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The following text is transcribed literatim from the 1637 edition of John Taylor's Carriers Cosmographie

The Innes and lodgings of the Car-
riers which come into the Burrough of South-
warke out of the Countries of Kent, Sussex,
and Surrey.

A Carrier from Reygate in Surrey doth come every thursday (or oftner) to the Falcon in Southwark.

  The Carriers of Tunbridge, of Seavenoake, of Faut and Staplehurst in Kent, doe lodge at the Katherinewheele, they doe come on thursdaies and goe away on fridaies: also on the same daies doe come thither the Carriers of Marden, and Penbree, and from VVarbleton in Sussex.

  On Thursdaies the Carriers of Hanckhurst and Blenchley in Kent, and from Darking and Ledderhead in Surrey doe come to the Greyhound in Southwarke.

  The Carriers of Tenterden and Penshurst in Kent, and the Carriers from Battell in Sussex doe lodge at the signe of the spurre in South warke, thy come on thursdaies and goe away on fridaies.

  To the Queenes head in Southwarke doe come on wednesdaies and thursdaies, the Carriers from Portsmouth in Hampshire, and from Chichester, Havant, Arundell, Billinghurst, Rye, Lamberhurst, and VVadhurst, in Sussex, also from Godstone, and Linvill in Surrey, they are there to be had wednesdaies, thursdaies and fridaies.

  The Carriers from Crambroke and Bevenden in Kent, and from Lewis, Petworth, Vckfield, and Cuckfield in Sussex, doe lodge at the Tabbard, or Talbot in Southwarke, they are there on wednesdaies, thursdaies, and fridaies.

  To the George in Southwarke come every thursday the Carriers from Gilford, VVanuish, Goudhurst, and Chiddington in Surrey, also thither come out of Sussex (on the same dales weekly) the Carriers of Battell, Sindrich, and Hastings,

  The Carriers from these places undernamed out of Kent, Sussex and Surrey, are every weeke to bee had on thursdaies at the White hart in the Borough of Southwarke; namely Dover, Sandwich, Canterbury, Biddenden, Mayfield, Eden (or Eaten Bridge) Hebsome, VVimbleton, Godaliman, (corruptly called Godly man) VVitherham, Shoreham, Enfield, Horsham, Hastemoore, and from many other places, farre and wide in the said Counties, Carriers are to be had almost daily at the said Inne, but especially on thursdaies and fridaies.

  The Carriers from Chiltington, VVestrum, Penborough, Slenge, Wrotham, and other parts of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, doe lodge at the Kings head in Southwarke, they doe come on thursdayes, and they goe on fridayes.

  Every weeke there commeth and goeth from Tunbridge in Kent a Carrier that lodgeth at the Greene Dragon in fowle Lane in Southwarke, neere the Meale-market.