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An undated paper auditor's book of 62 folios, containing various dated references by different scribes.  The book was apparently compiled over a period of time, ending around June 1626, and is arranged roughly chronologically, with many entries being intermingled.  The majority of the book is intact and legible, consisting of copies of various records of payments made into the Exchequer for payments of these three taxes: the three subsidies granted to James I in 1624; the three fifteenths and tenths granted in the same year; and the two subsidies granted to Charles I in 1625.  Entries for the borough of Southwark appear on ff.10v and 18r, but the entry on fo.10v is a record of the sum collected and contains no names other than those of John Waterman and Thomas Thorpe, the collectors.  Further details


1625 November 25:  A brief entry recording the sum of £325.7s.4d collected in the parish of St Saviour by Robert Thurlby and Robert Harvard, collectors, for the second of three subsidies granted by Parliament in 1624.  Additionally, £7.14s.8d from the following persons "per Certificationem":