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A parchment roll of six membranes, undated but probably written between 13 May and 10 July 1624.  The document is badly damaged, stained and faded, and some sections are lost.  Much of the heading is missing or illegible, and few details survive.  However, inspection under UV light shows that it forms the remains of a certificate of assessment and individual assessments for the first subsidy of a grant made to James I, while it is clear from the rest of the piece that it relates to the borough of Southwark.  When the piece is lit from behind, it is just possible to discern the regnal year ‘one and twentieth’ within the certificate, and thus the piece would appear to relate to the first of the two subsidies granted to James I in 1624.  The certificate was probably dated, but this is now lost.  Presumably it was compiled at some point between the date of the grant and 10 July 1624, the date on which this collection was due.  Given the poor condition of this document, very few sub-headings remain legible.  Entries for St Saviour are on membs.3d-4r and for Clink Liberty on memb.5d.  The remaining membranes list persons in neighboring parishes.  Further details

  St Saviour  

So few names being legible in this document, and those few names being under unknown headings, transcribing has been deferred to a later time.