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A paper book of 22 folios, undated, apparently some sort of assessment or collection document containing the names of various taxpayers in the counties of Surrey and Sussex.  Names of persons in Southwark borough, and in the parishes of St Saviour, St Olave, and St George, all appear on folio 1v.  No details of the tax concerned are given.  Few names of taxpayers are listed (only six from St Saviour), and only a single column of figures.  Analysis of the names suggests that the document dates from 1625 or 1626.  The document appears to relate to taxation, but it has not been possible to link it with any particular grant.  Too few taxpayers are listed for it to relate to a standard Stuart subsidy, but none of the other taxes corresponding to the dates suggested appear likely.  It's possible, though less likely, that the book relates to arrears or other issues relating to subsidies granted in 1621 and 1624.  However, as the book covers both Surrey and Sussex, and as these counties shared a sheriff at this time, it may well relate to an entirely different issue.  No further precision is currently possible. No further details. 

  St Saviour Parish  


Ralph Babington — £7
Thomas Wicherley — £8
Sir Stephen Bourd knight — £15
George Paine — £15
Roger Cole gent — £8
The Lady Clarke — £10