    Burbage, Robert:  
    Burbage, Thomas:  
    Burle, Thomas:  
    Burnett, [no forename]:  
    Burnett, William:  
    Burrell, Martin:  
    Burrish, Edward:  
    Burton, Anne:  
    Burton, Henry (Sir):  
    Burton, Thomas:  
    Bury, Robert:  
    Bussell, John:  
    Butler, George:  
    Butler, William:  
    Butts, Richard:  
    Bysshe, Edward:  
    Byworth, John:  
    Caldwall, Daniel:  
    Callowe, Charles:  
    Calvert, Sampson:  
    Campion, Henry:  
    Campion, Nathaniel:  
    Cann, Elizabeth:  
    Capell, Dorothy (Dame):  
    Capell, Dorothy:  
    Carew, Anthony:  
    Carew, Francis (Sir):  
    Carew, Francis:  
    Carew, Matthew (Sir):  
    Carew, Matthew:  
    Carew, Nicholas (Sir):  
    Carew, William:  
    Carleton, Dudley (Sir):  
    Carleton, Edward:  
    Carleton, Mary:  
    Carr, Jacob:  
    Carr, James:  
    Carr, Robert (Sir):  
    Carrill, Henry:  
    Carrill, John (Sir) (Southwark):  
    Carrill, John:  
    Carrill, Richard:  
    Carter, Ralph:  
    Carter, Randall:  
    Carter, Randolph (Sir):  
    Cartwright, Timothy:  
    Cary, William:  
    Casey, Robert:  
    Catesby, John:  
    Cawdwell, Daniel:  
    Cawte, William:  
    Chamberlain, Thomas (Sir):  
    Chamberlain, Thomas:  
    Champion, John:  
    Chandler, John:  
    Chandler, Mary:  
    Chandler, Richard:  
    Chaper, John:  
    Chapman, Philip:  
    Charington, Nicholas:  
    Charlton, Stephen:  
    Cheeke, Humphrey:  
    Cheeke, John:  
    Cheeseman, Richard:  
    Chesterton, Anne:  
    Chiball, James:  
    Chidgell, Nicholas:  
    Childe, Thomas:  
    Chislet, Agnes:  
    Chislet, William:  
    Christopher, George:  
    Clare, Simon:  
    Clark, Anne:  
    Clark, Francis:  
    Clark, Leonard:  
    Clark, Nicholas:  
    Clark, Robert (Southwark):  
    Clark, Thomas (Sir):  
    Clark, Thomas:  
    Clay, Edmund:  
    Clerke, Bartholomew:  
    Clifton, George:  
    Clifton, John:  
    Clifton, William:  
    Clowes, Anthony:  
    Clowes, Thomas:  
    Coachman, John:  
    Cobb, Michael:  
    Cock, Christopher:  
    Cock, Richard:  
    Cockayne, Mary (Dame):  
    Cockayne, Mary (Lady):  
    Coghill, Henry:  
    Coghill, Thomas:  
    Coker, Edward:  
    Collins, Katherine:  
    Collins, Richard:  
    Collins, William:  
    Collys, Nicholas:  
    Colshill, George:  
    Comes, Richard:  
    Comport, Henry:  
    Conyers, John:  
    Conyers, Roger:  
    Cook, John:  
    Cook, Thomas:  
    Cook, William:  
    Cooper, Edward:  
    Cooper, Joanna:  
    Copley, Katherine:  
    Copley, William:  
    Cornelison, John:  
    Costen, John:  
    Cotton, John:  
    Cotton, Richard:  
    Cotty, Martin:  
    Courthope, John:  
    Covert, Walter (Sir):  
    Cox, John:  
    Cox, William:  
    Crabb, Lydia:  
    Crane, Anthony:  
    Crane, Elizabeth:  
    Crane, Francis (Sir):  
    Crane, Richard:  
    Cranley, Richard:  
    Crew, Jeremy (Southwark):  
    Crew, Ralph (Sir):  
    Crew, Randall:  
    Crew, Randolph:  
    Cripps, John:  
    Crofielde, Samuel:  
    Cross, Henry:  
    Cross, Robert (Sir):  
    Cruste, Christopher:  
    Cure, Cornelius (Southwark):  
    Cure, George:  
    Cure, Thomas:  
    Cure, William (Southwark):  
    Dale, Matthew:  
    Dallet, Roger:  
    Dalley, George:  
    Danby, William:  
    Darell, Christopher:  
    Darnley, Daniel:  
    Davies, James (Southwark):  
    Davy, Gilbert:  
    Davy, Robert:  
    Dawes, Thomas (Sir):  
    Dawes, Thomas:  
    De Crete, John:  
    De Fox, Peter:  
    De Horste (see also Host, Hurst, Oast), Jacob:  
    De Vos, Peter:  
    Deane, Philip:  
    Deawe, Philip:  
    Deboyce, Peter:  
    Delahaye, George (Southwark):  
    Denham, Joan:  
    Denham, John:  
    Denier, Francis:  
    Denn, Vincent:  
    Dent, John:  
    Dewe, William:  
    Dewell, Henry:  
    Dickens, Nicholas:  
    Digby, George:  
    Diggens, Joseph:  
    Diggs, Dudley (Sir):  
    Dixon, John:  
    Dixon, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Dobson, Thomas:  
    Dobson, Walter:  
    Dodd, William:  
    Dodmer, John:  
    Dodson, Robert:  
    Dood, Paul:  
    Doughty, Henry (Southwark):  
    Dove, John:  
    Dove, Vincent:  
    Downes, Nathaniel:  
    Downes, William:  
    Dubois, Mary:  
    Duck, Dunstan:  
    Dudson, William:  
    Duell, Henry:  
    Duke, Walter:  
    Duke, William:  
    Duncombe, George:  
    Dunstall, John:  
    Duppa, Geoffrey (Southwark):  
    Dutson, William:  
    East, Francis:  
    Easton, John:  
    Eaton, Richard:  
    Edmead, John:  
    Edmonds, Simon:  
    Edwards, John:  
    Edwards, Thomas:  
    Egerton, John (Sir):  
    Egerton, John:  
    Egerton, Robert:  
    Ellery, James:  
    Elliott, Joshua:  
    Elliott, Richard:  
    Elliott, William:  
    Emerson, Humphrey:  
    Emmett, William:  
    Engler, Jane:  
    Engler, William:  
    English, John:  
    Entlin, John:  
    Eskrigge, Richard:  
    Etherington, Richard (Sir):  
    Etherington, Richard:  
    Evans, Thomas:  
    Evelyn, John:  
    Everidge, George:  
    Eyre, Edmund:  
    Farand, William:  
    Farewell, John:  
    Farrand, William:  
    Farrar, Henry:  
    Farrell, John:  
    Farrington, James:  
    Farroll, George:  
    Fawcett, James:  
    Fawcett, Richard:  
    Ferrand, Richard:  
    Ferrand, William:  
    Ferres, William:  
    Field, John:  
    Field, Nicholas:  
    Finney, Joshua:  
    Fitch, Robert:  
    Fitzherbert, William:  
    Fleetwood, [no forename]:  
    Fleetwood, William:  
    Fletcher, William:  
    Fludd, Thomas:  
    Forebench, Richard (Southwark):  
    Forster, William (Sir):  
    Forth, Robert:  
    Fortree, Samuel (Sir):  
    Fortree, Samuel:  
    Foster, Elizabeth (Southwark):  
    Foster, John:  
    Foster, Margaret:  
    Foster, Margery:  
    Foster, Thomas:  
    Fouke, Edward:  
    Fowle, John (Southwark):  
    Fox, John:  
    Freake, John:  
    Freeland, Thomas:  
    Freeman, Elizabeth:  
    Freeman, Martin:  
    Freeman, Ralph (Sir):  
    Freeman, William:  
    French, Roger (Southwark):  
    Frere, Henry:  
    Frinde, John:  
    Fulke, Jasper:  
    Fuller, John:  
    Fulven, Richard:  
    Fyste, John:  
    Gade, John:  
    Gainsford, John:  
    Gainsforthe, Robert:  
    Gardiner, Thomas (Sir):  
    Garfield, Ralph (Southwark):  
    Garland, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Garraway, Elizabeth (Lady):  
    Garth, George:  
    Garth, Richard:  
    Garth, Robert:  
    Gates, Richard:  
    Gavell, Robert:  
    Gaynesford, Eleanor:  
    Gaynsford, Nicholas:  
    Geeres, John:  
    George, William:  
    Gerrard, Francis:  
    Godlate, John:  
    Goffe, John:  
    Gofton, Francis (Sir):  
    Good, Jasper:  
    Good, John:  
    Goodman, Thomas:  
    Goodwin, Jasper:  
    Gore, William:  
    Gorges, Edward (Sir):  
    Gorges, Robert (Sir):  
    Gorges, Robert:  
    Gosson, William (Southwark):  
    Goston, Katherine:  
    Gough, John:  
    Gower, Edward:  
    Graves, Richard (Southwark):  
    Gravett, Henry:  
    Greatrakes, George:  
    Green, Abraham (Southwark):  
    Green[w]es, Francis:  
    Greet, Francis:  
    Gregory, Oliver:  
    Gresham, Thomas:  
    Grevill, Lewis:  
    Griffin, William:  
    Griffith, John:  
    Grove, William:  
    Gwilliams, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Gwynne, Roger:  
    Hain, Matthew:  
    Hale, Barnard:  
    Hale, Lionel (Sir):  
    Hall, John:  
    Harvey, Martin:  
    Harvey, Thomas:  
    Hathwell, John:  
    Hathwell, Robert:  
    Hatton, Richard:  
    Haward, Henry:  
    Haward, John:  
    Hawkes, Henry:  
    Hawkins, George:  
    Hawtrey, Ralph:  
    Haydon, John:  
    Hayes, Thomas:  
    Hayman, John:  
    Haynes, Alice:  
    Haynes, William (Sir):  
    Haynes, William:  
    Hayward, Thomas:  
    Heath, Roger:  
    Heath, William:  
    Heather, Richard:  
    Hebberd, John:  
    Helliar, William:  
    Henley, John:  
    Henley, Richard:  
    Hennedge, Grace:  
    Hennedge, Thomas:  
    Henslowe, Philip (Southwark):  
    Hewitt, John:  
    Heydon, Michael:  
    Hibberd, [no forename]:  
    Hickman, Walter (Sir):  
    Hickman, Walter:  
    Hicks, Richard:  
    Hicks, Thomas:  
    Hill, Daniel:  
    Hill, George:  
    Hill, Richard:  
    Hill, Robert:  
    Hill, William:  
    Hiller, James:  
    Hiller, Nicholas:  
    Hilliard, Henry:  
    Hills, John:  
    Hills, Robert:  
    Hind, Edward:  
    Hind, John:  
    Hinstonberry, Roger:  
    Hoast, Jacob:  
    Hobbs, Thomas:  
    Hobbs, William:  
    Hobby, Edward (Sir):  
    Hobby, John:  
    Hobby, Thomas (Sir):  
    Hobby, Thomas:  
    Hobby, William:  
    Hobday, John:  
    Hobday, Lewis:  
    Hoblin, Peter:  
    Hobson, Christopher:  
    Hobson, William:  
    Hodgson, Edmund:  
    Hodgson, Henry:  
    Hoke, Thomas:  
    Holcroft, Juliana:  
    Holden, Nicholas:  
    Holden, William:  
    Holdsworth, Seth:  
    Holland, Cornelius:  
    Holman, Richard (Sir):  
    Holman, Richard:  
    Holmden, John:  
    Holt, Thomas:  
    Horsley, John:  
    Hoskins, Charles:  
    Hoskins, William:  
    Host (see also De Horste, Hurst, Oast), James:  
    Houlden, Francis:  
    Howard, Anne (Lady):  
    Howard, Charles (Lord):  
    Howe, Thomas:  
    Howland, Giles (Sir):  
    Howland, Giles:  
    Hownsham, Edward:  
    Hull, John (Sir):  
    Hull, John:  
    Humphrey, John:  
    Hungate, Robert:  
    Hunt, Edward:  
    Hunt, Felix (Southwark):  
    Hunt, Nicholas:  
    Huntley, Ellen:  
    Hurdman, William (Southwark):  
    Hurlock, John:  
    Hurst (see also De Horste, Host, Oast), James:  
    Hussey, Thomas:  
    Hutton, Anne:  
    Hyde, Richard (Sir):  
    Hyde, William:  
    Inge, John:  
    Ingram, Arthur:  
    Ingram, John:  
    Inwood, Henry:  
    Inwood, Jane:  
    Inwood, John:  
    Inwood, William:  
    Ireland, James:  
    Isaacson, Richard:  
    James, John:  
    James, Thomas:  
    Jansen, John:  
    Jarratt, William:  
    Jenkins, William:  
    Johnson, Conrad (Southwark):  
    Johnson, Edward:  
    Johnson, Francis:  
    Jones, John:  
    Jones, Thomas:  
    Jordan, John:  
    Juckson, John:  
    Juran, John (Sir):  
    Juran, John:  
    Jurdan, John:  
    Kemp, Francis:  
    Kemp, Thomas:  
    Kent, Thomas:  
    Kerne, Thomas:  
    Kerwin, Andrew:  
    Kestin, Richard:  
    Kidd, Justinian:  
    Kinder, John:  
    Kinell, John:  
    King, Nicholas:  
    King, Richard:  
    King, William:  
    Kirby, William (Southwark):  
    Kirk, Henry (Southwark):  
    Kirkham, Richard:  
    Kirrell, John:  
    Knaplock, William:  
    Knight, Absolon:  
    Knowles, William (Sir) (Southwark):  
    Knowles, William:  
    Lacy, John:  
    Ladd, John:  
    Ladd, William:  
    Lamaire, Peter:  
    Lamb, John:  
    Lamb, William:  
    Lambert, Robert:  
    Lamboll, John:  
    Lancelot, William (Sir):  
    Lancelot, William:  
    Langford, Thomas:  
    Langham, George:  
    Langton, Christopher:  
    Lanier, Peter (Sir):  
    Lanman, Joseph:  
    Latham, Richard:  
    Launder, Joan:  
    Launder, John:  
    Launder, Robert:  
    Launder, Sarah:  
    Lawrence, John:  
    Lawrence, Simon:  
    Lease, Henry:  
    Lechford, Richard (Sir):  
    Lee, Thomas:  
    Lee, William:  
    Leigh, Francis (Sir):  
    Leigh, Francis:  
    Leigh, John (Sir) (Southwark):  
    Leigh, John (Southwark):  
    Leigh, Michael (Sir):  
    Leigh, Michael:  
    Leigh, Oliver (Sir):  
    Leigh, Oliver:  
    Lemaire, Peter (Sir):  
    Leman, John:  
    Leventhorpe, Edward:  
    Lewknor, Mary:  
    Leynsey, John:  
    Lidgold, Richard:  
    Lidsey, James (Sir):  
    Lisle, Edmund:  
    Listley, Edmund:  
    Littleboy, George:  
    Litton, Robert:  
    Livesey, Edward:  
    Livesey, Robert:  
    Lock, Matthew:  
    Lock, William:  
    Longhurst, Walter:  
    Longston, Thomas:  
    Lorshford, Richard (Sir):  
    Lowen, John:  
    Lucas, Henry:  
    Lumberd, Robert:  
    Luntley, John:  
    Lupton, Edward:  
    Lusher, Nicholas (Sir):  
    Lusher, Nicholas:  
    Lyff, John:  
    Lynn, Samuel:  
    Lysley, Edmund (Sir):  
    Lysley, Edmund:  
    Macy, John:  
    Mainwaring, Arthur (Sir):  
    Mainwaring, Arthur:  
    Mann, James:  
    Mannering, Aster (Sir):  
    Manory, Robert:  
    March, John:  
    Marden, Thomas:  
    Marlen, Thomas:  
    Marlow, Henry:  
    Marrow, Peter:  
    Marshall, Elizabeth:  
    Marshall, Roger:  
    Marter, Thomas:  
    Martin, John:  
    Martin, Thomas:  
    Masters, Edmund:  
    Masters, Edward:  
    Masters, Olive (Southwark):  
    Matchwick, Thomas:  
    Maxwell, James:  
    Maylard, Rowland:  
    Megson, Henry:  
    Mellersh, Richard:  
    Mellish, George:  
    Mellish, Richard:  
    Mercer, Roger:  
    Mersh, Robert:  
    Mersh, William:  
    Mersham, John:  
    Meverell, Francis:  
    Michael, William:  
    Mickson, Henry:  
    Mill, William:  
    Millard, William:  
    Mills, Francis:  
    Mills, Roger:  
    Mills, William:  
    Mingay, Francis:  
    Minn, George:  
    Mitchell, John:  
    Mitchell, William:  
    Monger, Benjamin:  
    Monger, James:  
    Monk, Elizabeth:  
    Monson, William (Sir):  
    Moon, Edward:  
    Moore, Adrian:  
    Moore, George (Sir):  
    Moore, George:  
    Moore, John:  
    Moore, Nicholas:  
    Moore, Ralph:  
    Moore, William (Sir):  
    Moore, William:  
    Moorer, Richard:  
    Morgan, Edmund:  
    Morley, Francis:  
    Morley, Rebecca:  
    Morrant, Edmund:  
    Morris, Elizabeth:  
    Morris, Francis:  
    Morris, Isbrand (Sir):  
    Morris, Isbrand:  
    Morse, Robert:  
    Morton, Nicholas:  
    Mose, John:  
    Moseley, William:  
    Mott, Robert (Southwark):  
    Mower, John:  
    Moyle, Robert:  
    Moyse, Henry:  
    Moyse, Philip:  
    Moyse, Robert:  
    Muschamp, Christopher:  
    Myhell, Richard:  
    Mynd, George:  
    Mynterne, William:  
    Myntts, Henry (Southwark):  
    Napper, James:  
    Needler, Henry:  
    Newdigate, Henry:  
    Newdigate, John:  
    Nicholls, Christopher:  
    Nicholson, George:  
    Nicholson, Henry:  
    Norton, Edward:  
    Norton, John (Southwark):  
    Norton, Thomas:  
    Noun, Robert:  
    Nowell, John:  
    Nunn, Robert:  
    Nye, Ellis:  
    Oade, John:  
    Oaking, William:  
    Oast (see also De Horste, Host, Hurst), Jacob (Southwark):  
    Obrey, [no forename]:  
    Offley, Robert:  
    Offley, William:  
    Onslow, Edward (Sir):  
    Onslow, Elizabeth:  
    Osborne, James:  
    Osborne, John (Sir):  
    Osborne, John:  
    Otgar, Abraham:  
    Otgar, Stephen (Sir):  
    Over, William (Southwark):  
    Overington, Robert:  
    Overman, Thomas:  
    Owen, Polixina:  
    Owen, Roger:  
    Owfield, Samuel:  
    Ownsted, Henry:  
    Pace, Christopher:  
    Page, Freeman:  
    Page, William:  
    Paine, George:  
    Palmer, Lawrence:  
    Palmer, Robert:  
    Paltock, Edward:  
    Paltock, Thomas:  
    Panke, Robert:  
    Pare, Christopher:  
    Parkhurst, Robert (Sir):  
    Parr, John:  
    Parson, Robert:  
    Partocke, Thomas:  
    Patching, James:  
    Pattes, Thomas:  
    Paul, [no forename]:  
    Pavet, Thomas:  
    Payce, Jeffrey:  
    Payton, Henry (Sir):  
    Peacock, Edward (Sir) (Southwark):  
    Peacock, Edward (Southwark):  
    Peart, Robert:  
    Peeke/Peele, Isabel:  
    Pellatt, Francis (Sir):  
    Penicod, Henry:  
    Penniston, Anthony:  
    Pepys, John:  
    Perren, George:  
    Peter, Robert:  
    Peterson, Herman:  
    Pett, Henry:  
    Peyto, Thomas:  
    Phillips, Augustine:  
    Pidgeon, John:  
    Pidgeon, Matthew:  
    Piggott, Henry (Southwark):  
    Piper, Peter (Southwark):  
    Plumley, Richard (Southwark):  
    Plummer, Thomas (Sir):  
    Plummer, Thomas:  
    Pollard, Francis:  
    Pollett, Francis:  
    Polsden, John:  
    Polsted, Alice:  
    Portbury, William (Southwark):  
    Potter, Ellis:  
    Potts, Thomas:  
    Poulsden, John:  
    Poulson, Jeffrey:  
    Powell, Bartholomew:  
    Powell, Stephen:  
    Prannell, Anne:  
    Prescott, Edward:  
    Preston, John:  
    Puplet, Thomas:  
    Purdie, Thomas:  
    Purvey, John:  
    Pym, George:  
    Quarles, William:  
    Quennell, Peter:  
    Quinby, Edward:  
    Randall, Edward (Sir):  
    Randall, Edward:  
    Randall, Vincent:  
    Rapkins, Richard:  
    Raves, John:  
    Rayndin, Humphrey:  
    Read, Elizabeth:  
    Reading, John:  
    Redall, William:  
    Reynell, George (Sir):  
    Rich, John:  
    Richardson, Simon (Southwark):  
    Ride, Thomas:  
    Riley, Thomas:  
    Risbridger, William:  
    Rivers, James:  
    Roake, Margaret:  
    Roberts, Alexander:  
    Roe, John:  
    Rogers, Edward:  
    Rogers, Philip:  
    Rogers, Richard:  
    Roke, Margaret:  
    Roland, Thomas:  
    Rolfe, Thomas (Sir):  
    Rolfe, Thomas:  
    Rolsop, Rowland:  
    Rooker, John:  
    Rookwood, Edward (Southwark):  
    Rowe, Maria (Lady):  
    Rowland, John:  
    Rowse, Anthony:  
    Rugeley, Nicholas:  
    Russell, George:  
    Russell, John (Southwark):  
    Russell, Robert:  
    Ryall, Richard (Southwark):  
    Ryde, John:  
    Sackford, Rebecca:  
    Sackville, Edward:  
    Saunders, Edmund:  
    Saunders, Margaret:  
    Saunderson, John:  
    Savage, Edward (Southwark):  
    Savage, John:  
    Sawnton, William:  
    Sayer, Arthur:  
    Scory, Silvanus:  
    Scott, Elizabeth:  
    Scudamore, Clement:  
    Searer, Arthur:  
    Sears, Arthur:  
    Selby, Giles:  
    Sellinger, Anthony:  
    Serjeant, Elizabeth:  
    Sermon, Richard:  
    Shapster, Henry:  
    Sharbed, John:  
    Sharp, Margery:  
    Sharp, Robert:  
    Sharpeigh, Robert:  
    Shawe, John:  
    Sheeres, George:  
    Shene, Henry:  
    Shepherd, Nicholas:  
    Sherlocke, William (Southwark):  
    Sherrett, John:  
    Sherrett, William:  
    Sheward, John (Southwark):  
    Shirton, William (Sir):  
    Shonke, Richard:  
    Shorditch, Michael:  
    Short, Mary:  
    Silvester, Thomas:  
    Simonds, Richard:  
    Simonds, Samuel:  
    Skett, John:  
    Skinner, Thomas:  
    Slarke, Anthony:  
    Sledd, William (Sir):  
    Sledd, William:  
    Slee, John:  
    Sleigh, Edmund:  
    Smallpeere, Thomas:  
    Smart, William (Southwark):  
    Smith, Anthony:  
    Smith, George:  
    Smith, John:  
    Smith, Thomas:  
    Smith, William:  
    Snary, Roger (Southwark):  
    Snelling, John:  
    Snelling, Mark:  
    Snelling, Thomas:  
    Songar, Edward (Southwark):  
    Songhurst, Thomas:  
    Southland, William:  
    Spencer, Brockett:  
    Spencer, John (Sir):  
    Spencer, Thomas:  
    Spendlowe, Walter (Southwark):  
    Spooner, [no forename]:  
    Stan..., Thomas:  
    Standen, Edmund:  
    Stapley, Drew (Sir):  
    Stapley, Drew:  
    Stares, Barnard (Southwark):  
    Stares, Bennett (Southwark):  
    Starr, Baptist:  
    Stayles, Barnard:  
    Stead, William:  
    Steere, John (Sir):  
    Steere, John:  
    Stening, [no forename]:  
    Stening, Joan:  
    Stevens, Thomas:  
    Stevens, William:  
    Steward, Nicholas:  
    Stiles, James:  
    Stiles, William:  
    Stockton, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Stokes, [no forename]:  
    Stone, John:  
    Stone, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Stonestreet, Robert:  
    Store, John:  
    Stoughton, Anthony:  
    Strace, Martin:  
    Strachy, William:  
    Stremer, Miles:  
    Stroughton, William:  
    Swale, Richard (Sir):  
    Sweete, Matthew (Southwark):  
    Swingfield, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Symons, Samuel:  
    Tapsfield, George:  
    Taverner, Richard:  
    Taverner, Thomas:  
    Taylor, Harry:  
    Taylor, Henry:  
    Thomas, Anthony (Sir):  
    Thomas, John (Southwark):  
    Thomas, William:  
    Thompson, Samuel:  
    Thompson, Simon:  
    Thornton, Edward:  
    Thoroghgood, George:  
    Thorpe, Richard:  
    Thurlby, Robert:  
    Thynne, John:  
    Tiberkin, Daniel:  
    Tichborne, George:  
    Ticknor, [no forename]:  
    Ticknor, John:  
    Ticknor, Mary:  
    Tilney, [no forename]:  
    Tilney, Edmund:  
    Tindale, John:  
    Tirrell, Francis:  
    Townsend, Jane:  
    Trapps, Anne:  
    Trapps, Rowland:  
    Travis, Richard:  
    Treavoner, John:  
    Treherne, John (Southwark):  
    Trene, John:  
    Trevor, Thomas (Sir):  
    Trey, John:  
    Tybold, Ralph:  
    Tydie, Edmund:  
    Tyndall, John:  
    Tyre, John:  
    Tyte, Richard:  
    Underhill, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Underwood, Henry:  
    Upfold, John:  
    Urrick, John:  
    Vachell, Thomas (Sir):  
    Valence, Robert:  
    Vanbrigge, Giles:  
    Varnham, Dorothy:  
    Vaux, John:  
    Vincent, Amyas:  
    Vincent, Eleanor (Lady):  
    Vincent, William:  
    Vine, Jane:  
    Wakeford, Henry:  
    Wakelin, [no forename]:  
    Walker, Edward (Southwark):  
    Walsingham, Ursula:  
    Walter, Edmund:  
    Walter, John (Southwark):  
    Walter, William (Sir):  
    Walter, William:  
    Wapham, Nicholas:  
    Warmeall, Christopher (Southwark):  
    Warner, John (Southwark):  
    Warner, Robert:  
    Waters, John:  
    Wathington, Richard:  
    Watson, John:  
    Wattle, George:  
    Watts, John:  
    Weblin, Wassell (Southwark):  
    Webster, John:  
    Wendesley, Richard:  
    West, John:  
    West, Richard:  
    Westbrook, William:  
    Weston, Richard (Sir):  
    Weston, Richard:  
    Wexham, Nicholas:  
    Wheeler, Edmund:  
    Wheeler, Richard:  
    Whistler, John:  
    Whitacre, Ralph:  
    White, Joan:  
    White, John:  
    White, Robert:  
    White, Thomas:  
    Whitinge, William (Sir):  
    Whorwood, John:  
    Wich, Richard:  
    Wicker, John:  
    Wickes, Alice:  
    Wiffin, David:  
    Wilkinson, Henry (Sir):  
    Willet, John:  
    Williams, Francis (Southwark):  
    Williams, Thomas:  
    Willoughby, Percival (Sir) (Southwark):  
    Willoughby, Percival (Southwark):  
    Wilson, Edward:  
    Wilson, William (Southwark):  
    Windebank, Thomas:  
    Windsor, Peter:  
    Windsor, Thomas:  
    Wiseman, William (Southwark):  
    Witherings, Anthony (Southwark):  
    Wolley, Francis (Sir):  
    Wolley, Francis:  
    Wood, James:  
    Wood, Michael:  
    Wood, Thomas (Southwark):  
    Woodcock, James:  
    Woodcraft, Thomas:  
    Woodden, John:  
    Woodhatch, William:  
    Woodman, John:  
    Woodman, Robert (Sir):  
    Woodman, Robert:  
    Woodroffe, Nicholas:  
    Woodroffe, Robert:  
    Woodros, Katherine (Lady):  
    Woodros, Lettice:  
    Woodros, Robert:  
    Woods, William:  
    Woodward, Robert:  
    Woodward, Thomas:  
    Woorsopp, Edward:  
    Worfield, John:  
    Worley, William:  
    Wormall, Christopher (Southwark):  
    Wornham, William:  
    Worsopp, Edward:  
    Wright, George:  
    Wright, Robert:  
    Wrottesley, George (Sir):  
    Wurrall, John (Southwark):  
    Wyat, Henry:  
    Wyat, Richard:  
    Wyat, William:  
    Wybarne, John:  
    Wych, Richard:  
    Wye, Francis:  
    Wytham, Thomas:  
    Yalden, Thomas:  
    Yates, Bartholomew:  
    Yelverton, Henry:  
    Young, Humphrey:  
    Young, John:  
    Young, Richard (Sir):  
    Young, Richard:  
    Young, Robert:  
    Young, Simon:  
    Young, Thomas:  
    Young, William (Sir):  
    Young, William:  
    Younger, Richard:  
    Younger, Robert:  
    Yowick, John:  
    Yurley, William:  
    Zachary, Francis:  
    Zachary, John:  
    Zanches, Balthazar:  
    Zinzan, Henry:  
    Zinzan, Robert:  
    Zinzan, Sigismund:  
    Zodaye, John:  
    Zouch, Edward (Sir):  
    Zouch, Edward: