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This is document five in a bundle of sixteen documents relating to several taxes from different reigns.  Document five consists of three different kinds of certificate of residence, all relating to the first collection of the subsidy levied by Parliament on 23 February 1563.  The first certificate gives the assessment for three named members of the Royal Chamber, and also their assessment in the parish of St Saviour.  The second gives the assessment for one named individual in the Royal Chamber.  The third is an extract from the Queen's Remembrancer's records, to show that two named inviduals were taxed in the Royal Household.  All are undated, but they may have been created at approximately the date of the first collection in 1563.  Further details

  St Saviour  


Robert Mey in wages  — £12
Henry Bell in wages  — £18
Richard Barlow in wages  — £18
    Robert May in Clink in St Saviour  — 24s
    Henry Belle ibidem  — 24s
    Richard Barlowe ibidem  — 26s.8d


Francis Thorney in fees  — £12


Thomas Awdrye in fees  — £5
John ffoster in fees  — £3