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These entries have been extracted from the register of baptisms, where the trade or vocation of the father was almost always recorded, though in varying and sometimes imaginative forms.  The designations that follow are those noted by the parish clerk against the fathers' names.  Some names will appear under more than one heading.  For a classified list of headings, click here.  For a glossary of terms, click here

See the website A Listing of Some Early Occupations for explanation of unusual trades.  See also the list of trades and vocations in Wills.

[No Trade]:  James Ford, Humphrey Hughes, Alexander Norris.

Actor:  (see also Player and Stage Player):  Robert Goffe.

Advocate:  William Olland.

Ale Brewer:  (see also Beer Brewer and Brewer):  Bartholomew Brickwood, Thomas Dawson, William Dawson, Henry Draper, William Garland, Robert Mitchell, Lawrence Prescott, Humphrey Richardson, William Sellers, Edward Stafford, Thomas Treene, John Willand, Thomas Willand, William Wood.

Alming Weaver:  Thomas Keen.

Apothecary:  Isaac Booker, William Cannon, James Clough, William Davis, George Garrard, Lawrence Lunn, Thomas Lunn, Henry Marshall, Henry Norgate, Thomas Pimble, William Purdey, Thomas Roe, John Skingle, George Valentine.

Aqua Vitae Maker:  William Cutler, James Martin.

Aqua Vitae Man:  Thomas Barnett, Philip Butcher, John Cutler, James Martin, William Skull, John Thorne, John Warner.

Aqua Vitae Stiller:  William Cutler, Joseph Friven.

Armorer:  Roger Jones, Richard Kite.

Astronomer:  John Hill.

Attorney:  Matthew Aborne, John Ashton [Inner Temple?], Christopher Bourne, Robert Faldoe [Gray's Inn 1586], Thomas Hannam [Middle Temple? Lincoln's Inn?], Richard Holman [Inner Temple], William Iremonger [Inner Temple?], Wiborne Johnson, John Marshall, Edward Pelham [Gray's Inn 1617], Thomas Pelham [Gray's Inn], Morris Peters, Aggis Seamer, Christopher Tench, John Watker [Inner Temple?], Edward Wheatly, John Young [Middle Temple? Gray's Inn?].

Awl Blade Maker:  Richard Blague, John Face, Robert Thornes.

Awl Maker:  Vincent Fettiplare.

Bailiff:  Robert Buskill, Thomas Wood ['the bailiff'], Henry Younger.

Bailiff of the Borough:  Thomas Dudson.

Bailiff of the Clink:  Jeremy Beerman.

Bailiff's Man:  Robert Adams, William Bowyer ['the bailiff's man'], Edward Disley, Rowland Hackworth, John Lilly, William Marden ['the bailiff's man'], Henry Savage, Edward Taylor. ,

Baker:  (see also Brown Baker, White Baker, Cake Baker, and Baker's Servant):  James [blank], John Agar, John Allen, William Allen, John Archer, Richard Ashford, John Ashmore, Cuthbert Atkinson, Richard Atkinson, Francis Bagley, Edward Bailey, John Baker, James Baldwin, Robert Banks, Randall Bateman, Francis Begill, William Benfield, Henry Bennet, Seth Benwell, Thomas Berry, William Bird, Francis Blackburn, Ferdinando Blake, William Bold, William Bowle, Thomas Brabon, George Brasell, Peter Bristow, John Bugbee, Walter Butler, Thomas Cade, Giles Cake, Benjamin Carlile, Benjamin Carlo, William Carter, John Cartwright, John Chappell, Walter Clark, Thomas Conisby, James Cooper, Thomas Cosens, Giles Cox, Anthony Cragg, John Cragg, Oliver Cromton, Peter Cross, Thomas Dawson, William Deerman, Marmaduke Dent, John Dickenson, Andrew Dodson, William Dormer, Francis Drake, Richard Drury, Anthony Dyer, Edmund Ebbs, Edward Ebbs, Stephen Edgitt, John Ellis, Robert Ellis, Edward Fielder, Richard Flemming, George Fletcher, James Fletcher, John Fletcher, Richard Fletcher, Thomas Fletcher, Samuel Foster, Richard Francis, Melchisedec Fritter, John Fulke, Lewis Fulke, William Garrat, Richard Glover, William Godsawle, Henry Goldwire, John Greenwood, John Halings, Daniel Hall, Nicholas Hamlin, Robert Harding, Francis Harley, Samuel Harman, Henry Hassall, Christopher Hawsbrook, William Hewitt, Thomas Higgens, Robert Hill, William Holman, Robert Horne, William Hughes, William Huit, William Humphreys, Christopher Izard, William Jakes, Thomas Johnson, Evans Jones, Owen Jones, Pierce Jones, Rice Jones, Joseph Kew, Alexander Kipping, Anchor Kirby, Arthur Kitchen, Henry Knight, James Knight, Richard Knott, William Lakins, Derrick Langton, John Lanie, John Law, George Lawson, Robert Layton, George Lee, Clemence Leech, Robert Leech, Samuel Leech, Humphrey Lewis, Henry Lines, Stephen Lock, Richard Lodwin, Edward Maine, Rowland ch, Henry shall, John Martin, Richard Martin, Thomas Matson, Godfrey Merington, Henry Mixon, Richard Morgan, Oliver Nayler, Thomas Nede, Edward Nevell, Caleb Nicholas, Ralph Nichols, Thomas Nuttall, Timothy Oately, Christopher Oatley, Henry Oker, Thomas Owen, John Peacock, Thomas Perry, Edward Phillips, John Phillips, Robert Phillips, Hugh Pigeon, Griffin Powell, Roger Pratt, Thomas Pratt, Thomas Proben, John Raylton, Thomas Rayner, William Reeves, William Rider, John Roberts, William Rodderam, Robert Roots, John Rose, William Rose, Robert Rudd, John Russell, John Saires, William Sanders, Nicholas Satchwell, Thomas Savage, Anthony Scragg, John Scragg, Nicholas Sheppy, Richard Simkins, Simon Simms, William Simonds, Anthony Simpson, Robert Simpson, Richard Skanow, William Smiter, John Smith, Thomas Smith, William Sparks, William Stanbridge, John Standish, Thomas Stapleton, Francis Sterry, John Stubbins, Thomas Stubbs, William Stubbs, John Sturman, John Sturmey, Walter Tart, Richard Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Francis Terry, Richard Thickens, John Thomas, Oliver Thompson, Henry Thornaway, Jeremy Thornton, George Toppin, George Tuck, Thomas Tucker, Francis Turner, Edward Vale, Peter Wakefield, George Walker, Peter Warham, John Webb, John Webster, Ralph Webster, John Wells, Samuel Wells, John Whitehead, Henry Whitfield, John Whiting, William Whiting, Thomas Whitingslow, William Whitingslow, Francis Wiat, Miles Wilkinson, Abraham Williams, Anthony Williams, John Williams, Abraham Williamson, John Williamson, Richard Williamson, [blank] Wilson, Edward Wilson, Henry Wilson, John Wilson, Edward Winn, John Woodhouse, John Woodward, William Wroth, Charles Yalden. ,

Baker's Servant:  (see also Baker, Brown Baker, White Baker, and Cake Baker):  Derrick Langton, Richard Morgan.

Band Seller:  John Jones.

Barber:  (see also Barber Surgeon):  Thomas [blank], Richard Alderson, Richard Banes, Jeffrey Baskerville, Richard Bonny, Roger Bonny, Peter Bottom, Roger Bottom, Robert Brewer, John Brown, Thomas Carr, Ambrose Chinnwick, John Clark, Alexander Cook, Robert Crewe, William Dicus, Thomas Eaton, Henry Edwards, John Ellis, John Fletcher, Matthew Gage, John Gardener, Thomas Goodhand, Thomas Goodwin, John Green, Richard Griffin, James Hawes, Davy Hayes, John House, Thomas Kelsey, Thomas Knowe, William Landon, Ralph Martin, Edmund Maulden, Joseph Meacomb, John Minsheu, Francis Moore, Richard Penbury, Thomas Penbury, Thomas Phinnis, George Pierson, Thomas Pindlebury, Hugh Price, Henry Reveling, Henry Richards, John Roberts, Humphrey Rowley, Richard Soane, Henry Tottnell, John Walton, Thomas Waterman, Joseph Wickett, John Wilkinson, John Wilson, Richard Wilson, William Wilson,

Barber Surgeon:  (see also Barber):  Richard Banes, John Bowney, Thomas Boyce, Robert Brewer, John Brown, Thomas Bunne, Alexander Cook, John Ellis, Thomas Goodhand, Thomas Gray, Henry Jackson, John Kitter, Roger Lawless, Robert Lawley, John Lovell, William Maizor, Joseph Meakins, Thomas Millson, Thomas Penbury, George Perrin, Edward Pilkington, Richard Powell, Simon Preston, James Read, Robert Strange, John Walters, John Wilkins, John Wilkinson, William Wilson, Robert Wood.

Bargeman:  Hugh Baskerville, Richard Burnham, John Carpenter, Thomas Devitt, Thomas Gilding, Jeremy Holmes, Christopher Hutchinson, Oliver Patrick, Thomas Portman.

Bargemaster to the Prince:  John Kellock.

Barrel Maker:  (see also Cooper):  Richard Richards.

Barrow Man:  Robert Summers, Thomas Tebb.

Basket Maker:  (see also Basket Weaver):  Michael [blank], Adrian Abrinson, Adrian Adrinson, John Appleby, Andrew Banbury, William Beard, John Beaumont, Valentine Berry, William Board, John Boates, Henry Brakes, William Brooks, John Carter, Simon Carter, James Clark, Richard Clark, Richard Cobber, Edward Cobham, Walter Cobham, John Colwood, Andrew Cooper, Jeronimo Doe, John Edmonds, Jeremy Evans, John Farthing, John Flower, John Gibson, Thomas Giles, Henry Green, Francis Hall, William Hall, John Hancock, Garrett Harrison, Garrett Harward, Oliver Hathaway, Virgillo Havell, Anthony Hedges, Life Highway, Simon Hodgekin, Henry Holmes, Andrew Hooper, Ellis Hughes, Brian Hutchinson, Job Iniferre, Francis Jellibrand, Richard Jennings, Rice Jones, Michael Jordan, Thomas King, James Kingwood, James Leonard, James Linwood, John Loward, Robert Loward, Richard Lower, Robert Lower, Richard Marchant, Richard Mason, James Parks, John Parnell, Thomas Parnell, John Parvin, William Paston, Zachary Powell, Abraham Roberts, Gilbert Rogerson, Edward Rutter, Philip Satchfield, John Sellwood, Oliver Simpson, James Sparks, Edward Stokes, Lawrence Stoner, Ezechiel Tawyer, Hassall Tawyer, Christopher Titon, John Titon, Andrew Trusse, Martin Turnover, Martin Vanoven, [blank] Vardy, Anthony Wall, Philip Ward, Richard Waterer, Richard Waters, Richard Wentford, William Williams, William Williamson, Adrian Winoffe, Francis Yaxley, Francis Young.

Basket Weaver:  (see also Basket Maker):  Francis Young.

Beadle:  Christopher Fassett.

Beadle of the Borough:  Christopher Fassett.

Beam Maker:  Thomas Crisp.

Bearer:  Michael Jordan, John Sanders.

Bear-Herd:  Richard Stanley.

Bear-Ward:  John Brown, John Carpenter, Richard Clark, William Cole, John Culverwell, Peter Dalliland, John Davis, William Glover, Thomas Hannam, Henry Okely, John Potts, John Scales, Richard Stanley, William Staples, Richard Tyler, Edward Wright.

Beaver Maker:  William Turk.

Beer Brewer:  (see also Ale Brewer and Brewer):  Humphrey Butler, Jonas Cray, Henry Draper, Jacob Smith, John Smith, Robert Soule.

Beer Clerk:  John Ashton, Edward Bedo, John Clark, Jonas Cray, Thomas Cray, Jonas Cressey, Richard Farmer, Jasper Kerve.

Bellows Maker:  Alexander Frierson.

Bell Ringer:  Edward Stokes.

Bit Maker:  John Brown, John Harrard, John Jenks, John Lane, Thomas Smart.

Blacksmith:  (see also Smith):  Matthew Bailey, George Barnwell, Robert Cutler, John Ferris, Thomas Fivens, John Harper, Miles Merriwether, John Robinson, Richard Rutter, John Sanders, Robert Wright.

Bodice Maker:  William ?Ands, Simon Ball, Thomas Beech, Robert Bense, John Boast, Simon Bull, Thomas Carter, Edward Conger, Edward Emmerson, Robert Fanchoe, Robert Field, Richard Gardener, Zachary Garford, Robert Gitley, Thomas Goose, Edward Hamerston, John Hart, Anthony Hedges, Walter Humber, Matthew Huntress, Peter Jerome, Robert Jollye, Robert Kitely, Robert Mamond, Francis Marshall, Clement Osgarby, Walter Price, Robert Ritley, Thomas Roberts, William Roberts, John Rodaway, William Shadlock, Edward Sharp, Joseph Slade, James Smith, Giles Stringer, William Tedford, Edward Thonger, Edward Thouger, William Titsall, Henry Turrell, Robert Wayman, John Williams, John Wood.

Bone-Lace Maker:  Simon Watson.

Bookbinder:  Andrew Kemb, Roger Kemb, Henry Luse, John Smithen.

Bookseller:  Andrew [?Plomer] Kemb.

Bodger:  John Acton, Jacob Drowsey.

Bowyer:  William Belly, Henry Chapman, Henry Davis, Davy Layne.

Box Maker:  Thomas Cheshire, Philip Hills, Samuel Lewis, Thomas Martin, William Salisbury, Matthew Smith, William Williams.

Brazier:  William Bailey, Richard Boddam, Thomas Castell, Francis Dunwell, Robert Lewis, Henry Merrifield, Thomas Millye, Robert Querk, Roger Querk, Richard Rafe, Edmund Roff, Edward Roffe.

Brazil Grinder:  John Adcock, Reynold Bateman, John Dockett, John Fox, Nicholas Hitchcock, Thomas Ricrofte, Jonathan Vesey.

Brazil Man:  Henry Frier.

Brazil Seller:  Henry Frier, George Hide.

Brewer:  (see also Ale Brewer and Beer Brewer):  Thomas Abbot, John Allom, William Ashley, Edmund Ashton, Edward Atkinson, John Atkinson, Richard Atkinson, Richard Babir, Oliver Bachelor, James Barton, Richard Bennet, Thomas Berridge, John Betterton, John Blackwell, Francis Blewett, Richard Board, Stephen Braborne, John Brian, Thomas Brian, Christopher Brickett, Bartholomew Bridgewood, John Bromley, Christopher Browker, John Brown, Thomas Bullock, John Campion, Joseph Capron, William Carter, John Cartwright, Thomas Chandler, Richard Chiserley, John Cole, William Collier, Richard Colman, John Comfort, John Corbett, Jeremy Cotterell, Roger Cotton, Richard Cowley, Henry Crapper, Edward Crass, John Craven, Jonas Cray, Garrett Cutter, Francis Dalley, John Dalley, Thomas Dalley, Thomas Dalton, William Dawson, Charles Day, Thomas Dorbar, Thomas Doubleton, Henry Draper, John Drite, William East, Thomas Edes, Anthony Edgeworth, Hugh Edwards, Richard Egham, Henry Emery, John Fivefoot, John Forrest, William Forrest, William Garland, Nicholas Gear, John Gittens, William Goble, Edward Godward, William Goldstone, Robert Gomersall, John Gower, Edward Grace, John Grafton, John Gravener, Robert Green, Robert Gurnell, Ellery Hancock, Henry Hancock, Hillary Hancock, John Hancock, Thomas Harford, Robert Harper, Nicholas Hathaway, Henry Hawes, John Hewson, Abraham Hill, Walter Hill, John Hilton, Richard Hind, Thomas Hitchcock, William Hobbe, Richard Holland, Robert Hopper, Robert Howell, Henry Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Joyce Johnsonne, Walter Jonas, Griffin Jones, Rice Jones, William Jones, Peter Joyce, John Keys, William Kildale, Robert Kirkham, Thomas Langtree, Thomas Lawrence, Hugh Lee, Richard Lee, Henry Limbery, Thomas Linger, John Luntley, Thomas Mabbitt, Barnes Martin, Gawdy May, William Mayhew, Thomas Mercer, Robert Mitchell, Roger Mitchell, John Moore, Thomas Moore, John Morden, John Newark, Gabriel Nicholson, Michael Nicholson, Henry Oram, William Otwell, Richard Parsons, Lawrence Paskall, Oliver Patrick, Anthony Pawley, Christopher Penn, Tobias Pickering, William Poole, Samuel Popler, Peter Popular, Samuel Popular, Lawrence Prescott, Esdras Read, John Relfe, Richard Reynolds, Thomas Richmond, Edward Roberts, James Robinson, John Rogers, Rice Rogers, Peter Rooksby, William Sellers, Richard Sermon, James Signeour, Thomas Signeour, James Slough, James Smith, Robert Smith, Robert Soule, Robert Spooner, Giles Stagg, Vas Stanbard, John Stanford, William Stent, William Swain, John Tabor, Richard Tarr, Giles Teague, Richard Thomas, William Thomas, Thomas Treene, John Vesey, William Wadden, William Wagge, Thomas Waller, John Walters, Thomas Ward, Anthony Warner, John Warner, John Watts, Thomas Welch, John West, Edward Whiniard, Ralph White, William Whitney, John Willand, William Willand, John Williams, Rice Williams, Thomas Willis, Edward Young.

Brewer's Clerk:  William Adams, Oliver Bachelor, Gabriel Binnion, William Bridden, Edward Clark, Edward Clay, Richard Clothier, Isaac Folds, Richard Gardener, Robert Green, Thomas Izard, Robert Jackson, Nicholas Jennings, William Rash, John Robinson, James Simcox, Richard Thorp, William Truelock.

Brewer's Servant:  Edward Alden, Henry Allen, John Allison, Daniel Ashley, William Ashmore, Thomas Ashton, Thomas Atie, John Austen, Anthony Baker, Thomas Barag, Thomas Barcock, Humphrey Barnett, Thomas Barratt, Thomas Barron, Thomas Barwick, John Beane, John Bennet, Richard Bennet, Thomas Berry, Thomas Bibbes, George Bickworth, Edmund Blanford, Edward Blanford, Matthew Blockton, Alexander Bolton, Richard Bond, Ralph Bowen, Francis Bringhurst, Richard Brook, James Brown, John Brown, Thomas Brown, William Brown, James Burton, George Bushell, John Campion, William Careless, Robert Carter, Thomas Chandler, John Chatterton, Thomas Chersly, Robert Child, Richard Clark, William Clark, Richard Clothier, Ralph Coen, John Comfort, Hugh Comin, Ralph Cone, Francis Cooke, Richard Cooper, Thomas Cooper, Thomas Cowly, William Crane, Richard Creek, Thomas Crosby, Joseph Curle, Richard Daber, Walter Davies, Edward Davis, Francis Drayton, Thomas Eborin, John Edmunds, William Edwards, Edward Evans, Humphrey Evans, Jenkins Evans, Thomas Falks, John Fletcher, William Flood, Isaac Ford, Robert Frier, John Gardener, Richard Gardener, John Gates, Thomas Gates, John Ginney, William Goble, Thomas Goodman, William Goodridge, William Gover, Thomas Grasby, Walter Green, Thomas Gregory, David Griffin, Richard Griffin, Robert Griffin, Thomas Grisby, Ralph Haines, George Hammond, Robert Hammond, Francis Hanse, Thomas Harford, John Harman, Robert Hathorne, John Haydon, Francis Head, Walter Holland, John Hopkins, Robert Hostler, John Hunt, William Hutchins, Robert Jackson, Ralph Jeffeson, William Jelloe, Nicholas Jennings, James Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Evan Jones, John Jones, Richard Jones, William Jones, William Laley, Hugh Lane, Richard Langford, Daniel Lashley, Thomas Lawrence, Thomas Lemon, Richard Lincoln, Thomas Luck, Henry Magwick, Thomas Mase, Edward Mason, William Mason, Henry Matchett, Felix Matthews, Gawdy May, Thomas Mayers, Thomas Meeres, Morris Meredith, Simon Miller, Nathaniel Mills, Richard Mills, Thomas Minns, David Morgan, James Morris, Simon Mount, William Nelson, James Norris, Luke Norton, Henry Palmer, Thomas Partson, Oliver Patrick, Anthony Pawley, George Pegsworth, George Pensworth, William Perne, Nicholas Plumridge, William Poole, John Porter, William Porter, John Potter, David Price, John Price, William Price, Richard Proctor, Thomas Ramsey, Daniel Rey, John Ricket, John Rickett, James Robinson, John Robinson, Richard Robinson, Robert Robinson, Thomas Roe, Mark Roff, William Roff, Peter Rooksby, Michael Scott, Henry Sewers, William Sharpsett, Henry Shaw, James Signeour, James Simcox, James Singer, Thomas Sparrow, Thomas Spencer, John Stevens, William Stokes, John Tabor, John Taylor, Thomas Taylor, John Terry, Richard Tharp, Richard Thorp, William Thorp, Bartholomew Tibbet, John Tinewell, Thomas Underwood, John Wake, Thomas Ward, Nathaniel Wells, Micah Wheeler, John Whiting, George Whittle, Isaac Wiley, Humphrey Williams, John Williams, Ralph Wilson, John Wingrom, Thomas Worsley, Thomas Yates, William Yates, William Yearwood.

Bricklayer:  Thomas Baddicock, Michael Bailey, Anthony Bingley, James Bolton, William Bond, Robert Bradford, Samuel Bridges, Simon Bridges, George Brown, James Brown, Thomas Brown, Nicholas Bumpas, Henry Burchley, John Burratt, John Burrett, John Burt, William Burt, John Chambers, Thomas Chandler, Richard Collins, William Cooper, Jeffrey Crossfield, Charles Dally, George Dally, John Dally, Charles Darling, Edward Duke, David Evans, James Ewer, Richard Ewer, Richard Ferland, Nathan Field, Richard Field, Robert Field, Thomas Founder, William Frier, Richard Green, William Green, William Grimes, John Grove, Andrew Haley, Randall Haley, John Hall, Thomas Hannaway, Thomas Harmwood, John Harrison, John Hazard, Richard Ireland, William Jordan, Thomas Leeke, John Lewis, Alexander Long, John Marchant, William Mason, John Matthews, Peter Meacock, Peter Meacup, William Meese, Richard Merrick, Annanias Musket, Nehemiah Musket, Robert Perkins, Richard Phipps, Hugh Powell, Lawrence Prescott, William Prior, William Rigate, John Roff, Robert Rogers, Richard Rowland, William Sharp, Peter Sherley, Thomas Simpson, Thomas Skinner, Walter Slater, William Squire, William Stevens, William Sturbee, Robert Summers, Francis Timson, John Trendley, Bartholomew Walter, Richard Wearer, Edward Weaver, John Webb, Edward Wiggens, Anthony Williams, John Wright, Richard Yore.

Brick Maker:  Thomas Ansell, James Brown, William East, Jeremy Harvey, Wilfry Hunt, Thomas Pope, Thomas Tabor.

Bridle Maker:  Charles Fitness, John Fitness, Charles Fitten, John Woodhouse.

Broadcloth Drawer:  Edward Phillips.

Broadcloth Weaver:  William Barlow.

Broad Weaver:  Edward Heape.

Broker:  John Finch, John Parsons.

Broker of Stuffs:  Thomas Dyne.

Brown Baker:  (see also Baker, White Baker, Cake Baker, and Baker's Servant):  John Brown.

Brush Maker:  William Champion, John Fox, Thomas Gale, Peter Lill, Peter Lilly, John Pepper, John Sibley.

Butcher:  Bartholomew [blank], William Abell, Robert Addison, [blank] Allen, Thomas Allen, Hugh Alsop, Thomas Andrews, William Austen, John Bailey, Arthur Baker, Griffin Baker, William Baker, Thomas Barratt, Thomas Barwick, Richard Baston, Joseph Bateman, Thomas Bateman, William Bateman, Christopher Bayton, Griffin Bayton, Peter Bayton, Stephen Beadman, William Beane, Jonas Benge, James Benn, John Bill, Richard Birch, George Blewet, George Blewett, Stephen Boardman, Robert Boaz, Peter Bowers, Robert Bowes, John Bowman, James Bradshaw, Christopher Brickett, George Briggs, Francis Bringhurst, Griffen Brittain, Richard Bromley, John Brown, Philip Bullin, William Bush, Edward Chapman, John Chapman, Nicholas Chapman, Richard Chapman, William Chapman, Thomas Charnock, Thomas Cheek, Thomas Cheltnam, Robert Chubb, Edward Clark, John Clark, Robert Clark, William Clark, Griffin Clayton, Henry Cliff, Henry Clift, John Cole, John Cooper, Richard Cooper, Hugh Cope, Richard Cordwell, Tobias Cordwell, Edward Cotterell, William Cotterell, Gabriel Court, John Court, Thomas Cowly, John Cox, William Cox, Thomas Cratford, Thomas Cratford alias Gundye, Thomas Cripps, Simon Cross, John Cullington, Robert Cupman, James Cuthbert, William Cuthbert, Richard Dalley, William Dalley, William Davies, John Davis, Nicholas Derham, John Devitt, Richard Devitt, William Devitt, William Disling, Thomas Dixye, Richard Dowse, Robert Dunn, John Earle, Thomas Early, Stephen Edmunds, Thomas Edwards, John Eives, Robert Eskott, William Eskott, Henry Fassett, William Fearfall, John Ferman, Richard Ferris, John Fisher, Robert Fisher, Thomas Fisher, John Fleer, John Fleere, John Forman, Robert Forrest, Thomas Foster, John Fox, Thomas Fox, Thomas Fraile, William Frost, John Gallington, John Ganny, John Gear, Stephen George, George Gilby, Nicholas Goodwin, Thomas Goodwin, Robert Green, John Gundy, Thomas Gundy, John Hackells, Walter Hackett, William Haggett, Barnaby Hammond, John Hand, Nicholas Hant, Joseph Harlackenden, Richard Harper, Robert Harper, Richard Harry, Richard Hart, William Hart, Richard Harvard, Robert Harvard, Thomas Harvard, William Harvard, Thomas Harvey, Thomas Harvye, John Hastings, Thomas Hawks, William Hawks, Thomas Hazard, Anthony Heath, Thomas Heath, Robert Hedges, Thomas Hedges, William Hedges, John Hegens, John Hills, Cuthbert Hind, Richard Hollingworth, Thomas Hore, John Hudson, Richard Hughes, John Hunt, Thomas Hunt, William Hunt, Richard Hunter, Thomas Hurford, Henry Hurst, John Hurst, John Jackson, Walter Jaggard, John Jenkins, John Jenkinson, Bartholomew Jennings, Ellis Jeste, John Johnson, Roger Johnson, Benjamin Jonas, John Keys, Joseph Lackenden, Stephen Lackenden, Henry Laite, Thomas Laite, Thomas Lake, John Lakins, Richard Lane, William Laney, Richard Lee, Solomon Lee, Thomas Lee, William Lee, William Light, John Linefrar, James Lock, Richard Long, William Long, James Luck, William Lye, Robert Magwick, [blank] Manly, John Mansell, Thomas Mansell, John Mansfield, John Manson, Thomas shall, John son, Richard Martin, Thomas wick, Walter Mascall, John Mason, Edward Matthews, [blank] Mayne, John Mayne, George Merrick, Henry Michener, Daniel Middleton, William Muglett, John Neave, John Neaves, Robert Nicholas, Christopher Nichols, Robert Nichols, William Nichols, William Noggy, William Noright, John Okey, William Packwood, Richard Page, William Page, John Parfoot, George Parker, Richard Parker, William Parker, Robert Paxon, Richard Peacock, John Phillips, William Pinder, John Pink, Thomas Pink, William Pink, John Poore, Lewis Pratley, John Preston, Thomas Preston, John Price, Richard Prior, Bartholomew Radford, Richard Reynolds, William Reynolds, Thomas Richardson, Richard Rider, Robert Rider, Daniel Robinson, Henry Robinson, John Robinson, Ralph Rule, Adrian Russell, Andrew Russell, Audrey Russell, John Russell, Nicholas Russell, William Russell, William Sanders, Solomon Sansom, Robert Scott, Thomas Shelton, Henry Shepherd, Robert Shreeve, Philip Silvester, Richard Simms, Samuel Simpson, Robert Slingsby, Ralph Smith, Thomas Smith, David Soane, Davy Soane, John Stoner, William Stoner, William Story, John Stretton, Gregory Swath, Jeffrey Swath, John Swinborne, Thomas Swinborne, Edward Thomas, Richard Thomas, Abraham Thompson, Henry Thompson, Oliver Thompson, John Tommin, William Totty, Robert Trowell, John Turner, Richard Turner, Robert Turner, William Turner, John Valentine, John Ventris, John Walbank, Walter Watkins, John Watts, [blank] Watts, Thomas Watts, Richard Weaver, George Webb, John West, Thomas White, William White, John Whitehorne, William Whitmore, Richard Wiat, Samuel Wilkinson, Hugh Williams, John Williams, Joseph Williams, Richard Williams, John Williamson, Joseph Williamson, Henry Willis, Thomas Willis, William Wolfe, James Wood, John Wood the elder, John Wood, Richard Wood, Thomas Wood, Edward Wright, William Wright, John Yardley, Stephen Yeomans.

Button Maker:  Richard Blackman, Peter Cowley, Anthony Heape, John Williams.

Cake Baker:  Robert Hopkins, Thomas Goodman, Richard Meredith.

Cane Maker:  John Howell, John Rogers.

Capper:  David Howell.

Captain:  Francis Buck, Christopher Levinson.

Cardboard Maker:  William Harwood.

Card Maker:  Thomas Clark, John Jones.

Car Maker:  John Taylor.

Carman:  John Adcock, John Atkinson, Robert Avery, John Axon, Thomas Baker, Nicholas Banks, Thomas Banks, Humphrey Barlow, Robert Bloodworth, Thomas Brooks, John Campion, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Chappell, William Chappell, Robert Clark, Thomas Clemens, Gowin Collins, Henry Coney, Richard Cooper, Henry Crawley, Valentine Darby, Robert Downes, James Drinckwater, Thomas Edmunds, James Ellis, Richard Ellis, Simon Ellis, John Exall, Richard Farrow, George Ford, Stephen French, John Gibbs, John Gibson, Thomas Gillam, Robert Golder, Richard Harding, Thomas Harding, Richard Hart, Samuel Hobbs, John Hoover, John Hoydon, John Hudson, George James, Nicholas James, Daniel Johnson, Richard Katherens, Hugh Knightly, Hugh Knightly alias Medly, John Knightly, William Knightly, Anthony Lawrence, William Lawrence, Richard Loft, George Lux, Robert Merlin, John Murkett, William Murkett, Richard Newburn, Richard Norman, John Parris, John Petty, Christopher Pinkney, Michael Pitt, Richard Platt, Peter Quimby/Quinby, Avarell/Avery Richbell, John Ridge, Richard Ridge, Robert Roberts, Edward Roper, William Silsby, Edward Simonds, Richard Slawson, Roger Smith, Anthony Solomon, John Spencer, Henry Stanton, John Taylor, Richard Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Edmund Thomas, Henry Thomas, Thomas Thomas, William Turner, Gawein Walker, John Walters, John Webb, John White, Thomas Williams, Thomas Woodward, Stephen Young.

Carpenter:  Benett Adams, Benjamin Adams, Bennett Adams, John Annall, Richard Atkinson, Rowland Austen, John Barrell, John Baxter, William Baxter, Rowland Bedbery, John Berry, John Bransden, Robert Bumbery, John Bunch, [blank] Bunch, Nicholas Burton, Gregory Bussey, Ignatius Bussey, John Campion, John Carpenter, Thomas Carr, Richard Chester, Richard Cliff, John Cole, Richard Cole, John Collins, William Colson, Amos Cook, John Cook, Stephen Cook, Thomas Cook, Philip Cottingham, Robert Craft, Robert Crofts, John Curssell, William Dennison, Nicholas Dowe, John Downes, Robert Downes, Christopher Draper, Marmaduke Eaton, Robert Festar, John Fidgen, Robert Finch, Edward Fisher, Moses Fisher, William Flint, Oliver Foster, Robert Foster, James Francis, Matthew Gary, Robert Gascoigne, William Gascoigne, Thomas Gearing, John Green, Henry Gregory, Thomas Hart, James Hawfield, Richard Hawfield, Robert Hawfield, William Henley, Timothy Hide, Simon Hill, Philip Horton, Thomas Innis, William Johnson, William Langton, Richard Lewis, William Ligborn, Thomas Ligborne, William Ligborne, James Loveday, John sted, John Medcraft, William Medcraft, Thomas Mellsom, John Metcalf, Michael Moore, Richard Moore, Robert Mosely, Owen Myland, John Nash, Thomas Neale, Thomas Newbold, Richard Norman, William Norman, Richard Owen, Richard Parkinson, Gilbert Partington, Thomas Perkins, Peter Phillips, Richard Pierce, John Pigeon, George Read, John Reeves, Thomas Roberts, Thomas Robinson, William Roe, Nicholas Savage, Robert Seamer, John Sibley, Thomas Silver, John Skidmore, John Skinner, Adam Smith, Christopher Smith, Henry Smith, William Stanfield, Miles Staples, William Stapleton, William Stapley, William Steward, Robert Sutton, John Sweat, Richard Tanner, Thomas Taylor, William Taylor, Walter Thompson, John Tiding, Samuel Twinney, William Waight, George Warden, Richard Weald, [blank] Whiting, Giles Whiting, Richard Wilkin, Richard Williams, John Wilson, Peter Wilson, Thomas Witherly, Anthony Wood, James Worlington, George Worth, John Wortlye, Roger Wright.

Carrier:  (see also Carter):  Edward Adams, Richard Collier, John Hewling, Oliver Jones, Samuel Neale, Henry Osborn, Robert Sanders, Thomas Sanders.

Carter:  (see also Carrier):  John Bruer, Abraham Hill.

Carver:  John Scales, Richard Whitmore.

Chair Mender:  Emanuel Savage.

Chalk Burner:  Robert Tanton [cawkburner].

Chamberlain:  Christopher Brown, Nicholas Campion, Jonas Cole, Austin Crete, James Darby, Samuel Dartenall, Henry Duck, John Ducket, Edward Foster, Henry Gregory, Thomas Heaton, Peter Hope, Thomas Lambert, Andrew shall, Richard Moore, James Watkins.

Chandler:  (see also Tallowchandler and Waxchandler):  William Andrew, Edward Atkinson, Ralph Auger, George Aveling, William Ayers, Richard Barker, Toby Birch, Edward Boardman, Thomas Booth, William Briant, Abraham Bridges, William Buckan, Nicholas Campion, James Carden, Benjamin Carlile, Randall Carter, Randolph Carter, Miles Cidden, John Clark, Samuel Clark, James Clough, Anthony Colman, James Corden, Joanes Corden, James Cordwell, Robert Corven, William Cox, John Cranford, James Craven, John Craven, Thomas Croxon, William Croxon, William Cumber, Cuthbert Dawson, Peter Delabarre, John Dike, Joseph Durham, John Elmer, William Emmerson, Richard Eves, Robert Eves, John Facey, George Ford, Gregory Franklin, William Frith, Michael Gary, William Glinne, George Gold, Henry Green, Richard Hall, Thomas Harris, William Harris, Arthur Hawkins, Henry Hawks, Thomas Hawks, John Hawksworth, William Hawthorne, Henry Hayle, Richard Hely, Edward Hiat, Robert Hinton, Thomas Holliman, John Hore, Peter Hutchinson, Isaac Iles, Thomas Isard, John Ivelin, John Judkin, William Kirkham, Henry Landtrop, Edward Larkins, John Lee, John Light, Thomas Maling, John Marson, John Mason, John Meese, William Meese, Anthony Mister, Richard Moore, Robert Moore, Thomas Moore, Roger Morgan, James Moulder, Joseph Muston, Simon Newberry, Nicholas Newton, Richard Overman, John Paine, William Palmer, Richard Pantfort, John Parvis, Elias Payfoot, John Peate, Richard Pett, Richard Pink, John Pinson, John Rawlins, Thomas Redman, Robert Reeves, John Revell, Henry Rey, Humphrey Ridgeway, William Rime, Francis Roff, Andrew Rose, David Rowley, Nicholas Sage, John Sawker, Richard Sekes, James Selye, Thomas Skerrett, Joseph Slowe, Thomas Smith, William Smith, Thomas Stonestreet, Simon Tanner, Thomas Tanner, Thomas Tapps, Thomas Teague, George Tharp, Thomas Thornery, Robert Thornes, Michael Tisdale, Josiah Underhill, Josias Underhill, Richard Vernham, Thomas Wallen, Henry Wantrop, Thomas Warren, Thomas Weatherhead, Edmund Wells, Roger West, Samuel West, William West, Nicholas White, William Whitehead, Edmund Wilkin, Richard Williams, Thomas Williams, Thomas Witheridge, Richard Wooden, Richard Yeomans, William Young.

Chapman:  Nicholas Barehead, Edward Barratt, Evan Bowen [chapman of small wares], Allen Drake, Thomas Hammond, John Jones, Edward Lee, William Matthews, William Moore, John Rawlins, Hugh Roberts, Thomas Smith, Richard Wawlings.

Cheesemonger:  Roger Askew, Richard Barcock, John Beadle, James Berry, John Berry, Thomas Berry, Joseph Birch, Robert Bowes, John Brocket, Joseph Brocket, Nicholas Campion, William Catchpole, Thomas Clark, Robert Cole, William Craft, John Crowder, Thomas Crowder, Thomas or John Crowder, Oliver Dillingham, Henry Gaughlai, John Genoway, Stephen Gibson, John Hind, Richard Hind, [blank] James, Richard Marson, Tobias Norris, William Overy, Peter Prince, John Sawker, Jeremy Settle, Thomas Smith, Oliver Sotherman, Stephen Tillinghurst, Thomas Underhill.

Chimney Sweeper:  Walter Regan, John Toby, John Tonn.

Civil Lawyer:  William Oland.

Clerk:  John Bailey, Henry Birchley, Gabriel Bolt, John Castellway, John Clark alias Brand, Edward Collins, John Ely, John Lilly, John Rice, Richard Rushall, Thomas Walker.

Clerk of the Hospital:  William Ducket.

Clerk of the King's Kitchen:  John Treherne.

Clerk of the Market:  John Petty.

Clerk of St Saviour Parish:  John Boston.

Clerk to the Pot House:  Richard Price.

Clock Maker:  John Cattle, Peter Clark [cloke maker], William Clark, Lewis Cook, James Vautrollere.

Cloth Drawer:  Walter Bennet.

Cloth Dyer:  (see also Dyer):  Thomas Fanne, Thomas Walker.

Clothier:  Bartholomew [blank], William Mansell, Stephen Richardson, Roger Thomas, William Thompson.

Cloth Maker:  Robert Cook, Walter Davis, John Lewis, Robert Lincoln, Richard Morris, Francis Richards, Richard Richardson, William Watts.

Cloth Packer:  John Sampson.

Cloth Weaver:  (see also Weaver):  John Johnson.

Cloth Worker:  Henry Acton, John Alexander, Hugh Ball, Robert Barber, Robert Blackburn, Henry Bowen, John Brabon, John Brian, William Brown, William Burgis, John Butt, John Caldwell, Edward Child, Robert Cook, Stephen Cottesford, John Davis, Walter Davis, Roger Dodd, George Downing, John Elcock, William Fisher, Robert Gabett, Phillipp Gadberye, John Glover, Christopher Harris, Richard Harris, Virgillo Havell, Anthony Heard, Richard Hetherson, Matthew Hickman, William Hogham, Anthony Hubberstead, Francis Hubbey, Rowland Hughes, Job Inifeere, Thomas Jenks, Richard Johnson, Robert Johnson, Thomas Lamb, Edward Layton, William Leecraft, John Lewis, John Matthews, Anthony Medcalf, Godfrey Merington, James Passenger, Robert Phelps, John Powell, Walter Powell, Thomas Price, Tobias Reason, George Redborn, Hugh Reynolds, William Reynolds, Stephen Richardson, Thomas Short, Robert Slade, Rowland Smith, John Spearing, Nicholas Spire, Edward Thomas, John Thomas, William Thomas, John Watson, Richard Watson, William Watts, Robert Whitwell, Percivall Wilkinson, John Williams, Robert Woodnett, Richard Wright.

Coachman:  William Baker, James Barker, Thomas Beckett, William Bright, Henry Collins, Robert Combe, Edward Davis, Thomas Glover, Thomas Harbert, Thomas Higley, Richard Judd, Roger Lancaster, Richard Lincoln, Ralph Linford, Thomas Mison, David Rider.

Coal Heaver:  John Brown, Robert Parrett.

Coal Meter:  John Kendall.

Coal Merchant:  Henry Allen, John Allen, Daniel Gogee, Zacheus Perkins, Edmund Pinchon, Ralph Quelch, John Turner, Thomas Turner, George Vavisor, Jeremiah Wanhope.

Coal Porter:  John Bailey, Robert Brathwaight, Francis Carter, Alexander Dobbin, David Evans, John Goosestring, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Price, Thomas Wright.

Coal Seller:  Philip Rossiter.

Coat Maker:  John Blonden.

Cobbler:  (see also Shoemaker):  John Abbot, Thomas Anderson, Thomas Archer, Henry Ashton, Richard Ashton, John Barnes, Thomas Beckham, John Bigbrook, John Bonner, John Brown, Richard Brownrigg, Thomas Burden, Richard Buttery, John Cadman, Thomas Caine, John Catmore, Thomas Christian, John Cicell, William Clark, Thomas Clifford, Anthony Compton, Richard Cook, Thomas Cook, Edward Craven, John Craven, Lambert Daggett, Henry Dawson, Richard Dawton, Richard Denman, Robert Dixon, Nicholas Doleman, Nathaniel Drury, William Dunkin, Miles Dupper, Peter Emmerson, Edward Empton, John Evans, Morris Evans, Christopher Fassett, George Ford, William Foster, John German, Peter Gilden, John Haines, John Harman, William Harper, John Hatton, Peter Hayes, Humphrey Holford, Samuel Holford, John Horton, Rice Hughes, Michael Hutchins, Walter Imton, John Jackson, William Jarvis, William Johnson, Thomas Keaker, Thomas Keene, Humphrey Kicker, John King, Thomas Leaper, William Lewis, Davy Lilly, Thomas Lock, Richard rable, John Miller, William Mills, William Ming, John Moore, Robert Peate, John Pierson, Moses Pinson, Robert Pitcher, Philip Poole, John Porter, Thomas Price, William Priestman, Henry Ridley, Edward Rogers, Peter Sanky, George Smith, Robert Smith, Richard Spight, Edward Stafford, Christopher Stassede, John Stone, John Stoner, Thomas Stoner, John Stratford, Francis Stutt, George Swain, Robert Tanton, Thomas Terry, Henry Thomas, Richard Toppin, Charles Tyler, John Underwood, William Vaughan, Philip Wakelin, Robert Wakelin, Robert Webb, Mark Webster, John Weston, Edward Willand, William Williams, John Williamson, George Wills, John Wilson, George Wood, John Wood, William Yeomans.

Coiner in the Tower:  James Hodgson.

Collar Maker:  John Otes.

Collier:  John Blunt, Walter Bromfield, Thomas Colley, Lambert Daggett, Bartholomew Dennis, William Filson, John Godfrey, John Horton, Thomas Maple, William Melgwin, Ferdinando Moses, John Page, Richard Platt, Richard Rogers, William Sillson, William Todman.

Comb Maker:  John Berry, Edward Golding.

Comfit Maker:  Thomas Cook, Gilbert Davis, Robert Evans, Richard Farmer, Henry Hartwell, Samuel Lucas, Hugh Morgan, John Powell.

Confectioner:  Hugh Morgan, John Powell.

Cook:  Richard Allen, James Arnold, Jonah B[...], John Badge, John Bailey, Thomas Bailey, William Balthrop, Joshua Bates, Richard Baxter, William Baxter, Thomas Beadle, James Birchley, Richard Broughton, John Clove, Matthew Cole, William Converse, William Convert, William Cuckson, Abraham Dickerman, William Dickerman, John Dikings, Zachariah Edwards, Nicholas Fowle, Richard Fox, Edward Fuller, Henry Gear, William Green, Richard Guy, Christopher Hewittson, Joseph Hobson, John Holmes, Nicholas Johnson, William Johnson, John Lee, William Lee, William Lewin, George Lindsey, Thomas Love, Thomas Money, Thomas Morgan, Nicholas Nelson, William Nicholson, William Noble, Nicholas Parker, Michael Perry, Robert Phillips, Francis Prior, Jasper Ribby, John Robinson, Thomas Rogers, David Rowley, John Scargill, Gideon Selby, Judian Selby, Robert Skinner, Henry Smith, Richard Stanford, Cornelius Steele, John Thompson, Jerome Thornton, Robert Todd, John Wainman, William Walker, Thomas Ward, William Watts, James Wayne, William Webb, Thomas Winn.

Cooper:  (see also Barrel Maker):  Richard Alton, Thomas Ap Lowe, Thomas Appleworth, Richard Batt, John Belcher, Richard Blackfan, Stephen Blackfan, Anthony Blackwell, Thomas Bohun, Thomas Booth, Francis Boston, William Bretry, John Bridges, William Britney, Francis Caston, William Chandler, Matthew Chapman, Henry Clark, John Clark, William Clifton, Henry Cole, John Cole, Nicholas Cooper, Henry Crowder, William Crowder, William Dring, William Dudgens, John Eaves, William Edwards, Humphrey Elliott, William Evars, John Eweley, Thomas Firman, Robert Forman, Thomas Forman, Charles Fruin, George Fruin, Charles Fruine, Francis Galfrid, Thomas Gimlet, William Godfrey, George Goldsmith, Thomas Goodwin, Nicholas Green, William Green, Thomas Gunn, William Haley, Roger Handlett, Richard Handly, Thomas Hartley, Francis Hatred, Thomas Hawes, Charles Hawkins, Roger Hazell, Roger Heason, John Hodgeskines, Rowland Hodgkins, William Holam, Edward Hore, John Huchins, Thomas Humble, John Hutchinson, Garrett Johnson, William Lead, John Ledford, William Lee, Christopher Lemon, Edward Lewis, John Lillford, Samuel Marchant, James Mark, James Marlow, James Marlow, John Martin, Richard Matchett, Felix Matthews, Phineas Matthews, Robert May, Thomas Meanes, Henry Medley, John Money, Thomas Money, Thomas Moore, William Moore, Thomas Morley, Abraham Motley, Richard Nichols, Richard Orton, Thomas Osuncraft, William Ovar, William Overhouse, Peter Palmer, Robert Penny, John Portis, Thomas Preston, Luke Puttefoot, Andrew Reading, Andrew Redding, Robert Revell, Richard Ridge, John Rogers, Richard Rose, Thomas Rosewell, Robert Samuell, Thomas Sanders, Caleb Scott, Robert Seaman, John Sergill, John Smart, Christopher Smith, John Solomon, Edward Spencer, John Spencer, John Sterry, Nathaniel Sterry, John Stevens, Henry Street, Henry Stroud, Richard Stroud, Thomas Sutton, George Swain, Thomas Swift, Peter Tyse, Anthony Vansanter, John Warrener, John Wathell, John Wells, Giles Weymans, Thomas Wheeler, Christopher Whitlock, George Whittle, Joseph Whittle, Nicholas Wilson, Giles Winans, Richard Woodcock, Edmund Woodroff.

Cordwainer:  Thomas Basely [cordwinder], Matthew Beck [cordwinder], Thomas Collis, Richard Denham, John Engell[cordener], Thomas Evans [cordwinder], Edmund Farr, Joseph Green [cordwinder], Edward Gregory, William Harrison, Rice Hughes [cordwinder], Walter Imtun, Rowland Jones, Thomas Kerton, Thomas Kitts [cordwinder], Robert Newman, John Paine [cordwinder], Thomas Roff, Edward Sadler [cordwinder], John Simcox [cordwinder], Thomas Skitts [cordwinder], James Taylor, Richard Toppin, [blank] Wakelin, Robert Wakelin [cordwinder], George Wells [cordwinder], Richard Wiat, William Winbull, William Wing [cordwinder].

Cork Cutter:  Thomas Deane.

Corn Chandler:  William Flower, William Frith, Thomas Stonestreet.

Corn Handler:  Thomas Stonestreet.

Corn Meter:  William Flood, George Punter.

Corn Porter:  Thomas Dawson, John Nutshaw, Thomas Simms, Thomas Sumner.

Costermonger:  William Bartlett, Edward Boates, Edmund Bote, James Clough, Richard Devitt, Richard Finney, Roger Gwin, James Hickley, Martin King, James Lorum, Edmund Nash, Richard Revett, Joseph Trundey.

Councellor:  Thomas Goffe.

Counter Keeper:  John Crosswell, John Lilly, John Welsted.

Courtier:  Henry Hallowell [courther].

Cow Keeper:  Cornelius Gray, John Leech.

Currier:  Edward Adams, John Allison, John Berry, Thomas Bignall, Thomas Burkett, Thomas Chapman, Richard Collier, John Dallison, John Ellis, William Hall, James Hussey, Oliver Jones, Edward Knight, Richard Lawrence, William Lett, John Orgell, Henry Osborn, Solomon Parr, Richard Read, Anthony Simkin, Anthony Simkins, Francis Simkins, Robert Turvy, William Wilmott, William Wimblet.

Cutler:  Henry Aby, John Addison, Hugh Bale, William Bellfield, William Benbrick, John Bold, Harry Boodell, Morris Bowen, John Bowly, John Brenkstone, Jeremiah Calloway, [blank] Coddington, William Coddington, John Cole, William Collier, William Cox, Jonas Crowcher, John Dakers, Richard Davis, Robert Dobson, Robert Dodson, Edward Dunn, John Evans, John Fluellen, Henry Foster, John Fox, John Frisby, George Goldsmith, Stephen Granfield, Edward Herdson, James Jackson, John Jenkinson, Jonas Jonas, John Jones, William King, Stephen Lambkin, Thomas Loud, Nicholas Mabbes, Alexander Martendale, Syham Mepham, Henry Nurse, John Otes, William Palmer, Thomas Peverell, John Ramsey, John Rawlins, William Rew, John Rumsey, Richard Sellwood, Edward Sewell, William Stevens, John Virgo, Thomas Virgo, John Whittham, Thomas Winton, Thomas Winton.

Day Laborer:  Nicholas Burleigh, James Cropper, Orlando Davis, Thomas Godfrey, Richard North, Henry Packwood, Thomas Talbot, Henry Turner, Rowland Ward, Edward Young.

Deal Merchant:  Daniel Collins, Griffith Kent.

Deputy Marshal:  William Richardson.

Dice Maker:  John Drewe, Lambert Romball, William Tickner.

Distiller:  William Cuttler, Samuel Hyland, John Waggoner.

Ditcher:  Robert Parham.

Doctor:  William Purdey.

Doctor of Divinity:  William Simonds, Thomas Sutton ['our Lecturer'].

Doctor of Physic:  William Pembrook.

Doublet Maker:  William Allen, George Bloom, Thomas Cosby, George Dalton, Henry Dalton, James Dalton, Simon Dalton, William Dalton, William Griffin, William Holland, William Miles, Roger Quick.

Draper:  John Armorer, Nicholas Cawdery, Roger Charlton, Edward Cook, Thomas Cook, Edward Downing, Robert Hellmen, John Hodgkins, William Locky, Francis Needham, Richard Romball, Roger Scruton, John Stamp, Richard Taylor, William Thrift, Abraham Walker,

Drawer:  John Atkinson, William Goldwell.

Drawer of Cloth:  John Manser.

Drawer of Linen:  William Spalding.

Drawer of Wine:  Thomas West.

Drawer of Works:  Richard Manby.

Drayman:  John Batterton, John Beale, Edward Blanford, Christopher Brickett, Paul Carter, John Craston, Thomas Dalley, William Dalley, Thomas Dunn, Abraham Evans, Walter Green, John Griffin, John Harrison, William Hitchcock, Henry Horwell, Thomas Jones, John Keat, John Keys, Robert Kirkham, Daniel Lashley, Henry Limbery, James Lowe, John Matthews, William Newman, William Perrin, James Pimbleton, Nicholas Plumridge, Richard Thorp, John Tridin, Robert Wells, Thomas Willis, Rowland Winnora.

Drover:  Jeffrey Jones.

Drum Player:  John Singwell.

Dryfishmonger:  William Phelps.

Dry Salter:  John Brown.

Dyer:  (see also Cloth Dyer):  Robert Adler, Richard Alderson, Hugh Ashmore, Michael Bagley, Thomas Baker, John Barnes, Isaac Beane, Adam Belton, Edward Bennet, John Bennet, Edward Bibbie, Thomas Bickerstaff, Thomas Bilbrook, Francis Block, William Bolton, Thomas Booth, George Broughton, William Charlton, Dennis Church, Thomas Clackson, Robert Clark, Richard Cockerell, Abraham Collins, Barnabas Conaway, Barnaby Conaway, Thomas Cope, William Cope, Peter Cowgee, James Crimson, Timothy Crouch, John Crow, Cuthbert Dawson, Elias Delaney, Peter Delaney, Elias Delanoy, Peter Demetris, Thomas Dickenson, Robert Dier, Thomas Dunkin, Anthony Elmes, Francis Evans, John Fitzer, Thomas Flemming, Isaac Ford, Edmund Fowlsell, Edward Fowlsell, John Fox, Edward Franklin, John Freeman, Edward Galey, John Garbraine, William Gawton, Daniel Gogee, Richard Goodridge, Henry Griffin, Evan Gwin, Andrew Hall, John Hancock, Nicholas Hanford, George Harper, Mark Harrison, John Hart, David Hartman, James Hedge, William Hilliard, Edward Hilton, John Hodson, Michael Holcraft, Richard Hone, John Hurst, Edward Iremonger, John Jones, Thomas Jones, Richard Lakin, John Lakins, Thomas Latimer, Thomas Legg, Abraham Leruse, John Lindsey, Richard Long, Silvester Loveday, Hugh Makefield, John Manby, Hugh Marcy, Christopher Marshall, Christopher Mason, Daniel Mercer, Michael Mills, Francis Mitchell, Patience Mitchell, Robert Moore, Robert Morgan, Anthony Nelmes, Thomas Noaks, Thomas Nox, Francis Orchard, Thomas Overy, Evan Owen, Peter Owen, Edward Pardoe, John Pardoe, John Pardy, George Park, Edmund Parker, Edward Parker, John Penn, Thomas Penrose, Ralph Pensex, Thomas Perry, Robert Pitcher, Thomas Portman, John Powell, Robert Ramsey, Thomas Revell, Nicholas Reynolds, Edwared Ridgeley, John Ridley, Stephen Rippington, Richard Robbins, Humphrey Roberts, George Robinson, Daniel Roe, John Rowland, Thomas Salter, Edward Sanders, James Simcox, Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Daniel Souton, John Souton, Marcus Stone, Humphrey Sutton, Thomas Tibbin, Henry Tomkins, William Underwood, John Wallowin, William Wallowin, Thomas Ward, William White, Richard Wicherley, Robert Wicherley, Roger Wicherley, Richard Williams, Mordant Willoby, John Wrench, Thomas Wright.

Dyer's Servant:  Thomas Boatman, William Hilliard, George North, Francis Richards, William Shelton, Richard Wilcox.

the Earl of Oxford:  Robert De Vere.

Embroiderer:  Nicholas Allen, Andrew Bolton, Octavian Burrell, Gregory Fishburn, Tobias Foster, Toby Foster, James Lapley, Richard Manby, Thomas Page, Thomas Patrick, John Stockman, Philip Thomas.

Esquire:  William Austen, Hugh Brooker, Thomas Gilburn, Charles Nowell, John Read, Thomas Sutton, John Treherne, George Winter.

Factor:  John Rankins.

Falconer:  Thomas Burton, Garrett Currant, John Gardener, Peter Johnson, Edward Jones, Abraham Martin, William Martin, Philip Mould, William Peacock, Abraham Williams, Francis Wiltshire.

Farmer:  William Trimmer.

Farrier:  John Bartlemew, Thomas Berry, John Bishop, William Capon, Christopher Collier, John Crosswell, John Ferris, Thomas Gibbs, William Hoe, James Knight, John Saringe, Nathaniel Shaw, Richard Woodman, Richard Woodwan.

Farthingale Maker:  Clement Osgarby, John Williams, Robert Williams.

Feather Maker:  Luke Bishop, John Mager/Major.

Fellmonger:  James Burton, [blank] Cawdery, Simon Gould, John Halsey, Thomas Hercules, John Parsons.

Felt Maker:  Henry Baker, Robert Bishop, Peter Bolton, Thomas Burrage, Richard Butler, Edward Butterfield, Henry Cressey, Stephen Damport, John Downes, James Ford, Jeffrey Franklin, John Hull, Thomas Johnson, Robert Joyce, James Lye, John Masier, John Merrick, James Moore, Richard Morris, John Nichols, John Pierce, Joseph Pierce, John Pollard, Robert Pollard, Roger Rhodes, William Scarborough, David Snooks, Samuel Suger, Richard Thames, William Thompson, John Townsend, Roger Wainwright, David Watkins, Roger Wenred, Edward Williams, Samuel Winn, Walter Yerrington.

Fencer:  Thomas Bradshaw, Nicholas Edgeworth, John Grimes, Davy Layne.

Fiddler:  Nathaniel Wetherley.

File Cutter:  Richard Howard.

Firkin Man:  William Rose, Richard Sermon, Thomas Weatherhead.

Fisherman:  Simon Aleworth, William Allison, John Archer, Robert Ashmore, Richard Ayers, Lambert Barratt, Richard Barratt, Richard Bell, Philip Biggs, Thomas Bishop, Thomas Blake, Richard Bradford, William Bradford, Edward Brewer, Walter Burton, Humphrey Careless, Nicholas Carvell, Richard Carvell, John Chaddock, William Cope, John Cross, Daniel Cummins, John Ellis, Christopher Fisher, Robert Fisher, George Flemming, Richard Garbrand, Robert Gardener, Robert Garnish, Richard Green, Richard Greene, John Griffin, Richard Hall, William Hall, Robert Hapmore, Robert Hassall, William Hawe, John Hodson, Christopher Holmes, Thomas Howe, Edward Hudson, John Hudson, Thomas Hunt, William Hunt, Richard Hutchins, [blank] Hutchinson, Richard Hutchinson, Archibald Jackson, Goodyer Jones, John Jones, Richard Jones, Roger Jones, Richard Jordan, Thomas Kettle, James Kirby, Nicholas Kirby, James Loft, Thomas Mann, Luke Meadows, Thomas Mills, Daniel Moore, Hugh Moore, James Moore, Thomas Muse, William Oare, Robert Osmore, John Palmer, Thomas Palmer, William Palmer, William Parker, Ann Peniall, John Peniall, Philip Philcox, John Powell, William Powell, William Rose, Nicholas Scarvill, Henry Seagood, John Seagood, John Shattock, William Sheene, Edward Sidenham, Richard Slade, John Smith, Lawrence Smithen, John Stiles, Richard Stratford, Roger Stratford, Simon Stratford, John Stuck, Henry Taylor, William Thompson, Thomas Thurstion, Thomas Thustian, William Thustian, Edward Titon, John Titon, Richard Trundey, John Walters, John Ward, John Warfield, John Watson, John White, Thomas White, William Whitehead, John Young.

Fish Hook Maker:  Daniel Taylor.

Fishmonger:  Lamuell Archer, Robert Archer, Roger Archer, Francis Borne, Thomas Burden, Thomas Charsley, John Cole, Rowland Cole, Wassell Curtis, William Cutler, Robert East, John Facey, Joseph Facey, George Flemming, Richard Flemming, Thomas Fuller, Richard Garbrand, Andrew Gardener, Richard Goldsmith, Richard Green, Henry Halsted, William Harris, Robert Holmes, William Hunt, John Jackson, Woolston Lucas, Richard Mackland, Thomas Mann, Daniel Moore, Hugh Moore, John Nawson, William Penniston, William Phelps, William Powell, Nicholas Rogers, John Roote, Humphrey Sheamans, George Slening, Anthony Stevens, George Thorp, Abraham Wall, Matthew White, Thomas White, Matthew Whitney, Nicholas Williams, Lucas Woolston.

Fish Porter:  Edward Smith.

Fish Purveyor:  Francis Brand, John Coles, John Eales, Roger French, Richard Mackland, Richard Markland, Hugh Moore, Thomas Moore, George Thorp.

Flax Dresser:  Zachariah Pope.

Flax Man:  Robert Bailey, Thomas Bird, John Cook, Edward Ley, John Middleton, William Plumridge, Richard Taylor.

Footman:  John Nowell, George Pratt.

Foot Post:  Edward Johnson.

Founder:  William Beecher, John Kent.

Freeholder:  Thomas Emmerson, William Hobson.

Freemason:  Henry Ireland, Thomas Pursley, William Sterne.

Fruiterer:  John Barratt, William Bartlett, Edward Beate, Edward Blake, Edward Boates, Adam Butler, Robert Carter, Richard Devitt, Alexander Dobbins, Joseph Faviour, Joseph Foy, Walter Gibberd, Walter Gilbert, William Gwin, Philip Jones, Michael Loft, John Lorum, Morgan Lorum, Pierce Needle, Richard Percivall, Edward Sanders, Joseph Trundey, Richard Vinn, William Vinn, Thomas White, Robert Wrest.

Furrier:  John Coker.

Fustian Dresser:  Richard Moore.

Fustian Weaver:  Robert Arnold, Richard Berry, Anthony Brompton, George Cooper, Oliver Dorrington, John East, Thomas Finett, Thomas Franey, William Goodcheap, George Goodyear, John Green, John Holmes, Christopher Jones, Francis Lowe, Stephen Read, John Revell, Thomas Shaw, Edward Trosfield, Edmund Webb, Francis Wordsworth.

Garbler:  Richard Uxley.

Gardener:  John Allatt, Samuel Baddis, Samuel Badwell, Edward Banford, James Bellamy, John Bixon, William Boswell, John Bridges, Thomas Briggs, Thomas Brown, John Brownrigg, Deodatus Bunion, Thomas Buryan, Arthur Bywater, John Chaire, John Chesedick, John Choir, Thomas Clark, John Clear, Robert Cook, John Cornish, Hugh Cox, William Crawley, William Crouchman, Mark Cupbord, Bowin Cupper, Darby Dankin, James Darby, John Darby, Robert Davis, William Davis, Richard Dewell, Joseph Eaton, John Edwards, John Fisher, William Fisher, John Fletcher, Robert Fortune, Nicholas Foster, Joseph Foundling, John Garrett, Samuel Glodwin, John Goodspeed, Thomas Griggs, James Gunner, Thomas Harwell, Christopher Hawsbrook, John Hawsbrook, Robert Hichmond, Mark Hinch, John Holliday, Thomas Hooper, John Hudson, Matthew Jackson, Edmund Kennedy, Christopher Kirk, Ambrose Knobwood, Arthur Lane, Arthur Lee, John Lewin, John Lewington, Richard Lowe, Richard Lowick, Robert Lumberd, John Macham, William Macham, Thomas Martin, John Mason, William Mason, Richard Medley, Owen Megar, Richard Meredith, William Monday, Peter Newler, Samuel Norman, Richard Nunn, Richard Parsons, John Partridge, Richard Passand, Walter Perry, John Phillip, Robert Pollard, Nicholas Porter, John Potter, Bartholomew Pratt, Edward Ransford, Joseph Rolles, Joseph Rolls, Joseph Sampson, Thomas Sanders, John Shank, [blank] Shipman, Philip Shipman, William Shipman, Robert Simcox, Thomas Smith, Stephen Southwood, John Spencer, John Springer, Edward Stafferton, Abraham Steward, Thomas Stiff, James Summers, Thomas Teague, Thomas Waight, William Wake, William Waye, Thomas Weston, James Williams, John Williams, John Wrench, Richard Wrench.

Gentleman:  Joseph Alexander, Isaac Allen, Thomas Andrews, Robert Armiger, James Armootey, Thomas Ashfield, William Ashlet, John Atkinson, James Austen, William Austen, Edward Averell, William Ayres, Abraham Baker, William Baker, Thomas Barklet, Henry Barton, John Baton, David Bennet, Robert Bennet, John Berrington, William Bewfowe, James Blunt, John Blunt, John Booth, Hugh Brampton, John Branch, Robert Brokeridge, John Bromfield, Robert Bromfield, Charles Brook, Hugh Brooker, Henry Brown, John Brown, Robert Brown, John Burfield, John Butler, Thomas Butler, Ralph Calfe, Charles Calloway, Philip Cannon, John Carrock, Humphrey Cheek, John Chilcott, Philip Cleaver, Henry Coggan, Roger Cole, Edward Collins, Giles Collins, James Conningham, Thomas Cook, William Cook, John Copley, Francis Coppinger, Thomas Cranley, John Crewe, Robert Cristy, Henry Crocker, Thomas Cure, Robert Daborn, John Darsey, Thomas Davenport, Edmund Deane, Peter Diamond, Nicholas Dorrington, James Douglas, Roger Earth, Henry Elliott, Henry Emmerson, Humphrey Emmerson, Thomas Emmerson, William Evererd, Thomas Faldoe, Nicholas Fernley, John Finch, Rice Floyd, John Foster, George French, Thomas Garford, Richard Gay, Thomas German, John Gibbons, Henry Gravener, James Gresham, Thomas Grymsdyche, William Gumbleton, Daniel Harbert, Edward Harbert, Thomas Harcott, Walter Harlackenden, Thomas Harvard, William Harvey, Thomas Harwood, John Hassall, Thomas Hastings, William Hawksworth, Robert Heath, Henry Hemming, Thomas Hewitt, Bernard Hide, William Hobson, Robert Hodgson, Thomas Horwood, Richard Jackson, Robert Jason, George Jeffers, John Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Richard Jones, Robert Jones, Anthony Joy, Edward Keeling, Edmund Kennedy, Nathaniel Kew, John King, William Kingesly, Richard Knastborrowe, John Lancaster, Francis Langley, Richard Leake, Edward Lewis, Martin Linley, William Lock, Arthur Long, Henry Long, John Loveland, Emanuel Lucar, Richard Lusher, James Malthouse, Richard Mannering, Jarvis Maplesden, William Maynard, Michael Measey, John Mercer, James Metcalf, Edmund Methall, [blank] Middleton, Rory Moore, William Norbin, William Oldsworth, William Overman, Thomas Oxpring, Edward Paine, John Palmer, William Pantall, Edward Parker, Richard Pattenden, Jacob Pedlie, Thomas Pelham, Walton Perry, Cornwallis Pigeon, Richard Pomfred, Matthew Pott, John Powell, Samuel Powell, Francis Pritchard, John Quarles, Henry Rich, Richard Richmond, John Ross, Robert Rowles, William Rutland, Nicholas Sage, Hugh Samway, Sonswes Sanford, John Scott, Thomas Scott, Richard Searles, Thomas Seton, Gerrard Shearer, Thomas Sherwood, Robert Simonds, William Simonds, Henry Skipworth, William Smalessa, Benjamin Smith, Edmund Smith, George Smith, John Smith, Peter Smith, Richard Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, St John Starr, William Stich, John Stockman, Thomas Strutcher, Robert Taylor, William Taylor, John Thomas, John Tindall, Richard Towlson, John Treherne, Anthony Turner, John Turner, Thomas Underwood, Edward Walker, Francis Walker, Thomas Waller, Edward Wheatly, Thomas White, John Wicks, John Williams, John Woldridge, Wentworth Woodford, Elizeus Woodroff, Thomas Worlye, William Young.

Gilder:  Richard Bailey, William Hart, John Russell.

Girdler:  Herman Acres, George Beldam, Robert Burrough alias Bath, William Caverley, James Chambers, Edward Cooper, Edward Cox, John Edwards, Matthew Ensall, Robert Flemming, William Hart, William Hide, Robert Maymand, Robert Memory, John Mepham, Richard Swain.

Glass Maker:  Richard Bailey, John Bennet, Hector Cawkerye, George Christmas, Nicholas Closson, Hugh Rogers, James Stiff, William Weller.

Glass Man:  Thomas Izard, Peter Senthill, Vincent Sireno.

Glass Seller:  Thomas Izard, Peter Senthill, Edward Williams.

Glazier:  Edward Bond, John Combes, John Enman, John Fitch, Benjamin Foster, John Foster, Matthew Foster, John Franklin, Thomas Henne, Augustine Hobson, William Hobson, James Hollis, John Hollis, John Inman, Robert Leicester, John Palmer, Christopher Plaise, Thomas Purveour, Roger Snaring, Robert Tebb, Stephen Wall.

Glover:  Henry Adams, Francis Alder, William Anderson, George Ashe, Robert Ashe, George Austen, John Avery, Thomas Ayde, William Badger, Charles Bailey, Francis Bailey, John Bailey, Thomas Bailey, Thomas Bannister, Richard Barker, John Barnes, Alexander Barnett, Thomas Barton, Charles Baugh, Isaac Bays, Humphrey Beaumont, John Bedford, Richard Belt, John Bennet, Thomas Bird, Adam Blake, Edward Boardman, Richard Boardman, Thomas Boardman, Thomas Bond, Henry Booth, William Boreman, Edward Boring, Charles Bough, John Bowen, Edward Bowman, Ralph Brown, Robert Buckland, Ralph Buckle, Richard Bull, Richard Bunting, Robert Burge, John Burton, Edward Butcher, William Butler, John Cannon, John Carr, William Carr, Edward Chandler, Jonas Colbrand, Thomas Colbrand, Robert Cole, David Coles, Robert Colman, William Conybery, Israel Cook, John Cook, William Cook, Thomas Cooper, John Cope, Matthew Corbett, Thomas Cosens, Simon Craggs, William Crisp, Gabriel Cross, Ralph Cross, Henry Crosswell, John Crowder, William Danvers, Francis Darlinson, Charles Davis, Griffin Davis, Hugh Denton, John Dorrell, Christopher Durham, John Early, Henry East, Michael East, Richard East, Thomas Ellingham, Richard Ellis, William Ellis, Thomas Enderby, Humphrey Evans, John Evans, Richard Everilke, James Ewin, Thomas Fessenden, William Finbery, John Finch, William Fishburn, Jacob Ford, Thomas Foster, Francis Fox, William Fox, Thomas Franey, Simon Freezell, Arthur Furlong, Nicholas Furman, Richard Galey, Edward Gardener, Thomas Gardener, Francis Gibbons, John Glover, John Goble, Nicholas Goldsmith, John Gravener, John Green, Ralph Green, Thomas Green, Robert Grove, Thomas Hall, William Hamlet, Edward Handly, Thomas Hanson, John Harris, Thomas Harris, Abraham Harrison, Andrew Harrison, Francis Harrison, John Harrison, Richard Hart, John Harwood, Peter Hawks, William Henderson, James Hicks, John Hill, Cuthbert Hind, William Hinderson, John Holland, Richard Horne, William Hoskins, Anthony Howe, William Hull, George Humphreys, William Hutchinson, Hugh Huxlye, Thomas Ingeley, John Jackson, Henry Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Johnson, William Johnson, Isaac Jones, Richard Jones, William Jones, Isaac Joyce, Robert Kellock, George Lane, Richard Lee, John Lightfoot, John Lindsey, William Lord, Richard Love, William Love, Thomas Lugge, John Maggott, Samuel Marchant, William Marriner, John Medlicote, Thomas Menporte, William Merill, Nicholas Mitchell, John Moore, Thomas Moore, William Moore, John Moorfoot, John Mumford, Henry Nash, John Nash, Matthew Nash, Robert Nash, Thomas Newport, Charles Noble, Richard Ockland, Henry Okes, Robert Okes, Thomas Owen, Thomas Paine, William Painter, William Palmer, Richard Parker, William Parsons, Thomas Patman, Simon Peach, William Peirce, John Pelcher, Patrick Pentony, John Pierson, William Pierson, John Pinnock, Thomas Pinnock, George Pitcher, Robert Pitcher, Thomas Pitcher, Robert Powell, Francis Price, Humphrey Price, John Price, Richard Punting, Philip Purser, William Quimbery, Dive Ratsey, John Ratsey, Thomas Reddy, Paul Reynolds, William Richardson, Paul Rigby, William Sharp, William Shaw, Edward Sidway, Thomas Skerrett, Henry Smith, John Smith, Richard Smith, William Snead, John Starling, Thomas Starling, Thomas Stellard, Thomas Stoddard, James Tadcaslle, James Tadcastle, Thomas Talbot, John Taylor, Mark Taylor, Richard Taylor, James Teague, Thomas Teather, Stephen Tegg, Briant Tharpe, William Tharton, John Thomas, Nicholas Thorman, Thomas Thorne, Thomas Thorp, John Tibbison, William Titon, Richard Towne, William Tree, William Trevis, William Understow, Hugh Uxley, John Vaughan, Isaac Walgrave, William Walton, William Warner, Christopher Watts, Ambrose Webb, John Webb, Thomas Webb, James Welch, Nicholas Wells, John Whitfield, Nathaniel Williams, William Willis, Timothy Wilmet, Ralph Wilson, Emanuel Wright, Robert Wright, Robert Wright.

Gold Beater:  Thomas Newton, Thomas Petoes.

Gold Drawer:  William Burrows, Thomas Newton.

Goldsmith:  Josias Archer, Richard Bennet, Robert Bingham, Samuel Bridges, Thomas Combes, Francis Cownden, George Cownden, William Cownden, James Daybank, Jenkin Dixon, Vincent Dove, Thomas Francis, John Gloster, Thomas Goad, Rowland Hanson, George Idle, Michael Kirby, Francis Lake, John Layton, John Maddox, William Maddox, John Napton, Samuel Soare, Jacob Stevenson, Nicholas Thompson, William Ward, Edmund Wooden.

Gold Spinner:  Samuel Gore.

Gold Twister:  William Barrows, John Best, Peter Bullinger, Samuel Gore, Thomas Newton, Michael Vittorie, Thomas Willis.

Gold Weaver:  Richard Frim, John Webb.

Gold Wire Drawer:  William Barrows, John Best, Samuel Gore, Josias Lapee, Thomas Newton, John Watts, Thomas Williams.

Grave Maker:  Philip Poole, Oliver Simpson, John Vendredd.

Grazier:  Thomas Wickendell.

Grecian:  Andrew Paralogo.

Grinder:  Thomas Bailey.

Grocer:  Anthony Alfrey, John Allen, Paul Ayre, Joseph Booth, Andrew Brewer, Robert Bright, Edward Bromfield, Edmund Brown, John Brown, Francis Buckerig, Jeffrey Cheeseman, James Cluffe, Thomas Cocking, John Coldham, Benjamin Collier, Joseph Collier, Nathaniel Collier, Thomas Corker, Richard Deane, Thomas Dugdale, Joseph Eaton, Thomas Edwards, Nicholas Fardell, Ambrose Fidler, John Fillall, Alexander Fitness, John Fox, Michael Frisby, William Frisby, George Garrett, Edmund Godfrey, Victor Goodyear, Henry Grove, Nicholas Harr, William Harrison, Edward Harvill, Herbert Higgens, William Hobson, Thomas Hodges, Felix Hunt, George Hyer, John Jackson, Thomas Johnson, William Johnson, Nicholas King, John Langham, William Langham, John Lawrence, John Lee, Matthew Lloyd, Thomas Lullam, John Luntley, Thomas Manning, Edmund Mansfield, Robert Marshall, Robert Massey, Etheldred Morgan, James Mosley, Michael Nicholson, George Paine, Robert Pemell, Thomas Pemell, John Pigeon, John Pinson, John Pipe, Thomas Playne, Walter Poole, William Quiniber, Paul Rance, Edward Rice, John Richardson, William Russell, William Sexton, John Shepherd, William Shepherd, Francis Shewell, Anthony Smith, John Smith, Drew Stapley, Joseph Stapley, William Stonestreet, Anthony Strayles, Richard Tuddenham, George Turl, Edward Turney, George Turney, Robert Vase, Jonathan Vesey, Thomas Warnett, Jonathan Welch, Jonathan Welsh, Jasper Weston, [blank] Wheeler, Thomas Winton, Richard Yearwood.

Groom of the Stable:  Richard Barr.

Guard:  Overington Blunden.

Guardsman:  Francis Bydam.

Gun Founder:  Thomas Taylor.

Gun Maker:  Richard Bennet, William Osborn, Ralph Teague.

Gunner:  John [blank], Nicholas Blake, Roger Booth.

Gunsmith:  Thomas Taylor.

Gunstock Maker:  Thomas Taylor.

Haberdasher:  Thomas Addison, William Addison, Thomas Addyson, Thomas Allen, Flower Arrowsmith, Paul Ayre, Richard Barrows, Thomas Bastwell, Griffin Bayton, Richard Beacon, Richard Beeton, Richard Bell, Simon Blackstone, Richard Cawsey, John Colbrand, Robert Commendale, John Cooper, Richard Cossey, George Crittall, John Davis, Paul Ferman, Marmaduke Flinton, Roger Flood, William Frith, Jeremiah Galloway, Thomas Gardener, Thomas Garland, Richard Gibbons, Nicholas Granger, Henry Hall, William Hall, William Harrison, Richard Hely, William Hely, William Hill, Edmund Hinsley, William Holden, John Hunt, Richard Jewett, John Jones, Edward Lee, Henry Lee, John Lewis, Thomas Maling, Thomas Manning, William Merriman, Edward Michael, John Millborne, Richard Monk, John Norris, James Nott, John Paine, John Parson, John Parsons, William Pemell, Thomas Pepper, William Pitt, John Powell, Henry Remmington, John Sanders, William Sanders, Gabriel Sedgley, Walter Segar, Adam Smith, Robert Stansfield, Thomas Stevenson, William Streaper, James Sute, Robert Thompson, William Thompson, Walter Turner, Francis Vaines, Samuel Veale, William Wall, John Ward, John Waterer, Thomas Watts, Thomas Wicks, Henry Wilding, John Wilding, Richard Wilkinson, William Wilkinson, Brian Windsor, John Woodward, Edward Young.

Haberdasher of Hats:  Thomas Brown, Robert Commendale, Paul Ferman, Adam Smith.

Haberdasher of Small Wares:  William Hall, Benjamin Hide, Walter Tanner.

Hackney Man:  Henry Balfin, John Briant, William Cole, James Corde, Peter Dawson, William Farrow, Nicholas FeeJohn, William Glascock, William Needham, Robert Pierce.

Harper:  Henry Cicell.

Hat Band Maker:  William Ann, William Boreman, John Brooks, William Cooper, Thomas Glascock, John Haines, William Harris, William Harrison, Joseph Hawes, William Michael, John Millborne, Edward Mitchell, William Mitchell, Francis Moore, John Newsam, Thomas Page, Robert Pate, Isaac Peagle, Robert Sherlock, Richard Smith, Gabriel Stanley, John Townsend.

Hat Dresser:  Richard Bishop.

Hat Maker:  Thomas Ardly, William Berryman, Peter Bolton, Edward Bradford, Thomas Brumle, Richard Butler, Andrew Carowe, Philip Carter, Stephen Cokerell, Stephen Damport, William Davis, Rowland Fassekar, Henry Grace, Matthew Harrison, Richard Hawkshurst, Richard Joyce, Robert Joyce, John Lane, Humphrey Merrick, Richard Merrifield, John Minster, John Nichols, Michael Pebworth, Edmund Pett, Nathan Petty, John Pierce, Joseph Pierce, Edward Pocket, Drew Ratsey, William Rogers, Richard Roper, William Scarborough, Thomas Shakell, John Sweet, John Townsend, Roger Vickers, John Wallen, John Warner, John Warrant.

Hat Trimmer:  Robert Commendale, John Cooper, John Niblett, Thomas Prissill, Thomas Servington, John Teague.

Hay Binder:  Thomas Cook.

Hay Maker:  Thomas Cook.

Heel Maker:  Thomas Bassett, Thomas Rayner, Thomas Rayner.

Hemp Beater:  John Brazier, John Burleigh, John Cook, William Guilliams, Peter Hanskin, Thomas Harrison, Edward Knightly, George Knightly, Robert Lawrence, Robert Moore, John Muckle, Ralph Nichols, Henry Parsons.

Hemp Dresser:  John Bullard, John Cook, William Cook, Martin Damonis, Thomas Harris, George Knightly, John Mark, Thomas Massey, Thomas Mills, Robert Moore, Ralph Nichols, Zachary Popejoy, Ralph Price, Hugh Sellcock, William Tindall, Francis Whiting, James Wilcox.

Hemp Man:  William Moore, William Plumbridge.

Hemp Seller:  Robert Moore.

Hempster:  John Cook.

Horner:  William Engell.

Horse Courser:  Henry Balfin, Thomas Dance, Peter Dawson, Miles Fassett, John Meke.

Horse Keeper:  Richard Bell, Edward Herde, John Murphy.

Hosier:  Richard Allen, Caleb Blaxton, William Chambers, Christopher Gibson, John Howard, Robert Manfield, Edward Martin, William Norman, William Powell, Roger Quick, John Saint, William Shugburough, Benjamin Smith, Edward Turner, Jeffrey Woodward.

Hot Presser:  Richard Cripps/Crispe.

Huckster:  William Godwin, John Jolles, Ralph Wall.

Husbandman:  Henry Batfield, Richard Bell, William Broughton, Robert Bullock, Richard Case, Thomas Clark, Robert Cornwell, James Crocker, William Cumbers, Henry Damport, John Felse, Thomas Fullford, Thomas Godfrey, Thomas Goley, Cuthbert Gunter, Abraham Hill, William Jackson, Michael Lowe, John Matthews, James Morris, Abraham Mote, John Relfe, Hugh Robinson, John Rogers, William Sanders, George Satchwell, Francis Spencer, Thomas Towfield, Robert Turvin, John Vinston, John Waller, John Webb.

Ink Horn Maker:  Henry Caesar, William Crosswell.

Ink Seller:  William Smith.

Innholder:  John [blank], George Baldwin, Henry Blunden, Oliver Booker, Richard Boover, John Bridecake, William Chapell, Richard Dawson, William Garfoot, Richard Gartwright, Thomas Gilson, Daniel Jarman, Henry Kentish, Henry Mould, Nicholas Newton, Thomas Norton, John Purle, Richard Salter, Henry Warwick, William Wilkinson.

Innkeeper:  George Blunden, Henry Blunden, John Brook, William Chafey, William Chapell, William Garfoot, John Gilding, John Goffe, John Gregory, Robert Harwood, Hugh Hassall, William Jewell, Henry Kentish, Peter Mitchell, Nicholas Newton, Humphrey Norton, Thomas Norton, John Purle, Richard Salter, John Shoebridge, Thomas Singleton, Thomas Wilkinson, John Wright.

Instrument Maker:  Jacob Rayman.

Ironmonger:  John Beck, Thomas Berry, Jonathan Buck, Thomas Butler, John Cole, John Grice, James Gunter, John Humphreys, Thomas Manning, Edward Reeves, William Sledd, Daniel Sleigh, Julius Wenden alias Wildye, Julius Wildey, George Wilmer.

Jack Maker:  Robert Cuttler, Griffin Davis, William Huntley, Edward Price, Andrew Rose.

Jacksmith:  John Carter, Robert Cutler.

Jailer of the Counter:  Michael Austen, John Welsted.

Jeweller:  Paul Bowler.

Joiner:  John Aldridge, William Bedward, Ralph Bickerstaff, Giles Bonham, Martin Bowman, Robert Brankston, Nicholas Chapman, John Charsley, John Chevall, Edward Collington, Edward Cottington, William Denn, John Dike, Thomas Ellis, Henry Felden, Silvester Finney, Philip Gelding, Philip Gilding, Phillip Gilding, Joseph Guest, Godfrey Hayes, Robert Hill, Robert Hills, George Hopkins, William Hunt, Daniel Johnson, John Jordan, Leonard Kelley, George Kenning, Henry Knight, John Lane, Richard Lane, William Leethat alias Lightfoot, George Limepit, Edward March, Christopher Merrick, Thomas Micklefield, Edward Miller, John Needy, Thomas Newbold, Daniel Nutting, William Penn, Nicholas Petty, Henry Picroft, Robert Pierce, David Prosser, Richard Richardson, Robert Richardson, Ralph Richardstaff, John Robinson, Abraham Rowden, Henry Russell, John Rye, Henry Savage, John Scales, Christopher Skelton, Henry Smith, John Sponge, Robert Street, Humphrey Tedder, George Turner, William Turner, James Vernham, Joshua Ward, George Warner, William Waye, Richard Webb, John Wilson, Paul Young.

Justice of the Peace:  John Evelin.

Keeper of the Bowling Alley:  Thomas German.

Keeper of the Clink:  Jeremy Beerman, Robert Davison.

Keeper of the Counter:  Michael Austen, John Creswell, John Hake, Richard Seawell, John Welsted.

Keeper of the White Lion:  William Beane.

the King's Bottle Keeper:  Davis Steward.

the King's Purveyor of Coals:  Thomas Stone.

the King's servant:  Nicholas Farne, David Steward, John Wanham.

the King's Shipwright:  Richard Watford.

the King's Trumpeter:  Thomas Underhill.

the King's Waterman:  David Davison, Robert Jones, John Vincent.

Knight:  Richard Buckly, Guildford Slingsby, William Windsor.

Knight Marshal's Man:  [blank] Adams, John Attelon, Alexander Foxly, Nicholas Johnson, William Richardson, William Shiplye, Drew Stone.

Laborer:  John Adcock, Richard Allison, Thomas Andrews, William Archer, Henry Atkins, Christopher Badger, Gregory Ball, Thomas Barlow, John Baxter, Henry Beadle, Richard Beldam, Richard Bell, John Bent, Thomas Blacksome, Ralph Bowen, Robert Brasington, Francis Brett, William Briant, John Brown, William Brown, John Buckland, Thomas Budgen, Henry Burchley, John Burnham, Alexander Burton, William Bush, Isaac Butler, Arthur Bywater, John Campion, George Capell, Ralph Carrier, Anthony Chake, Richard Chalk, George Clark, Richard Clark, Thomas Clark, William Clark, William Coker, Ralph Collier, Richard Collins, Thomas Cook, Hugh Cope, Ralph Cowland, Hugh Cummin, Richard Curr, Ralph Dalton, John Davis, Ralph Davis, George Deane, John Derunt, Robert Dickenson, Henry Duck, John Ducket, Robert Duckworth, Matthew Eaton, John Edmunds, William Elson, Joseph Eton, Matthew Eton, David Evans, John Farmer, William Fenell, Marmaduke Flinton, Thomas Foster, Thomas Foule, John Garrett, John Goffe, Richard Goffe, Richard Green, John Grimes, Gilbert Hall, John Hall, Thomas Hall, Nicholas Hamlin, Thomas Hanes, Allen Harbord, Virgillo Havell, Virgina Havell, Thomas Hawks, Matthew Hickman, Simon Hickman, Lewis Higgens, Abraham Hills, John Hodgkins, Samuel Holford, Walter Holland, William Holmes, William Honor, Francis Horner, William Hulbert, John Humman, Richard Hunt, Richard Idley, William Jackson, Edward Johnson, James Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Nathaniel Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nathaniel Jones, William Joyce, Henry Jure, Robert Kelley, William King, Robert Lambert, Thomas Lanaway, George Lawrence, John Lee, Robert Margis, Thomas Markham, John Matthews, John Middleton, John Milles, Edward Mitchell, John Morris, Richard Morris, Abraham Mote, John Moulsey, Peter Nash, William Nelson, William Nicholls, William Nichols, Henry Ochus, Edward Olden, William Osburne, Lawrence Ovar, Henry Packwood, James Passenger, Humphrey Paul, William Pengill, Thomas Perrill, Thomas Pilgrim, John Plastow, Robert Platt, William Plumridge, Robert Poole, Bartholomew Pratt, Bartlett Pratt, Owen Pritchard, Robert Quick, Richard Record, John Relfe, Thomas Rhodes, Richard Rider, John Roper, William Russell, Thomas Sanders, George Satchwell, Francis Scottsford, John Seacold, Henry Sedwell, Francis See, Judian Selby, William Seremonpene, John Sharp, William Sharp, William Shelton, Thomas Sherwin, George Short, William Short, Humphrey Small, James Smith, John Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, William Southen, Richard Stanley, John Stansfield, Roger Straw, Anthony Susan, Robert Tanton, John Taylor, Richard Taylor, Richard Tedder, William Tedder, Richard Thomas, Thomas Thompson, Francis Tillman, Giles Timmes, John Turner, John Turvy, Robert Vale, Henry Vero, William Walker, John Ward, Roger Ward, Thomas Ward, Richard Wardner, William Warren, Thomas Watford, Thomas Webb, John Wells, William Wells, Charles Westerby, William White, Richard Widdall, John Wilkinson, Samuel Willingham, Edward Wilson, Francis Wilson, James Wilson, Richard Wilson, Aaron Wincell, Ralph Winn, Richard Woodward, Thomas Wright, Thomas Yates, Henry Young.

Laborer at Colonel Hardwick's:  John Durkin.

Laborer at the Pot House:  Thomas Barber, John Phipps.

Laboring Man:  William Fennett, Richard Taylor.

Lace Work Weaver:  John Featherston.

Lantern Seller:  William Davis.

Last Maker:  Thomas Fassett.

Lawyer:  John Aston, Edward Bennet [Gray's Inn], Christopher Bourne, Thomas Cartwright, Roger Cole [Gray's Inn?], Humphrey Emmerson, Robert Jackson [Inner Temple], Thomas Lock [Gray's Inn], George Passingdale, Richard Rippen, Nicholas Thurlstone, John Watker, William Yates [Lincoln's Inn?].

Lawyer's Clerk:  Henry Aby, Samuel Acton, Henry Burchley, John Chambers, Samuel Innocent, Roger Jackson, Wiborne Johnson, William Kilvern, William Parsons, John Robinson, Jeremy Vason.

Leather Dresser:  John Acton, William Allen, Nicholas Andrews, Nicholas Armstrong, John Ascott, Thomas Ashton, John Askew, William Atkins, William Atkinson, Ezechiel Avery, John Banks, Robert Banks, John Barr, William Barratt, John Bennet, Richard Bixon, John Bornham, Robert Boyce, Richard Bridges, John Burnand, John Burnell, John Burnham, Richard Butlin, Francis Carter, William Cheston, John Chitty, Thomas Codman, Richard Collier, John Cook, William Cook, John Cooper, Roger Cooper, Peter Copeland, Robert Cosby, John Dallison, Thomas Dawkins, Thomas Deacon, James Dixon, Reynold Ducker, Thomas Dyson, John Dyton, Francis Eastwood, William Eastwood, James Eaton, Thomas Edmunds, John Embry, George Emery, John Emery, John Escott, James Eton, John Evans, Christopher Fall, Thomas Fampy, Peter Finlayson, John Flemming, Thomas Flemming, William Ford, Peter Forman, Creene Foundren, John Gallant, Thomas Gettins, Giles Green, John Gregory, Richard Gummy, Giles Halliard, William Hamlet, William Hancock, William Harbert, James Hart, Peter Hayes, Peter Helme, John Hewitt, Peter Holme, William Hubberstey, John Hull, John Humphreys, Henry Inche, Richard Inche, Henry Johnson, William Johnson, John Jones, Thomas Jones, William Jones, John Kenion, Richard Kenn, Thomas Kenn, John Kenyon, George Kirk, Otwell Kirk, Joseph Lockwood, Robert Maio, Nicholas Mather, Joseph Meredith, Anthony Morgan, John Morgan, Robert Moss, Matthew Muffett, Charles Newton, John Norman, Timothy Oatley, William Osborn, William Parsons, Thomas Phillips, Richard Phipps, John Pinchard, John Potter, Richard Price, David Reynolds, Richard Rippen, Gilbert Rogers, Robert Rush, Roger Rush, John Sampy, Thomas Sampy, William Sanders, Richard Sawmee, John Scragg, William Sergeant, Edward Sherwin, Edward Sherwood, William Shipton, Anthony Simkins, Edward Simonds, John Simonds, Francis Simpson, Richard Slinell, Henry Smith, Richard Smith, William South, Ambrose Stakes, John Stock, William Tabot, Walter Tanner, Edward Thomas, Oliver Thompson, Robert Thompson, Thomas Todman, Oliver Tonson, William Towdupp, Oliver Townsend, Robert Turvill, Robert Voice, Nicholas Wadsworth, Thomas Wadsworth, Thomas Wansele, George Ware, Thomas Ware, William Warner, Thomas Watford, Robert Whitakers, James Whitehead, James Whitfield, George Wilkinson, Thomas Wilkinson, David Williams, Henry Williams, Henry Willins, Samuel Wright, Thomas Young.

Leather Parer:  William Hamlet, William Parsons.

Leather Seller:  William Atkinson, Ezechiel Avery, William Eastwood, Richard Ross, William Warren, Richard Weaver.

Lecturer:  Nicholas Morton, Thomas Sutton.

Lieutenant:  James Brown.

Lighterman:  William Aborne, Hugh Baskerville, Robert Bellamy, Owen Brown, Rowland Camm, Henry Carter, Thomas Carter, William Davis, William Edwards, George Fellow, Anthony Gibson, John Gillett, Thomas Gillett, Ralph Ginney, Francis Griffin, Nicholas Jennings, Luke Leeke, Thomas Manning, John Meeson, John Milles, John Norrey, Ralph Penny, Michael Pitt, William Plant, Ralph Quelch, Roger Rippen, John Rogers, Philip Rossiter, John Sharp, Thomas Taft, Swithin White, Richard Wright.

Lime Burner:  John Hart.

Linen Draper:  John Atkinson, Peter Barker, Thomas Beadle, James Boyle, Robert Burbage, Nicholas Cawsten, Francis Cumber, John Dawborne, Richard Egleston, George Ewer, Abraham Gerrard, Thomas Haslewood, Christopher Hawks, Godfrey Hayes, James Hayles, John Heaver, Edward Hollingworth, Michael Marshall, Richard Monkas, Thomas Needle, Daniel Newman, John Paine, Walter Patience, Anthony Preston, William Ridley, William Strophen, William Sturle, Joseph Syneiwes, John Towell, John Waterman, John Winkfield.

Linen Weaver:  William Burnham, Richard Deareman, Luke Drake, Henry Geary, John Johnson, William Jones, William Mallowes, Richard Newton, John Sparkfield, James Stedman, John Turret.

Locksmith:  John Bancroft, Bartholomew Booker, William Chandler, Josias Clark, George Fields, John Hall, Thomas Higgens, Nicholas Wilmott, Richard Wilmott.

Lodger:  Thomas Brooks.

Lodger in the Close:  Moptes Violett.

Looking Glass Maker:  Peter Andrews, John Caverley, Nicholas Close, John Cower, Matthew Eaton, John Foster, Walter Holder, John Pritchard, John Stiff, Ralph Wright.

Loom Work Weaver:  Anthony Brian, Robert Dawes, Oliver Dorrington, John Featherston, Thomas Spencer.

Maidservant:  [blank] Lucas.

Maker-Up of Tobacco:  Richard Brewerton.

Mariner:  Thomas Ashley, John Berry, John Browning, Thomas Clark, John Dyson, James Emmerton, Walter Felton, Charles Ferris, Peter Gates, John Gimlet, Richard Goodall, Richard Haselby, Francis Hills, John Hodges, John Hunt, Samuel Jenkins, Richard Milton, Henry Montclair, George Roydon, Richard Shone, John Sutton, Joseph Sweet, William Vaughan, George Waters, Joseph Wathwett, Nicholas Wiles, Thomas Wilkinson.

Marshal's Man:  Robert Adams, William Rossiter.

Mask Maker:  Thomas Asgill, William Candy.

Mason:  Richard Ambler, Nathan Field, Thomas Green, Henry Ireland, Humphrey Land, Charles Longhurst, William Owl, John Pinket, George Pooley, Thomas Pursley, Richard Sampson, James Turner, Charles Wasterby.

Master Gunner of a Ship:  James Holden.

Master of the Bear Garden:  Thomas Godfrey, John Nurse.

Master of the Bears:  John Nurse, Richard Reeves.

Master of the Clink:  Robert Davison.

Master of the King's Pike Garden:  Robert/Roger French.

Master of the Queen's Barge:  Christopher Hutchinson, Ralph Jordan.

Mat Maker:  Garrett Cordwell, Edward Curtis.

Meal Man:  Robert Ashley, John Bennet, William Cates, Reynold Davis, Richard Demeris, Thomas Farrand, William Frith, John Goodwin, William Haythall, Thomas Holloway, John Marshall, John Newberry, Simon Newberry, Richard Norris, John Pake, Edward Pelham, Francis Roff, Francis Rowse, Richard White, Samuel Wilkins, Richard Wooden, William Yates.

Mercer:  Francis Cumber, Edward Darby, John Draper, Benjamin Monger, Jonathan Newcomin, Charles Turner, William Woodward.

Merchant:  William Allen, Edward Barker, William Bird, Andrew Bland, John Chilcott, Jeremy Crewe, William Dawson, James Devize, John Easton, Thomas Effesed, John Franklin, Thomas Gray, George Green, Thomas Hawks, Robert Heather, Christopher Hevar, William Hobson, John Hurt, John Hussey, Richard Jones, Elias Mandavill, Abraham Martin, William Penrig, John Power, Anthony Skinner, Ralph Starkey, Thomas Stevens, Thomas Taylor, Samuel Turner, Samuel Vandan, Anthony Vansanter, Francis Webb, Lawrence Wilson, Edmund Wood, Edward Wood, William Wood, William Wooton.

Merchantman:  Henry Jordan.

Merchant's Factor:  Richard Nagin.

Merchant Tailor:  Richard Bancroft, Gaius Barratt, James Bentley, John Bowers, William Catarell, Thomas Coe, John Crowder, Edward Davenham, Daniel Gogee, Thomas Jones, John Law, Zachary Loader, Humphrey Lowe, William Paine, John Painton, Edward Poole, George Wamslye.

Metal Man:  William Bailey, William Hodges.

Milk Man:  Richard Dyaper.

Miller:  Thomas Blake, William Brown, John Burcham, John Cole, William Craine, William Craven, Joseph Curle, John Fart, William Gates, Richard Hayward, Thomas Hedgefield, Robert Hills, Gregory Humble, Thomas Hunne, Thomas Jacob, John Jones, William Keates, John Kent, Thomas Mason, John Matthews, William Messenger, Edward Meyers, George Miller, Oliver Norfolk, John Paine, Humphrey Paul, John Walters, Richard White, Nicholas Willitt.

Milliner:  Owen A Bowen, Edward Young.

Millwright:  Roger Angell, John Emstrill.

Minister:  James Archer, Thomas Audley, William Butterton, Joseph Caldwell, Lloyd Caldwell, William Corbett, John ?Cradcott, Edward Elliott, Thomas Foster, William Gibson, John Goldsmith, Robert Hunt, Thomas Neesam, Jerome Shepherd, Thomas Sterry, William Trimnell, George Walle, Stephen Watkins, William Wood, Robert Wyllmote/Willmote.

Minstrel:  William Dayle, John Newton, Francis Norris, John Parsons, Richard Parsons, John Peter.

Mohair Weaver:  Henry Alston.

Mop Seller:  Garrett Cordwell.

Mould Maker:  James Hough, Thomas Stone.

Mouse Trap Seller:  John Smith.

Musician:  John Apperley, Nicholas Apperley, Francis Burrows, Gabriel Cooper, Thomas Dowton, Gouldwais Evans, John Hayle, William Hutchins [musicioner], William Hutchinson [musicioner], Thomas Hayward, Thomas Marbeck, Richard Marks, Thomas Marks, William Monk, Francis Morris, Howell Mumford, Francis Norris, John Palmer, Jacob Rayman [musicioner], John Raymond, William Sinckler, John Sneller, John Spencer, John Sutton, Christopher Thompson, Thomas Towerton [musicioner], Richard Twist [musicioner], Thomas Underhill, Nathaniel Wetherley, Walter Wicherley, Nathaniel Witcherley, Christopher Witherly [musicioner].

Nailer:  Roger Coley, John Cooper, John Cox, Raphaell Green, William Heath, Henry Johnson, Edward Mason, Bartholomew Thornton, [blank] Winch, George Winch.

Nail Maker:  John Goble, George Gregory, Thomas Leule, Thomas Newton, John Smith, George Winch.

Needle Maker:  Stephen Barling, Peter Bellamy, Richard Black, John Bromrige, John Bullingdon, John Chadman, Benjamin Cruse, Jeremy Cruse, Richard Dews, Anthony Gatfield, Edmund Good, John Grimes, John Grimsditch, John Leeson, John Lullington, Edward Lunn, Edward Martinson, Jacob Stevens, Daniel Taylor, Richard Woodward.

Oar Maker:  John Benton, Matthew Constable, Thomas Curtis, William Gibson, Henry Harrison, Henry Miles, John Otwell, John Penton, Alexander Platt, Thomas Rippen, John Stabank, John Stebrooke, John Stevering, John Taylor, Thomas Thompson.

Oatmeal Maker:  Thomas Clark, Paracelsus Ellery.

Oatmeal Man:  William Callow, Edward Cooper, Paracelsus Ellery, William Elson, William Gelly, Cornelius Gray, Peter Hawks, Humphrey Paul, Thomas Staines, Richard White.

Of the King's Pike Yard:  Roger French.

Office of the Custom House:  Humphrey Rowley.

Officer:  Richard Hammond.

Officer in the King's Bench:  John Casbye.

Officer in the Powder House:  Simon Drawater.

Officer of the Custom House:  Thomas Taylor.

Officer to the Bailiff:  Stephen Damport.

Officer to the Court:  Thomas Cole.

Oil Maker:  Thomas Baker.

Oil Man:  William Engelbert, Jonathan Welch.

Of the King's Cellar:  David Armorer.

Of the King's Guard:  Francis Beedam.

Of the King's Scullery:  William Morgan.

Organ Maker:  Richard Watson.

Ostler:  Peter Appleyard, James Baldwin, Robert Baldwin, Henry Balfin, Robert Balfin, Henry Ball, George Bilton, Thomas Bond, Ralph Boswell, Robert Bothell, Richard Branslet, Christopher Brown, Thomas Brown, Nicholas Burleigh, Francis Butterfield, Thomas Chilton, William Cole, Austin Crete, Richard Crisell, James Cropper, John Cropper, John Curran, John Curtis, William Davis, Peter Dawson, Richard Dense, Giles Dugdale, John Elmer, William Emmott, Thomas Evans, Thomas Evesed, Robert Frith, Miles Gascoigne, Thomas Gilson, John Gunter, Thomas Haines, Thomas Ham, Robert Hart, Robert Hollis, James Hope, Francis Hubbey, James Hugden, John Jackson, John Job, Edward Johnson, Henry Jure, Richard Kinner, John Lee, Oliver Lee, William Lewis, William Millington, Richard Nuth, David Powell, Richard Powys, William Russell, John Salisbury, Thomas Salisbury, William Sly, Henry Snelling, Thomas Stanford, Thomas Stanger, Francis Stondle, Matthew Stonley, John Stoul, Stephen Tally, John Thompson, James Toppin, Thomas Vaughan, Robert Walker, Thomas Watkins, Thomas Watson, Edward Waynman, James Wheatly, Hugh Whitingslow, Thomas Whitingslow.

Pack Thread Maker:  Robert Bolton.

Painter:  John Almond, George Ashe, John Barker, John Barklett, John Bartell, John Baxter, Andrew Bennet, Rowland Burkett, Arthur Chapman, John Corden, John Cordwell, Thomas Ducktail, Thomas England, John Johnson, Anthony Knight, Daniel Knight, George Lawrence, John Lawrence, John Laycock, Ingram Parris, John Reles, Thomas Schrowe, George Soare, Thomas Stanton.

Painter of Glass:  Joseph Helper.

Pasteboard Maker:  William Lucas.

Pedlar:  Edward Abbot, Henry Abbot, John Aman, John Andrews, Daniel Carter, William Clark, Thomas Gaskin, Thomas Hammond, Thomas Izard, William Melgwin, John Milles, William Moore, John Rawlins, William Smith, Simon Watson.

Perfumer:  John Lyssett, Bennett Marner, Henry Smith.

Pursuivant:  William Davis [pursuveant], Bennett Marner [persuvier].

Pewterer:  Thomas Brocket, Richard Byne, Henry Dubber, Richard Finckley, John Foster, Richard Hinds, William Hodges, Michael Last, Robert Leaning, Humphrey Lecrafte, John Mumford, John Nelme, Alexander Ogle, Matthew Pelleter, Walter Ricrofte, James Russell, William Smith, James Sparks, James Stevenson, John Taylor, Robert Taylor, Richard West, Thomas Wicherley.

Physician:  William Covert, [blank] Metcalf, William Paskall, Simon Read.

Piccadilly Maker:  William Harrismith.

Pie Cook:  William Watts.

Pike Maker:  Edward Bachelor.

Pike Man:  William Inman.

Pin Maker:  Anthony Andrews, James Banton, Richard Betts, John Bingham, Jeffrey Bond, Christopher Colley, Stephen Colman, Richard Dale, Peter Darland, Thomas Edwards, John Foster, Richard Frost, Richard Goddin, John Haire, Thomas Haugley, William Hayward, James Higgens, Thomas Holliday, William Howard, Edward Hubbard, Philip Jones, Thomas Langley, Edward Lunn, Robert Maine, Thomas Makeley, Robert Mayne, Thomas Mettle, John Mosell, John Mousell, Isaac Paine, Nicholas Paine, William Read, Edmund Robinson, John Seale, Thomas Seely, John Sherwood, William Stubbins, Peter Sutton, Benjamin Taunt, Daniel Taylor, Robert Terry, Richard Tye, John Wharton, Robert Wood.

Pinner:  John Andrews, John Askew, William Askew, Richard Baske, Richard Baugh, Thomas Bead, James Benton, John Bingham, John Bladen, Jeffrey Bond, Richard Bough, Christopher Brown, Thomas Clark, John Colbrand, Christopher Colley, Jeremy Cruse, Peter Dutton, Nicholas Ferrian, John Foster, Richard Hide, William Hide, John Kemp, Alexander Loftus, Andrew Maule, John Moreson, James Panton, Thomas Pierce, William Randall, Robert Richardson, Edmund Robinson, John Sherwood, Robert Sherwood, Peter Sutton, Benjamin Tant, Robert Terry, James Tickner, Richard Twigg.

Pipe Maker:  James Barradine, Lawrence Calloway, John Matthews, Humphrey Sparrow.

Planter:  Thomas Morgan.

Plasterer:  Nicholas Adams, Nichols Adams, Thomas Baddicock, Nicholas Bumpas, William Burt, Roman Cooper, Roman Cox, Roger Cutting, Henry Dorry, Thomas Garrett, Thomas Gougin, William Grimes, John Hall, Thomas Hunt, Thomas Johnson, Charles Lee, Nicholas shall, Peter Meacup, Peter Mecupp, Henry Packer, Henry Packwood, Austin Parker, Richard Phipps, John Read, Walter Slater, John Stanfield, Edward Stevenson, Francis Stevenson, Robert Ware, Bartholomew Waters, John Webb, Robert Webb, John Wilkinson.

Player:  (see also Actor and Stage Player):  Richard Allen, Onye Bartle, George Birch, William Borne, Edward Brown ['tapster' deleted], Robert Brown, Alexander Cook, John Day, Thomas Doughton, Thomas Dowton, Bartholomew Drewe, Edward Dutton, John Edmunds, Robert Goffe, Thomas Hayward, John Hill, Humphrey Jeffes, Edward Juby, Richard Juby, William Kendall, John Lowen, Robert Pallant, William Patrick, Augustine Phillips ['histrionis', 'player of interludes'], Robert Shaw, John Singer, John Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Henry Tottnell, William Trigg, George Vernon.

Plumber:  Roger Atley, Henry Cawdery, Richard Chamberlain, John Foster, Thomas Halsey, John Heather, Richard Middleton, Thomas Middleton, Thomas Pursett, Edward Shepherd, Matthew Watson.

Pointer:  Robert Farrow.

Point Maker:  John Benger, John Chettam, John Corey, Richard Cosens, Daniel Ellis, John Fassett, Nicholas Hamlin, William Harris, Daniel Holloway, Simon Morton, Henry Newby, Arthur Partridge, William Smith, Edmund Wilson, Edward Wilson, Thomas Wood, William Yeomans.

Porter:  Henry Acton, William Addison, John Agar, John Alkin, James Allen, John Allen, Thomas Allen, Charles Amias, Jeffrey Anderson, John Anderson, Jeffrey Andrews, John Arde, George Ashton, Henry Ashton, John Bailey, Richard Bailey, Roger Bailey, Edward Baker, Robert Barber, Michael Barnard, Francis Barratt, Randall Bateman, Nicholas Baynton, Roger Bazill, Thomas Belcher, Francis Belgrave, Thomas Belgrave, Andrew Bell, Thomas Benn, Richard Beswick, Thomas Betts, James Biddlecomb, John Billament, Thomas Bird, Robert Blackburn, Thomas Blake, Giles Bolderon, Edward Bolton, Ralph Boswell, Richard Bowring, Richard Bowyer, Simon Bowyer, Robert Brown, Nicholas Burleigh, Richard Burton, William Buskin, John Butler, Richard Butler, William Butler, Arthur Bywater, Lawrence Calloway, Francis Carter, Randall Case, William Chadell, Benjamin Chapman, George Chappell, William Cheston, William Chetly, Walter Clark, James Clough, Jonathan Coddington, William Coker, Edward Colley, Francis Colley, William Conington, Edward Cook, Simon Cook, Thomas Cook, Thomas Cooper, Hugh Cope, George Cornwell, Thomas Cosell, Edward Craven, James Craven, Richard Craven, James Cropper, Christopher Crunker, Ralph Currier, James Dalis, Thomas Davinson, John Davis, Thomas Dawson, Thomas Day, Michael Denny, John Dickenson, Thomas Dickenson, James Dives, Alexander Dobbin, Thomas Dobleton, Alexander Dubbing, Walter Earings, Thomas Earle, Thomas Early, Stephen Edgitt, William Edwards, John Elkins, Walter Errington, John Evans, Richard Evans, Richard Everall, John Everett, John Exoll, John Facey, Robert Farr, John Fezy, Henry Fielding, John Fisher, Marmaduke Flinton, William Flood, Robert Fram, William Freeman, Lewis Fulke, William Furlonger, Nicholas Gamble, William Garrett, John Gates, William Gibbs, Ezechiel Gibson, Richard Gilman, Edward Golding, Victor Goodyear, John Gosby, Thomas Gravel, Thomas Gravell, Richard Green, John Greenaway, Thomas Haines, Richard Hall, Walter Hancock, John Hankins, Robert Harding, Michael Harrington, Walter Harris, Dennis Harrison, William Harrison, Henry Hart, Robert Harvy, Virgillo Havell, Henry Hawes, Thomas Hawks, William Hawthorn, Roger Hazell, Matthew Hickman, Richard Hide, Herbert Higgens, John Hill, Oliver Hill, Andrew Hinker, William Hoe, Jeremy Howell, Rice Hughes, William Hunt, Andrew Hunter, William Hyam, Thomas Izard, Francis Jackson, Edward Jenkins, Martin Jenkinson, Michael Jordan, John Kaiser, John Kendall, Thomas Kennett, John Keys, John Keysar, Thomas Knevett, William Knevett, Thomas Ladmore, Christopher Laramore, Robert Larding, George Lawrence, John Lawrence, Robert Leaves, Thomas Lee, William Lee, Edward Leicester, Edward Lithe, Stephen Lucas, John Lytrop, Roger Maggott, Joseph Markham, Thomas Martin, Joseph Meacomb, Francis Mills, Nathaniel Mills, Edward Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Richard Monk, Thomas Morris, John Morton, Darby Murfield, John Murphy, Philip Neale, Nicholas Needham, Samuel Norman, Gregory North, Robert North, Richard Nuth, John Nutshaw, Alexander Ogle, John Old, Anthony Pack, John Pardoe, Edmund Parker, George Parker, Thomas Parry, Elias Payfoot, Robert Phelps, Hugh Pigeon, Richard Pinchback, Christopher Pinkney, Edward Platt, Ralph Platt, William Plumridge, Edmund Potter, Edward Powell, Thomas Price, Owen Pritchard, Miles Raw, Richard Rayner, Francis Read, John Read, Cuthbert Reden, Christopher Reeves, William Rhodes, Owen Richardson, Avery Richbell, Thomas Richmond, Richard Rider, Edward Roberts, John Robinson, John Rogers, Edward Roper, Richard Rose, Richard Rosse (?), Edward Rossiter, Philip Rossiter, John Rowland, Thomas Rudd, Thomas Rushwell, Alexander Russell, Solomon Sampson, William Scarborough, William Scarer, Thomas Simms, Thomas Sinns, William Skeene, Barnaby Skipworth, Matthew Slack, Edward Smith, James Smith, William Smith, John Solomon, Henry Spackwood, Thomas Speed, William Spencer, Thomas Spurnell, Richard Squire, Edward Stafford, Aaron Stanson, William Stapleton, William Steed, James Stevenson, John Stevenson, Christopher Swallow, Richard Tarr, Hassall Tawyer, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Aaron Thompson, Oliver Thompson, Robert Thornes, Jeremy Thornton, Jerome Thornton, Richard Thornton, Francis Tillings, William Tilly, George Tomlins, George Tomlinson, Christopher Torye, Creature Torye, John Townsend, George Turner, Rowland Wade, Richard Waggott, Roger Waggott, Robert Walker, Thomas Walpole, John Walton, Robert Warner, John Warton, Nicholas Waterton, Thomas Watson, Thomas Wellins, Roger West, John Wicks, Roger Wigeant, Richard Wilkinson, George Wills, Edward Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Ralph Winn, Thomas Witts, Thomas Wollins, Thomas Wood, Thomas Wooding, Richard Woodman, Thomas Yardley, Edward Young, John Young, Thomas Young.

Pot Maker:  John Bartell, John Baxter, William Bellamy, John Beswick, Thomas Brewer, Jacob Prynn, Thomas Raby, George Reynolds, Thomas Smith, Robert Tenant.

Pot Seller:  William Cooper, Peter Martin.

Potter:  Henry Acton, Richard Asfield, Edward Ball, Thomas Barbar, John Baxter, John Beech, Francis Belgrave, William Bellamy, Thomas Best, John Beswick, Richard Beswick, John Bezek, James Brewer, George Bunter, Arthur Bywater, Jonathan Collington, William Constable, Robert Cooper, William Cooper, Henry Crafts, Hugh Cressey, Nicholas Dawkins, Thomas Dawson, Thomas Early, William Ellis, John Evans, Nathaniel Fills, Thomas Gilson, Thomas Godfrey, George Goodgam, William Goodgam, Abraham Grant, John Grant, Thomas Harper, John Heath, Anthony Henson, William Holt, Thomas Izard, Edward Jenkins, Edward Jordan, John Laythrop, Richard May, William Midnore, Francis Mills, Edward Moore, Thomas Neighbour, Richard Nunchin, Henry Parker, Richard Plaise, Richard Plaite, Thomas Raby, Francis Scott, Peter Senthill, Thomas Shoring, Francis Stilly, John Townsend, John Walker, Thomas Walker, William Walker, Thomas Waste, Thomas Wayte, John Wilkinson, Edward Wilson, Ambrose Wormsted.

Potter's Servant:  Francis Belgrave.

Poulterer:  Palladius Absee, William Box, Thomas Catmore, William Edmunds, Thomas Gilson, Robert Humphreys, Thomas Kellson, John Miller, John Milles, Thomas Moses, John Robinson, Francis Wilford.

Preacher:  Thomas Dunscomb, Edward Phillips ['our preacher'], William Simonds, Mr Edmund Snapes, Edmund Snapes, William White.

the Prince's Barge Master:  John Kellock.

the Prince's Servant:  John Brook, John Kellock.

the Prince's Wardrobe Keeper:  Thomas Okely.

the Prince's Waterman:  Rice Price.

Printer:  Roger Deton, Samuel Gosling, Simon Gosling, John Moore, Edward Smith, Nicholas Summers.

Prisoner:  Corbett Braye, John Downes.

Proctor:  John Lovell, Robert Rawlins, Nicholas Shepherd.

Proctor of the Arches:  Roger Cole.

Purse Maker:  John Attelon, Thomas Hunter, Edward Matthews.

the Queen's Servant:  Robert Jones.

Red Ochre Maker:  John Barratt, William Clent.

Registrar:  Roger Cole ['the Registrer'].

Rope Maker:  Robert Bolton, Abraham Burnham, John Chapman, David Evans, John Fayle, Edward Finch, Richard Fisher, Valentine Ford, Richard Foster, John Humphreys, Edward Leche, John Lullington, John Parris, Henry Parsons, Robert Poulton, John Robinson, Robert Tanton, Thomas Watmore, William Williams.

Roper:  Robert Isaac.

Ruff Weaver:  John Shanks.

Rug Maker:  James Worthy.

Sadler:  Henry Ayley, Thomas Barnard, Christopher Collins, Henry Cross, Thomas Cure, James Duffield, Edward Enos, Edward Foster, Richard Gardener, Adam Gibbs, Edmund Hancock, John Harris, Richard Harris, Richard Harrison, George Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Francis Hawksworth, John Hind, John Horne, George Jackson, Thomas Jones, William Milles, Humphrey Millet, Ephraim Molton, George Norbery, Edward Pardoe, Thomas Robinson, Richard Salter, Robert Salter, Richard Searles, Thomas Searles, Thomas Turner, Philip Venn, Richard Waters, John Woolwood, John Wright, Thomas Wright.

Sail Man:  Richard Martin.

Sailor:  Francis Abernathy, John Alcock, James Atwood, Edward Austen, Gregory Ball, Thomas Barker, Robert Barnett, John Barrall, William Bawton, Joseph Beadle, Thomas Bell, John Berry, Abraham Binnion, Thomas Birch, William Birch, John Bond, William Bonner, Roger Booth, Edward Bowden, Ralph Bowen, Roger Bradley, John Brathitt, James Brooks, John Brooks, Robert Brown, John Burrell, Thomas Carr, William Carter, Edward Chauncy, Robert Clark, Thomas Clark, Walter Clark, William Clark, Thomas Clarkson, Thomas Clavern, William Colson, Henry Cooper, John Copcote, William Copeland, Henry Cryer, Ralph Dabbs, John Dallison, William Dames, Benjamin Davis, Nathaniel Davis, Richard Davis, William Davis, John Dotterell, Francis Drake, Edward Dunning, Avery Dutchman, John Edmunds, John Ellit, Abraham Evans, Richard Ferris, Roger Ferris, Anthony Ford, John Foster, William Fox, Ferdinando Francis, Peter Gates, William Gawton, Andrew Gray, John Gray, Francis Grindall, John Hall, William Hammond, Thomas Harwood, Bartholomew Hawkins, Price Hawks, Cuthbert Hayes, Robert Heather, George Higgens, John Hill, James Holden, John Holden, Nicholas Hore, James Howe, John Hughes, Robert Humphreys, William Iremonger, William Jarvis, Robert Johnson, Thomas Johnson, William Johnson, William Jones, John Keene, Richard Keete, George Kirby, Peter Lee, William Leybourne, William Liddington, Peter Lock, Osborne Luntlowe, William Mason, Robert Meads, John Owen, Richard Page, Richard Parker, William Parsons, John Pecker, John Phillips, William Poltney, George Pounden, Thomas Powell, William Pretty, William Proutt, William Purver, Esdras Read, John Reeves, Griffin Reynolds, Arnold Rigden, Abraham Roberts, Nicholas Robinson, Nicholas Roe, Thomas Rogers, Richard Sanders, Thomas Sedgewick, Christopher Selve, Walter Shepherd, William Shittleton, Richard Shittleton alias Tayler, Thomas Shurye, Henry Skipwell, Edward Sledd, Humphrey Smith, John Smith, Richard Smith, Thomas Smith, Richard Souton, Edward Sparrowhawke, Christopher Swallow, William Taylor, John Thomas, Robert Till, Nicholas Trudgin, Ralph Watson, John Wells, John Weyman, Christopher Wicks, Arthur Williams, Richard Williams, Francis Wilson, George Wilson, Robert Winter, Edmund Woodroff, Thomas Wren, Robert Yest, Thomas Young.

Sail Tailor:  George Dalton, Nicholas Marratt.

Salter:  John Ballard, John Boreman, John Burham, John Colman, Richard Farmer, Edward Foster, William Fox, Evans Griffin, John Harding, Henry Manning, John Martin, Arnold Miles, Samuel Muse, William Nicholson, Mark Smith, Richard Thurston, Robert Walker, Robert Waters, William Withers.

Salt Maker:  Francis Smith.

Saltpetre Maker:  Samuel Pullen.

Saltpetre Man:  Thomas Biddle, John Bristow, John Brown, Robert Chappell, John Child, Christopher Crunker, Robert Dickenson, John Griffin, Thomas Hayward, James Ingeley, Robert King, Edward Morefield, Alexander Pett, Richard Rogers, Jacob Sellers, John Sentry, Richard Sentry, William Terrin, Richard Tillman, William White, William White.

Sauce Man:  Thomas Budgen, John Burgis, Edward Clark, Robert Fisher, Nicholas Gilman, Edward Marson, Nicholas Sillman, William Spencer, Henry Westwood.

Sauce Seller:  Griffin Bayton.

Saucier:  Griffin Rogers.

Sawyer:  John Alcock, Henry Allen, Robert Amie, John Ashley, Francis Austen, John Austen, Henry Barley, Henry Barrows, Juby Bathshaw, William Best, Henry Bowen, Nicholas Burton, George Butler, Arthur Bywater, Richard Chamberlain, Thomas Charles, John Clark, Richard Coles, Robert Cook, John Corbett, John Cotte, John Crump, Richard Cuttle, John Davis, Nathaniel Davis, George Deane [sayer], Daniel Dennis, John Draper, Valentine Egleson, Edward Elmes, Thomas Evans, Henry Farmer, John Fell, John Fesse, John Franklin, Walter Frapell, Richard Freeland, George Gilbert, Henry Giles, Richard Goad, James Gresham, Richard Halfhead, Robert Halfhead, Roger Harris, George Harrison, Nathaniel Harrison, Roger Harrison, Robert Hawfield, Edmund Heath, James Hill, William Hill, Thomas Hollis, George Howard, Valentine Huddleston, Valentine Hurlestone, Thomas Jacob, Thomas Jacock, Philip James, Thomas Kent, William Kent, Richard Kink, Robert Kitchen, John Land, Thomas Lewis, Anthony Mason, John Matthews, Hugh Norris, Stephen North, Francis Orton, Thomas Palmer, Christopher Pinkney, Christopher Pison, Robert Pollard, John Potter, Evan Price, John Rayne, Thomas Revell, Roger Ripton, John Roe, Lancelot Roe, William Sermon [swayer], William Shittleton, Richard Shoke, Stephen Simonds, George Smail, Guy Speed, Lawrence Spencer, Richard Stamper, Samuel Stone, Richard Taylor, Roger Taylor, Walter Thropwell, William Tilly, John Townsend, John Turner, John Underwood, Thomas Watts, Thomas Welch, Robert Williams, Richard Wilson, Thomas Witherly, Richard Woodbine.

Sawyer of Wainscot:  John Bailey.

Scholar:  Lawrence Boswell, Ambrose Lanckton.

Schoolmaster:  Humphrey Bachelor, George Bannister, William Bessell, William Bestedg, Richard Branson, William Callnet, William Carrell, James Conningham, Thomas Denn, Peter Freese, Richard Gardener, William Goddard, Edward Griffin, Richard Hedges, Arthur Hill, Walter Hill, Richard Hodges, Richard Hodges alias Hedges, Matthew Huntress, Robert Knightly, John Maddox, Ralph Mapp, Edward Moorcroft, Helcana Paddie, William Pagett, Charles Pennington, Edward Pooley, Matthew Powell, John Robinson, David Rowley, John Sutton, Robert Swainton, John Swetnam, John Tucker, George Wilmot, John Wright, William Yates, Francis Yeomans.

Schoolmaster of the Free School:  William Todd.

Scrivener:  Thomas Alcock, Lazarus Annis, John Atkins, Samuel Bowles, William Bowyer, Edward Branfield, John Bullmer, Francis Bunting, Daniel Dawes, George Derrant, Thomas Dutton, John Elley, Thomas Frear, Peter Free, Edward Griffin, Walter Hill, Edward Jackson, Richard Johnson, Michael Lucas, Thomas Mason, Mathias Morris, Thomas Nelson, Peter Newsam, William Page, Richard Paxton, Alexander Rigby, Anthony Rogers, Roger Rutter, Robert Scarborough, James Souton, Thomas Story, John Swinton, Henry Underwood.

Scythe Smith:  Godfrey Tharp.

Sea Surgeon:  George Davis.

Sea Cook:  Richard Johnson.

Seafaring Man:  Walter Clark, Abraham Evans, George Gilby, John Hill, Robert Hills, Francis Knowles, John Rolls, John Smith, David Usher, Edward Vere, Edward Woodward, Henry Young.

Seaman:  Walter Anderson, Thomas Askew, John Bardy, John Barklett, John Barnsley, John Bateman, Ralph Bowen, Henry Brothers, Richard Brown, Thomas Brown, John Burall, Richard Burnham, John Chester, Thomas Church, Thomas Clark, William Cleavely, Morris Colman, Henry Cooper, Abraham Cotterell, Anthony Cotterell, Thomas Daggers, John Daniell, Josias Darby, John Darlyson, James Davis, William Day, Francis Deake, Walter Devorax, Archibald Douglas, Francis Dunn, Alexander Farlow, Richard Fisher, Richard Forman, Edward Fox, William Gray, John Griggs, Thomas Grinder, John Hard, John Harding, Thomas Hartley, Richard Haselby, John Hawkins, Bartholomew Headly, Blackwell Hemsley, Francis Hills, John Hodges, Benjamin Hoskins, Thomas Hughes, John Jarvis, Richard Keete, Elias King, John King, Richard Kirby, William Kirk, Thomas Lamb, Nicholas Lambert, John Locky, John Masters, John Miller, Thomas Muse, Thomas Nelson, Richard Nindike, Nathaniel Nixon, William Ownie, William Parsons, William Proutt, Christopher Reeves, Henry Roberts, Thomas Robinson, Nicholas Sedgewick, Stephen Sedgewick, Robert Sharp, Anthony Smith, George Smith, William Spencer, Israel Stockwell, John Stretton, John Summers, Walter Summers, John Sutton, Bartholomew Thompson, Richard Trowe, George Walter, George Waters, Henry Wild, William Wilson, Thomas Winter, Richard Wood, Josias Wrath.

Searcher:  Robert Gatford.

Seed Seller:  Richard Croxon.

Seller of Glasses:  Edmund Pett, Peter Senthill.

Seller of Pens and Ink:  John Smith, William Smith.

Seller of Pikes:  William Lucas.

Sempster:  Henry Aby, Richard Mockford.

Servant:  Henry Allen, Francis Carter.

Servant to Mr Bowmer:  Thomas Crews.

Servant to a Soap Boiler:  Peter Delabarre.

Servant to the King:  John Leech.

Servant to the Countess of Oxford:  Robert Moore.

Servant Man:  Andrew Ashwell.

Servingman:  Bringman [blank], William [blank], Richard Amis, John Andrews, John Annis, Francis Anthony, John Archer, William Bagg, Christopher Beare, John Beare, Lawrence Beche, Richard Bell, Henry Benty, Christopher Berry, John Beston, Paul Bloomfield, John Bolton, Peter Bowman, William Bowyer, Francis Brand, Darby Brathers, Christopher Butler, John Caesar, John Capper, Robert Carr, George Clark, John Clark, John Cobb, Thomas Cook, William Cowles, John Crabtree, John Crumpe, William Curle, Daniel Cursell, Thomas Dereling, Nicholas Dickenson, Henry Duck, Henry Ducker, William Dunkey, Richard Dunn, John Evans, Henry Ford, William Frankham, John Franklin, Henry Garrett, George Giles, Richard Goodwin, John Green, Richard Green, Thomas Guy, Thomas Hadling, John Hampshire, Henry Harbottle, John Harrison, Obadiah Harrison, William Harvey, John Hawks, Robert Higgens, Michael Hodgeson, Adam Hogg, Richard Holland, William Holland, John Howell, Philip Hunt, John Jackson, John Jenkins, Edward Johnson, Edward Jones, John Joyner, Richard Kirby, John Knight, Richard Knight, William Lowe, Nicholas Lucton, Peter Makinson, John Marlow, William Merrick, John Mitchell, Matthew Moore, Christopher Newberry, William Newe, John OthenLeeke, John Overy, Nicholas Page, Thomas Pant, Robert Parker, Charles Pennington, Oliver Perpoint, Robert Powell, George Pratt, William Pree, William Presson, Henry Ramsey, Nicholas Redmond, Anthony Reeves, Richard Richmond, Henry Robinson, John Rogers, Edward Rule, Thomas Salter, William Sanns, William Sawyer, John Slater, Wiliam Smallman, Walter Snelling, Ralph Staines, David Steward, John Stone, Edward Warren, Richard Wells, John Williams, Philip Williams, John Wilson, John Winchcomb, John Winskill, Nathaniel Wood, John Yarrow.

Sexton:  Christopher Collinson.

Shear Grinder:  Thomas Bailey, Thomas Brown, John Elbee, Godfrey Evans, John Finch, Henry Goodram, William Goodram, Richard Perpoint, Abraham Preston, George Rawlins.

Shear Maker:  Thomas Brown, William Goodram.

Sheath Maker:  William Cheadle, William Shadwell.

Ship Carpenter:  William Alder, Richard Beadle, Richard Bristow, Stephen Hallom, Henry Jessop, Richard Moore, Nicholas Roberts, Robert Russell, Josias Slaughter, William Smith, Richard Tanner, Joseph Tunston, Ralph Wilmore, Richard Windmill.

Ship Master:  Daniel Winslow.

Shipwright:  James Adams, Thomas Anderson, John Anstedd/Austedd, Thomas Barlow, Patrick Barnard, Nicholas Bennet, Richard Bennet, Francis Boddam, Thomas Bone, Hugh Bowman, Robert Brather, Henry Brooks, William Brown, Wolmer Brown, Ralph Buck, John Burcher, Rice Burrows, Walter Burton, John Cannon, John Carpenter, Thomas Clark, William Clark, Richard Close, James Cope, John Cummin, Robert Cutler, William Deacon, Ralph Deluke, Richard Dowen, Richard Dower, John Dryland, William Duffer, Joseph Dunston, John Edwards, Robert Etheridge, John Evans, Robert Everett, Thomas Fesse, John Free, John Frith, Ralph Glascock, Thomas Glover, Philip Graves, Paul Gray, Daniel Gunnell, Clement Hale, Stephen Hallom, Nathaniel Hawker, John Herne, Robert Hillier, Thomas Hore, John House, Joshua Howe, William Ilbery, William Johnson, Thomas Katherens, Thomas Knowles, Nicholas Lambert, Robert Legg, Bartholomew Lowe, Arthur Lucas, Richard Lucas, Francis Luke, Ralph Luke, William Mason, Francis Merrick, John Metcalf, John Middlewood, Richard Mitchell, Richard Moore, Richard More, Christopher Mosley, John Motley, Thomas Motley, Isaac Nash, Allen Nichols, Robert Nichols, William Paine, John Parker, William Parker, Richard Parsons, Matthew Pettall, James Pierson, Thomas Pitcher, Edward Pyland, James Rayner, John Read, William Read, John Richardson, Thomas Ridge, Nicholas Roberts, Lewis Rogers, James Russell, Richard Russell, Robert Russell, John Sadler, Thomas Sebrite, Alexander Seward, George Sherwood, John Sherwood, William Sherwood, John Shipman, Josias Slaughter, John Smith, Richard Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, Edward Soare, John Soare, Thomas Soare, Christopher Stallock, George Sterry, Isaac Steward, John Stokes, Robert Stowde, William Symons, Hugh Taylor, John Tenant, John Tenor, Thomas Terry, Abraham Tew, John Thrift, Walter Turner, Henry Vaughan, Richard Watford, Lewis Watson, John Webb, Henry West, William White, Robert Williamson, William Williamson, Ralph Wilmore, Robert Wilson, Richard Windmill, Thomas Winsper, Robert Wisley, John Wood, William Worledge, John Yates.

Shoemaker:  (see also Cobbler):  John Abbey, Henry Abbot, John Abbot, Thomas Abbot, John Ablin, Edward Adnett, Timothy Alderton, John Allam, William Allen, Thomas Andrews, Henry Ashton, Roger Atley, William Badger, Edward Bagley, Richard Bagley, Thomas Baker, John Ball, John Barber, Thomas Barber, Richard Barlow, John Barnes, Thomas Basely, Stephen Bates, Robert Baxton, Thomas Beacon, Nicholas Beck, Thomas Beckett, Thomas Beckham, Cuthbert Bell, Nicholas Bennet, Thomas Bennet, William Bennet, Christopher Berry, John Berry, John Blunt, William Boates, Peter Bond, William Bond, John Bonham, John Bonner, Robert Braxton, Thomas Brotherton, Erasmus Brown, George Brown, James Brown, John Brown, Robert Brown, William Brown, Erasmus Browning, Rosamond Browning, Thomas Brunt, Thomas Burden, Abraham Burnham, William Bush, Christopher Butler, John Butler, Thomas Butler, Thomas Cake, Thomas Campion, John Careless, William Cartwright, Michael Carye, John Chamberlain, Thomas Champion, George Charnell, John Cheeseman, John Cicell, Robert Clare, William Clark, Thomas Clifford, Thomas Clifton, Solomon Cobham, Richard Cole, William Cole, Richard Coles, Edward Collier, Anthony Compton, Alexander Conisby, John Cook, Obadiah Cook, Richard Cook, Thomas Cook, William Cook, Thomas Cooper, John Copcote, James Corde, John Corde, James Cordwell, Francis Cowling, Thomas Cravell, Edward Craven, John Craven, William Cripps, John Cudgell, Thomas Cully, Lambert Daggett, Nicholas Darling, Philip Davies, Richard Davies, John Davison, John Deane, William Denn, Matthew Denning, Matthew Dennis, William Derman, John Dier, Thomas Dikin, Alexander Dobbin, John Dorrington, Herbert Dover, John Drewe, Lambert Duggett, William Dunkin, William Dunn, Miles Dupper, John Dyer, Francis East, John Edwards, Edward Egerton, John Elliott, John Elmer, John Ely, Peter Emmerson, Edward Empton, George England, Nicholas Evans, Thomas Evans, John Falconer, Cuthbert Farland, Christopher Fassett, Nicholas Fells, William Ferfield, John Ferne, George Ford, George Forde, William Foster, Robert Freese, Samuel Frith, William Frith, Christopher Garrett, William Gaston, Gabriel Gaunt, Robert Gibbs, Matthew Gibson, Francis Gilding, William Gilding, John Glascock, Robert Glascock, William Goddard, John Godly, James Godwin, Peter Goodbarne/Goodborne, Francis Goodby, William Goodman, John Gosling, Thomas Gosling, William Gosling, Edward Gosslett, Thomas Gostlen, Roger Gould, Thomas Gravell, Joseph Green, Sebastian Griffin, Moses Grubb, William Grubb, Christopher Gummersall, John Haines, William Haines, Thomas Hallam, Richard Hamson, Richard Hanson, John Harman, William Harper, John Harris, Nicholas Harris, Robert Harris, William Harris, Andrew Harrison, Robert Harrison, William Harrison, Thomas Harthorn, John Hartley, John Hastler, John Hastlett, Peter Hayes, William Herfield, Richard Higgens, Thomas Hill, Thomas Hills, Richard Hollis, John Holmes, Roger Hook, Thomas Hook, Richard Hore, John Horsely, John Howe, Andrew Howland, William Hubbard, Rice Hughes, Solomon Hunt, Michael Hutchins, Walter Imton, John Jackson, Robert Jeffes, John Jenkins, Mark Johnson, Hugh Jones, Oliver Jones, Rowland Jones, Thomas Judkin, James Kemp, Thomas Kennett, Henry Kent, John Keys, Humphrey Kicker, John Kitts, John Knight, Peter Langley, William Lawrence, John Lewis, Oliver Ley, Thomas Lilly, Thomas Lipscomb, Garrett Magnam, Edward Manning, John Manning, Richard Manning, Edward Marett, William Mariot, Richard Marrable, John Maudie, William Mayne, John Mead, Thomas Medley, John Miles, George Mills, William Mills, Richard Ming, William Ming, John Moore, Robert Moore, George Morris, Samuel Mosier, John Mutton, Thomas Newberry, Thomas Nixon, John Page, John Paine, Robert Parmiter, Theophilus Parris, Swithen Pattenson, James Pennington, William Pennington, Zorobabel Penwarden, Robert Pett, Francis Pickard, Francis Piggott, James Pimbleton, John Plaskock, Philip Poole, John Portis, Thomas Portis, John Powell, Henry Price, William Priestman, Humphrey Pye, Thomas Randall, John Rastall, John Rawlins, Richard Rayner, Thomas Rayner, Richard Remmington, William Restrapp, Thomas Reynolds, Thomas Rifford, Thomas Rigg, Henry Robinson, Joseph Rogers, Richard Rogers, Thomas Rundell, Thomas Rushford, Thomas Russell, Edward Sadler, John Sanden, Thomas Sanden, William Sanden, William Sanders, Peter Sanky, Anthony Scarle, Thomas Seamer, Anthony Searles, Richard Sedgwick, Peter Sentill, John Shaw, Thomas Shaw, Richard Sheldrake, William Sheldrake, Thomas Shurye, Thomas Simonds, Edward Skigge, George Smith, John Smith, Robert Smith, Thomas Smith, Jeffrey Stacey, Edward Stafford, John Staines, Morris Standback, Nicholas Starbuck, Thomas Sterry, Francis Stokes, John Stone, Thomas Stoner, Thomas Sturbee, William Tanden, Daniel Tanner, Robert Tappam, Edward Taylor, George Taylor, Thomas Terry, John Thompson, William Thompson, Samuel Thrist, James Tiler, William Tiseldon, John Titley, Richard Toppin, John Turner, William Umans, William Vaughan, Thomas Vertue, Philip Wakelin, Robert Wakelin, Francis Warner, Thomas Waters, John Watts, Thomas Watts, Nathaniel Webb, Richard Webb, Arthur Webster, Mark Webster, George Wells, John White, Joseph White, Richard White, William White, John Whitingslow, Richard Wiat, Edmund Willand, Edward Willand, Edward Williams, William Williams, Nicholas Willis, George Wills, John Wilson, William Wilson, William Wimball, William Winbull, Thomas Wislake, Alexander Wood, Edward Wood, George Wood, John Wood, Michael Wood, John Wotton, William Yeomans, Edward Young.

Silk Dyer:  Matthew Beanes, Barnabas Connoway, Jeremias Fromie, Lewis Goodfellow, Thomas Goodridge, John Hancock, Hugh Maxey, Anthony Nelmes, Edward Pardoe, John Pardoe, Martin Porter, John Powell, Stephen Rippington, Marcus Stone, Thomas White, Richard Williams.

Silk Man:  John Case, John Knowles, Richard Lowe, Thomas Mason, Edward Potts, Alexander Richmond, Randall Swinbank, John Thompson.

Silk Throwster:  Stephen Allen, Henry Blake, Henry Butt, Thomas Cicell, Edward Craven, John Craven, Thomas Devitt, John Fletcher, Richard Goffe, John Gray, Alexander Hartshorn, Thomas Hollis, William Holmes, John Johnson, Jacob Provost, Francisco Ruby, Thomas Smith, Nicholas Williams,

Silk Thrower:  John Benger, William Croxon, Nicholas Fells, John Fletcher, Robert Godfrey, Daniel Spillman, Ralph Venables, Nicholas Williams.

Silk Twister:  Christopher Badger, Samuel Geare, William Tivison.

Silk Weaver:  Thomas [blank], John Ashwell, Peter Askew, John Baker, John Ball, Thomas Ball, Anthony Banks, Nicholas Bassett, John Baxter, Robert Baxter, Richard Bayner, Thomas Beard, Andrew Bell, Henry Biggs, George Bishop, Hugh Blackgrove, Thomas Blackgrove, John Bland, Henry Bolter, Richard Bowen, Martin Bowland, Thomas Bradbury, Francis Brewer, Simon Brown, Thomas Brown, William Brown, Thomas Burrows, James Butler, Henry Butt, Henry Cannon, Thomas Carr, Stephen Chamberlain, Thomas Charsley, Richard Chester, Thomas Cicell, Alexander Clark, Benjamin Clark, Samuel Clark, William Clark, John Clay, William Clay, Thomas Coggar, John Colwood, William Combey, William Cook, Francis Corbett, Thomas Crass, William Creedland, Richard Crowder, Robert Crowder, William Crowder, Nicholas Cuckow, Thomas Curde, William Dalton, Robert Dawes, John Day, Richard Dennis, Jacob Dibble, Thomas Dixye, John Drinckwater, Thomas Edrip, Oliver Eeles, Ralph Evans, John Faltrup, John Finch, Gabriel Finney, Emanuel Fisher, Noye Fisher, John Fletcher, John Forlorne, Thomas Foster, John Fox, Christopher Gardener, Roger Gates, Robert Gatfield, Thomas Gibson, Thomas Gogger, John Goodinch, Richard Goodridge, William Goodridge, John Goodwin, John Gosney, William Grace, John Green, William Green, George Griffin, Richard Griffin, Thomas Griffin, William Halfhead, John Hallom, Richard Hampson, John Harris, Ralph Harrison, Edward Hatton, Matthew Hayle, Clement Hayward, William Hayward, Richard Hazelbee, Richard Heath, Richard Hill, Elbrooke Hind, Francis Hind, John Holland, John Holmes, William Holt, William Honor, William Hood, Peter Hope, Clement Howard, John Howard, John Hugell, Anthony Hughson, Gabriel Hunt, William Jackson, William James, Tobias Jones, Toby Jones, Ambrose Jordan, George Juby, William Kemp, Peter Lenden, John Little, John Loadman, Thomas Loadman, Thomas Luke, Richard Lussells, John Mansell, John Markham, Thomas Markham, Thomas Martin, Thomas Martin, William Massey, Thomas Masters, Edward May, David Merse, William Michener, George Miller, William Momford, John Monk, Robert Moore, Henry Moreby, David Morgan, Nicholas Needham, William Nutt, Thomas Parker, John Penn, John Pepperman, William Persa, Thomas Pett, Rumball Phillips, John Pie, John Pinches, William Pindlebury, Martin Porter, Richard Price, William Purser, George Randall, Henry Redhue, Arnold Reynolds, Richard Reynolds, Roger Rhodes, Thomas Richardson, Alexander Richmond, William Rider, William Roe, George Rogers, John Rowley, Francis Ruby, Richard Rudley, Richard Russell, Evan Salisbury, Thomas Sawsar, Roger Selby, John Shank, William Sharp, Thomas Sherwood, John Slack, Hubbard Smith, Hubert Smith, Jasper Smith, Walter Smith, Richard Stapleton, Daniel Stevens, Richard Stich, Jonas Stickland, William Such, Edmund Tart, Edward Tart, John Taylor, Richard Taylor, William Taylor, Henry Tharp, John Thomas, George Thomasin, Christopher Thompson, James Thompson, George Thornton, George Tomlinson, Walter Trotter, Jacob Tucker, John Tucker, Robert Twigg, Jasper Underwood, Richard Voke, William Warbattle, Peter Watkins, Richard Watkins, Thomas Webb, William Wells, John Wennam, William Westfield, Philip Westley, Philip Wheatnall, Daniel White, Peter Williams, John Wilton, William Wiltshire, John Winam, Thomas Witts, Charles Wood, John Woolston, Edward Wright, John Wright.

Silk Winder:  George Davis, John Pritchard.

Silver Drawer:  William Barrows.

Silversmith:  William Barrows, Thomas Warren.

Silver Spinner:  Samuel Goare, Christopher Tench.

Silver Twister:  William Burrows, Robert Moore.

Silver Wire Drawer:  Thomas Newton.

Skinner:  Stephen Hayes, Jeremy Henning, Cornelius Lowre, Edmund Overhouse, Henry Wood.

Smith:  (see also Blacksmith):  Robert Adams, John Allen, William Almond, Henry Armes, Thomas Ashley, William Ashmore, Richard Atkins, William Attey, William Atto, Thomas Badger, Thomas Bailey, Richard Baldwin, John Bancroft, George Barnett, George Barnwell, John Barratt, Joshua Barratt, Robert Barratt, Thomas Bell, John Berry, Thomas Berry, James Beziar, John Beziar, Stephen Bird, Abraham Blondall, Richard Blonden, Amnet Brather, Hamlet Brather, Robert Brather, William Brather, John Briscoe, George Brown, John Brown, Robert Brown, Henry Buckbeard, Robert Bucknall, John Carter, John Caverd, Theophilus Chandler, Thomas Chandler, John Chawnar, John Clark, Hugh Clarke, Christopher Collier, Thomas Croft, John Crosswell, John Cumber, Thomas Darkinson, John Darlison, Griffin Davis, John Day, Peter Doble, Richard Doble, Robert Dobson, Peter Dovy, Richard Dowle, Thomas Echells, William Ekins, Roger Ely, Henry Farr, John Farr, John Ferris, Thomas Fevin, William Fox, William Fynar, Edward Garnet, Richard Gaunt, Thomas Ghostly, Thomas Gibbs, John Gilbert, John Goble, Edward Gorney, Richard Gowd, John Green, Raphaell Green, William Green, William Griffin, Thomas Hackells, Richard Haddam, John Hall, John Harper, William Harris, Thomas Harrison, Peter Harwood, John Haselwood, John Hatton, John Hawkins, Richard Heather, William Hemmings, Thomas Hevar/er, Robert Heyle, Thomas Higgens, William Higgins, John Hill, John Hinch, Henry Hodges, Richard Hodges, Walter Holder, Hugh Holloway, William Hopkins, John Hunt, Matthew Hunt, Matthew Huntley, William Huntley, Thomas Hurlbutt, Henry James, William James, Thomas Jenkins, John Jenks, Francis Johnson, Henry Johnson, Peter Johnson, Thomas Johnson, William Kettle, Thomas Keys, John Knowler, Jonas Knowler, John Lane, Henry Lawrence, John Leland, Robert Lilleman, Thomas Linger, Thomas Lovett, Richard Mann, John Margery, Roger Markham, Abraham Marsh, Roger Martin, Edward Mason, William Mason, Thomas Massey, James Maynard, Miles Meriweather, Francis Moore, Henry Moore, Thomas Newton, John North, Richard Norton, William Otta, Harry Parks, Henry Parks, William Parrott, Thomas Patten, William Perith, Thomas Petty, Thomas Phibby, John Pickering, Robert Pindlebury, John Piper, William Plumridge, Henry Porter, Abraham Preston, Samuel Pullen, Robert Rawlins, Henry Reynolds, John Robinson, Thomas Rushwell, Richard Rutter, Thomas Rutter, John Sanders, John Scriven, John Searing, John Shattock, Charles Shelton, John Smallman, John Smith, Robert Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smithiman, Hugh Southall, Henry Sparks, Edward Spencer, Josias Stacey, Richard Stamper, Francis Stedman, Thomas Steele, William Steery, Richard Sterry, Thomas Stevens, William Stevens, Thomas Stevenson, Thomas Taylor, Ralph Teague, William Temming, Richard Terry, Jeffrey Thornton, Michael Thornton, George Tickett, Francis Truelove, Richard Tunnings, Thomas Underwood, George Vernon, Samuel Wakefield, William Ward, Richard Waring, George Watkin, Henry Webb, John Webb, Robert Wells, Edward White, George Whitehand, Edward Whitehouse, Alexander Whitlock, Giles Whittington, Thomas Wight, John Williamson, Nicholas Wilmot, Humphrey Winch, Jeffrey Winch, William Winch, William Winter, John Withington, Thomas Witts, Richard Woodman, John Worsley, Thomas Wright.

Soap Boiler:  Edward Atkinson, Peter Benson, Edward Bromfield, William Bromley, Thomas Burrage, John Durkin, William Green, William Habbersty, William Haberstey, John Hardwick, Thomas Hardwick, Thomas Harper, Thomas Hartwell, Robert Hopkins, William Hunt, Thomas Jones, William Keeling, Thomas Langley, John Lemon, Thomas Moore, John Olive, Richard Overman, Stephen Overman, Thomas Overman, Joseph Phinnis, Joshua Phinnis, John Revell, Henry Roper, Thomas Williams, John Woldridge, Thomas Woodstock.

Soap Boiler's Servant:  William Twitty.

Soap Maker:  Richard Baker, Thomas Bromfield, Joshua Phinnis, Perkus Playne, John Tyler.

Soap Merchant:  Edward Bromfield.

Soldier:  Francis Bradley, Thomas Bristow, John Jackman, William Lord, John Packwood, Arnold Saul, William Thomas, John Thornell, George Willows, William Wilson.

Solicitor:  John Walker, Thomas Watts, John Woldridge.

Spanish Leather Dresser:  James Eaton, Peter Forman, Reynold Stokes, John Tibbit, John Tippet, Oliver Tonson, Thomas Tredcratt, Stephen Voice, Nicholas Wadsworth.

Spectacle Maker:  Richard Goodman.

Spurrier:  Thomas Allen, Nicholas Barnes, Roger Bounden, John Carter, Hugh Clark, Thomas Clark, Michael Dobinson, Adrian Fink, George Hackworth, William Jackson, Alexander tendale, Richard Sumner, William Warren.

Stage Player:  (see also Actor and Player):  Robert Brown.

Starch Maker:  John Ap Owen, John Bowen, Robert Brakenden, Robert Brasington, Abraham Bridges, Robert Brown, Deodatus Bunion, Francis Bunion, John Caddle, John Cadle, John Carter, John Catcher, David Chalk, Ralph Cole, Hercules Cox, John Davis, Richard Dosset, John Dover, Severne Fervill, Michael Francis, Richard Goring, Gregory Gote, William Halbert, William Harrison, Thomas Holliday, Ralph Jepson, Godfrey Johnson, Owen Jones, Edmund Kennedy, Richard Large, Richard Moore, George Moss, John Pittleworth, John Potfield, George Pratt, Gregory Punt, Robert Richardson, Richard Robinson, Richard Rose, John Scratcher, John Shittleworth, William Smith, George Sprott, Robert Wadham, William Wilkinson.

Starch Maker's Servant:  Ralph Cole, Ralph Jepson, John Potfield.

Starch Man:  Michael Francis, William Harrison, John Potfield, Edward Reston, William Smith.

Stationer:  John Bishop, John Caverley, Francis Falconer, Ambrose Garbraine/Garbrand, Andrew Kemb, John Norgate.

Stiller:  John Atkinson, John Bolton, George Butcher, Henry Butcher, Philip Butcher, John Carlile, Richard Colman, Peter Dalliland, Melchisedeck Fritter, John Gover, Francis Green, Christopher Joyce, William Leedes, Tobias Pickering, Toby Pickering, Peter Price, Richard Rogers, Richard Simonds.

Stiller of Waters:  Christopher Joyce.

Stirrup Maker:  Roger Bound.

Stocking Maker:  Simon Hossington.

Stocking Mender:  William Powell.

Stocking Seller:  Henry Dyxe, Christopher Gibson, Robert Parsons.

Stone Burner:  John Beale.

Stone Cutter:  James Bristow, Rowland Burkett, Thomas Gifford, Robert Harris, Garrett Johnson, Humphrey Land, John Matthews, William Owl, Thomas Plaise, George Pooley, Thomas Pursley, Richard Sampson, William Sterne, Richard Stevens.

Stranger:  Robert Adams, William Boyer, Richard Cook, Richard Devitt, Andrew Dyer, William Edwards, Philip Garland, John Gomfield, Thomas Hawks, Lawrence Lambaring, William Martin, Emery Mullenox, Peter Ridgeway, Alice Rule, Richard Seamer, John Thornton, Francis Vandrake, George Whitakers, Thomas Whiting.

Stuff Dyer:  Edmund Bibbie, Giles Cooly, Francis Orchard, John Powell, William Salway, John Wallowin.

Stuff Weaver:  Thomas Carr, Edward Crosby, John Holmes, John Knockall, Richard Mant, Thomas Masters, Richard Romball, John Shank, Walter Smith, William Smith, Francis Waggoner, Thomas Ware, Peter Watkins.

Sugar Baker:  Henry Todd.

Surgeon:  John Agad, Richard Arledge, William Atkinson, John Balger, Robert Bewe, Thomas Boss, Roger Bowlust, Ralph Brown, John Carr, Anthony Coates, William Dale, Matthew Gage, Henry Jackson, John Kemp, Robert Musto, John Walters, Edward West, John Wilkinson, John Wilson.

Tailor:  Abraham [blank], Griffin [blank], John A Lee, Christopher Abbot, William Abell, Thomas Agar, Thomas Ainsworth, James Allen, John Allen, Morris Allen, Thomas Anderton, John Andrews, Edward Arme, John Aspley, John Babrook, Thomas Babrow, William Badger, Leonard Bagley, John Bailey, Thomas Bailey, Edmund Ballard, Edward Ballard, Thomas Balls, James Banks, Hugh Barcock, Edward Barker, Richard Barnes, John Bartlett, Thomas Bates, Thomas Batley, William Batt, Robert Beare, Samuel Beast, Robert Bell, Edward Bennet, John Bennet, Thomas Bennet, William Benton, Robert Berry, Thomas Bickerton, George Biggs, John Biggs, Thomas Bilbrook, William Billings, John Birchall, James Blackman, William Blackman, John Blackstone, William Blare, James Bligh, Ralph Bligh, Raphe Bligh, Richard Bligh, George Bloom, Richard Boone, William Bowland, Nathaniel Bowman, John Brand, Thomas Brasier, William Braxton, John Braye, Thomas Brayford, Richard Bridges, John Brittain, William Brockbamk, William Bromfield, John Brooks, Richard Brown, Richard Brunt, Thomas Bullardine, David Bullock, John Burcher, Hugh Burcop, Edward Burdekin, John Burton, John Bushell, Thomas Canter, Thomas Carter, William Cawdy, Robert Chamberlain, Robert Chambers, George Champion, Richard Champion, John Chandler, William Chandler, Richard Charnock, John Child, George Clabar, John Clark, Richard Clark, William Clark, John Clark alias Brand, George Clavern, Daniel Clayton, John Clayton, Peter Clayton, Walter Clayton, John Colbrand, Thomas Colbrand, John Cole, Thomas Collier, John Collins, Richard Collins, Henry Colney, Thomas Colney, Edward Colton, Henry Compton, Richard Constable, John Cook, Thomas Cook, William Cook, George Cooper, Henry Cooper, James Cooper, Robert Cornish, Richard Cranfield, Henry Cricket, John Curtain, Peter Curtis, John Daniell, Daniel Danks, Francis Davis, Hugh Davis, James Davis, John Davis, Lewis Davis, Morgan Davis, Nathaniel Davis, Richard Davis, Robert Davis, John Dawes, William Day, James Delton, John Dennis, Richard Digwood, Simon Dix, John Dixon, John Dodd, William Dormer, Andrew Douglas, Richard Dowland, David Downes, Peter Downes, James Dunn, John Dunn, Robert Dunn, Richard Dunstall, John Dyer, Thomas Dyer, Ralph Early, Obadiah East, Edward Eaton, John Eaton, John Edy, Christopher Elliott, Matthew Emery, Robert Enfield, Richard Esam, Edward Eton, John Eton, John Evans, Samuel Evans, Thomas Evans, Bartholomew Evered, Edward Ewer, Walter Fairchild, Rowland Farnell, Giles Farnworth, John Fish, Ralph Fisher, Henry Fleetam, George Fletcher, John Fletcher, William Fletcher, Aaron Flood, John Ford, Stephen Fosson, Edmund Foster, William Foster, Daniel Fowler, John Fox, John Freaker, John French, Edward Fulke, Mark Fullwood, Giles Funge, Richard G[...], George Gage, John Gamadge, John Gamlyn, Richard Gardener, Thomas Gates, John Geary, William Geffin, Henry Gibson, John Gilbert, Thomas Gilburn, John Gilder, John Godly, Henry Goine, Thomas Golding, Thomas Goodfellow, John Goodram, Henry Gory, Thomas Gould, Richard Gray, George Green, Martin Green, William Green, Edward Greenham, Arnold Griffin, Edmund Griffin, John Griffin, William Griffin, William Grigg, Benjamin Groom, John Gross, William Grove, James Guy, Nicholas Habden, John Hall, Matthew Hall, Robert Hall, Thomas Hall, Charles Hallifax, William Harding, John Harris, Andrew Harrison, George Harrison, John Harrison, William Harrison, William Harsnet, Walter Harvey, William Haslett, John Hassall, John Hassock, Robert Hawfield, John Hawton, George Haycock, John Hayman, Reginald Heath, John Higginbottom, Edward Hill, George Hill, John Hill, Thomas Hill, John Hills, James Hilton, Roger Holinshed, John Holland, William Holland, John Holloway, William Holloway, John Hollywood, Thomas Holmes, John Honeywood, John Honeyyard, Griffin Hood, Roger Hook, John Hopkins, Nicholas Hopkins, William Hopkins, John Horsham, Christopher Horton, Thomas Horton, Simon Hossington, Thomas House, Charles Howard, Edward Hubberston, Griffin Hudd, Thomas Hudson, John Hughes, Edward Hulbert, Henry Hulbert, Robert Humphreys, Thomas Hunt, Richard Hurlbutt, Robert Hurlbutt, Josias Isaac, [blank] Ister, John Jackson, Robert Jackson, William Jaggard, John James, Thomas James, Francis Jarvis, William Jaylor, Robert Jennings, Ralph Johnson, Thomas Johnson, David Jones, Davy Jones, Richard Jones, Stephen Jones, Thomas Jones, Thomas Kemp, Joshua Kendall, John Kent, Richard King, Robert Kirkham, Humphrey Knight, Thomas Lamb, John Lancaster, George Laney, John Latimer, William Leader, William Leake, John Lee, John Leech, Walter Leech, Nicholas Levenott, David Lewis, John Lewis, Josias Lewis, Brian Lilly, John Lilly, John Linch, Robert Lithatt, Brian Little, Thomas Little, Richard Long, Lawrence Lovekin, John Lovett, Thomas Lucas, [blank] Mabbes, William Mabbes, William Maddox, John Mainard, Robert Manfield, Richard Mapp, Giles Marsh, George Marshall, John Marshall, William shall, Edward Martin, John Martin, Thomas Martin, John Masters, Robert Matthews, Thomas May, John Meacham, William Merrick, Edward Merson, Richard Miles, William Miles, George Miller, James Millet, Thomas Millet, Thomas Moise, Richard Molton, John Moore, Richard Moore, Lewis Morgan, Walter Morgan, Evans Morris, John Morris, Thomas Morris, Robert Mortimer, John Moses, Thomas Moses, James Moss, John Motley, Robert Mowle, Edward Munter, William Musgrove, John Nedam, Edward Needham, Robert Needham, Thomas Newell, Nicholas Newman, Richard Newman, Christopher Nix, William Nook, John North, Benjamin Oakshot, John Olawood, Thomas Old, Thomas Otley, John Owen, Thomas Owl, George Pace, Thomas Page, Thomas Paine, Richard Painter, John Painton, Richard Pallady, William Palmer, Michael Pann, Robert Parker, Thomas Parker, Richard Parsons, Martin Passingam, John Patching, Richard Payne, John Peagle, William Pennington, John Pentire, John Penton, Jeffrey Percivall, Edmund Phillips, Edward Phillips, John Phillips, John Pickard, John Pickett, Thomas Pickford, Henry Pierce, John Pierce, Thomas Pierce, Thomas Pierson, Robert Pindlebury, Walter Pindlebury, Edward Poole, John Porteene, George Potter, Clement Potts, William Pounder, Ellis Powell, Richard Powell, William Powell, John Power, Edward Poynton, Philip Pratt, Morgan Price, John Pullar, Thomas Pulver, Henry Pyebase, Roger Quick, William Ramsey, John Randall, Robert Raven, Esdras Read, Daniel Reddish, Samuel Reddish, James Reeves, Thomas Reeves, Hugh Rhodes, Lawrence Richardson, Stephen Richardson, James Riglis, Thomas Rigsby, William Ring, Abraham Roberts, John Robinson, Nicholas Robinson, Richard Robinson, Robert Robinson, Thomas Robinson, John Roebottom, Richard Roebottom, William Rogers, John Rowland, Richard Royall, James Rule, John Russell, William Russell, Peter Rutt, Leonard Sadler, John Sandever, John Sandilo, William Sawyer, Anthony Scott, William Scull, William Seaburne, Robert Shelitoe, Jeremy Shepherd, Walter Shepherd, Richard Shoesmith, Henry Simms, Robert Simonds, Thomas Simonds, John Sinkeson, John Slead, Edward Smith, John Smith, Robert Smith, Roger Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, Aquila Solye, John South, Daniel Southern, Edward Southern, Robert Spencer, Roger Spencer, Richard Squire, Thomas Squire, Adam Stalker, Gregory Stanford, Gabriel Stanley, William Starbuck, Edward Stevens, John Stoddard, Thomas Stogill, John Stone, William Stone, John Swanson, Andrew Swetnam, Erasmus Swetnam, Roger Swetnam, Thomas Swetnam, John Swinson, William Taylor, William Terry, Rowland Thomas, Andrew Thompson, John Thompson, Thomas Thorp, Richard Trafford, Richard Transell, Rowland Turner, Robert Tuttill, Francis Upton, Roger Vaughan, William Venables, Charles Vines, John Vineyard, Charles Wainsly, Ralph Wall, James Walter, James Walton, Thomas Walton, Jacob Ward, Thomas Ward, Edward Warden, William Warner, Garrett Warren, Richard Waters, Thomas Waterton, Leonard Watson, John Watts, Leonard Watts, William Weaver, Edmund Welch, Philip Welch, Richard Welch, John Wells, James Wemmes, John West, Nicholas Weston, Richard Wheeler, Edward Whiniard, Henry Whitakers, John White, Thomas White, Thomas Whitwood, Francis Wiat, Edward Wibourn, Nicholas Wibourn, Christopher Wider, William Widows, Nicholas Wilkinson, William Wilkinson, John Williams, Morgan Williams, Richard Williams, Thomas Williams, Abraham Williamson, Samuel Willingham, Richard Willis, George Wilson, Richard Wilson, Robert Wilson, William Wilson, George Wilton, John Wines, Robert Winter, Christopher Withers, Richard Wollhouse, John Wood, Randall Wood, Francis Woodstock, William Worlington, John Wright, Thomas Wright, Ralph Yardley, Barnaby Young, John Young, Richard Young.

Tallowchandler:  (see also Chandler and Waxchandler):  Ralph Mayer, William Caldwell, Isaac Castle, William Goodman, Henry Hawks, John Marson, William Michers, Joseph Muston, William Palmer, Briant Pimbleton, Thomas Stonestreet, Robert Walker, Andrew Waters, William Withers.

Tanner:  John Alsby, Thomas Ashton, Richard Barefoot, Roger Barefoot, Roger Barford, Thomas Bennet, John Brooks, Francis Carter, Thomas Colman, Matthew Constable, Thomas Constable, James Cooper, Thomas Cooper, Peter Copeland, William Ditcher, Anthony Elwood, Giles Fassett, Thomas Fisher, John Gallant, Gilbert Gates, Simon Gold, Thomas Harply, John Hewittson, James Hide, Barnes Martin, William Morgan, James Mylles, Francis Pellatt, Philip Perrin, Henry Romball, Thomas Shippon, Richard Sturges, James Swift, William Towdupp, Thomas Wadsworth.

Tape Maker:  John Cooper, Ezechiel Worsley.

Tape Weaver:  Silvester Beane, Henry Cawle, John Cooper, John Cox, Nicholas Cuckow, John Hatch, Henry Osborn, John Rogers, John Sharp, William Tinsly, Edward Webb, Robert Wood, Ezechiel Worsley, John Wright.

Tapster:  Nicholas Anderton, Thomas Ashfield, William Barratt, William Bavesar, John Bell, George Belton, John Benbrick, Philip Bourne, George Brumage, John Bull, Thomas Burton, Thomas Butler, John Carey, Lawrence Fletcher, Hugh Flint, William Flood, Edward Foster, John Foster, James Ginn, Richard Godkin, John Golding, John Gooding, John Gregory, Michael Hart, Miles Hart, John Heard, Thomas Heaton, Richard Hide, Thomas Hill, Ralph Hockley, John Johnson, William Kirby, John Leicester, Thomas Linger, Christopher Lovedale, William Manson, John chant, William Millington, John Morey, William Morris, William Munsey, William Newell, Thomas Parker, Abraham Parsons, Henry Price, Ralph Price, William Read, Cuthbert Riddall, John Riddall, Robert Robinson, George Salisbury, Thomas Salisbury, William Sansy, Richard Simms, Joseph Smith, Henry Snell, Nathaniel Snelling, Thomas Spencer, Henry Stanfield, Leonard Stank, Robert Tyler, William Unkell, Thomas Vaughan, Thomas Watson, William Whitehead, Thomas Whiting, Richard Wright.

Tapster of the Clink:  Peter Richardson.

Tennis Court Keeper:  Evan Flood.

the King's Fishmonger:  Roger French.

the King's Servant:  David Steward.

Thread Dyer:  Isaac Ford ['thrid-dyer'], Tobias Johnson.

Thread Maker:  Isaac Ford, Robert Lindsey, George Price.

Thread Man:  Christopher Harris, Michael Knight, Giles Spetbread.

Thread Throwster:  Christopher Harris, Christopher Parris, Robert Webb.

Thread Twister:  John Curtis, Giles Spetbread, Robert Webbe.

Throwster:  Stephen Allen, Thomas Allis, Henry Burchley, Henry Butt, Edward Craven, John Craven, Giles Godbread, Richard Hatton, Thomas Hollis, John Johnson, Gabriel Laughton, Thomas Masters, Richard Oldham, Thomas Smith, John Terriand, William Tibbison, John Todd, Henry Watts, Robert Webb.

Tiffany Weaver:  William Ball, John Featherston, William Hunt, George Juby, Thomas Spencer.

Timber Man:  Henry Brookshead.

Timber Merchant:  Thomas Cheyney, Jeremy Crewe, Henry Hunt.

Tinker:  Richard Boddam, William Hodges, Edward Knevett, John Lewis, Robert Lewis alias Jones, George Price, Isaac Roff, John Saye, John Sheerman, Thomas Wakefield.

Tippler:  Hugh Edwards.

Tipstaff:  Thomas Tyle.

Tobacco Box Maker:  William Michenill/vill.

Tobacco Cutter:  William Andrew, Thomas Towfield.

Tobacco Maker:  Thomas Towfield.

Tobacco Man:  William Allen, John Cole, John Johnson, William Monk, William Penrose, William Penrow, Searles Perkins, Nicholas Turner, William Wright.

Tobacco Pipe Maker:  Francis Archpool, James Barradine, Robert Bense, Thomas Blackborne, Richard Brewton, William Brown, Lawrence Calloway, John Culpepper, John Culpepper alias Smith, Morgan Davis, John Kidder, Nicholas Lake, John Northcot, Richard Purchase, Anthony Quiney, Edward Rastall, Edward Reston, Richard Reston, Richard Reynolds, John Sanders, Joseph Sharlton, John Smith, William Smith, Humphrey Sparrow, Thomas Stofield, Thomas Towfield, Richard Tucker, Thomas Wright.

Tobacco Pipe Man:  Peter Smote.

Tobacco Seller:  William Bird, John Cole, John Dimmock, John Ely, Mathias Fothergill, Robert Lindsey, John Muckow, Richard Pinchback, William Wright, Thomas Young.

Tooth Drawer:  John Thurtle.

Trimmer of Hats:  John Teague.

Tripe Man:  Robert Fisher, William Watts.

Trumpeter:  John Bateman, John Berry, Richard Jones, Thomas Mason, Searles Perkins, Thomas Perpoint, Joseph Samuell, John Underhill, Thomas Underhill.

Trunk Maker:  Henry Allen, Henry Bran, John Bride.

Tuftaffata Weaver:  George Fox, John Shank, [blank] Tanson, Thomas Gibson, Jacob Summers, John Bride.

Turner:  Robert Ashfield, John Atkinson, Robert Audley, Stephen Audley, George Chapman, Edward Edmunds, John Glidd, Anthony Hardiman, Robert Harris, John Hayward, James Hide, Edward House, George Lee, Thomas Newington, William Prior, William Richardson, John Stanley, Jonathan Stanley, Edward Stanton, John Tidings, David Watkins, William Whitehart, Thomas Whitehead.

Under-Marshal:  William Richardson ['the undermarshall'].

Upholsterer:  John Avery, Thomas Burton, William Chase, William Colburn, Richard Crewe, Thomas Duck, Robert Farthing, Thomas Geden, John Green, John Greene, David Jones, Davy Jones, Thomas Jones, William Jones, Richard Trewe.

Usher of the Free School:  John Davedge, Thomas Maddox.

Victualler:  John Abbot, Roger Allen, Thomas Allen, Walter Alsop, William Alsop, Robert Amie, Anthony Ashfeild, Anthony Ashfield, William Ashley, Edward Ashton, Edward Askew, Roger Askew, Thomas Askew, Robert Avis, Anthony Bachelor, Griffin Bacon, John Bacon, William Badger, Robert Baker, John Balten, John Banning, George Bannister, John Bard, John Barnwell, Gavis Barratt, Andrew Baxter, Bartholomew Beare, William Beare, Richard Beldam, Jonas Benge, Robert Benloys, Anthony Bennet, Anthony Benwell, Thomas Berridge, Andrew Birchbank, Thomas Bishop, Henry Blackmore, Peter Blackmore, Richard Bland, Richard Blunt, John Bolton, Oliver Booker, John Bowyer, John Braburne, William Brather, William Brawler, John Breerworth, Abraham Bridges, John Bridges, John Bromfield, George Brown, William Brunt, Robert Buck, John Burnham, Thomas Burrage, George Burton, James Burton, Hugh Buse, Nicholas Butler, William Butt, John Campion, Robert Carter, Edmund Cawdery, William Champion, Theophilus Chandler, Nicholas Chapman, Ralph Cheeseman, John Clark, John Cole, Toby Cole, Benjamin Collins, Thomas Conisby, John Cook, Thomas Cooper, Hugh Cope, Francis Corney, John Corney, Roger Cotton, Timothy Cowles, Jonas Cratcher, Henry Crewe, James Cropper, George Crowe, William Cutler, James Dabbs, Richard Darby, Willam Darvill, John Darvy, John Davis, William Davis, Richard Deane, Richard Dickenson, Richard Ditcher, William Dorebar, Thomas Dread, William Drisedale, John Duck, Henry Ducker, William Ducker, Giles Dugdale, John Dupper, Thomas Dynes, Hugh Edwards, Thomas Edwards, John Ellis, James Evans, Francis Fabian, Joseph Facey, John Fannum, Giles Fassett, Robert Field, John Fitzer, William Flamson, James Fletcher, Lawrence Fletcher, Richard Flood, Isaac Folds, Thomas Forman, William Forman, Edmund Foster, John Foster, Creen Foundren, Timothy Fowle, Simon Fowler, Richard Fox, Thomas Garland, Thomas German, William Gibson, John Gilden, William Gill, Thomas Godfrey, John Goodwin, Nicholas Gourd, Paul Gray, John Green, Edward Griffin, Thomas Grinder, James Guy, Ralph Haies, John Hall, John Harris, Clark Harrison, Mark Harrison, Michael Hart, William Hart, Richard Harvey, William Harvey, Hugh Hassall, John Hatfield, Edward Hatt, John Haywood, John Hayworth, John Heather, John Hetherley, Nicholas Hicks, Francis Hind, Edward Hinxley, John Hodgekins, William Hoeman, Richard Holmes, Edward Hore, Thomas Horton, Thomas Hustler, John Hutchinson, George Idle, Robert Ireland, Thomas Izard, Thomas Izath alias Izard, John Jackson, William Jackson, Nicholas Jarvis, Richard Jenkinson, John Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Henry Jones, William Keys, James Kidden, Robert Kirton, John Knight, Edward Langworth, William Large, Humphrey Lewis, Anthony Lillwell, Anthony Linaway, Thomas Linger, John Mantropp, John chant, Andrew Marchbanks, Cuthbert Marlow, Edward Marson, Edward Martin, Edward Mason, Robert Mason, Henry Matchett, Peter Meacock, John Mead, Edward Meredith, William Meredith, William Millington, Anthony Mister, John Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, William Mitchell, Edward Money, William Money, John Monk, John Moore, Cuthbert Morland, John Morris, John Morton, Richard Nanson, Richard Nayler, William Needham, Edward Nevell, Nicholas Newton, Peter Nightdaye, Clement Odell, Nicholas Orde, John Painton, Adam Parker, Anthony Pawley, John Peacock, Thomas Pierce, Thomas Piper, John Pitts, Nicholas Plumridge, Thomas Poker, William Popley, Thomas Portman, John Potts, Davy Powell, John Powell, Richard Powys, Richard Presson, Roger Preston, William Price, Richard Rackley, Thomas Radford, Thomas Ranson, Stephen Read, William Reading, George Redborn, John Reddoll, Jasper Ribby, John Richardson, Robert Richardson, Nathaniel Richwood, James Ridden, Edward Ridgemead, John Roberts, John Roff, Thomas Rogers, Lambert Romball, Ralph Roper, David Rowley, John Rowood, John Salter, William Sanderson, John Scales, Anthony Searles, Arthur Seed, Peter Sheerman, Jasper Sherby, George Sherwood, Robert Short, Anthony Simpson, Robert Slade, William Smart, Thomas Smith, Francis Snelling, Robert Soule, Thomas Steed, Edward Steele, Edward Stiles, Thomas Stoddard, Peter Stubbs, George Swetnam, Stephen Tally, Simon Taplin, Hassall Tawyer, James Taylor, Anthony Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Richard Thorp, Robert Tillison, Henry Tipling, Edward Townsend, William Underhill, William Underwood, Humphrey Vesey, Peter Vinawle, Adam Warmsted, Bennett Warner, James Weale, John Welblood, Richard Whiniall, Richard White, John Williams, Richard Williams, William Williams, Robert Williamson, Thomas Willis, John Winney, Jacob Wood, John Wood, William Woodcock, Thomas Woodward, William Wright, John Yeomans, Richard Yeomans, John Young, Thomas Young.

Vintner:  John Abbot, Thomas Allen, William Allen, Thomas Angell, Edward Atkinson, Thomas Baker, Jonathan Barford, John Barker, Humphrey Basenet, Thomas Bolton, Richard Bostock, John Brett, Joseph Brian, Francis Briant, Richard Brooks, John Brownrigg, James Bull, Francis Butcher, Arthur Cantrell, Henry Chitty, George Cleave, Theodore Collins, Richard Darvill, Thomas Davis, Daniel Deane, Richard Deane, Arthur Denham, John Duncomb, Arnold Edwards, Robert Fawne, Edward Field, Thomas Field, John Golding, John Greenhill, Thomas Grubb, Thomas Hart, Thomas Henley, Thomas Hodges, Andrew Huddleston, Peter Humble, Richard Humble, William Humble, James Hunter, Ellis Johnson, Christopher Lockwood, Thomas Mansell, Ralph Mapp, Edward Masters, John Matthew, Edward Meeres, Thomas Neale, John Needham, Nicholas Newton, Thomas Owen, John Painter, Richard Parsons, Richard Penn, Richard Perkins, Searles Perkins, Thomas Pitts, Richard Plasted, Richard Plastid, Thomas Radford, John Saintlow, George Sanders, John Sanders, Edward Sewell, Robert Sexton, John Shaw, Robert Shepherd, Roger Shepherd, Stephen Shepherd, Robert Slade, William Slater, John Slutter, Francis Snelling, Edward Spurstow, John Spurstow, John Stanbridge, John Tanner, Francis Thompson, Anthony Todd, Edward Tremell, Hugh Vaughan, John Walters, John Ward, Jonathan Ward, Thomas Webb, Miles Webster, William Westwood, Richard Wheeler, John Whitlif, Hugh Whittingslow.

Vintner's Servant:  William Foster, Ralph Mapp, Edward Oxenbridge, Edward Pew, John Tickell.

Virginal Teacher:  William Soper.

Wagoner:  Henry Osborn, Henry Ray, Thomas Sanders.

Warrener:  William Sumner.

Watch Maker:  Edward Biss, William Roberts, James Vautrollere.

Water Bearer:  John Agad, Richard Browning, Christopher Butler, Thomas Carter, George Cole, Ralph Cole, Hugh Evans, John Middleton, Thomas Smith, Richard Voke, John Weston.

Waterman:  Abraham [blank], Thomas [blank], Nicholas A Barrow, Robert A Brook, Richard Abdell, Leonard Abdy, William Aben, Robert Abraham, James Abrethat, Francis Ackley, John Adam, Arthur Adams, Christopher Adams, George Adams, John Adams, Thomas Adams, Robert Adee, Thomas Adee, William Alder, Henry Alderman, Matthew Alderson, Matthew Aldridge, Robert Aldridge, Henry Alexander, William Alexander, Simon Allam, Richard Allbord, Robert Allbrook, John Allen, Leonard Allen, Simon Allen, John Allison, Robert Allmon, John Allom, Simon Allom, Miles Aman, John Amis, John Amor, Lawrence Anderson, Oliver Anderson, Edward Andrews, Henry Andrews, John Andrews, Oliver Andrews, William Angell, Richard Ap Evan, David Ap Richard, William Aquine, John Archer, William Arnedell, John Arnold, Robert Arnold, Thomas Arnold, Thomas Arnway, James Arthur, Richard Arthur, William Arthur, Roger Ashby, Richard Ashley, Thomas Ashurst, Lewis Ashwell, William Askew, Richard Atchinson, John Atkins, William Atkins, Cuthbert Atkinson, John Atkinson, Nicholas Atkinson, Richard Atkinson, Thomas Atkinson, William Atkinson, John Attaway, John Atwell, John Atwood, Thomas Audley, John Auris, Edward Austen, Giles Austen, James Austen, John Austen, William Austen, Amos Avery, Thomas Avery, William Avery, John Axapart, William Ayde, Solomon Baby, Richard Bachelor, Lawrence Bagden, Amias Bailey, Amos Bailey, Edward Bailey, Henry Bailey, Nicholas Bailey, Ralph Bailey, William Bailey, John Baker, Peter Baker, Robert Baker, Thomas Balderston, Richard Baldwin, Thomas Baldwin, William Baldwin, Gregory Ball, John Ball, Robert Ball, Jeffrey Ballard, Thomas Balliston, William Bally, James Banks, John Banks, Robert Banks, John Bannister, Daniel Bant, Andrew Banum, John Barber, John Barefoot, Henry Barnes, Richard Barnes, Robert Barnes, Roger Barnes, Thomas Barnes, William Barnes, Thomas Barnett, John Barratt, Richard Barratt, Stephen Barratt, William Barratt, John Barrell, Richard Barrell, Edward Barrows, John Barrows, Nicholas Barrows, William Barrows, Gregory Barstable, Nicholas Bartlem, Richard Bartlem, Edward Bartlett, Francis Bartlett, Robert Barwick, Edward Basely, Richard Basely, Edward Baskerville, Hugh Baskerville, Peter Baskerville, Henry Basse, John Bassett, Thomas Bassett, Peter Bastable, Richard Bastard, Richard Baston, Peter Bastwick, Benjamin Batt, Matthew Batt, Ralph Battin, William Battin, William Baxter, Richard Bayley, Stephen Baynard, Thomas Beadle, William Beane, Andrew Beaumont, Anthony Beaumont, John Bedford, Stephen Bedford, William Bedford, Lawrence Beecham, William Beere, Richard Belford, Andrew Bell, Peter Bell, Pierce Bell, Robert Bell, William Bell, Yeoman Bell, John Bellinger, Thomas Bellinger, John Bellingham, Thomas Bellingham, William Belton, Peter Benbrick, Josiah Benn, Josias Benn, William Benn, James Bennet, Robert Bennet, William Bennet, John Benton, Stephen Berback, James Berry, John Berry, Richard Berry, Thomas Betts, Richard Bevan, William Bevan, John Bevis, John Bickerston, Thomas Biker, Jasper Bill, Jeffrey Billett, Thomas Billingsby, John Billipps, John Birch, Thomas Bircher, Simon Bird, Thomas Bird, John Black, Richard Black, Richard Blackman, Thomas Blackman, Thomas Blacknall, Toby Blacknall, John Blackshaw, Philip Blackshaw, William Blackwell, James Blake, Thomas Blake, William Blake, Michael Bliss, Edward Blodin, John Bloom, George Bloomer, John Bloomer, Richard Board, Richard Boddy, Robert Boddy, George Boll, Richard Bolton, Edward Bond, Henry Bond, John Bond, Henry Boone, Henry Booth, Philip Booth, William Booth, John Boreman, Edward Borne, George Borrage, Rowland Borros, Lawrence Both, Richard Bottom, Ralph Boules, Thomas Bowden, William Bowen, William Bowes, Ralph Bowles, William Bowles, John Bowly, John Bowman, Edward Bowrose, William Boyce, Thomas Braby, Henry Bradbridge, Edmund Bradford, John Bradley, Walter Bradley, Richard Brakes, Walter Bramson, Andrew Branbery, Matthew Branch, Nicholas Brasington, William Brather, Thomas Breach, Edward Brewer, John Brewer, Jarman Brewood, William Brewton, Charles Brian, John Brian, Richard Brian, Thomas Brian, Thomas Brice, William Brice, Robert Bridges, Thomas Bridges, William Bridges, William Britt, William Brittain, Francis Brock, John Brock, John Brooker, John Brooks, Richard Brooks, Thomas Brooks, Adam Brown, Ambrose Brown, Edward Brown, Henry Brown, James Brown, John Brown, Ralph Brown, Richard Brown, Robert Brown, Thomas Brown, Walter Brown, William Brown, Edward Brownrigg, Richard Brownrigg, William Brownrigg, Thomas Brunttes, John Bruton, William Bruton, Henry Bryne, Abraham Buck, Peter Buckland, William Bucknell, Thomas Bugby, Peter Bullard, John Bullinger, Bartholomew Bullman, Stephen Burbeck, Thomas Burcher, Simon Burde, Thomas Burgis, Robert Burkett, John Burnham, Thomas Burnham, Robert Burr, George Burrage, James Burrage, John Burrage, Edward Burrows, George Burrows, John Burrows, Emet Burton, Emett Burton, Matthew Burton, Robert Burton, Thomas Burton, Timothy Burton, Walter Burton, William Burton, William Busby, Jeffrey Butler, John Butler, William Butler, George Button, Richard Cabin, Richard Cable, Richard Caine, Richard Calley, John Callowhill, Thomas Callowhill, Charles Calvin, Charles Calvine, Richard Campion, William Campion, John Canner, Robert Capenett, Isaac Capper, Philip Capper, Thomas Capper, William Capper, Francis Careless, Humphrey Careless, John Careless, Robert Careless, John Carelesse, James Carpenter, William Carpenter, Nicholas Carr, Richard Carter, Robert Carter, Thomas Carter, William Carter, Abraham Cassier, Robert Castleman, Edward Cauke, Abraham Cauley, Peter Caverley, Richard Cavill, Thomas Cawdery, John Cawkett, John Cawley, David Chadsmore, Nicholas Chambers, Robert Chambers, William Champion, Nicholas Chandler, Richard Chandler, William Chandler, George Chapell, John Chapell, Thomas Chaplain, Henry Chapman, John Chapman, Richard Chapman, Thomas Chapman, Edward Chauncy, Hugh Chauncy, David Cheeseman, Davy Cheeseman, John Chelsey, Edward Chelton, John Chester, WIlliam Chetby, John Child, Robert Chison, Richard Chorith, John Church, Joseph Church, Joshua Church, Ralph Church, Simon Church, William Church, James Cicell, James Clare, Adam Clark, Alexander Clark, John Clark, Leonard Clark, Miles Clark, Obadiah Clark, Richard Clark, Robert Clark, Thomas Clark, Timothy Clark, Walter Clark, William Clark, Edward Clarke, John Classe, Edward Clayton, John Clear, Edward Clement, John Clement, Peter Clifford, Thomas Clifford, William Clifford, Edward Clift, Edward Clifton, John Clifton, John Cloat, John Cloves, Thomas Cloves, Matthew Cobb, Thomas Cock, John Cockett, Edward Codmore, John Colburn, Abraham Cole, Miles Cole, Ralph Cole, Richard Cole, William Cole, Thomas Coller, Abraham Colley, Thomas Colley, Henry Collier, Richard Collier, Thomas Collier, Lawrence Collingridge, Rowland Collingridge, Richard Collins, William Collins, Dennis Colman, Thomas Colman, James Comer, Robert Company, William Compton, Edward Conaway, Edward Connoway, William Conset, Thomas Constable, Walter Constance, George Coo, Gregory Coo, Israel Cook, James Cook, John Cook, Robert Cook, Thomas Cook, Alexander Cooper, Henry Cooper, John Cooper, William Cooper, William Cope, Thomas Copeland, John Copelin, William Copelin, Thomas Copley, Morris Cordwell, Morris Corfield, John Cornish, Walter Cornwell, Thomas Cory, Devereux Cosens, Devorax Cosens, Devorex Cosens, John Cosens, William Cosens, Emanuel Coster, Samuel Coster, William Cotes, Abraham Cotterell, John Cotton, Perry Cowell, Thomas Cowland, Alexander Cox, John Cox, Michael Cox, William Cox, Thomas Craddock, John Cragg, Thomas Cramis, Thomas Crampe, Richard Cranage, Thomas Cranage, Thomas Cranny, Simon Crashaw, Farham Craven, Martin Crawley, Martin Crawley, Martin Crawley, Richard Cressey, Thomas Crewe, Alexander Crocker, John Crockford, Richard Crockford, Gabriel Cross, John Cross, Simon Cross, Thomas Cross, William Cross, Simon Crossen, John Crossley, John Crosswell, Robert Croster, Robert Crouch, Thomas Crowcher, William Crowcher, Thomas Crowd, Robert Crowe, John Crowne, [blank] Crumpe, Thomas Crumpe, William Crumpe, William Crutch, John Cullever, John Curmaine, Richard Curmaine, Robert Curmaine, Thomas Curmaine, Rowland Cursin, Morris Curson, Richard Curtis, Simon Cuthbert, John Cutler, Robert Cutler, John Cuttle, Nicholas Cuttle, Richard Cuttle, John Cuttler, William Dabbs, John Dallen, Richard Dallowfield, Abednego Damford, William Damford, William Danby, Giles Dancer, Nicholas Dancer, Samuel Danks, Thomas Dann, John Darby, William Darby, Alexander Davis, Giles Davis, Griffin Davis, Henry Davis, Hugh Davis, John Davis, Kerrick Davis, Lewis Davis, Matthew Davis, Richard Davis, Robert Davis, Roger Davis, Thomas Davis, William Davis, Matthew Davison, Thomas Davison, William Davison, James Davy, John Daw, John Dawbe, Robert Dawes, Roger Dawes, William Dawes, John Dawson, Richard Dawson, Robert Dawson, William Dawson, Daniel Deacon, Samuel Deacon, Christopher Deane, Henry Deane, Richard Deane, William Deane, Leonard Dennison, Henry Dent, Nicholas Deringer, John Derrant, John Derret, John Derrick, Robert Derring, John Derry, John Devill, Walter Devorax, John Dickenson, John Dier, Rice Dier, Richard Dier, Thomas Dier, John Dies, Richard Dight, Robert Digweed, William Dios, John Dirrett, John Ditch, Richard Ditcher, Thomas Dixon, William Dobbs, John Dodd, James Dodson, John Dodson, John Dole, Thomas Donne, Robert Donnington, John Dorrell, Richard Dosset, John Dotterell, Walter Douglas, Thomas Doves, John Dowd, John Dowen, Richard Dowland, Richard Dowle, Robert Dowle, William Dowle, William Downes, John Draper, Edward Drewit, Roger Dudson, John Dunn, Richard Dunn, Thomas Dunn, Robert Dunning, Edward Durham, John Durrett, Hugh Dutton, John Dye, John Dyes, John Early, Richard Early, Francis East, Thomas Easton, Stephen Eden, Thomas Eden, John Edge, Joseph Edge, Christopher Edmundson, Anthony Edwards, Evan Edwards, John Edwards, Philip Edwards, Richard Edwards, Stephen Edwards, Thomas Edwards, William Edwards, John Edwin, Lawrence Edwin, Stephen Edwin, Robert Edy, William Edy, Thomas Elderwill, Robert Eldridge, Thomas Eldridge, Robert Elitt, Thomas Ellard, Marvell Ellen, Paracelsus Ellery, Peter Ellery, Simon Ellery, Thomas Ellery, Nicholas Elles, John Elleson, William Elleson, Thomas Elliott, William Elliott, Humphrey Ellis, John Ellis, Thomas Ellis, William Ellis, Nicholas Ely, Richard Ely, Peter Emery, Thomas Emery, John Emmerson, Henry Emmes, John Emmes, William Emmes, John England, Thomas English, Andrew Erwin, James Erwin, Thomas Eston, Henry Evans, Hugh Evans, James Evans, John Evans, Nathaniel Evans, Richard Evans, Robert Evans, Thomas Evans, Walter Evans, William Evans, Edward Ever/Euer, James Everythait, Anthony Ewer, Edmund Ewer, John Ewer, Ralph Ewer, Saul Ewin, Solomon Ewin, Matthew Eyles, John Facey, Thomas Facey, William Facey, John Fardew, Elias Farr, John Farr, Henry Farthing, Robert Farthing, Christopher Fassett, John Fassett, George Fellow, John Ferncom, John Fettis, Charles Fido, William Field, Philip Fillcox, Hugh Finch, John Finks, John Fisher, Roger Fisher, William Fitch, Walter Flavell, Edward Flemming, John Flemming, Samuel Flemming, William Flemming, Edward Fletcher, John Fletcher, Morgan Flood, Thomas Flood, Jenkin Fluellen, John Fluellen, William Ford, John Fossett, Nicholas Foster, Edward Fox, George Fox, Edward Foxall, Edward Foxham, John Fram, William Fram, Walter Frampton, William Francis, Richard Franklin, Francis Franne, Robert Freeman, John French, Thomas French, Griffin Friand, Thomas Friand, Michael Friar, Thomas Friar, John Frumm, William Frumm, Peter Fulks, Ralph Fulks, William Fulks, Matthew Fuller, David Furlong, George Furlong, Richard Fusill, Richard Gabells, William Gadfield, William Galey, James Gammon, John Gapper, Philip Gapper, Matthew Gardener, Richard Gardener, William Gardener, Lawrence Garfoot, William Garment, George Garraway, Robert Garraway, John Garrett, Richard Garrett, Thomas Garrett, William Gatfield, Thomas Gaunt, John Gay, James Geary, James George, John George, Elias German, Anthony Gibbs, John Gibbs, Anthony Gibson, John Gibson, William Gibson, Andrew Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, William Gilbert, Thomas Gilding, William Gilford, John Gill, Thomas Gillett, Thomas Gillitt, Robert Gilson, William Gingell, John Ginn, William Ginn, Thomas Glene, Robert Glerege, James Glover, Jeremy Glover, John Glover, Merrick Glover, Robert Glover, Thomas Glover, William Glover, Christopher Goddard, Francis Goddard, James Goddard, Thomas Goddard, George Godfrey, Martin Godfrey, Edward Godsey, Roger Goffe, Edward Golding, John Goldsmith, Thomas Goldsmith, William Goodall, Edmund Goodman, Edward Goodman, Peter Goodman, Thomas Goodman, Mark Goodwin, William Goodwin, John Granger, John Grant, Walter Grant, Robert Gravitt, Arthur Gray, Richard Gray, William Gray, Edward Green, Henry Green, John Green, John Greenes, Roger Greenwood, John Gregory, Robert Griffield, Christopher Griffin, George Griffin, John Griffin, Richard Griffin, Robert Griffin, Thomas Griffin, William Griffin, George Griffin alias Hinnye, George Grigg, William Grigg, Henry Grimes, Richard Grimes, Robert Grimes, Thomas Grimes, Philip Grove, William Grove, William Guildford, John Gurnet, Robert Guy, James Gwilliams, Henry Hackett, Edward Haddaway, Thomas Haggett, James Haines, John Haines, Ralph Haines, John Hakins, Richard Halbart, Richard Halbert, Thomas Halbert, William Halbert, Henry Hall, John Hall, Lawrence Hall, Richard Hall, Robert Hall, Thomas Hall, William Hall, John Hallam, Andrew Hallet, John Ham, Thomas Hammond, James Hampson, Richard Hampson, William Hampson, John Hancock, William Hancock, Thomas Handle, John Hanks, William Hanson, [blank] Hardcastle, Merrick Harding, Thomas Harding, John Hare, Leonard Hare, Edmund Harper, Edward Harper, John Harrad, Christopher Harris, Glad Harris, John Harris, Lewis Harris, Lid Harris, Lyd Harris, Michael Harris, Ralph Harris, Christopher Harrison, John Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Ambrose Hart, Arthur Hart, John Hart, Thomas Hart, William Hart, George Hartley, Richard Hartley, John Harvey, Morgan Harvey, John Harwood, Joseph Harwood, Robert Hassall, Edward Hathaway, Richard Hatred, Richard Hatrell, Gilbert Hatrill, Richard Hatrill, Thomas Hatt, John Haven, John Hawkins, Brice Hawks, Price Hawks, Richard Hawks, Robert Hawks, Richard Hawkshaw, John Hawthittle, William Hayfield, Thomas Haygood, Richard Hayle, James Hayward, Philip Hayward, Richard Hayward, Hugh Haywood, James Haywood, Nicholas Haywood, Philip Haywood, Robert Hazard, John Head, Arthur Heather, Christopher Heather, John Heather, Richard Heather, William Hedges, John Herne, John Herson, Edward Hessant, William Hessell, Edward Hethen, William Hewet, Richard Hewitt, Thomas Hewitt, William Hewitt, John Hewittson, Richard Hiat, Robert Hickman, John Hicks, Walter Hicks, Richard Hide, Bernard Higgens, John Higgens, William Higgens, William Higgenson, Silvanus Higham, William Higham, Andrew Hill, Henry Hill, John Hill, Warren Hill, William Hill, Simon Hillary, William Hilliard, Robert Hillier, John Hills, Matthew Hills, John Hinchley, William Hinchley, Henry Hind, William Hinxon, Matthew Hitchitt, James Hitchman, Robert Hitchman, John Hizen, Dennis Hobson, Benjamin Hodgekins, John Hodgekins, William Hodgekins, John Hodges, Richard Hodges, Thomas Hodges, William Hodges, Christopher Hodgeson, John Hodgeson, William Hodgeson, Marmaduke Hodson, Richard Hodson, William Hodson, Thomas Holland, William Hollibee, Henry Holliday, John Holliday, Andrew Hollock, Aquila Holloway, Martin Holloway, Edward Holmes, Jeremy Holmes, John Holmes, Richard Holmes, Roger Holmes, Simon Holmes, Leonard Holt, Richard Holt, James Hone, John Hone, Lambert Hone, Thomas Hone, John Hook, Thomas Hook, Peter Hooks, John Hooper, James Hopkins, Richard Hopps, John Hore, William Hore, John Hornsby, Adam Horton, John Horwood, James Howard, James Howe, John Howe, Lambert Howe, Anthony Howell, Robert Howell, Richard Hubbard, John Hubbleday, Francis Huchins, John Huchinson, Christopher Hudson, James Hudson, Henry Hughes, Owen Hughes, Rice Hughes, Richard Hughes, Thomas Hughes, William Hughes, Richard Huit, William Huit, Richard Hulbutt, Richard Hull, John Humphreys, John Hunt, Philip Hunt, Richard Hunt, Thomas Hunt, William Hunt, Richard Hunter, John Huntley, Thomas Huntley, Richard Hurlbutt, Thomas Hurt, Christopher Hussey, Robert Hussey, Marmaduke Hutchins, Richard Hutchins, Christopher Hutchinson, Francis Hutchinson, Richard Huth, John Iatt, Matthew Iles, Robert Ilson, Henry Immes, John Immes, Richard Ingle, John Inne, Robert Ipensike, Blaise Ireland, Blaze Ireland, Thomas Iremonger, William Iremonger, George Ivell, John Jack, Robert Jack, George Jackson, John Jackson, William Jackson, John Jacob, David James, Francis James, George James, John James, Richard James, Roger James, Thomas James, John Jane, William Jane, Richard Jarvis, William Jarvis, [blank] Jate, John Jatt, Francis Jellyco, Edward Jellyman, Randall Jellysie, William Jenden, William Jene, Edmund Jenevere, Lewis Jenkins, Nicholas Jenkins, William Jenkins, Richard Jenkson, James Jenner, Peter Jennings, William Jennings, John Jessop, Thomas Jessop, Thomas Jestonns, Abraham Johnson, George Johnson, John Johnson, Leonard Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Ralph Johnson, Reynold Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Johnson, Thomas Johnson, William Johnson, Reginald Jolliffe, Reginald Jonah, Benjamin Jones, Briant Jones, Christopher Jones, David Jones, Davy Jones, Edward Jones, Evan Jones, Francis Jones, George Jones, Griffin Jones, Henry Jones, John Jones, Matthew Jones, Owen Jones, Richard Jones, Robert Jones, Roger Jones, Thomas Jones, William Jones, John Jones alias Brewer, Gabriel Jordan, Ralph Jordan, Richard Jordan, Roger Jordan, William Jordan, John Joseph, Lewis Joss, Stephen Joss, Francis Joy, John Joyce, William Joyce, William Joyne, John Justine, Richard Justine, Edward Katherens, Richard Katherens, Richard Keene, Francis Keere, Richard Keere, Richard Keete, William Kellett, John Kellock, Thomas Kellock, William Kellock, Robert Kellock alias Sewerbutt, Thomas Kelly, Richard Kemm, John Kendall, Thomas Kennett, Edward Kenning, Edward Kenrick, John Kenrick, Owen Kenrick, Thomas Kenrick, John Kent, Thomas Kent, Robert Kerman, George Kerry, Richard Ketch, Samuel Keys, Abraham Keysar, John Keysar, Richard Kicker, James Kierman, Francis Kimball, Thomas Kinberry, Thomas Kindred, James King, John King, Silvester King, Thomas King, William Kingsley, George Kingston, Robert Kinred alias Calling, William Kirby, James Kirkham, John Kirkham, Robert Kirkham, John Knackston, Arnold Knight, Edmund Knight, Richard Knight, Roger Knight, William Knight, Thomas Knowles, Richard Korey, George Lacy, John Laine, Nathaniell Laiton, William Lake, Robert Lamb, John Lambert, Edward Lane, Griffin Lane, John Lane, Nicholas Lane, Richard Lane, Richard Lange, Peter Langham, Christopher Laramore, Edward Larkins, Katherens Larkins, Roger Larver, Ambrose Laughton, Thomas Launder, Thomas Launderer, Charles Lawrence, Philip Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence, Walter Lawrence, William Lawrence, Thomas Lawson, John Laycock, Edward Layton, Nathaniel Layton, Robert Layton, Robert Leaves, Abraham Lee, John Lee, Joseph Lee, Peter Lee, Christopher Lee alias Lill, Humphrey Leeson, Robert Legg, John Lellock, John Leon, Arthur Leonard, Peter Leonard, Barnaby Letgolde, John Lewes, Charles Lewis, David Lewis, Edward Lewis, James Lewis, John Lewis, Richard Lewis, Thomas Lewis, William Lewis, John Ley, Joseph Ley, Anthony Leywood, John Leywood, Henry Lidd, Christopher Lill, Francis Lill, Jasper Lilly, Henry Limbeck, Sege Linch, Griffin Linton, James Litchman, James Little, John Little, Lawrence Little, Stephen Little, Thomas Little, George Littlebury, Robert Locker, Evan Loft, James Loft, Henry Long, James Long, Richard Long, Thomas Long, William Long, John Longman, William Longman, John Love, Robert Lowe, Thomas Lowe, William Lowe, Henry Lucas, Richard Lucas, Stephen Lucas, Leonard Ludcott, Robert Luscum, John Lush, John Lye, John Lyning, Anthony Lywood, John Lywood, Thomas Lywood, Bartholomew Macham, Richard Maddox, Henry Maggott, John Maggott, Lawrence Maggott, Roger Maggott, Thomas Mainard, Thomas Mallard, James Malthouse, Anthony Mann, Thomas Mannering, Richard March, William March, Edward Marlow, Francis Marlow, Thomas Marlow, Robert Marnold, Richard Marsh, William Marsh, John Martin, John Martin, Richard Martin, Richard Martin, Richard Martin, Thomas Martin, William Martin, William Martin, John Mason, Thomas Mason, William Mason, Thomas Masters, Thomas Matcraft, John Mathon, Edward Matthews, George Matthews, Isaac Matthews, John Matthews, Thomas Matthews, William Matthews, John Mawborne, Richard May, Thomas May, Thomas Maynard, Bennett Mayne, Edmund Mead, Edward Mead, Jacob Mead, John Meades, Luke Meadows, John Medlicote, Evan Meredith, Evans Meredith, Francis Meredith, Griffin Meredith, Hugh Meredith, James Meredith, John Meredith, Robert Meredith, Thomas Meredith, William Merith, Francis Merrick, Richard Merrick, John Meson, Samuel Meson, Thomas Metcalf, Richard Michael, Hugh Military, William Miller, Henry Mills, James Mills, John Mills, Richard Mills, Jeffrey Milton, Richard Milton, Samuel Milton, Thomas Milton, William Milton, William Mimm, John Minns, William Mobbes, Evans Moir, John Molson, George Monday, Thomas Mongomery, William Moody, Andrew Moore, Francis Moore, Hugh Moore, John Moore, Thomas Moore, William Moore, John Morecock, Gill Morell, Richard Morell, Robert Morell, Thomas Morell, Henry Morgan, Hugh Morgan, John Morgan, Lewis Morgan, Lucas Morgan, Luke Morgan, Ralph Morgan, Rice Morgan, Robert Morgan, William Morgan, Hugh Morris, John Morris, Robert Morris, Rowland Morris, William Morris, Matthew Morton, Nathaniel Morton, Robert Morton, Thomas Morton, Evan Moses, Richard Moses, William Moses, Thomas Mott, Charles Mounslow, John Mowden, Robert Muckle, Sebastian Mudd, John Mugwood, Sebastian Munt, Robert Murrall, Thomas Murrall, John Nabson, Thomas Napkin, Thomas Napton, John Nash, Richard Nash, Thomas Nash, William Nash, Jeremy Nayler, John Nayler, Richard Nayler, William Needham, John Newberry, James Newby, William Newby, Bartholomew Newman, John Newman, Nathaniel Newman, Robert Newman, Abraham Niblett, Edward Niblett, Richard Nichols, Thomas Nichols, Roger Night, Robert Norman, Samuel Norman, Silvanus Norman, Silvester Norman, Thomas Norman, John Norris, Stephen North, John Nox, Richard Odson, William Odson, John Okely, Francis Okey, John Okey, William Okey, Matthew Old, George Oldner, Robert Olmar, Peter Orange, Henry Organ, Robert Organ, Thomas Organ, William Organ, John Osborn, Lewis Osborn, Thomas Osborn, William Osborn, Thomas Osborne, John Ovens, John Overstreet, Hugh Owen, Thomas Owen, John Oyer, Arthur Pagett, Michael Pagett, Peter Pagett, John Paine, Thomas Paine, John Paint, John Painter, Simon Painter, Edward Paisley, John Palmer, Peter Palmer, Thomas Palmer, Toby Palmer, William Palmer, Robert Panuell, Arthur Parker, George Parker, Jerome Parker, Robert Parris, Thomas Parrott, William Parrott, James Parry, Robert Parry, Thomas Parry, Christopher Parsons, Edward Parsons, Humphrey Parsons, John Parsons, Richard Parsons, Robert Parsons, Thesesa Parsons, Thomas Parsons, William Parsons, William Partington, Adam Pashley, James Pashley, William Pashley, John Passenger, William Passy, Humphrey Patching, John Pate, John Patey, Thomas Patience, William Patience, Oliver Patrick, John Patten, Anthony Pawley, Tobias Pawmer, John Peacock, Abraham Peate, Nicholas Peate, William Peate, Lawrence Pecham, Arthur Peckett, Richard Peele, William Peele, James Pelham, Frank Pellard, Francis Peniall, Nicholas Peniall, Thomas Peniall, Thomas Penner, John Penson, Philip Perkes, Melchisedeck Perkins, Robert Perrin, Edward Perry, James Perry, Robert Perry, Thomas Perry, William Perry, Adam Peshey, Robert Pestelow, Robert Pester, Leonard Pestle, Nicholas Pett, Edmund Pettett, Joseph Philcox, Philip Philcox, Richard Philcox, Edward Philks, Richard Philks, William Philks, Ambrose Phillips, John Phillips, Thomas Phillips, William Phillips, Richard Phillpott, Griffin Pierce, Henry Pierce, Hugh Pierce, John Pierce, Richard Pierce, Christopher Pierson, Richard Pierson, Michael Piggott, Thomas Piggott, William Piggott, John Pike, Thomas Pilgrim, William Pinson, James Pinwell, Samuel Pinwell, David Pitchard, Michael Pitts, John Plasted, Alexander Platt, Edmund Platt, Edward Platt, George Platt, Henry Platt, Robert Platt, Thomas Platt, John Play, John Player, John Pointer, John Pollard, Clement Polton, Richard Polton, Francis Pooley, Cornelius Pope, Francis Pope, William Pope, Henry Port, Richard Port, Edward Porter, Thomas Porter, Hugh Powell, John Powell, Leonard Powell, Lewis Powell, Richard Powell, Rowland Powell, Thomas Powell, William Powell, John Powell alias Organ, George Prattock, John Predam, John Prell, John Preston, Bartholomew Price, [blank] Price, David Price, Davy Price, Edward Price, Evan Price, Evans Price, Hugh Price, John Price, Peter Price, Randall Price, Randolph Price, Rice Price, Richard Price, Roger Price, Stephen Price, Thomas Price, William Price, David Prichard, David Pricket, John Priestly, John Prince, Michael Prior, Nicholas Prior, William Prior, David Pritchard, Davy Pritchard, Francis Pritchard, John Pritchard, Thomas Pritchard, John Proctor, Thomas Proctor, Thomas Pullen, John Purser, Richard Purser, William Quick, Henry Quilton, Henry Raff, William Ramsa, Rowland Ramsey, Thomas Randall, Richard Rande, William Randolph, Richard Ratcliff, Rowland Ratcliff, John Rawlins, Michael Rawlins, William Rawlins, John Ray, Thomas Ray, Humillity Read, James Read, William Read, Robert Reading, Roger Reading, Thomas Reddish, Thomas Redhall, Cuthbert Redhead, Gilbert Redhead, Thomas Redhead, William Redman, Richard Reeves, Jasper Reles, Edward Remnant, Andrew Reynolds, David Reynolds, Davis Reynolds, Davy Reynolds, James Reynolds, Thomas Reynolds, William Reynolds, John Rice, Thomas Rice, John Richards, Oliver Richards, Philip Richards, William Richards, Anthony Richardson, Cornelius Richardson, John Richardson, Robert Richbell, Richard Rider, Edmund Ridge, Edward Ridge, Thomas Ridgeby, Arnold Rigden, Henry Riley, Robert Riscome, Thomas Rivitt, Alexander Roberts, John Roberts, Matthew Roberts, Michael Roberts, Nathaniel Roberts, Robert Roberts, Walter Roberts, William Roberts, Edward Robinson, George Robinson, James Robinson, Philip Robinson, Robert Robinson, Walter Robinson, William Robinson, George Roe, Nicholas Roe, John Roebottom, Hugh Rogers, John Rogers, Ralph Rogers, Richard Rogers, Robert Rogers, Thomas Rogers, William Rogers, Nicholas Rolls, Cuthbert Romford, Henry Romford, Richard Romford, Cuthbert Romsett, Thomas Rosby, William Rosby, Henry Rose, Thomas Rowland, William Rowse, Thomas Rudsby, Thomas Rudyard, John Russell, Thomas Russell, Rowland Rutledge, Richard Rutter, Thomas Sachwell, Arthur Sampson, Jeffrey Samuell, David Sanders, Davy Sanders, Henry Sanders, Reynold Sanders, Thomas Sanders, William Sanders, James Sands, William Sandy, Thomas Satchwell, Edward Savage, George Savory, Thomas Sawell, James Sawnce, Thomas Saywell, John Scales, William Scales, John Schott, Thomas Scory, Lawrence Scott, Richard Scott, Philip Scratcher, Nicholas Scull, William Scull, Nicholas Scuttle, William Seabrook, Henry Seaburne, John Seaburne, Richard Seagood, George Seale, John Seaman, John Seamer, William Seare, Ithamore Seares, Richard Searles, Edward Seaton, William Sedlock, Peter Sellers, John Sergeant, Hugh Shakell, Richard Sharp, Thomas Sharp, John Shattock, William Shattock, James Shaw, Thomas Shaw, Henry Sheene, SImon Sheene, Simon Sheene, Stephen Sheene, Thomas Sheene, William Sheene, Robert Shelton, Nicholas Shepherd, Walter Shepherd, William Shepherd, John Shering, Thomas Sherley, Thomas Sherwin, John Short, John Shorter, James Sickle, Edmund Sidenham, Edward Sidenham, Edward Sidney, [blank] Sidram, John Sill, James Silverthorn, Richard Silverton, Richard Silvester, William Silvester, Charles Simcox, John Simonds, Nicholas Simonds, Richard Simonds, John Simpson, William Simpson, John Sines, James Singleton, John Singleton, Nicholas Singleton, John Sinland, John Sith, John Skelton, Richard Skelton, William Skewe, John Skinner, Thomas Skinner, William Skinner, Richard Slade, Robert Slade, Thomas Slade, William Slade, Thomas Slaughter, Walter Slaven, Edward Sly, Richard Sly, William Sly, William Slye, Walter Smillin, Abraham Smith, CHECK Smith, Edmund Smith, Henry Smith, Hugh Smith, Humphrey Smith, Isaac Smith, Jacob Smith, James Smith, John Smith, Lawrence Smith, Martin Smith, Morris Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, Laurence Smithee, Edmund Smithen, Edward Smithen, James Smithen, John Smithen, Lawrence Smithen, Richard Smithen, John Snallam, John Snalum, John Snapes, Thomas Snapes, James Snelling, John Snelling, Nicholas Snelling, Robert Snelling, Walter Snelling, William Snelling, John Snexton, Edmund Soare, Edward Soare, William Soare, John Sonne, George Soule, William Sounden, Robert Spangitt, William Sparking, William Sparkinge alias Some, Walter Sparkman, William Sparks, John Sparrow, William Sparrow, Richard Spencer, Robert Spencer, William Spencer, William Spender, William Spingwick, Davy Spredam, John Spredam, Edward Sprinklett, John Sprinklett, Edmund Stafford, Richard Stafford, Richard Stagg, John Stagpole, Arnold Standen, Richard Standish, Robert Standish, John Stanford, Nicholas Stanford, Seth Stanford, William Stanford, Arnold Stanham, Philip Stanton, Peter Stapleton, Edward Starkewe, William Starkey, Robert Starling, Thomas Starling, William Starling, William Starton, Philip Steddon, George Stedman, Roger Stedman, William Steed, George Steele, Henry Stepping, Thomas Sterry, John Stevens, Richard Stevens, Robert Stevens, William Stevens, John Stevenson, Griffin Steward, Isaac Steward, Ivatt Steward, William Stich, William Stiff, Henry Stiles, John Stiles, Thomas Stiles, William Stiles, William Stoddard, Edward Stodder, Robert Stodder, John Stokes, Richard Stokes, Robert Stokes, Thomas Stokes, Thomas Stollard, William Stollard, Cooper Stollock, Gamaliell Stone, Richard Stone, William Stone, Arthur Story, John Stout, Tilbury Strange, Richard Stratford, Robert Stratford, Simon Stratford, Robert Straw, Abraham Street, Edward Street, John Street, William Street, John Stringer, Robert Stubbs, Francis Stuck, John Stuck, William Style, James Suffield, Francis Summers, Nicholas Summers, William Summers, Matthew Sutton, Christopher Swallow, John Sweet, Thomas Swetnam, John Swinborne, John Tanner, William Taplin, William Tapps, Edward Tarvill, Nathaniel Tatton, Walter Tatton, Richard Tawyer, Thomas Tawyer, Edward Taylor, George Taylor, Gregory Taylor, Henry Taylor, Hugh Taylor, John Taylor, Mark Taylor, Philip Taylor, Thomas Taylor, William Taylor, William Teague, Christopher Teale, George Teale, George Tedman, Richard Tench, Christopher Terne, Thomas Terrill, Humphrey Terry, Abraham Tew, Thomas Tew, Robert Tewke, John Tharp, John Thawts, Richard Thayer, John Thickis, John Thobelbe, Abel Thomas, John Thomas, Richard Thomas, Robert Thomas, Simon Thomas, Thomas Thomas, William Thomas, Anthony Thompson, Christopher Thompson, Ellis Thompson, Henry Thompson, Peter Thompson, Robert Thompson, Thomas Thompson, William Thompson, William Thorne, John Thornton, John Thornycomb, John Tiler, Edward Tiling, Roger Timming, Henry Timson, William Timson, [blank] Tippell, Richard Tippell, Thomas Tirell, John Tison, Edward Titon, John Titon, Thomas Titon, William Titon, John Toats, William Toats, Nicholas Todd, George Todman, John Tomkins, Nicholas Tomkins, George Tomlins, John Tomlins, Richard Tomlinson, William Tomlinson, William Topley, William Totes, Walter Totten, John Totts, Isaac Towell, Richard Towers, John Townsend, Richard Townsend, Thomas Townsend, William Townsend, James Treherne, Esdras Trout, Robert Trout, Thomas Truelock, William Truelock, Richard Trundey, Thomas Trundey, John Tuck, Richard Tuck, Robert Tuck, John Tucker, William Tucker, Samuel Tuckey, William Tuft, [blank] Tumberkin, William Tupe, Richard Turk, John Turner, Robert Turner, William Turner, James Tutfield, Henry Twilton, John Tyler, Nicholas Tyler, Thomas Tyler, Thomas Underwood, Richard Upton, Tobias Urin, Toby Urin, Jerome Vale, Charles Vaughan, Francis Vaughan, Richard Vaughan, Rowland Vaughan, William Vaughan, Henry Verchy, John Verdue, John Vickers, Thomas Viggit, John Vincent, John Vinson, Thomas Wacrell, Thomas Wadden, Thomas Wadlow, Thomas Wadsworth, Thomas Wafer, William Wainman, Ferdinando Wakefield, James Walker, John Wallis, Thomas Wallis, Thomas Walter, George Wandall, John Wandall, Roger Wandall, Henry Ward, John Ward, Morgan Ward, Richard Ward, John Warden, Thomas Warden, John Ware, Roger Waridall, John Warner, Ralph Warner, Robert Warner, Thomas Warrant, Christopher Warren, Griffin Warren, John Warren, Richard Warren, Thomas Warren, Thomas Warwick, Thomas Washborn, Robert Washfield, Thomas Washfield, Thomas Watercomb, Henry Watford, Henry Watkins, Lewis Watkins, Thomas Watkins, William Watkins, Zachariah Watkins, Zachary Watkins, John Watson, Richard Watson, Robert Watson, Thomas Watson, William Watson, John Watts, Thomas Watts, Hall Watty, Paul Watty, John Wayman, Robert Wayman, Thomas Wayman, Charles Webb, Edward Webb, Richard Webb, Thomas Webb, William Webb, Richard Wedge, Thomas Weekes, Peter Welch, Thomas Welch, Thomas Welcome, Richard Welford, Francis Wells, John Wells, William Wells, Edward West, John West, Richard West, Thomas West, William West, Richard Westcott, John Westwood, John Weyman, Athanasius Whiniard, John Whinnett, Richard Whipham, Abel White, Edward White, George White, Hugh White, John White, Richard White, Robert White, Thomas White, William White, John Whitehead, John Whitehorne, Philip Whiting, John Whitingham, John Whitter, John Whittington, Robert Widnall, Ralph Wiggens, Richard Wiggens, Thomas Wiggens, Hugh Wilcox, John Wilcox, Richard Wild, Francis Wilford, Edward Wilkinson, John Wilkinson, Richard Wilkinson, Thomas Wilkinson, Thomas Wilkinsonne, Augustus Williams, David Williams, Davy Williams, Edward Williams, Ellis Williams, George Williams, Henry Williams, Hugh Williams, John Williams, Lewis Williams, Nicholas Williams, Peter Williams, Richard Williams, Thomas Williams, John Williamson, Peter Williamson, Thomas Williamson, Williamson, Thomas Willingham, Adam Willis, Thomas Willis, Richard Wilson, Robert Wilson, Philip Wiltshire, Richard Wiltshire, George Windsor, John Windsor, Leonard Windsor, Hugh Winn, Robert Winter, William Winter, John Winterton, John Winwood, John Witchenden, Robert Wondall, Edward Wood, Henry Wood, James Wood, John Wood, Richard Wood, Robert Wood, John Wooden, Thomas Wooden, William Wooden, Edward Woodford, Francis Woodhouse, Thomas Woodman, Edmund Woodroff, Edmund Woodward, William Woodward, Richard Wooer, Thomas Wordin, [blank] Worlington, Thomas Worlington, Robert Worrall, Thomas Worrall, John Worship, Thomas Worthen, George Wright, John Wright, Richard Wright, Thomas Wright, William Wright, John Wyand, John Yardley, John Yarner, Robert Yarner, William Yarner, John Yhat, Edmund Yore, John Young, Peter Young, Richard Young, Thomas Young.

Water Stiller:  Philip Butcher.

Waxchandler:  (see also Chandler and Tallowchandler):  William Hawley, James Selye.

Weaver:  (see also Cloth Weaver):  Richard Allen, William Allen, Thomas Allis, John Almond, Richard Annatt, Roger Appleby, James Archer, Thomas Archer, William Archer, John Arnold, William Ashley, John Ashwell, Thomas Aspley, Edward Atkinson, Francis Austen, John Avery, John Bailey, Thomas Bailey, John Baker, Peter Baker, John Ball, Thomas Ball, Francis Banbury, Wilfry Bannister, Samuel Barlow, William Barnes, William Barras, William Barratt, Oliver Barrington, John Barrows, William Barrows, Robert Barwick, Roger Barwick, William Barwood, Thomas Beard, John Bee, Richard Benedick, Roger Bennet, John Bethell, Henry Biggs, John Bill, John Binn, Ralph Bisney, John Bonus, Henry Booker, Simon Bouton, Richard Bowen, Samuel Bowlin, Love Branson, Thomas Brewer, Henry Briggs, Ralph Bristow, Roger Britt, George Brook, Robert Brook, Henry Brooker, John Brooker, Robert Brooker, John Brown, Robert Brown, Simon Brown, Thomas Brown, Thomas Bull/Ball, Peter Bullard, Richard Bullock, William Burnham, William Burrows, Henry Burt, John Butler, Thomas Carr, Edward Carter, John Carter, Croft Castle [changed from silk weaver], John Chambers, Robert Chambers, Alexander Clark, Henry Clark, Samuel Clark, Samuell Clarke, Peter Clayton, Edward Clifton, Henry Collins, John Collinson, John Cook, William Cook, Nicholas Cooper, Solomon Cooper, John Coram, John Cox, Thomas Crane, Ralph Crisely, Edward Cross, Egerton Crosswell, Richard Crouchman, Nicholas Cuckow, Richard Curtis, Robert Danes, Thomas Daniell, Edward Darington, Oliver Darington, James Dasset, Garrett Davis, Jeffrey Davis, Richard Davis, Robert Davis, John Day, John Dee, William Deering, John Derham, John Derom, John Derrant, James Devis, Richard Dickenson, Richard Diggells, Thomas Downes, John Drinckwater, John Dugdale, John Dunkin, Runnian Dunkin, John Durham, John Dusran, John Eaton, John Ellis, William Ellis, John Eton, Hugh Evans, Richard Farr, John Farrow, John Filler, Daniel Flemming, Christopher Follie, Thomas Ford, Christopher Fowley, Richard Frame, Richard Franklin, Edward Frayle, Christopher Gardener, Edward Gardener, William Gardener, William Garland, Christopher Garnet, William Garnish, Richard Garrett, Robert Gatfield, Caleb Gobstock, Arnold Godson, John Gooding, John Gosney, John Gosning, Cornelius Gray, William Green, Henry Greenaway, John Greenaway, William Greenaway, John Greenwood, Edward Griffin, John Griffin, Thomas Griffin, William Griffin, Thomas Griffis, Matthew Haley, Matthew Hall, William Hall, Thomas Hargrave, John Harris, William Harvey, Matthew Hayle, Clement Hayward, John Hayward, Clement Haywood, Anthony Heard, Richard Heath, Richard Hely, Blackwell Henley, John Henley, William Hester, Thomas Hicks, William Hill, Nicholas Holden, Thomas Hollis, Thomas Holt, William Holt, William Hood, Robert Hopkins, George Hore, Thomas Howard, Edward Howell, Thomas Hughes, John Hundley, William Hurst, Richard Jackson, Edward James, Ralph Jefferson, John Jeffrey, Richard Jew, Lawrence Johnson, William Johnson, William Jones, Isaac Joyce, John Kennill, William King, Christopher Kingston, Edward Lane, Robert Larkat, Robert Leaves, William Lee, Peter Lenden, John Little, Thomas Lucas, Richard Ludlow, Thomas Maberley, William Mallowes, Jeremy Mann, William Mann, [blank] Mant, Richard Mant, Thomas Markham, William Markham, Samuel Martin, John Masters, Thomas Masters, Thomas Maxfield, William Maxfield, John Maxly, Edward May, John May, Francis Maymon, William Mayner, John Mead, Henry Medcalf, John Merry, John Monk, William Monk, Robert Moore, William Moore, Francis Morin, Thomas Mortimer, Richard Mott, James Munsey, John Munsey, Nicholas Needham, John Newman, William Newton, Christopher Norton, John Oates, Francis Ott, John Page, Nicholas Page, Richard Page, John Painter, Richard Painter, Nicholas Paye, Nicholas Peach, Thomas Pebworth, John Pelham, Thomas Perpoint, Thomas Peters, Randall Phillip, Davy Phillips, Romball Phillips, Rumball Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Edward Piggott, Richard Pinder, Robert Pinder, John Pinns, Edmund Pinson, Richard Pointer, William Polton, John Poole, John Pooler[?], John Pratt, Thomas Price, Thomas Rance, George Randall, Edward Ransford, Robert Ratcliff, Richard Ray, James Rayner, Richard Rayner, Henry Redhugh, Thomas Relfe, Daniel Reynolds, Edward Reynolds, Roger Rhoades, Roger Rhodes, Anthony Richardson, Alexander Richmond, Richard Richmond, William Rider, George Roberts, Richard Romball, Thomas Romball, Francis Rose, Henry Rose, Roger Rose, Edward Russell, Robert Russell, Thomas Russell, William Russell, Rowland Rutland, Thomas Salisbury, Edward Samon, Robert Samon, James Sanders, John Sanders, Robert Scott, John Seleno, John Sellers, Francis Sever, Richard Shacklock, William Shafts, Richard Shakeleg, John Shank, John Sharp, William Sharp, John Sharples, John Shaw, Richard Shetlock, Robert Shewell, Thomas Slowe, Andrew Smart, Henry Smith, Hubert Smith, John Smith, Richard Smith, Thomas Smith, Walter Smith, William Smith, John Snow, John Sparkfield, John Sparrowfield, Richard Sparrowfield, Thomas Spencer, John Stanford, James Stedman, James Steele, Thomas Stellam, Francis Stiff, Francis Stiles, William Stone, Robert Stoney, Thomas ?Stum, William Sturney, James Sugatt, Simon Swetnam, Richard Tanner, Edward Tart, Thomas Tatnell, Thomas Taylor, William Taylor, Humphrey Tedder, William Terry, Anthony Thompson, James Thompson, Robert Thompson, William Thompson, Henry Thorp, Robert Tillingson, John Tucker, John Tustian, Richard Twist, John Vernon, John Vinson, Richard Voke, William Waggott, William Waine, Thomas Wakeham, Christopher Wallis, Richard Walters, Thomas Ware, John Warren, Roger Warwick, Richard Waters, Peter Watkins, William Wayne, Edward Webb, Robert Webb, Thomas Webb, George Webster, William West, William Westfield, Daniel White, John Whitehead, Hugh Whitensday, Thomas Whitingslow, William Whittingham, David Williams, John Williams, Thomas Wills, William Wittins, Thomas Witts, Robert Wood, Ezechiel Worsley, Edward Wright, John Wright, William Yeeles, Richard Young.

Wharfinger:  Thomas Fairey.

Wheeler:  Richard Rabonet.

Wheelwright:  Henry Darvill, William Deacon, John Doggett, Simon Eaton, Richard Ellis, Richard Elson, William Green, Thomas Hills, Edward Howe, William Hutchinson, William Odiam, Nicholas Purchase, Richard Rabonet, Edward Smith, John Webb, John Wells. ,

White Baker:  (see also Baker, Brown Baker, Cake Baker, and Baker's Servant):  Thomas Whitingslow.

White Leather Dresser:  Robert Frith.

Whitster:  John Barnes, Richard Beane, Richard Bear, John Blunden, Overington Blunden, Peter Brather, Robert Brett, Robert Brocket, William Clark, Thomas Davis, John Dodd, John Dover, William Dover, Hugh Evans, Richard Hawks, Thomas Hawks, John Johnson, John Kilman, Robert Kirk, John Mash, Fulke Morris, Thomas Pawley [Polly], Richard Pillet, Peter Ravening, Robert Sealcott, William Sherley, William Sherlock.

Wine Cooper:  John Barnham, John Hemmings, Thomas Sorrell, Methuselah Walden.

Wine Porter:  Polidore Abree, Edward Craven, Francis Dilland, Roger Hazell, Anthony Park, John Rowland, Robert Taylor.

Wire Drawer:  William Barrows, John Hill, Thomas Hill, William Hill, Josias Lapee, Richard Millington, Thomas Newman, Richard Paiton, Thomas Pantler, John Porter, Daniel Taylor, Robert Wise.

Wire Twister:  William Barrows.

Wire Worker:  John Powell.

Wood Cleaver:  Ralph Bisney.

Woodmonger:  William Aborne, John Banning, Joseph Biggs, Robert Bromfield, William Champion, Thomas Cheyney, Henry Colly, Henry Crawley, Richard Dawson, Thomas Ferris, Daniel Gogee, John Nichols, Zachary [Zachaeus] Perkins, Philip Rossiter, John Spencer, Alexander Tollson, Thomas Turner, John West, Henry Williams, Richard Wooton.

Wool Comber:  Edward Appleby, John Dye.

Woollen Draper:  Thomas Booth, John Chapman, Edward Cook, Richard Goldsmith, Francis Hayes, Francis Martin, John Paltock, Richard Taylor, William Ward, John Weston.

Wool Packer:  John Gill.

Wool Winder:  John Gill, James Miles, Paul Ranson.

Workman at the Glass House:  Richard Bailey.

Worsted Weaver:  William Holmes, Francis Pickering.

Yeoman:  Robert Abbot, Thomas Allen, Richard Brewton, Garrett Bridges, Thomas Butler, John Capper, Henry Clitherow, Thomas Cook, Thomas Darett, William Davis, Robert Dimmock, Henry Emmerson, John Field, John Fox, William Gawton, Robert Grigsam, William Guibans, Robert Hall, Thomas Hawks, William Hawksworth, Thomas Johnson, William Lacy, William Orange, Francis Pratt, George Richardson, John Robinson, Gilbert Rockett, Edmund Royden, Thomas Salter, Nicholas Shelley, Jasper Shervye, William Shiplye, John Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, William Soper, Richard Starsaker, John Stockman, Thomas Taylor, Thomas Terry, Toby Tucker, Thomas Waller, Jasper Warner, John Weedon.

Yeoman of the Guard:  William Carter, Richard Forebench, John Luntley.

Trades and Vocations Organized into Classes: These classifications are imprecise, often arbitrary, and often involve guesswork.  Terms marked with an asterisk can be found in the glossary at the end. 

Agriculture, Husbandry:  see  Cow KeeperDrover*FarmerGardenerGrazier*Hay BinderHay MakerHusbandmanPinner*PlanterScythe SmithSeed SellerWarrener

Arms, Armor:  see  ArmorerBeaver* MakerBowyerGun FounderGun MakerGunnerGunsmithGunstock MakerPike MakerSail ManSail TailorSaltpetre* MakerSaltpetre* Man*Seller of PikesShip CarpenterShipwright

Beer, Wine, etc:  see  Ale BrewerAqua Vitae* MakerAqua Vitae* ManAqua Vitae* Stiller*Beer BrewerBeer ClerkBrewerBrewer's ClerkBrewer's ServantDrawer of WineTapster  (see also Tapster of the Clink);  TipplerVintnerVintner's ServantWine CooperWine Porter

Building Trades:  see  BricklayerBrick MakerCarpenterDeal* MerchantDrayman*File CutterFreemason*JoinerMasonMillwrightNailerNail MakerPlastererPlumberSawyerSawyer of WainscotStone CutterTimber ManTimber Merchant

Cloth, Clothing:  see  Alming* WeaverBodice MakerBone-Lace* MakerBrazil* GrinderBrazil* ManBrazil* SellerBroadcloth DrawerBroadcloth WeaverBroad WeaverButton MakerCapperCloth Drawer / Drawer of ClothCloth DyerClothierCloth MakerCloth PackerCloth WeaverCloth WorkerCoat MakerCollar MakerDoublet MakerDraperDrawer of LinenDyerDyer's ServantEmbroidererFarthingale MakerFlax DresserFlax ManFurrierFustian DresserFustian WeaverGirdlerGloverHaberdasherHaberdasher of HatsHaberdasher of Small WaresHat Band MakerHat DresserHat MakerHat Trimmer / Trimmer of HatsHemp BeaterHemp DresserHemp ManHemp SellerHempsterHosierHot PresserLace Work WeaverLinen DraperLinen WeaverLoom Work WeaverMercerMerchant TailorMillinerMohair WeaverNeedle MakerPiccadilly MakerPin MakerPinner*Pointer*Point MakerPurse MakerRed Ochre MakerRuff WeaverSempsterSilk DyerSilk ManSilk Throwster* / Silk ThrowerSilk TwisterSilk WeaverSilk WinderSkinnerStocking MakerStocking MenderStocking SellerStuff* DyerStuff* WeaverBroker of Stuffs*TailorTape MakerTape WeaverThread DyerThread MakerThread ManThread Throwster*Thread TwisterThrowster*Tiffany WeaverTuftaffata WeaverWeaverWhitster*Wool ComberWoollen DraperWool PackerWool WinderWorsted Weaver

Coal, Fuel:  see  Coal HeaverCoal Meter*Coal MerchantCoal PorterCoal SellerCollierWood CleaverWoodmonger

Food and Drink:  see  Baker  (Brown BakerCake BakerSugar BakerWhite Baker);  Baker's ServantButcherCheesemongerComfit* MakerConfectionerCookCorn ChandlerCorn HandlerCorn Meter*Corn PorterCostermongerDistillerDryfishmongerDry SalterFishmongerFish PorterFish PurveyorFruitererGarbler*GrocerMilk ManMillerOatmeal MakerOatmeal ManPie CookPoultererSalterSalt MakerSauce ManSauce SellerSaucierStiller*Tripe ManVictuallerWater BearerWater Stiller* / Stiller* of Waters

Horses:  see  Bit MakerBridle MakerFarrierHorse CourserHorse KeeperOstlerSadlerSpurrierStirrup Maker

Law:  see  AdvocateAttorneyCivil LawyerLawyerLawyer's ClerkSolicitor

Military, Naval:  see  CaptainGuardGunnerLieutenantMarinerMaster Gunner of a ShipPike ManSailorSea SurgeonSea CookSeafaring ManSeamanShip MasterSoldier

Minstrels, Musicians, Players:  see  ActorDrum PlayerFiddlerHarperInstrument MakerMask MakerMinstrelMusicianOrgan MakerPlayerStage PlayerTrumpeterVirginal Teacher

Offices, Office-Holders: 
• Bear Garden:  Bear-HerdBear-WardMaster of the Bear GardenMaster of the Bears
• Borough:  Bailiff of the BoroughBeadle* of the Borough
• Bowling Alley:  Keeper of the Bowling Alley
• Clink:  Bailiff of the ClinkKeeper of the ClinkMaster of the ClinkTapster of the Clink
• College of Heralds:  Pursuivant*
• Counter:  Counter* KeeperJailer of the Counter*Keeper of the Counter
• Court of Arches:  Proctor of the Arches*
• Custom House:  Office of the Custom HouseOfficer of the Custom House
• Hospital:  Clerk of the Hospital
• King's Bench Prison:  Officer in the King's Bench
• Market:  Clerk of the Market
• Marshal:  Deputy Marshal*Knight Marshal's ManMarshal's ManUnder-Marshal*
• Meters:  Coal Meter*Corn Meter*
• Powder House:  Officer in the Powder House
• School:  SchoolmasterSchoolmaster of the Free SchoolUsher of the Free School
• Stable:  Groom of the Stable
• Tennis Court:  Tennis Court Keeper
• White Lion Prison:  Keeper of the White Lion
• Indeterminate:  BailiffBailiff's ManOfficer to the BailiffBeadle*ChamberlainClerk to the Pot HouseCouncellorJustice of the PeaceOfficerOfficer to the CourtProctor*RegistrarSearcherTipstaff*

Parish:  see  Bell RingerClerk of the ParishDoctor of DivinityGrave MakerLecturerMinisterPreacherSexton

Royal Office-Holders, Royal Servants: 
• Queen:  Master of the Queen's Bargethe Queen's Servant
• King:  Clerk of the King's Kitchenthe King's Bottle Keeperthe King's Purveyor of Coalsthe King's servantthe King's Shipwrightthe King's Trumpeterthe King's WatermanMaster of the King's Pike GardenOf the King's Pike YardOf the King's CellarOf the King's GuardOf the King's Scullerythe King's Fishmongerthe King's ServantServant to the King
• Prince:  Bargemaster to the Princethe Prince's Barge Masterthe Prince's Servantthe Prince's Wardrobe Keeperthe Prince's Waterman
• Other:  Coiner in the TowerCourtierGuardsmanOfficer to the CourtYeoman of the Guardthe Earl of OxfordServant to the Countess of Oxford

Status:  see  EsquireFreeholderGentlemanGrecianKnightLodgerLodger in the CloseMaidservantPrisonerServantServant to Mr BowmerServant to a Soap BoilerServant ManServingmanStrangerYeoman

Trades, Callings:  see 
• Academic:  AstronomerClerkScholar
• Commerce, Labor:  FactorLaborerLaborer at Colonel Hardwick'sLaborer at the Pot HouseLaboring ManMerchantMerchantmanMerchant's Factor
• Glass:  Glass MakerGlass ManGlass SellerGlazierLooking Glass MakerSeller of GlassesSpectacle MakerWorkman at the Glass House
• Gold, Silver:  GilderGold BeaterGold DrawerGoldsmithGold SpinnerGold TwisterGold WeaverGold Wire DrawerSilver DrawerSilversmithSilver SpinnerSilver TwisterSilver Wire Drawer
• Health:  ApothecaryDoctorDoctor of PhysicPhysicianSurgeonTooth Drawer
• Leather; Shoes:  CobblerCordwainer*CurrierHeel MakerLast* MakerLeather DresserLeather ParerLeather SellerShoemakerSpanish Leather DresserTannerWhite Leather Dresser
• Tobacco:  Maker-Up of TobaccoPipe* MakerTobacco Box MakerTobacco CutterTobacco MakerTobacco ManTobacco Pipe MakerTobacco Pipe ManTobacco Seller
• Writing, Printing:  BookbinderBooksellerInk Horn Maker Ink Seller PrinterScrivenerSeller of Pens and InkStationer
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Transport by Land or Water:  see  BargemanBearerCar MakerCarmanCarrierCarterCoachmanHackney ManLighterman*Oar MakerPorterShip CarpenterShipwrightWagonerWatermanWharfinger*WheelerWheelwright

Glossary of less-familiar terms. 

Alming, Alming-Weaver:  An unknown term; not in OED. 

Aqua Vitae:  A term of the alchemists applied to ardent spirits or unrectified alcohol; sometimes applied, in commerce, to ardent spirits of the first distillation.  Hence, popularly, any form in which ardent spirits have been drunk, as brandy, whisky, etc.  (OED)

Arches, Court of:  The Court of Arches is the provincial court for Canterbury, with both appellate and original jurisdiction.  The court normally sat in the church of St Mary le Bow (Sancta Maria de arcubus, whose arches give the court its name). 

Beadle:  An inferior parish officer appointed by the vestry to keep order in church, punish petty offenders, and act as the servitor or messenger of the parish generally; a parish constable.  (OED)

Beaver:  The lower portion of the face-guard of a helmet, when worn with a visor; but occasionally serving the purposes of both.  (OED: Obs. exc. Hist.) 

Bodger:  A botcher, mender, or patcher of old items.  (OED: Obs.

Bone-Lace:  Lace, usually of linen thread, made by knitting upon a pattern marked by pins, with bobbins originally made of bone; formerly called bone-work lace.  (OED)

Brazil:  The name of the hard brownish-red wood of an East Indian tree from which dyers obtain a red colour.  After the discovery of the New World, the name was extended and gradually transferred to the similar wood of a South American species, which has given its name to the land of Brazil, and to other species, 'all valuable to the dyer, producing various tints of red, orange, and peach colour' (OED). 

Comfit:  A sweetmeat made of some fruit, root, etc., preserved with sugar; now usually a small round or oval mass of sugar enclosing a caraway seed, almond, etc.; a sugar-plum.  (OED)

Cordwainer:  A worker in cordwain or cordovan leather; a shoemaker.  (OED: Obs.)

Counter:  The name of a class of city prisons for debtors, etc.  The Southwark Compter, known as the Borough Compter, was a small compter or prison initially located in Southwark High Street but moved to nearby Tooley Street in the 17th century, where it stood until demolished until 1855.  The two London Compters or Counters were the Poultry Compter and the Wood Street Compter.  See Prisons

Currier:  One whose trade is the dressing and colouring of leather after it has been tanned by a tanner. 

Deal:  A plank or board of wood, usually more than seven inches wide, and not more than three thick. 

Drayman:  One who drives a Dray, that is, a sled or cart without wheels, formerly much used for dragging wood, turf, etc. (OED: Obs.)

Drover:  One who drives droves of cattle, sheep, etc., to market; a dealer in cattle. 

Fellmonger:  A dealer in skins or hides of animals, especially sheep-skins. 

Firkin:  A small cask for liquids, fish, butter, etc.; four firkins equal one barrel. 

Freemason:  A mason, a skilled worker in stone.  Superseded in our own day to mean a member of a social fellowship. 

Garbler:  An official who garbled spices, etc. (i.e. removed the refuse from them); a sifter. (OED: Obs. exc. Hist.) 

Grazier:  One who grazes or feeds cattle for the market. 

Huckster:  A retailer of small goods, in a small shop or booth, or at a stall; a pedlar, a hawker. 

Last:  A wooden model of a foot, on which shoemakers shape boots and shoes. 

Lighterman:  Operator of a boat or vessel, usually a flat-bottomed barge, used in lightening or unloading — or sometimes loading — ships that cannot be discharged or loaded at a wharf.  Lighters were also used for transporting goods of any kind across the Thames. 

Marshal:  Properly Knight-Marshal.  The Knight Marshal was an officer in the royal household, deputy to the Earl Marshal.  The Knight Marshal and his men were responsible for maintaining order within the King's Court (Court of Marshalsea or Palace Court). 

Meter:  A person who measures, a measurer; esp. one responsible for seeing that commodities are traded according to the proper measure.  (OED: Now rare.) 

Packthread:  Strong cord or twine used for sewing or tying up packs or bundles. 

Pinner:  The word can have two meanings in our period.  (1) A pin-maker, a person who makes pins or nails; (2) A person employed to impound stray animals (sometimes spelled 'pinder'). 

Pipe Maker:  According to the OED, in our period the term referred to tobacco rather than plumbing. 

Pointer:  A point-maker; a maker of tagged points or laces for fastening clothes.  (OED: Obs.)

Prisons:  There were five prisons in the Southwark area: the Clink, King's Bench Prison, the White Lion, the Borough Compter, and the Marshalsea. 

Proctor:  A person employed to manage the affairs of someone else; an agent, proxy, attorney.  (OED: Now hist. and rare)

Pursuivant:  Properly, a junior heraldic officer attendant on a herald or nobleman, and ranking below a herald.  In the English College of Arms in our period (and still today) there were three Kings of Arms, six Heralds, and four Pursuivants.  The two men here named as pursuivants (if our reading is correct) were not members of the College of Arms (see list here), so they may have been private officers of arms, appointed by a nobleman.

Saltpetre:  Saltpetre is a white crystalline substance (potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate) having a saline taste; it is the chief constituent of gunpowder, and is used medicinally.  (OED)

Saltpetre Man:  A man appointed to find saltpetre for the manufacture of gunpowder.  (OED: Obs.)

Stiller:  One who distils; a distiller.

Stuff:  In Middle English poetry, the quilted material worn under the mail, or itself serving in place of armour.  In later use: Defensive armour.  (OED: Obs.)

Throwster:  One who twists silk fibres into raw silk or raw silk into thread, a silk-throwster; originally, a woman who did this, a silk-woman.  Also extended to a worsted-spinner.  (OED: Obs.)

Tipstaff:  The term had broad meanings: an officer appointed to wait upon a court in session; a court crier or usher; a sheriff's officer, bailiff, or constable.  So-called from the tipped staff they bore. 

Warrener:  A person employed to watch over the game in a warren or enclosure, usually a park or preserve.  (OED: Obs. exc. Hist.)

Wharfinger:  The owner or keeper of a wharf. 

Whitster:  A bleacher; one who bleaches.