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This is a bundle of twenty-eight documents, almost all of them Certificates of Residence, which should properly be included in class E.115 rather than in the Lay Subsidy class, E.179.  One of the certificates, on fo.43, is for a St Saviour parishioner.  The documents all relate to the second collection (first collection of the second subsidy) of four subsidies granted to Elizabeth I in 1601.  Many appear to relate to members of the Queen's Chamber and Household; Thomas Cure was Sadler to King Edward VI, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.  Further details

  Certificate of Residence for Thomas Cure, fo.43  

The Boroughe    
of Southwark
Mathewe Dale and Hughe Browker esquiers two of the
Comissioners of our soueraigne Ladie the Queenes matie for the
said Boroughe of Southwark appoynted and authorised amongest
others for the ratinge, taxinge and asseasinge of the firste
paymt of the second Subsedie of the fower intyer Subsedies
graunted to her matie by her highenesse subiectes by Acte of
Parliamt in the xliijth yere of her mates Raigne doe signifie
to the Right honorable the Lorde highe Treasorer of
England, the Barons of the Exchequer, and to all other
Comissioners Collectors and officers to whom yt shall
appertayne, that Thomas Cuer of the parrishe
of St Saviors in Southwark aforesaid esquier was
Resiant and abidinge wth his wief and famelie wthin
the said parrishe of St Saviors at the tyme of the said
taxacion of the firste paymt of the said second Subsedie
and for the moste parte of the yere before, and was
then asseased before vs in vli in goodes the rate whereof
amounteth to viijs iiijd wch he hath allreadie paide
as by the bookes for the first paymt of the said second Subsedie for
the said Boroughe of Southwark certefied into her mates
Courte of Exchequer more playnelie appeareth  In
wittnesse whereof wee the said Comissioners to this our
certificate haue herevnto sett our handes amd seales the
third day of Julie in the xliiijth yere of her mates Raigne
1602 /

[signature:] M.dale     [signature:] hugh Browker

Burgus Southwarke
Thomas Cuer in bonis — vli — viijs iiijd