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Peter Bromvill's licence to perform in Southwark, 1600.  [TNA, Privy Council Register, PC2/25, p.179, 15 May 1600.] 

An open lettre to the Justices of peace in the Countie of Surrey, & to all others her mates officers & lovinge Subiectes in that County or Burrough of Southwark to whom yt shall appertain &c.  Whereas the Bearer Peter Bromvill hath ben recommended vnto her matie from her good Brother the french kinge, and hath shewed som feates of great activity before her highnes, her Matie ys pleased to afforde him her gratious favor, and Leave, to exercyse, and showe the same in soch publicke place as may be convenient for soche exercyses and shewes; And because for the present he hath made choice of a place called the Swann in old Parys garden being the howse of francis Langley;  These shalbe to let you vnderstand her mates good pleasure in his behalfe, And to Reqr you not onlie to permitt him there to shewe his feates of activity at convenient tymes in that pleace wthout let or interrupcion, but to assyst him (as there shalbe occacion) that no abuse be offered him.

It ys not meant that he shall exercyse vpon any Sabothe day.

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