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Views of Inmates:  On 15 January 1592/3 the Vestry ordered that two churchwardens and one vestryman should "every fortnight search and view what newcomers and inmates they can find in the parish any way chargeable to the same", and that such inmates were to be removed.  On 17 May 1594 the order was repeated in modified form.  All the searches recorded in these documents occurred in 1593-4-5, and the multiple searches ("every fortnight") resulted in many names being repeated, often several times and in different contexts, through all four documents.  Some entries contradict other entries; all should be read carefully. 
There is also a later survey, from 1635

Four sets of manuscript Views of Inmates survive from our period:  
  P92/SAV/1314:  1 bifolium  
  P92/SAV/1315:  4 bifolia, 3 single sheets  
  P92/SAV/1316:  4 bifolia  
  P92/SAV/1317:  1 bifolium  

  NOTE:   These literatim transcriptions are by Alan H Nelson. 


Bifolium, f.1r.  1593: September 27; October 15-16, 28-9; November 8. 

A viewe of Inmates taken the xxvijth of September, the xvth and xvjth, xxviijth and xxixth of October, as also the viijth of November 1593.
Stephen Grantham in frying pan allye hath Inmates and his wife.
Henry Greene Cutler hath Inmates Edward Hurdsonne and his wife, who have one childe.
William Hewes feltmaker in Christopher Allye hath Inmates John Corye and his woman greate wth childe. Whether shee bee his wife or not, it is doubtfull: for hee hath bine a verie dissolute fellowe of Conversation, as Mr [John*] Hollowaie doth and will testifie.
John Parsons in Horshedd Yarde hath an Inmate one Margaret an auncient widdowe.
Richard Loveband chaundler hath an Inmate a widdowe being a straunger, in an howse, in Axe Yarde, beeinge his melting howse.
One Jordayne a sawyer in Pepper Allie hath an Inmate John Downe.
John Kellye in Saints Allie hath one [blank] and his wife Inmates.
William Overs Cooper hath an Inmate one goodwife Kingston, a verie disquiet person in the night.
All these persons are newe Commers since the xixth of October; The ould are all gone and removed.
John Magott surveiours [signed] Willyam Bowyer  


Sheet 1, f.1r.  1594: October 9-10. 

A viewe of Inmates taken the iiijth and fiveth as also the ninth and tenth of October 1594. By John Holloway and William Bowyer.
In primis at Mr Groveners there iz one Olave White widow, who kepeth a huswife or two: and are suspected of leude demeanor.
Pepper Allie
James Drowzie hath one John Williamsons wife who hath one childe: as also, one Robert Branckston a younge man: who iz suspected to lyve incontinently with Williamsons wife. they scorne vs, when wee reprove them.
William Lynch, hath William Honor his wife and a childe, and one Cooke and his wife. This cooke and Honor cannot agree, the neighbors complaine, and say Cooke swereth hee will kill Honor.
Thomas Dallie, hath one William Crafte and his wife a young woman. Hee saith hee will keepe them.
Richard Heffes hath devided hiz house with one [blank] a glazier.
Elizabeth Hollys widow hath Stephin Granfeild his wife and two children. Also she hath taken a younge huswife into her, beeinge a widdowe. They all dwell vpp stairs.
Mr Bredcake at the three Crownes hath all his Inmates: ther names yow have.
Alyce Ryder hath Mary Walker, and Johan Swallowe two younge huswifes.
James Crowcher cutler, hath Humfrey Mynton Chirurgeon.
John Browne the younger, hath Samuell Wynes and hiz wife.
Henry Magnam hath the Chamberleyn of the White Hart, and his wife beeinge greate wth childe, and hath one childe.
Widdow Lugg saith shee will lodge guistes in despite of vs.
Richard Blower at the Bell, hath one Mr Higgins and his wife.
One Jynkins in fishmonger allie hath Isabell Bowcer, a young huswife.
Anne Forrest widow hath one Alyce Pitts, brought in bedd.
Mr Bolles, lodgeth one Johan Forde brought a bedd, and gotten with child at the George by one Thomas Browne.

Sheet 1, f.1v. 

Richard Cooke, hath one Agnes Pertshawe, Sara Gray, and one Alyce, three yung huswives: in Church Yard allie.
New rentes
Raph Graves, hath James Halfhedd within him.
Thomas Allisonne hath devided his house wth his brother John Dallisonne.
William Roose Tynker hath his father wthin him.
Elizabeth Cooke widow, hath Thomas Ham and his wife.
Humfrey Tedder dwels in a devided house, and hath a young huswife in his house.
Nicholas Hamden dwelleth in the other parte of the house devided, and hath one child. Ther Landlord iz Giles Rudd.
Richard May, hath Richard Wyatt and his wife.
George Neale hath taken in Peter Bowmer sick [buried 1 October 1594].
Thomas Gostly in Mr Miles rents, hath Alyce Lynley.
William Owvers hath Thomas Dowsonne and his wife.
John Bindley, hath Judeth Johnsonne
John Sysemoore hath one Patrick Richardsonne in a Roome devided.
Fowle Lane
Peter Lull hath devided his house wth Tho: Guy.
William Jones hath one Sara Woodworth in his house.
George Archer keepeth victualing in the Church Yarde, and doth lodge one Helyn a saylors wife.
John Holloway
[signed] Willy: Bowyer
Here wants November and December searches.

Sheet 2, f.1r.  1594/5: January 13, 15, 29, 30. 

A vewe of Inmates taken the xiijth and xvth xxixth and xxxth of Januarie 1594.
Mrs Gravener widow hath John Malett baker and his wife and iiijor children.
Randall Harcott at the Rammes Hedd, hath widow Mudde.
Richard Jeffes hath devided his house wth John Inman, a younge married manne.
James Kellye in friyng panne allie hath Inmates Stephin Grantham cutler, his wife and two children.
Richard Jewett hath devided his house, wth Edward Hardesonne a younge man lately married.
Henry Mangam hath Inmates the Chamberlyn of the White Harte and his wife being greate wth childe.
Thomas Simpsonne hath Inmates one Cucksonne and his wife, and Tho: Neave and his wife who have two children.
Widdow Birchley hath Inmates Thomas Preston and his wife, a younge Couple.
Widdowe Pointer hath Inmates Lettis Brasier widow and Richard Tarre and his wife, in Christopher Allie.
Thomas Richardsonne felmonger in Christopher Allie is married to one Marie, as themselves say: ther mariadge was solemnized in Worcester sheire, but they shew no certificate thereof. Also they have inmates Thomas Hickels and his wife being greate wth childe.
Widdowe Terye ^widow^ in Churchyard Alley, hath [blank] Johnson and his wife.
Richard Cooke shoemaker in Churchyard Alley hath Sara Grey and one Alys, two young huswifes.
Humfrey Tedder in the New Rentes dwelleth in a devided house, & lodgeth one Christian Booth a young huswife: hee hiers her forth and saith hee will keepe her.
Nicholas Hamden dwelleth in thother parte of the same house, and hath one childe.

Sheet 2, f.1v. 

Goodman Steale in Foule Lane, hath Inmates William Saundersonne and his wife a young Coople.
William Lynch in Pepper Allie \gonne/ hath William Honor and his wife Inmates.
David Duffeild in the greene dragon and his wife will not avoyde for the Councell shall awnswer for him as hee saith.
Roger Wycherley next to the ale house at the Parke Gate hath Inmates John Mountayne and his wife.
Mother Johnsonne in Saintes Allie hath Agnes Johnsonne widdowe.
[blank] Luck butcher hath William Machin and his wife in a shed in a garden in Fishmonger Allie.
Mr Bredcake at the Three Crownes doth continewe his Inmates. Hee also suffereth an slaughterhouse to bee in his yard.
At Johan Blackmore widow at the Eagle and Childe there is Elizabeth Greene [widow] the wife of Robert Greene who is a souldier beeyond sea: she is greate wth childe.
Departed, removed and gonne sythence our laste vewes and reporte — thertie persons
John Holloway
[signed] William Bowyer
Here wants Februarie searche

Bifolium 1, f.1r.  1594/5: March 12-13; 1595: March 27-8. 

A vewe of Inmate taken the xijth and xiijth as also the xxvijth and xxviijth of March 1594.
Randall Harcott at the Rammes Hedd hath widow Muddle; also they say there is a younge huswife lyeth in a back roome towardes Cheane Gate, but we cannot speake wth her, nor finde her at home.
Richard Jeffes at the Harrowe hath John Inman, glazier, and his wife, a younge Coople.
James Kellye in Frying Panne Allie, hath Stephin Grantham and his wife and two children.
Thomas Simpsonne hath Cocksonne and his wife, and one Neave and his wife, who have two children.
Henry Magnam hath the Chamberlyn of the White Harte and his wife beeinge greate wth childe.
Widdowe Birchley hath Thomas Preston butcher, and his wife a younge Coople.
Widdowe Pointer in Pepper Allie hath Inmates, widdowe Brazier and Richard Tarre and his wife.
Thomas Richardsonne Felmonger in Christopher Alley hath Inmates Tho: Hickels and his wife greate wth childe, but is now brought in bedd.
Agnes Forrest in Fishmonger Allie hath one Anne Thorne a younge huswife.
Mother Phinke in Fishmonger Allie hath William Browne and his wife.
[Robert Smith in Saintes Allie]
Robert Smith in Saintes Allie and his wife two auncient Cople hath Peter Bolton being his sonne in lawe, and his wife, whoe maintayneth the ould man else they would fall to the maintenance of the parish.
Richard Ashtonne Cobler in Turne Pike Lane next the Counter, hath Margaret Nott widdowe greate wth childe; gotten by one Walter Bateman Cobler as shee saith.
Johan Terrye in Churchyard Allie hath [blank] Johnsonne and his wife a younge woman greate wth childe.
Goodwife Griggs there, hath the Gouldsmiths wife.
Agnes Judd widdowe in the Newe Rents hath devided her housee beeinge late the house of Mr Drue. And hath placed Henry Jewett and his wife in a parte of the same: shee hath also made a new stall for an vndersitter.
Widdowe Clarke at the Cloase Gate hath Gillian Tarte a younge huswife.

Bifolium 1, f.1v. 

Goodman Steale in Foule Lane hath Saundersonne and his wife.
Bradford in the Greene Dragon is removed to a remote house, and hath placed Richard Wood and his wife verie poore people come from Fulham, in his roome.
Mr Bredcake hath iiijor Inmates, one Bates, Extonne, Thompson, and an olde widdowe.
Samuell Booth hath devided his house, and lodge[th] a younge huswife named Gillian and one or two more as it is reported.
Widdowe Gravener hath John Malett his wife and two children, his wife is verie sick.
Widdowe Blackmore at the Eagle and Childe hath Elizabeth Greene, newlie brought in bedd.
There is gonne and removed since our laste reporte: xiiijen persons
John Holloway
[signed] William Bowyer
Margarett Nott widdowe wth child as aforesaid, is nowe lodged at one John Thomas, in Turnepike Lane aforesaid, who is a late comer ther him selfe from St Georges parish; his wife new brought in bedd.
[John] Richard Netmaker, and one [blank] Smith dwell wthin the Cloase in a devided house.
William Lewis and Jone his wife; beeinge a younge Coople come from Queenes Hive [=Hithe]. Daniell Colgate and his wife, a younge Coople also, and ther daughter: and Daniell Buck and his wife a younge Coople likewise dwell all in one house in the Cloase.
John Holloway
[signed] William Bowyer
Here wants Aprill seearche [cancelled]

Bifolium 2, f.1r.  1595: April 15-16, 29-30; May 3-4. 

A viewe of Inmates taken the xvth, xvjth, xxixth, and thirtieth daies of Aprill, as also the third and fourth of May 1595.
Johan Gravener widdowe at the Boares Hedd, hath John Malet and his wife, whoe have one childe.
Christian Sturbye widdowe in Swanne Allie hath one Margaret Tyer the wife of Phillipp Tyer, at the Strand, with childe.
Randall Harcott at the Rammes Hedd, hath widdowe Muddle and one [blank] [blank] a young huswife, who hath had a childe.
Richard Jeffes Baker, hath devided his house, and there dwelleth in a parte thereof John Inman Glasier and his wife greate wth childe.
James Kellye in Fryinge Panne Alley hath Inmates Stephen Grantham Cutler and his wife and two Children.
Mr Bredcake at the three Crownes hath Inmates Mr Fould, Henry Thompsonne, & his wife and two children. Hugh Bates and his wife, Robert Exton and his wife, and Mother Graves.
Samuell Booth hath devided his house wth Robert Jones Cutler, and there lodgeth also Perepointes wife, and an other younge huswife named Gillian.
Henry Magnam hath the Chamberlyn of the White Harte and his wife.
Widdowe Pointer in Christopher Allie hath Richard Tarre and his wife and a childe: and also Lettis Brasier widdowe.
Thomas Richardsonne felmonger in Christopher Allie, hath Thomas Hickels and his wife, who have a childe.
Anne Forrest in fishmonger allie, hath one Anne Thorne button maker, a younge huswife.
William Merick laborer in fishmonger allie hath Elizabeth Stookes a young huswife.

Bifolium 2, f.1v. 

Henry Medley Cooper dwelling by Mr Treenes brue house hath devided his house, and let a parte of the same vnto a broaker named John Moseley and his wife.
Nicholas Hamden dwelleth in a devided house in the New Rents and having but one Rome lodgeth Magdalen Kenrick an auncient huswife.
Roger Wicherly next the alehouse at the Parke Gate hath Elizabeth Greene, the wife of Robert Greene, whoe was lately brought in bedd at the Eagle and Childe.
Richard Nutmaker, and one [blank] Smith dwell wthin the Close in a devided house.
William Lewes and Jane his wife; a younge Coople comme from Queene Hyve [=Hithe], Daniell Colgate and his wife, a younge Cople also, and their daughter; and Daniell Buck and his wife, a younge Coople likewise, dwell all in one house wthin the Close.

xvjo Maij 1595 / search contynued.
Mr Blower at the Bell hath a Tapster whose name wee cannot learne his wife iz greate wth childe.
Roger Goulde cobbler in Fishmonger Allie hath Richard Goulde his father, and Elizabeth Gould his mother, two ould people late come from Wytten in Oxfordsheire.
Lawrence Beeche next Turnepike Allye, hath an Inmate Elizabeth Bradshawe widdowe, who hath a childe.
John Holloway
[signed] William Bowyer
There iz gonne Removed and putt away, wthin these twelve moneths 147 persons beeside ther children and yet there wantes the number conteyned in the searches of August, September, November, December, and Februarie wch I have not from yow. In all this yeere the parish hath not bine chardged wth childe, newcomer, nor adged person, nowe then they were beefore.

Bifolium 3, f.1r.  1595: July 14, 21, 28; August 2. 

A viewe of Inmates wthin the parish of St Saviours taken by vs John Magott and William Bowyer the xiiijth xxjth and xxviijth of Julie, and the seconde of August 1595.
James Baron and his wife a younge Coople are at Mrs Gravener at the Boares Hedd.
Thomas Dawtyn in Pepper Allie lodgeth his fatherinlaw a poore man, and lame, lately comme forth of the Country, hee lodgeth sundry persons younge men and women.
William Lewes [and Jane] in the close hath Inmates Daniell Buck and his wife and Hugh Rolles and his wife, two younge Coples.
John Hammon lately comme from St Georges parish, hath his mother an aidged woman and iiijor apprentizes in the New Rentes.
William Eveley in the New Rents hath inmates John Hopkins taylor from Rutlandshire, and Johan Tempest a young huswife.
Henry Medley hath devided his house and let the same to one John Moseley Brooker wch Broker hath Katheren Mozeley a younge huswife inmate.
Christopher Scales hath Robert Robinsonne and Bridgett his his wife a young Coople, and a verie ill toungd gossip.
Roger Wicherley at the Parke Gate, hath Inmates Monger Dennis and his wife, and goodwife Greene.
Widdow Bingley in Miles Rents hath Abigall Price a younge huswife.
William Overs in Miles Rents hath Elizabeth Martyn a young huswife from London.
Mrs Grigges in churchyard allie hath a younge childe and five younge apprentizes, maides.
Robert Hedge in Churchyard allie hath an inmate Elizabeth Thornburie the wife of Richard Thornburie from Warwicksheire.
John Moore in fishmonger allie hath Margerie Davies, a young huswife.
William Jenkins hath Margaret Dalton a younge huswife in Fishmonger Allie.
Widdow Pointer in christopher allye hath goodman Tarre and his wife and childe, as also her mother an ould woman.

Bifolium 3, f.1v. 

Henry Sleighton taylor in Christopher Allie hath Johan Reve the wife of John Reve taylor, and his [wife] childe.
John Parsons in Horshed Allie hath Johan Richardsonne a younge huswife supposed to bee wth childe.
Thomas Thompsonne in Horshed Allie hath Anne Powell a younge huswife shee hath bine twise removed, and supposed to bee wth childe.
John Lewes in Horshed Allye lodged John Darvell taylor this Darwell hath borne two, or three women in hand to marrye them, [and] notwithstanding hee hath a wife and children in the Country. And Lewes hath caused him to goe aside for a tyme because he hath Cosoned diverse of ther goodes.
Richard Jewet at the White Harte ^George^ hath Inmates his Sister greate wth childe and her husband: also an other younge huswife who intendes to bee her keeper.
Mr Bredcake hath Inmates Hugh Bates, Henry Thompsonne, and William Talbott at the three Crownes.
John Bramley in the Greene Dragon hath Inmates Katheren Thompson widow and her daughter.
Widdowe Sturbye in Swanne Allie hath entertained the wife of David Jones, and shee hath suffred her to be brought in bedd there. Hee hath had some wth childe in her house before.
Widdowe Nucombe in Sntes Allie hath Agnes Johnsonne widdowe.
John Magott
[signed] Willy: Bowyer
There are are gonne since the laste certificate ixen [=9]
Newcommers xiiijen [=14]

Bifolium 3, f.2r.  [blank]


Bifolium 3, f.2v. 

Humffry Watters in the Strande hath the letting of the howse at The bores hed

Sheet 3, f.1r.  1595: August 7-8, 19-20; September 1. 

A viewe of Inmates taken the vijth and viijth xixth and twentieth of August, as also the first of September 1595.
James Baron and his wife a younge Coople remayne at Humfrey Waters at the Boares Hede.
William Lewes in the Cloase hath Daniell Buck and his wife.
Henry Medley hath Inmates one [blank] Lyne and his wife.
Christopher Scales hath Inmates Robert Robinsonne and his wife.
Henry Jurye in Fishmonger Allie hath Margaret Mason.
Johan Moore in Fishmonger Allye hath Margerie Davies and one Johan that was gotten wth childe at the George the childe is dedd.
William Jenkins in Fishmonger Allye hath Margaret Dalton a younge huswife.
Widdowe Bingley in Miles Rents hath Abigaill Price a younge huswife, and Johan Emsford widdowe.
William Overs there hath Elizabeth Martyn a young huswife.
Sysemore there hath continued his Inmates.
Roger Wycherley hath Monger Dennis and his wife.
Removde since the laste vewe xiijen persons
Newcommers two
John Magott
[signed] Willyam Bowyer

Bifolium 4, f.1r.  [The poore of the Colledge June 1595]  

[The poore of the Colledge June 1595]         NOT FULLY TRANSCRIBED
New Rents
Robert Sleydon
Nicholas Hamden a poore man in a Roome devided keepeth two younge wenches as servantes. Hath dwelt there not a yeere.  


Bifolium 1, f.1r.  1594: May 23. 

Burgus de Southwark
A vewe of Inmates newe erected tenementes, devided houses, and vndersitters wthin the parish of St Saviors in the said Boroughe: taken the xxiijth of May 1594. Anno Regni Elizabeth xxxvjto by vs John Hollowaye and William Bowyer: as followth.
Newe erected tenementes
None. But Mr Drewes in the Churchyarde.
[in left margin:] Strete side
[in left margin:] This included smythe
[in left margin:] To [...] ye said Hale is to bring in a surety to defend vs ffor Charges of his children
In the howse of Thomas Smith baker at the Rooze against Chayne gate, there is William Hale late of St Georges parish whoe hath five children. Hee hath dwelt there a moneth.
John Gravener hath dwelling in his house devided from his owne dwelling one Humfrey Waters of London blacksmith: Whoe hath one childe.
Widdowe [Bickerton] \Widow Blithe/ hath dwelling in her house one Thomas Bickerton late of London taylor
Pepper Allie
[in left margin:] given warning since delivered to his wyffe.
Thomas Dallie victuler hath dwelling in his house two men and ther wives: the one called William Crafe, and his wife, a younge woman. Shee came oute of Essex. And hee oute of Kente. And have dwelt there ever since our Ladye Daye laste: The other named John Backster, and his wife, whoe is greate with childe, a young woman, who have dwelt there not above a moneth, or little more.
In the Cloose
[in left margin:] Songer suspected in his religion.
Mrs Songer widdowe dwelling vpp a paire of Staires, hath one Gabryell Sedgley dwelling wthin her: she hath two children and came thither to dwell at Shrovetide lasste.
The Streete side
Alyce Rider, whether maryed, or vnmaried we canot learne, she hath one childe, and came out of London aboute Christestide laste: she is suspected to keepe ill rule.

Bifolium 1, f.1v. 

Pepper Allie
[in left margin:] Cowke will avoid by mydsomer next.
William Lynch Joyner hath lodging in his house, one William Honor, his wife and one childe: hee hath also there one Thomas Cooke who was lately maried to his daughter.
The Streete side
Richard Jewet at the signe of the George neere the three Pigions, hath one Mrs Jewet lyinge in his house: wch Mrs Jewet came oute of the Contry halfe a yeere sithence, and is greate wth Childe: and whether shee be married or not, wee know not.
[in left margin:] the 23 June his wyffe hath promised to avoid them within a monthe.
Samuell Boothe hath dwelling wthin him Isaack Perpoint and his wife: Hee hath also devided his house, and let a parte of it vnto Roger Jones Cutler and his wife; whoe have two children.
Lyonell Robsonne and his wife come from Westminster at or Ladye Day laste, dwelleth at the signe of the Sunne; hee hath three children and his wife is greate wth childe: shee gave hard wordes, and denied to declare her husbandes name. and keepeth victualinge.
William Palmer of St Olaves parish: his wife keepeth a Celler, vnder the house of John Browne, the younger barbor, dwelling near vnto the Sunne; and keepeth victualing therein. She lyveth (as it is reported) verie incontinently.
Thomas Simpson Baker hath dwelling in his house wth him two tenantes: The one named Olyver and his wife who hath noe childe. The other, one Cucksonne and his wife, whoe have three children, and his wife is also wth childe: hee hath dwelth there by halfe a yere and keepeth victulinge.
Robert Peake Cobler, at Fishmonger Allie Gate hath devided his house into two severall tenementes beside his owne dwelling: In the one inhabiteth one William Cooke a shomaker, and his wife, wch Cooke hath also a woman Inmate called Elizabeth, whoe hath a child whether in marriadge or not, we cannot tell. In the other dwelleth one Martyn a spurrier, and his wife.
Fishmonger Allye
Mother Phinke widow, who hath the almes of the parish, hathe an Inmate one goodwife Lyster, who hath a childe.
James Welsh glover come oute of St Olaves parish aboute five weeks synce: his wife is greate wth childe.
Zacharias Loader prisoner in the Marshalsea, hath his wife dwelling in this allie: she came from St Olaves parish a quarter of a yeere sithence; shee hath one childe: and hath an Inmate one Moother Jacksonne.

Bifolium 1, f.2r. 

The streete side
[in left margin:] Rosse will not avoyde his father which is likely to be chargd to the Paryshe.
William Rose, tynker, hath an ould man his father (as hee saith) come vnto him of late oute of the Country, and him hee will keepe.
Churchyarde allye
[in left margin:] a remembrance to send for him befefore Mr Phillips.
Widdow Leonard, hath lyinge in her house one Mr Holbrooke of Kent gent’, whoe is suspected not to bee sounde in religion, for hee doth not frequent the hearing of the worde of God.
Agnes Philpott Widdowe hath an Inmate, one Bridget Langthon which Bridget hath a childe. Whether in mariadge or not we know not.
[in left margin:] Chandler wilbe gone by mydsomer nexte.
Goodman Chaundler hath two younge woemen lodgers in his house, the one is maried to a Saylor (as Goodman Chaundler saith) who is at Sea: the other shall marie (as she also saith) with her sonne (whoe is also at sea) when hee commeth home. It is reported they doe lodge sailors manie nights.
In the New Rents
Richard May Butcher hath an Inmate, one Richard Wyatte and his wife, who have two Children: hee hath dwelt there two monethes.
In the streete side
Mr Breadcake at the three Crownes, hath devided his Inn into several habitations; wherin dwelleth in one parte himselfe: in an other Mr Foule and his wife: In an other William Talbott and his wife whoe have two children; and have dwelt there a quarter of a yeere: In an other Henry Thompson and his wife whoe have one childe, and shee goes greate wth an other, and have bin there a moneth. In an other William Bridgman and his wife; who have dwelt there xij monethes. In an other one mother Graves, who hath dwelt there xij monethes, and a quarter. In an other one Hugh Bates and his wife, and have not bine there a quarter: In an other, one whose name wee cannot learne: hee came from London, and hath not dwelt there a fortnight as yet.
At Cambels house at the Camell there lodgeth Priscilla Phillipps, who hath a base childe of her owne: shee hath lyen there a quarter of a yeere.
Tenementes devided
The three Cupps in the newe Rents
Thomas Smiths house the Rooze
Samuell Boothes house by the three Pigeons
Thomas Simpsons house the Windmill.
Robert Peakes house Cobler at fishmonger allie gate.
Mr Breadcakes house, the three Crownes
[signed] William Bowyer
The marke + of John Holloway.

Bifolium 2, f.1r.  1594: June 30. 

In Parochia Salvator’ infra Burg’ South’
Vltimo die Junij 1594. Annoque Regni Elizabethae Reginae nunc &c Tricesimo sexto
A vewe of Inmates devided tenementes, new erected houses, and vndersitters, made by vs John Holloway and William Bowyer the daye and yeeres abovesaide
Inmates streeteside
William Hole baker remayneth wthin Henry Smith. as before
Humfrey Waters remayneth wthin Mr Gravener. as beefore
Thomas Bickerton remayneth wthin widow Blythe. as beefore
Pepper Allie
William Lynch hath Inmates in Pepper Allie. as beefore
Thomas Sallie hath Inmates. as beefore
[streeteside] the Cloase
Mrs Songer hath an Inmate. as beefore Segelye dweleth in a house Linge beffor devyded
Alyce Ryder. as beefore
Richard Jewett. as beefore
Samuell Boothe. as beefore
Lyonell Robinsonne. as beefore
William Palmer. as beefore
Thomas Simpsonne. as beefore
Robert Peake Cobler at Fishmonger Allie Gate, hath avoided all his Inmates.
Fishmonger Allye
Mother Phynke. as beefore
James Welsh. as beefore
Goodwife Loade. as beefore
Roose, the Tynker. as beefore
Agnes Philpott. as beefore
Goodman Chaundler. as beefore
Richard May Butcher. as beefore
Mr Breadcake. as beefore

Bifolium 2, f.1v. 

In Cambels house. as beefore
Newe Erected houses
None, but Mr Drewes
Devided tenementes. as beefore, except Ro: Peake
The three cupps
Thomas Smyth
Samuell Boothe
Thomas Simpson
Mr Bredcake

The marke + of John Holloway.
[signed] Willyam Bowyer

Bifolium 3, f.1r.  1594: June 29. 

St Saviour
A vewe of Inmates, devided houses, and new buildings taken the xxixth of June 1594
Thomas Smith at the Rose, hath William Hale and his wife wth five children wthin him. As before
John Gravener at the Boores Hedd hath let a parte of his house vnto Humfrey Watts blacksmith, who hath a wife & one childe.
Widdowe Blythe hath one Thomas Bickerton dwelling wthin her. as beefore
Pepper Allie
William Lynch hath dwelling wthin him one William Honor his wife & a childe, and Thomas Coke and his wife. as beefore
Thomas Dallie hath [him] William Crafe and his wife a younge women wthin his house
James Drowsie taylor hath dwelling wthin his house, one Robert Brackston Joyner and his wife having two children.
Cheane gate
one Johan [blank] a younge woman hath a little roome, beinge a parcell Randall Harcottes house the Rammes hedd.
Also the same Randall Harcott hath lodging in his house one widdowe Muddle, and an other widdowe.
Frying Pan Allye
Elizabeth Hollys widdowe hath one Stephin Granfeilde and his wife and a childe: and his wife is also greate wth childe.
Streete side
Samuell Booth hath devided his house wth Roger Jones and hath Isaack Perpoint & his wife wthin his howse dwelling. as beefore.
Lyonell Robsonne late come from Westminster hath three children, and shee is also greate wth childe; and hee is gonne into the Contrye: his wife lodgeth one Johan Savadge a younge slutt, whose husband is shee knowth not where. as beefore
Thomas Simpsonne hath devided his house wth one Olyver and his wife and one Cucksonne and his wife: this Cucksonne hath three children, and his wife is with childe as beefore.

Bifolium 3, f.1v. 

Christopher allye
One widow Lugg keepeth an alehouse, and hath dwelling wth her one John Free and his wife greate wth childe, who came from Kent streete. also shee doth lodge one Margaret Nott a widdowe.
Fishmonger Allye
Mother Phynke hath dwelling wth her one Goodwife Lyscombe a widdowe, who hath one childe. as beefore.
Streete side
William Roose Tynker hath an aidged man his father dwelling with him. as beefore.
Churchyard Allie
John Griffyn hath one Mother Mace dwelling wthin him. Hee is thought to keepe verye ill rule.
Goodman Chaundler hath his sonne and his sonnes wife dwelling wthin him. His said sonne abvsed vs in words and offered vs violence.
New Rentes
Widdow Milles hath lodging in her house Anne Powell a young huswife and wth childe as wee suppose: Marye Bennet widdowe: and one Richard Stubbes, a lame fellowe a botcher.
Richard May hath dwelling wth him Richard Wyatt and his wife, who have two children. as beefore.
Elizabeth Cooke hath Inmates one Anne Stockden, a younge woman and one Thomas Ham and his wife.
The signe of the three Cuppes devided into two tenementes. In the one dwelleth Nicholas Hamden lately comme from the Bankes side: in thother Humfrey Teddar and Gyles Rudd.
There is in an entrie neire the Parke a house devided as wee suppose; for wthin the same there is three dwellers in three Roomes, vid. David Jones, William Pyndleburie and Jane Lynley widdowe.

Bifolium 3, f.2r. 

Roger Cotton at the Rose and Crowne neire the Parke Gate hath a younge woman in his house: shee saith shee came from Mr Turfettes in Colman Streete: wee suppose her a light huswife.
Mr Bredcakes house is devided into seaven severall dwellinges. Vidt.
Mr Breadcake
Mr Fowle
William Talbott
Henry Thomson
William Bridgman
Mother Graves
Hugh Bates.
Vndersytters — none
New erected houses — none
Tenementes devided
The Bores hedd Mr Gravener
The Rose Tho: Smithes
Samuell Boothes
The Windmill Tho: Simpsons
The three Cuppes in the new rents
The three Crownes Mr Bredcakes.
Jane Grymes brought in bedd in the house of office came from Lewsham, her Syster in lawe dwelleth in Kente Streete, she saith one John Free is father of the childe.
By vs John Holloway
[signed] Willy: Bowyer

Bifolium 4, f.1r.  [undated]

George Archer & wife being out of town dwelling in new rents
Harry Syms servant vnto Mrs Haddocke dwelling in St clements lane
Elynor Morrant wife vnto Rychard Morrant suspecte to have carnall copulation with Harry Syms aforsayd
William Honor for a common dronker accused by Thomas Cooke his brother In lawe
Widow Hilliard
Inmates in Randolph Hargoodes howse at the Rams Hed
Widdow Mudle
Adams the Playsterer hath an Inmate: and is one of the tenantes of the parish / being his sonne and his daughter
Lewis Higgins srvant to Peeter Tomson in horsshew Alley refuseth to come to church  


Bifolium 1, f.1r.  1595: Novmber 23; December 9, 19. 

A view of Inmates taken the xxiijth of November as also the ixth and xixth of December 1595
[in left margin:] oulde
Stephen Grantham in fryinge panne allye hath one Babye a cobbler, and his wife
Christopher Clarke at the Pide Bull hath [blank] and his wife and two children.
[in left margin:] oulde
Henry Greene Cutler hath Edward Hurdsonne and his wife and one childe
[in left margin:] oulde
Richard Loveband chaundler hath a widdowe a straunger in his house in a garden in Axe Yarde
Roger Cotton vitler at the Parke Gate hath a younge woman tapster, and lodgeth two ballet singers.
Roger Wycherley hath one Anne Walter a fine Mynx: and one that neuer wanteth Inmates.
William Chaundler hath Elizabeth Greene.
John Bingley hath an Inmate Abigall Price a younge huswife in Miles rentes
William Halye hath Inmates Patrick Richardsonne and his wife
Thomas Higgins at the Cock hath Peter Francklyn tapster his wife and one childe
[in left margin:] oulde
Henry Medley Cooper hath Inmates a brewer [blank] and his wife
Widowe Ashton in Saintes Allye hath one Johan [blank] a widdowe
Edward Willis Cobler in Fishmonger allie hath one Katheren Younge

Bifolium 1, f.1v. 

[in left margin:] oulde
Widdow Jenkins in fishmonger allye, hath Margaret Dalton a younge huswife
Edward Steele in foule lane hath Mother Hake, and her servant.
Thomas Savadge at the Boares Hedd hath one [blank] and his wife greate wth childe. a young Coople.
Devided houzes.
John Bolles hath two tenementes devided from his house in fishmonger allye. In one of which dwelleth Thomas Pemertonne and his wif. In the other one Johan Page and her sonne.
[blank] Bastwell hath devided the red Bull, and hath let a parte thereof vnto Richard Stansall and his wife who have two children
John Magott
[signed] William Bowyer
[in left margin:] oulde
The three Inmates in the three Crowns continue still