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The muster lists rarely distinguish St Saviour by name; mostly they list names for Southwark or for the hundred of Brixton.  Many of these names will therefore be of non-parishioners.  For details of the musters, see the originals or the published transcripts.  "SHC" is the Surrey History Centre in Woking. 
For a muster of St Saviour watermen taken in 1629, click here

1569:  General Muster of Troops in Surrey.  From Loseley ms. LM/1330/19 at SHC.  Transcribed by Theodore Craib and published in Surrey Musters, part I (SRS vol.3); St Saviour names are from p.11 and p.147. 

[The document has no heading.]

For Paris Garden:
  Christopher Pillishere
  John Killingle
  Osmond Thorpe
  Roger Clepole
  William Loo
  Christopher Turnour
  Hugh Walker

For Clink Liberty:
  John Robertes
  William Dam
  Clement Robynson
  Hugh Thomlinson
  William Pittes
  William Hodies
  Richard Charke
  William Nelson
  Thomas Heppey
  Thomas Appleby
  John Smyth
  [blank] Palmer

1583:  Muster of Horsemen in Surrey.  From Loseley ms. LM/1330/30 at SHC.  The document is damaged and some readings are conjectural.  Names from the Hundred of Brixton (which include St Saviour names along with others) are listed below.  Names are not identified by parish.  Some of these names are likely not St Saviour names.  Transcribed by Theodore Craib and published in Surrey Musters, part I (SRS vol.3) pp.184-187. 

 Doctor Foorth
 Nicholas Lee esquire
 Robert Leivesey esquire
 Edmund Bowyer esquire
 Richard Burton esquire
 Ponynges Heron esquire
 John Dannett gent
 Thomas Cure esquire
 John Byrde draper
 Robert Gage esquire
 Lawrence Palmer esquire
 William Walter gent
 John Skott esquire
 Robert Gyles
 Matthew Lo[...]
 Thomas Garland
 Thomas Ba[...]
 John Powell brewer
 Richard Harrison
 Thomas Harper
 Edward Hunt gent
 Edward Nash
 Thomas Pindon
 William Dethick
 Richard Addams ironmonger
 William Gardner esquire
 Robert Pagenham gent

 Edward Bellingham esquire; the man insufficient
 Matthew Lock gent; pistols insufficient
 Mistress Fromans; pistols insufficient
 Edward Wellar yeoman; defect in the horse
 John Tryne brewer; horse and furniture insufficient
 George Fletcher hosier; horse and furniture insufficient
 Wasselyn Weblyn brewer; horse insufficient
 Gilbert Rocket waterman; horse and pistols insufficient
 Richard Sampson blacksmith; horse and pistols insufficient
 William Gardner esquire; horse insufficient
 John Fowls innholder; pistols insufficient
 Thomas Westwraye brewer; horse insufficient
 Bryan Pattenson vintner; horse insufficient
 Thomas Cure sadler; horse insufficient
 John Smyth brewer; horses insufficient
 Derick James brewer; horse insufficient
 Olyve Burr; horses disallowed
 William Land joiner; horse and furniture insufficient
 John Child yeoman; the man insufficient
 John Carpenter; horse insufficient
 William Chelsham gent; horse and man insufficient
 Matthew Lock gent; pistols insufficient
 Mr Doctor Clerck
 Gregory Lovell; alleges he is of the queen's household
 The wife of Th[...]; deceased
 Richard Bryst; alleges disability
 John Hunt[...]; alleges disability
 The wife [...]; alleges disability
 Mrs Muschamp; alleges disability
 George M[...]owne; alleges disability
 John Selby woodmonger; alleges disability
 Widow Charles; alleges disability
 Ralph Pratt; alleges disability
 John Worshopp gent; decayed
 Bryan Hogge; decayed
 Richard Bowmer innholder; decayed
 Leonard Croxstone draper; decayed
 John Yonge innholder; dead
 Thomas Bursham innholder; dead
 William Bobbett; dead
 John Payne; dead
 John Baptist Savitus; dead
 William Wilson skinner; dead
 Nicholas Rutland gent; alleges he is the queen's servant
 Henry Phillips esquire; alleges he is the queen's servant
 John Stogden esquire; alleges he is the queen's servant
 John Savage collarmaker; alleges he is the queen's servant
 William Edwardes; alleges he is the queen's servant
 John Ownsted esquire; alleges he is the queen's servant
 Edward Hynd gent
 Robert Cooke gent; he refuseth
 John Woodde gent
 Thomas Waye gent; appeared but showed not [sic]
 William Evans
 John Catysbye gent
 Robert Feltham vintner; he refuseth not
 Myles Wylkynson; content with a di’ [sic]
 Henry Ownsted yeoman
 Edmund Gresham gent
 John Gainsford gent
 William Coxe gent

Able and furnished:
 Sir William M[...] knight
 Sir Thomas Browne knight
 Sir Francis [...] knight
 Thomas [...]

1584:  General Muster of Troops in Surrey.  From Loseley ms. LM/1330/35 at SHC.  Certificate of names, arranged by hundred, of 1000 selected men trained by Sir Thomas Browne, Sir Francis Carew, George More and Thomas Gresham.  The document is damaged and some names are lost.  Transcribed by Theodore Craib and published in Surrey Musters, part I (SRS vol.3) pp.189-208; Southwark names on pp.197, 199, 203, 208. 

The Certificate of the names & dwellinge places of 1000 selected men in the Countie of Surrey ...viewed & trayned at sondrye dayes & places in the moneths of June Julye Avguste & September in the xxvjth yeare of the raigne of our moste gracious soueraygne Ladie Elizabeth ...   
[Southwark names in the list are:]

Pikemen  [p.197:]
  John Peter
  James Crane
  Leonard Gasken
  John Robbettes
  William Longe
  Richard Phips
  Francis Halle
  John Almon
  Barnerd Darlie
  John Harvie
  Nicholas Valentine
  Henry Edwardes
  Nicholas Scrocham
  Robert Godson
  Robert Taylor
  Walter Williams
  William Harrison
  William Norris
  John Davies
  Reynald Foxe
  William Hawlie
  Owen Gregorie
  Bartholomew Griffith
  John Skotte
  Randolph Case
  Edward Miltan
  Edward Benutt
  [...] Cotgra[...]
  [Several entries missing]
  Robert Needham
  Robert Gosted
  Christopher Pinder
  Henry Tybinson
  Roger Haddinge
  Alan Dackin
  Richard Curle
  Richard Allin
  William Carbotte
  John Drenson
  Bartholomew Bungworth
  Richard Reynolls
  Martin Bonum

Archers  [p.199:]
  John Englande
  John Neave
  Richard Sturton
  William Frithe
  William Bolde
  James Reynoulde
  James Turner
  William Bell
  Thomas Rylande
  George Deacon
  Henry Charnley
  John Taylor
  Richard Vshier
  Robert Perrye
  Thomas Abrame
  William Woode
  Francis Baglie
  [Ni]cholas fit[...]
  [Several entries missing]

Archers  [p.203:]
  Edward Nash[...]
  Godfrey [........]
  John Bron[.....]
  Edward [........]
  Edmund S[........]
  James [........]
  John [........]
  [Several entries missing]
  John Camdege
  John Drewe
  Thomas Stevenson
  John Dallenson
  Richard Beckett
  Thomas Emersam
  John Ashmore
  John Browne
  Philip Shipman
  Henry Kellye
  William Pratte
  William Morgan
  Richard Dadson
  John Foster
  Henry Goldwier
  John Thorneton
  John Pidgion
  John Pinson
  William Skrogges
  Ralph Huckney
  William Pike
  James Taylor
  John Snodham
  Christopher Butler
  Robert Pinder
  Thomas Bromefeild
  John Payne
  Gilbert Parkington
  Francis Gavers
  John Wood
  William Johnson
  Rowland James
  Bastian Huggins
  Robert Garrett
  John Heyward
  Richard Pittes
  [...]n Anwicke
  [...]ge Swaine
  [......] Foile Senior
  [Several entries missing]
  Richard Sampson
  Richard Barnes
  John Dewysburye
  Alexander Darwen
  John Fox
  Nicholas Hudson
  John Englande
  Robert Wheatley
  Francis Hall
  Thomas Cryar
  Henry Smithe
  Abraham Thombe
  William Aborrowe
  Thomas Westwraye
  Robert Haslatt
  Thomas Rowley
  William Smithe
  Thomas Pinder
  Nicholas Blincko
  John Grymes
  John Harison
  Thomas Oliver
  Richard Esgrigge
  Brian Langford
  Morgan Powell
  John Evans
  John Wakes
  David Evans
  Anthony Collyer
  Robert Feltam
  John Baker
  Richard Popl[...]
  Harman [......]
  [Several entries missing]

Billmen  [p.208:]
  Humphrey Mason
  Anthony Turner
  Richard Beckett
  Thomas Mvrian
  William Lundan
  Thomas Paine
  Edward Godman
  Richard Bell
  George Compton
  Robert Taylour
  Nicholas Sherfeeld
  Nichol[as W]ainwrighte
  [.....] Gonne
  [.....] Harrise
  [.....] Chittye
  [.... H]ooke
  [.....] Boldwine
  [.....] Minchair[...]
  [Several entries missing]
  Thomas Bullerden
  Godfrey Heyes
  Joyes Johnson
  John Weste
  Giles Segare
  James Stackpole
  Garrett Artoyes
  Richard Stevens
  Richard Turner
  John Skales
  Leonard Croxon
  Richard Humble
  Corad Carewe
  John Johnson
  Francis Tasewe
  Ralph Ginne
  Richard Jeffes
  Robert Myles
  William Corker
  Edmund Hollond
  John Treene
  Hubert Vauke[...]
  Henry La[...]
  John Harr[...]
  Thomas Rickso[...]
  John Killan[...]
  Robert Cra[...]
  John Keyse[...]
  William Goth[...]
  John[...] Arr[...]
  Adr[ia]n F[...]
  [Several entries missing]

1585:.  A book of musters of horsemen in Surrey.  From Loseley ms. LM/1330/14 at SHC.  Transcribed by Theodore Craib and published in Surrey Musters, part I (SRS vol.3) pp.209-217); Southwark names are on pp.214-215. 

Able horses and furniture
  Thomas Cure gent, 2 horses
  Thomas Bates [dead] and Thomas Pyndon [discharged], 1 horse
  John Tryne brewer, 1 horse
  George Fletcher hosier, 1 lance
  John Smyth Brewer, 1 horse [defective]
  James Savedge collarmaker, 1 horse [defective]
  William Evans, 1 horse [defective]
  John Catesby, 1 horse
  Myles Wilkinson, 1 horse [defective]
  Richard Dodson, 1 horse
  John Byrde, 1 horse [defective]
  Gilbert Rockett waterman [discharged]
  Richard Sampson blacksmith, 1 horse
  Thomas Westwraye, 1 horse [defective]
  William Launde joiner, 1 horse [noted as dead]
  Thomas Waye gent, 1 horse
  Thomas Myls serjeant at arms, 1 horse

Defective horses and furniture
  William Fleetwood esquire, 1 horse [not warned]
  Thomas Kerton esquire, 1 horse [defaulted]
  John Powell, 1 horse
  Edward Hunt serjeant at arms, 1 horse [defective]
  Bryan Patynson vintner, 1 horse
  Thomas Garlande, 1 horse [discharged]

1588:.  Muster for the couny of Surrey.  From Loseley ms. LM/1330/38 at SHC.  Transcribed by Theodore Craib and published in Surrey Musters, part I (SRS vol.3) pp.218-224.

[This muster list is county-wide, not subdivided by hundreds or parishes. It is not possible to distinguish St Saviour names from among these county-wide names]

Undated, but perhaps about 1588:.  Persons to furnish horses, with descriptions of the horses.  From Loseley ms. LM/1330/27 at SHC.  Transcribed by Theodore Craib and published in Surrey Musters, part I (SRS vol.3) pp.322-327; Southwark names on pp.326-7. 

Borough of Southwark
  Thomas Cure gent, 2 horses, insufficient
  John Tryne brewer, a bay gelding
  John Smith brewer, a pied gelding
  Richard Dodson, a bay gelding white face
  Thomas Way, a bay gelding with a white star
  Bryan Patinson vintner, a grey gelding
  [blank] Evans, a bay gelding
  Miles Wilkinson, 1 horse, insufficient
  John Birde, a grey gelding
  Thomas Westwraye, 1 horse, insufficient

1597:.  List of names and parishes of about 100 men from all parts of Surrey, apparently under Captain Oliver St John's command.  From Loseley ms. LM/1330/46 at SHC.  Transcribed by Theodore Craib and published in Surrey Musters, part I (SRS vol.3) pp.286-287. 

    [Legible Southwark names in the list are:]
  Henry Greene
  William Chertcha
  John Withell
  John Mathewe
  Thomas Johnson
  Henry Florison
  Thomas Harrison
  Christopher Wells
  Thomas Lawrence
  Arthur Curtis
  Thomas White

1627:  Muster Roll of Troops raised in Surrey to be employed in the Low Countries.  From BL, Ms.Add.29,609B.  The roll is mutilated in the lower part.  Transcribed by A.R. Bax in SAC vol.10 pp.280-282. 

    [Southwark names in the list are:]
  Morris Cobbe of Sowthwarke
  Alexander Bodman of Sowthwarke
  Owen Hamden of Sowthwarke
  Henry Davies of Sowthwarke
  Richard Lane of Sowthwarke
  Roger Jones of Sowthwarke
  Moyses Trevers of Sowthwarke
  Arthur Blaker of Sowthwarke
  John Yeo of Sowthwarke
  Thomas Coleman of Sowthwarke
  Christopher Baker of Sowthwarke
  Humphrey Reynolds of Southwarke
  Clement Haward of Sowthwarke