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1576-1623:  Names of debtors listed in various documents called ‘Extents for Debts’.  These names are extracted from Prof. Martha Carlin's monograph London and Southwark Inventories: A Handlist of Extents for Debts [London: University of London Centre for Metropolitan History, 1997]. 

1576-7:  William Crewe, alebrewer of Southwark, debtor.   [TNA, C.239/43/81; Carlin p.37]. 
1569-70:  Andrew Vavasor, gentleman, debtor.   [TNA, c131/118/7; Carlin p.70]. 
1586-7:  George Lewes, yeoman, debtor, deceased.  His widow Margaret Lewes, silkwoman, inherited her deceased husband's debts.   [TNA, C.239/53/180 and C.239/53/209; Carlin p.70]. 
1590-1:  Thomas Cure, esquire, citizen and sadler, debtor.   [TNA, C.239/57/65A and C.239/57/110; Carlin p.71]. 
1590-1:  Edward Fowle, gentleman, debtor.   [TNA, C.239/57/149; Carlin p.71]. 
1614-15:  Francis ‘Rubyan’ (perhaps Ruby), merchant of Southwark, debtor.   [TNA, C.239/83/64 and C.239/83/89; Carlin p.72]. 
1620-1:  Edward Hatton, vintner of St Saviour, debtor.   [TNA, C.239/88/124 and C.239/88/127; Carlin pp.72-3]. 
1622-3:  Robert Cole, clothier of Southwark, debtor.   [TNA, C.239/90/87; Carlin p.73].