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The Parish of St Saviour: a Selective Reading List


» Bankside (the parishes of St Saviour and Christchurch Southwark), vol.22 of the Survey of London series.  London: London County Council, 1950.

» Blatherwick, Simon and Richard Bluer.  Great houses, moats and mills on the south bank of the Thames: medieval and Tudor Southwark and Rotherhithe.  London: Museum of London Archeology, 2009.

» Boulton, Jeremy P.  “The Limits of Formal Religion: The Administration of Holy Communion in late Elizabethan and early Stuart London”.  London Journal 10.2 (1984), 135-154.  [Weblink]   [Mostly about St Saviour]

» — —.  “Residential mobility in seventeenth-century Southwark”.  Urban History Yearbook 1986, 1-14. 

» — —.  Neighbourhood and Society: a London suburb in the seventeenth century.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987.  [The ‘suburb’ is Southwark, including the Boroughside of St Saviour parish.]

» Bowsher, Julian and Pat Miller.  The Rose and the Globe: playhouses of Shakespeare's Bankside, Southwark: excavations 1988-91.  London: Museum of London Archeology, 2009.  [Both playhouses were in St Saviour parish.]

» Caldin, Winifrede and Helen Raine.  “The Plague of 1625 and the Story of John Boston, Parish Clerk of St. Saviour's, Southwark”.  Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society 23.1 (1971), 90-97.

» Carlin, Martha.  Medieval Southwark.  London: Hambledon, 1996. 

» Carlisle, Nicholas.  A Concise Description of the Endowed Grammar Schools in England and Wales.  2 vols.  London: Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1818.  [The book has a section on St Olave's School and St Saviour's School.] 

» Carrington, R.C.  Two Schools: A History of St. Olave's and St. Saviour's Grammar School Foundation.  London, 1971. 

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» Court Rolls of the Surrey and Kent Commissions of Sewers, 1569-1579.  London: London County Council, 1909.  [Transcriptions of the minutes of the first two commissions whose records exist; includes many properties in St Saviour.]

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» Honigmann, E.A.J. and Susan Brock.  Playhouse Wills 1558-1642: An edition of wills by Shakespeare and his contemporaries in the London theatre.  Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1993.  [Includes several wills by St Saviour parishioners.] 

» Index Library Publications (IL):
        •  Union Index of Surrey probate records which survive from before the year 1650, ed. Cliff Webb.  IL, vol.99 (1990).

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» Raine, Helen.  “Christopher Fawsett Against the Inmates: an aspect of poor law administration in the early seventeenth century.”  Surrey Archaeological Collections 66 (1969), 79-85.  [Weblink]   [Inmates in St Saviour parish.]

» Rendle, William.  Old Southwark and its People.  London, 1878. 

» — —, and Philip Norman.  The Inns of Old Southwark and their Associations.  London, 1888. 

» Seaver, Paul S.  The Puritan lectureships: the politics of religious dissent, 1560-1662.  Stanford University Press, 1970. 

» Surrey Archaeological Collections (SAC), the journal of the Surrey Archaeological Society.  Click for online images of these volumes. 
        •  Wills: transcripts of some St Saviour wills appear in volumes 1, 10-13, 23-24, and 35.
        •  “Muster Roll of Troops Raised in Surrey to be Employed in the Low Countries, 1627”, ed. Alfred Ridley Bax.  SAC, vol.10 pp.280-282.  Click for online images of part 1 or part 2

» Surrey Record Society Publications (SRS):
        •  Surrey Musters, ed Theodore Craib.  SRS, vol.iii, 1919.
        •  Surrey Wills: Archdeaconry Court, Herringman Register (1595-1608).  SRS, vol.iv, 1920.
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» Thompson, William.  Southwark cathedral; the history and antiquities of the cathedral church of St. Saviour (St. Marie Overie).  London, 1910.

» Tiler, Arthur.  The history and antiquities of St. Saviour's Southwark; containing annals from the first founding, to the present time; ...   London, 1765.

» Wooding, Barbara.  John Lowin and the English Theatre, 1603-1647.  London: Ashgate, 2013.  [Lowen was a long-time resident in the parish.]

» Worley, George.  Southwark cathedral formerly the collegiate church of St. Saviour, otherwise St. Mary Overie.  A short history and description of the fabric, with some account of the college ... London, 1905.


» Forbes, Thomas Rogers.  Chronicle from Aldgate: Life and Death in Shakespeare's London.  New Haven: Yale University Press, 1971.

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