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This is an incomplete listing of cases at law relating in some way to St Saviour, noticed in various sources but not yet examined.  Entries are listed alphabetically by plaintiff.  There is a name index.  All documents are at The National Archives, Kew, unless otherwise noted. 

??, Queen's Almoner, v Harman, no date [1558-1603] (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 5/A4/39).  Plaintiff: ??, Queen's Almoner.  Defendant: Alexander Harman of St Saviour.  Subject: John Ward in the parish of St Thomas in the borough of Southwark, with a bear cart and one horse drawing the same, price 53s.4d., was then and there slain.  Alexander Harman owner of the cart and horse dwelling in the parish of St Saviour. 

Andrews v Wollaston, 1618 January-December (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/2/10).  Plaintiff: Lancelot Andrews, Bishop of Ely and King's Almoner.  Defendants: Thomas Wollaston gent of London, Christopher Wollaston, John Baylye merchant, William Wollaston gent, William Durham, William Nodes and Richard Herde.  Subject: Goods and debts of Edward Wollaston of London, haberdasher, who drowned himself in the Thames at Bankside, Southwark. 

Arundel v Ashby, 1626 (Court of Chancery, C3/394/40).  Plaintiffs: William Arundell and Mary [Arundell] Lady St John his wife.  Defendants: William Ashby and another.  Subject: Montague House etc in St Saviour parish.  Document type: bill only. 

Brickewoode v Brickewoode, 1606 November (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/53/15).  Plaintiff: Thomas Brickwoode of St Dunstan's, Fleet Street, brewer, executor of Batholomew Brickwoode of St Saviour, pewterer.  Defendants: Mary Brickwoode the late wife of the said Bartholomew Brickwoode, Thomas Ward gent, Albert Sprocke, Jane Sprocke his wife, Richard Greenesmith, overseer of the said Bartholomew Brickwoode's will, and others.  Subject: Embezzlement of goods of the said Bartholomew Brickwoode and perjury as to revocation of his will, which disposed of lands in Mortlake, Newington and Kentish street in Southwark.  Note: see STAC 8/84/27.  Another action was also brought before the Court of Star Chamber: cross suit or shoring action. 

Britten v Burlacy, 1638 (Court of Chancery, C3/397/45).  Plaintiff: Richard Britten.  Defendants: John Burlacy, Barbara Burlacy his wife and others [Chappell].  Subject: the Green Dragon Inn in Fowl Lane, St Saviour parish.  Document type: bill only. 

Bromley v Pattison, 1605 February (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/61/48).  Plaintiff: John Bromley, searcher of leather in London.  Defendants: Peter Pattison, tanner, and William Fuller.  Subject: Perjury in an information against plaintiff John Bromley in the court of pie-powder in Southwark Fair for taking excessive fees.  Another action was also brought before a local court. 

Browker v Molyneux, 1608 April (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/63/22).  Plaintiff: Jane Browker, late wife of Hugh Browker esq of Southwark, prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas.  Defendants: Thomas Molyneux, late clerk to the said Hugh Browker, Richard Molyneux his brother, [blank] Horton, Roger Partington, William Pryme, Thomas Sallome, and others.  Subject: Inducing Elizabeth Browker, daughter of plaintiff Jane Browker, to make a contract of marriage with the first named defendant Thomas Molyneux, under the influence of drugs, abduction and arrest under a writ de excommunicato capiendo.  Another action was also brought before the Ecclesiastical court. 

Browker v Blackwell, 1621 May (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/56/9).  Plaintiff: Thomas Browker of St Saviour, son and heir of Hugh Browker, prothonotary of the Common Pleas.  Defendants: Michael Blackwell, William Wise, John Hootes, William Meade, William Haybeetle, and others.  Subject: Forcible entry and assault on the servants of the plaiintiff Thomas Browker in the manor of Sundridge, Kent.  Another action was also brought before the Court of Wards and Liveries. 

Burnebie v Bull, 1622 January (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/57/7).  Plaintiffs: Edward Burnebie and Luce Burnebie his wife, late of St Saviour, and now of St Giles in the Fields.  Defendants: Thomas Bull of St Andrew's Holborn, Edward Bulmer of St Saviour, Jane Bulmer his wife, Charles Hill of St Giles's, Thomas Elmes (Helmes), and others.  Subject: Perjury in an information before the High Commission for adultery and brothel-keeping. 

Burnell v Smyth, 1621 May (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/70/16).  Plaintiff: Henry Burnell, citizen and salter of London.  Defendants: Robert Smyth esq, JP, Robert Smyth of London, merchant tailor, Richard Dowle, yeoman, Thomas Lantloe, Richard Dowell, constable of St Olave's Southwark, and others.  Subject: Forcible entry and damage to a brewhouse in St Olave's demised to the plaintiff Henry Burnell by the second-named Robert Smyth, who has refused to receive the rent. 

Carter v Spackman, 1591 (Court of Chancery, C3223/57).  Plaintiff: James Carter.  Defendant: John Spackman.  Subject: property in St Saviour.  Document type: bill only. 

Carden alias Cawarden v Dalton, 1618 June (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/100/17).  Plaintiff: Robert Carden alias Robert Cawarden gent of Newbury, Berkshire.  Defendants: George Dalton (possibly of St Saviour), William Sarnell, and Ralph Gleast, all of Southwark; Thomas Underhill, George Holmeden gent, John Plawe, William Scotcher, Herman Atwood of Sunderstead gent, and others, forming three juries.  Subject: Verdicts in actions for messuages and land in Bletchingley, the college and rectory of Lingfield, and a messuage in Southwark formerly of Sir Thomas [Cawarden] Carden knight and Elizabeth Carden his wife.  Another action was also brought before the Court of King's Bench, criminal or civil side. 

Chute v Langley, no date [1558-1603], (Court of Chancery, C2/Eliz/C19/13).  Plaintiff: George Chute esquire.  Defendant: Francis Langley.  Subject: bill to quiet possession by elegit; messuages in the parishes of St Saviour and St George, the inheritance of Thomas Cure esquire.  Document type: pleadings. 

Coke (attorney general) v Dethick, 1604 May (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/8/14).  Plaintiff: Sir Edward Coke, Attorney General at the relation of Christopher Merick.  Defendants: Sir William Dethick knight, Gilbert Dethick, George Dethick, Thomas Mason of Dunwich, Suffolk, fisherman, Nicholas Allen, Thomas Davies, Walter Powell yeoman and John Johnson.  Subject: Messuage called the Swan [Inn ?] in Southwark claimed by Christopher Merick and Agnes his wife.  Note: interrogatories and depositions.  Another action was also brought before the Court of Chancery. 

Coventry (attorney general) v Wall, 1620 November (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/32/7).  Plaintiff: Sir Thomas Coventry, Attorney General, at the relation of the patentees of alum.  Defendants: Ralph Wall of Chester, Richard Harryson of Southwark (possibly of St Saviour), Henry Roos and Nathaniel Waterhouse.  Subject: Import of alum contrary to proclamation. 

Craddock v George, 1611 May (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/92/13).  Plaintiff: Nathaniel Craddock of Cambridge, mercer.  Defendants: William George of St Saviour, victualler, and Robert Swaddon.  Subject: Fraud in connection with a Bill of Exchange.  Another action was also brought before the Court of Star Chamber: cross suit or shoring action. 

Cressy v Hely, 1619 (Court of Chancery, C3/305/15).  Plaintiff: Hugh Cressey.  Defendants: Rowland Helye and another.  Subject: property in St Saviour.  Document type: bill, answer. 

Curbeck v Brown, no date [1558-1579] (Court of Chancery, C3/41/89).  Plaintiffs: Marten Curbecke and Joan Curbecke his wife.  Defendant: John Brown.  Subject: property in St Saviour and St Olave, Southwark.  Document type: pleadings. 

Davies v Brand, 1623 May (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/125/7).  Plaintiff: James Davies of Mary Magdalen's Southwark, tailor.  Defendants: John Brand of St Saviour (St Mary Overies), Southwark, tailor, formerly his master.  Subject: Maintaining a suit by John Crance for practising his trade without apprenticeship and other suits. 

Emerson v Emerson, no date [1558-1603], (Court of Chancery, C2/Eliz/E3/68).  Plaintiff: Henry Emerson, son and heir of Thomas Emerson.  Defendant: Humfrey Emerson.  Subject: claim by devise and as heir.  Messuages in St Saviour, Southwark, and at or near St Michael's Hill, near Crooked Lane, London, and messuages and land in Deptford and West Greenwich, Kent, devised to said Thomas Emerson, plaintiff's father by the will of William Emerson; also certain messuages in Southwark, and a messuage or land in Navestock, Essex, some time the estate of [unknown] Robiout, whose daughter married said Thomas Emerson, plaintiff's father.  Document type: Pleadings. 

England v Withens, no date [1642-1660], (Court of Chancery, C3/442/55).  Plaintiff: David England.  Defendant: Frances Withens widow.  Subject: the Black Bull Inn in St Saviour parish.  Document type: pleadings. 

Feld v Fitz, no date [1558-1579], (Court of Chancery, C3/65/62).  Plaintiffs: Bartholomew Feld, Katherine Feld and Anne Feld.  Defendant: John Fitz.  Subject: property in St Saviour.  Document type: pleadings. 

Garnons v Boyer, 1610 February (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/157/8).  Plaintiff: Walter Garnons of Downham, Norfolk, yeoman.  Defendants: Sir Edmund Boyer knight of Camberwell, Sir Thomas Hunte knight, Francis Fuller gent of Lime Street London, Richard Hall of Southwark (possibly of St Saviour), scrivener, James Cockayne, and others.  Subject: Forcible entry and damage to bullings in Rotherhithe, assault, seizure of cattle, etc, and causing plaintiff Walter Garnons to be charged for repair of sea walls. 

George v Swaddon, 1610 June (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/155/1).  Plaintiff: William George of St Saviour, innholder. Defendants: Robert Swaddon of London, Francis Marten, citizen and mercer of London, and others. Subject: Libel written as from Cologne, Germany.  Note: replication wanting. 

Gresham v Lloydd, 1613 November (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/151/7).  Plaintiffs: William Gresham of St Saviour, dyer, and Ellen Gresham his wife.  Defendants: Evan Lloydd of St Saviour, labourer, Anne (Agnes) Lloydd his wife, Edward Cottell and others his servants, William Taylor of St George's, Southwark, labourer, Anne Taylor his wife, Henry Sliteman (Sliteam), tailor, Joan Read wife of Lancelot Read, tailor, Ursula Rice wife of John Rice, stage player, Anne Senior, and others.  Subject: Repeated exhibition of articles in Chancery against the said Ellen Gresham, charging her among other things with saying that the said Agnes Lloydd was a hag, and that her ghost haunted her and her husband so that they could not thrive, perjury in support thereof, forgery of signatures thereto, imprisonment on a writ of supplicavit, assault, seizure of goods, fastening a libel on plaintiff William Gresham's door, etc.  Note: demurrer that there is a previous suit in this court, and that the bill is brought in without the knowledge of the said William Gresham.  Another action was also brought before the Court of Star Chamber: cross suit or shoring action. 

Hanmer v Leader, 1620 November (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/176/28).  Plaintiff: Randal Hanmer, citizen and scrivener of London.  Defendants: John Leader, Margaret Bentley of St Saviour, Robert Edwardes, Griffin Robinson gent their solicitor, Thomas Morley, Richard Holman gent, [blank] Wilson, and others.  Subject: Perjury in an action for messuage and a meadow in Lambeth claimed by plaintiff Randal Hanmer as of the manor of Kennington, and by the said Margaret Bentley as of that of Paris Garden.  Another action was also brought before a local court. 

Harrison v Withers, no date [1558-1579], (Court of Chancery, C3/86/70).  Plaintiff: Nicholas Harrison.  Defendants: William Wythers and another.  Subject: property in St Saviour.  Document type: pleadings. 

Henslowe v Alleyn, 1617 May (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/168/18).  Plaintiffs: John Henslowe of London, one of the King's Servants, son and heir of Edmund Henslowe, and William Henslowe gent of Buxted, Sussex.  Defendants: Edward Alleyn (Allen) esq of Dulwich, Kent, late one of Prince Henry's stage-players, Roger Cole gent of St Saviour, registrar of the prerogative court of Winchester, James Archer MA, minister of St Mary Overies, Joan Horton [Joan Russell], afterwards the wife of John Russell, Nicholas Shepherd, and Robert Bronffield.  Subject: Perjury in Chancery as to a will of Philip Henslowe esq, sewer in ordinary to the King, and brother of the said Edmund Henslowe, made on his death-bed, and disposing of lands in Southwark.  Note: plea of insufficiency overruled. 

Hollanby v Emerson, no date [1558-1579] (Court of Chancery, C3/93/10).  Plaintiff: Nicholas Hawelanbye.  Defendants: William Emerson and others.  Subject: property in St Saviour's.  Document type: pleadings. 

Holte v Woodward, 1614 March (Court of Star Chamber, STAC 8/174/5).  Plaintiffs: Francis Holte gent of London, brother of Sir Thomas Holte knight of Duddleston, Warwickshire, and Thomas Meyricke of Glamorgan, yeoman.  Defendants: Matthew Woodward gent of Southwark (possibly of St Saviour), William Woodward, Edward Dawson, and Anthony Grey.  Subject: Frivolous suit in Chancery concerning price of the office of bailiff of Rye, which 'doth not concerne the administration or execution of justice or the Crowne but is such an office as by the lawes of the lande may be soulde and dealt for', and forgery of the name of a serjeant-at-law.  Another action was also brought before the Court of Assizes. 

Irons v Fleetwood, 1659 (Court of Chancery, C3/462/12).  Plaintiffs: Thomas Irons and others, church wardens etc of St Saviour, Southwark.  Defendants: Miles Fleetwood, [Kent] and others.  Subject: rectory of St Saviour, Southwark.  Document type: two bills, two answers. 

Jarman v Croft, no date [1621-1625], (Court of Chancery, C3/362/57).  Plaintiff: Thomas Jarman.  Defendant: John Croft.  Subject: property in St Saviour.  Document type: pleadings. 

Mallard v Rye, 1620, (Court of Chancery, C3/319/27).  Plaintiff: Thomas Mallard.  Defendants: John Rye and another.  Subject: property in Paris Garden, St Saviour, Southwark.  Document type: bill, answer. 

Pilgrim v Parker, 1626 (Court of Chancery, C3/412/121).  Plaintiffs: Stephen Pilgrim and Margaret Pilgrim his wife.  Defendants: George Parker and Mary Parker his wife.  Subject: property in St Saviour.  Document type: bill only. 

Polsted v Whitepayne, no date [1558-1579], (Court of Chancery, C3/139/4).  Plaintiff: Alice Polsted widow.  Defendant: Francis Whitepayne.  Subject: rents in St Saviour, Southwark; Rotherhithe, Surrey; Fobbing, Essex; East Smithfield, Middlesex; Lombard Street, Allhallows Barking, London; Catford and Hall Place manor in Thorpe, Surrey; Speldhurst manor, Kent; Stoneham, Sussex; Bishopsgate, London; and the parsonage of St Osyth, Essex.  Document type: pleadings. 

Rocket v Rocket, no date [1558-1603], (Court of Chancery, C2/Eliz/R3/43).  Plaintiff: Gilbert Rockett.  Defendants: Elizabeth Rockett widow and others.  Subject: Claim as heir in opposition to a will.  Divers messuages, lands and tenements in the parish of St Saviour in Southwark and elsewhere in Surrey, late the estate of Gilbert Rockett deceased, plaintiff's grandfather, but which are claimed by defendant Elizabeth Rockett his widow, by virtue of a will made by him.  Document type: Pleadings. 

Sayer v Sayer, no date [1558-1579], (Court of Chancery, C3/166/41).  Plaintiff: Henry Sayer.  Defendant: Edward Sayer.  Subject: the George Inn, in St Saviour, Southwark, and property in St George Southwark, Bermondsey, Guildford, Ockley and Charlwood, Surrey.  Document type: pleadings. 

Snape v Bovy, 1623 (Court of Chancery, C3/379/34).  Plaintiffs: Samuel Snape and others.  Defendants: Ralph Bovye and others.  Subject: personal estate of the deceased Edmund Snape, clerk of St Saviour.  Document type: bill, two answers. 

Stone v Reeves, 1653 (Court of Chancery, C3/462/78).  Plaintiffs: Mary Stone, Elizabeth Stone and Alice Stone.  Defendants: Thomas Reeves and others.  Subject: property in St Stephen Coleman Street, London; George Alley and St Saviour Southwark.  Document type: bill only. 

Treherne v Iremonger, no date [1621-1625], (Court of Chancery, C3/386/12).  Plaintiffs: John Treherne, Leonard Treherne, Mary Treherne and Anne Treherne.  Defendants: William Iremonger and another.  Subject: property in St Saviour and St Olave, Southwark.  Document type: pleadings. 

Underhill v Wallace, 1645 (Court of Chancery, C3/465/3).  Plaintiff: Thomas Underhill.  Defendants: Thomas Wallis and others.  Subject: property in St Saviour.  Document type: answer only. 

Waynam v Downes, 1583 (Court of Chancery, C3/220/85).  Plaintiff: Robert Waynam.  Defendant: William Downes.  Subject: property in St Saviour.  Document type: bill, answer, replication. 

Woodward v Guy, no date [1596-1616], (Court of Chancery, C3/296/68).  Plaintiff: Christopher Woodward.  Defendant: William Guy.  Subject: personal estate of the deceased Thomas Awdeley alias Thomas Luke of St Saviour.