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Abell, John, ship carpenter, 1632
Ackland, Thomas, 1634
Addinson, Agnes, widow, 1579
Addis, John, cutler, 1593
Addison, Christiana, widow, 1624
Addison, Edward, 1605
Addison, William, haberdasher, 1617
Adlin, Thomas, citizen and grocer, 1582
Adshed, John, grocer, 1600
Aile, Dorothy, widow, 1643
Alderman, Henry, waterman, 1617
Aldridge, Matthew, waterman, 1641
Alfrey, Anthony, 1626
Allen, Edward, clothworker, 1591
Allen, Edward, esquire, 1626
Allen, Joan, spinster, 1601
Ames, Charles, citizen and clothworker, 1625    
Amory, William, 1610
Anderson, William, 1603
Angell, Joan, widow, 1625
Angell, Thomas, vintner, 1634
ap John Griffith alias Jones, William, 1594
ap Llewellyn, Gwin, yeoman, 1614

Archard (Orchard), Hugh, lighterman, 1607
Ashe, William, 1603
Ashmore, John, 1587
Ashton, Edmund, citizen and brewer, 1625
Aslett (Haslett), John, waterman, 1626
Aspin, John, 1626
Aston, John, gentleman, 1603
Atkinson, Elizabeth, widow, 1593
Atkinson, Joan, widow, 1620
Atkinson, John, 1602
Atkinson, Nicholas, waterman, 1609
Atkinson, Robert, feltmaker, 1603
Atkinson, Thomas, 1578
Atkinson, Thomas, brewer, 1598
Atkinson, William, leatherdresser, 1612
Audley, Thomas, citizen and skinner, 1592
Audley alias Luke, Thomas, butcher, 1611
Austen, Anne, widow, 1649
Austen, James, citizen and dyer, 1602
Austen, John, barber chirurgeon, 1612
Austen, William, esquire, 1632
Austen, William, waterman, 1638
Ayers (Ayre), Robert, 1614

Abell, John, of St Saviour, ship carpenter.  About to sail to the East Indies aboard the ship Great James. 
Date written:  1629/30 February 15. 
Date proved:  1632 November 5. 
Family members named:  William Abell his father, late deceased.  Ellen Able his sister.  Elizabeth his sister, wife of Robert Smith, and Robert their son.  Anne his sister, and Willifound Milleson her son; Thomas James his brother in law, and Francis and Thomas James his sons.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Robert Smith his brother in law.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Robert Windsor, Sir Michael Peach. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/164, ff.309v-310r (register copy).] 

Acland, Thomas, of St Saviour.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church. 
Date written:  1634 April 20. 
Date proved:  1634 May 16. 
Family members named:  Daniel Basditch his brother in law, of St Saviour, to whom all is left. 
Others named:  Daniel Vernon. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to Daniel Basditch. 
Witnesses:  James Archer, clerk; Robert Burland. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/12, ff.243r-v and DW/PA/5/1634/2; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.12 no.445.] 

Adensonne, Agnes, of St Saviour Southwark, widow.  [This will is extensively damaged; much of the bottom and left hand side is lost.]  Testator affirmed her will with a mark not a signature.  Her boat, rod and its trappings to be sold. 
Date written:  1579 April 1. 
Date proved:  1579 April 8. 
Family members named:  John Holdeworth her cousin.  Richard Nye her cousin.  Two other names lost.  Joan her cousin, who is not to carry her bequests to her brother's house but to the house of John Holdsworth until she marries. 
Others named:  Harry Turpen.  Owen Wylliams, who owes her money.  Mr Myddeltonne and Mr Hayes, to whom she owes money.  Tybell Nene.  Alice Jennyngs.  Agnes Edwards.  Mother Atkynsonne.  Old Joan Savage.  Mother Whyte.  Mother Sanders, living in Saint Alley.  Agnes Crowne.  Mary James, wife of Christopher James.  John Tayler, her servant.  [lost] Hodkynnes, waterman.  William, her servant.  [name lost], her friend.  Humphrey Simons.  Alice Yuens [Ewens].  Susan Turtonne.  Abigail Holdeworth.  Loue [Love] Holdworth.  John Hodson.  [lost] Myddeltonne at the Bridge's foot.  Mr Hayes living at Bridge's foot.  Mrs Robynsonne.  Ralph the butcher.  Nicoll's wife at the Bell Gate.  the (unnamed) butcher next Fishmongers' Hall.  John Savage the chandler.  Jacsonne the grocer.  Mr Hoggis.  Christopher Wylliams.  [lost] Whyte the [lost]maker.  one Hollemby.  John Hodkyns.  [lost] Williams.  Joan Weestcrofte, widow.  Goodman Hugman.  William Russell the tailor.  Goodwife Hudde.  Richard Fortune, waterman. 
Executors: John Holldworthe and Henry Turpin.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Richard Harman, curate; Owen Wylliams; John Hoskyns: Richard Symons: Richard Fortune. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1579/1; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.16 no.410.] 

Addis, John, of St Saviour, cutler.  About to go to sea. 
Date written:  1591 April 1. 
Date proved:  1593 November 28. 
Family members named:  Alice his wife.  Richard Addys his son, not yet 21; his bequest to be put in hands of William Belly, bowyer, until testator returns or is dead; after four years the bequest to be repaid to wife Alice to use of son Richard.  His son Richard to have his vise and files pertaining to cutler's occupation.  Margaret and Agnes his sisters. 
Others named:  Edward Heardson his servant.  Avery his servant. 
Executor:  wife Alice Addys.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  William Belly; Richard Kitching; Robert Scott. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1593/169; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.17 no.773.] 

Addison, Christiana, of St Saviour, widow.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared: 1623/4 February 22. 
Date proved:  1623/4 February 24. 
Family members named:  Thomas Addison her son.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Thomas Addison.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Katherine Chandler; Agnes Cotterell; Riddigar Wrickwood. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/11 163r and DW/PA/5/1623/1; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.11 no.104.] 

Addeyson, Edward, of St Saviour. 
Date written:  1605 June 3. 
Date proved:  1605 August 5. 
Family members named:  Joan his wife [see her will].  His unnamed brother.  Anne his daughter to have a cupboard in Goodman Rodgers' house and joint stools in Goodman Blake's house, among other things.  Rebecka, his daughter's child. 
Others named:  Margrett Addeson his servant, unmarried.  Alice Homes. 
Executor:  wife Joan. 
Overseers:  William Dorden and William Blackey. 
Witnesses:  William Dorden and William Blackey. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/7, f.505; Abstracted in SAC v.7 no.944.] 

Addison, William, of St Saviour, haberdasher.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature. 
Date written:  1616/17 February 24. 
Date proved:  1617 March 31. 
Family members named:  Christian Addison his wife.  Richard Addison and Thomas Addison his sons.  Margaret Davyes his daughter, wife of William Davyes, waterman, and their children Elizabeth Davis and Alexander Davis.  William Addison son of Richard Addison. 
Others named:  Elizabeth Bryan his goddaughter, daughter of Thomas Bryan, waterman. 
Executor:  wife Christian Addison.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Bryan; Andrew Bell; Thomas Mason; John Haynes. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/9, ff.237v-238r and DW/PA/5/1617/1; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.9 no.421.] 

Adlin, Thomas, of St Saviour, citizen and grocer of London. 
Date written:  1582 December 25. 
Date proved:  1582/3 January 9. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth his wife.  Joan Adlin and Katherine Adlin, his sisters.  ‘my brother Adlyn’.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  wife Elizabeth. 
Overseers:  his father in law Robert Jegones; George Cotterell. 
Witnesses:  William Sympson; George Coundon; George Axon; Robert Jegons. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/65, ff.33v-34r (register copy).] 

Adshed, John, of St Saviour, grocer. 
Date written:  1600 April 21. 
Date proved:  1600 April 28. 
Family members named:  Margery his wife.  his father, unnamed.  Robert, Thomas, Hamlet, William, Margery, Elizabeth, and Eleanor, his siblings.  Frances and Elizabeth, his wife's sisters.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Margery his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  [blank] Johnson, scrivener; William Shipman; Robert Pemell; William Yardeley; John ?Staigle. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/95, f.176r (register copy).] 

Ayle, Dorothy, of St Saviour, widow.  Testator affirmed her will with a mark not a signature. 
Date written:  1643 December 5. 
Date proved:  1644 July 4. 
Family members named:  Thomas Tompson and John Tompson her grandsons .  Margaret Tompson her granddaughter (but if Margaret marries without consent of testator's overseers the bequest is void).  Joan Vernham her granddaughter, wife of [blank] Vernham. 
Others named:  Robert Bancks of St Mary Magdalen, Southwark, her friend. 
Executor:  Robert Bancks of St Mary Magdalen. 
Overseers:  her friends Mr George Crawley and Mr William Speed. 
Witnesses:  Robert Cuerton; Leonard Gorskelowe, servant to the writer. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/13, ff.343r-v; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.13 no.690.] 

Alderman, Henry, of St Saviour, waterman. 
Date written:  1617 November 17. 
Date proved:  1617 November 10 [sic]. 
Family members named:  John Alderman his son. 
Others named:  William Wells of St Saviour.  Robert Robinson of St Lawrence Pountney, waterman. 
Executors: William Wells and Robert Robinson.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Robert Nicoll, notary public. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/9, f.257r and DW/PA/5/1617/3; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.9 no.457.] 

Aldridge, Matthew, of the Upper Ground, St Saviour, waterman. 
Date written:  1640/1 February 1. 
Date proved:  1641 May 26. 
Family members named:  His wife, unnamed [named in the probate entry as Joan].  Martha Yemnan his eldest sister, and her unnamed daughter.  Elizabeth his sister, wife of Thomas Debera, and their son Thomas.  Three unnamed children of his deceased sister Mary Rudd. 
Others named:  The unnamed children of Isaac Aldridge. 
Executor:  Joan his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Edward Conawaye (his mark); John Coles. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/186, f.27r-v (register copy).] 

Alfray, Anthony, of St Saviour.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish; also a bequest to the poor of Witheham [Sussex?] where he was born.  Has freehold lands in Salehurst and Mountfield [Sussex?]. 
Date written:  1625 July 22. 
Date proved:  1626 June 15. 
Family members named:  Alice his wife.  John Alfraye his brother, now in the East Indies.  Ellen Salter, his wife's mother.  John Alfraie, his cousin, late of Hartfield [Sussex?].  His Aunt Rhodes.  Anthony Foster, Anthony Michael, and John Rhodes, his three godchildren. 
Others named:  Richard Kidder of East Grinstead [Sussex?] and his underage children Edward and Anne.  Thomas Grenne, citizen and grocer of London.  Richard Waringe, citizen and grocer of London.  Susan Hurst and her four children.  Elizabeth Vawham, widow.  William Newell, servant to his mother in law.  Elizabeth Becklie, his maid.  William Coleeman, his father's old servant.  Walter Hayward of St Olave, Southwark. 
Executor:  Alice his wife. 
Overseers:  Richard Kidder and Walter Hayward. 
Witnesses:  John Horne, Francis Slott, George Mower. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/149, f.285r (register copy).] 

Allen, Edward, of St Saviour, clothworker.  Nuncupative will; testator is sick in body. 
Date declared: 1591 April 3. 
Date proved:  1591 April 7. 
Family members named:  Amy Allen his wife, to whom he leaves all.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Amy Allen his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Katherine Belton; Ann Noxe (her mark). 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1591/48; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.17 no.422.] 

Alleyn, Edward, of Dulwich, Surrey, esquire [formerly of St Saviour.]  [Note:  this will is only partially abstracted, many of its legatees omitted as being not of St Saviour.]  Testator is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in the chapel of his school at Dulwich.  Has a messuage called the Unicorn in St Saviour parish, and another, called the Barge the Bell and the Cock, on the Bankside.  Has copyhold lands in Lambeth Marsh.  Has lands in Yorkshire purchased of George Cole esquire.  A gift of money for the building of ten almshouses in St Botolph without Bishopsgate parish, and another ten in St Saviour parish. 
Date written:  1626 November 13. 
Date proved:  1626 December 13. 
Family members named:  Constance Alleyn his wife.  Matthias Alleyn and his son John Alleyn.  Thomas Alleyn his cousin ‘and next heire at the Common lawe’, son of John Alleyn late of Willen, Buckinghamshire.  Edward Alleyn junior of Newport, and his sisters Elizabeth Newman and Anne Ashpoole.  Jane Waldock of Water Eaton, his aunt.  Anne Alleyn, wife of John Harrison, clerk.  Edward Alleyn his godson. 
Others named:  Elizabeth Cutler his former wife's goddaughter. 
Co-Executors:  Thomas Alleyn and Matthias Alleyn his kinsmen.  No overseers named. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/150, ff.291v-293r (register copy).  See also Prob.10/443 (copy of original will); Prob.8/23, f.unnumbered (probate entry).] 
[Transcription in Playhouse Wills, pp.150-154.] 

Allen, Joan, of St Saviour, spinster.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared: 1601 June 24. 
Date proved:  1601 September 24. 
Family members named:  Richard Allen and John Allen, her brothers.  Elizabeth Allen her sister.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  John Allen her brother.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Anne Wood, George Payne and Margarett Payne. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/7 fo.343; Abstracted in SAC v.7 no.624.] 

Ames, Charles, of St Saviour, citizen and clothworker of London.  Nuncupative will; testator visited with the sickness. 
Date declared: none recorded. 
Date proved:  1625 September 1. 
Family members named:  Mary Ames his wife.  William Ames his son.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Mary Ames his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Ellen Potter, spinster; Alice Dike, widow; Mary Ames. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/11, ff.229v-230r and DW/PA/5/1625/4; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.11 no.438.] 

Amerie, William, of St Saviour.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body.  He has lands in Brentford, Middlesex, and elsewhere.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish. 
Date declared: 1610 June 16. 
Date proved:  1610 June 18. 
Family members named:  Agnes Amerie his wife.  Susan Jackson, widow, his sister, and her underage daughter Elizabeth Jackson.  Elizabeth Kiping his sister. 
Others named:  Ellen Gressham. 
Executor:  Agnes Amerie his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Ellen Gressham; Mrs Cooke; Joan Lewis; Margaret Langford. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/8, f.124v and DW/PA/5/1610/3; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.8 no.255.] 

Anderson, William, of St Mary Overy [St Saviour].  Has a house newly built in Fogwell, with ‘Waterworke Ingens Cesternes pipes of Lead and other thinges to the same waterworke belongeinge’.  Also has property in the Mint in Southwark, leased from Henry Gage, gentleman.  Has other property, unspecified, in Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, and York. 
Date written:  1603 September 30. 
Date proved:  1603 October 24. 
Family members named:  Anne Anderson his wife.  Mary, Tabitha, Elizabeth, and Joan Anderson, his four daughters.  William Anderson his underage son, to have his property in St Olave, Southwark, and in Lewisham, Kent.  Isabel Anderson his mother.  Cecily Fletcher, widow, his mother [in law?]. 
Others named:  James Martin. 
Executor:  William Anderson his son.  Administration granted to the overseers during the minority of William. 
Overseers:  William Cragg and Henry Orrell. 
Witnesses:  John Shewell, scrivener; Gilbert Wright (his mark); Henry Orrell. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/102, ff.431v-432v (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.11 pp.127-128.] 

Angell, Joan, of St Saviour, widow.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church near where her late husband Thomas Angell is buried. 
Date written:  1625 November 23, with a codicil on December 15. 
Date proved:  1625/6 January 27. 
Family members named:  Jane Pestle of St George, Southwark, her mother.  Her three unnamed children, to whom all is left.  Annis Windever (wife of Richard), Jane Foulkes, and Margaret Hunt, her sisters. 
Others named:  Elizabeth Howe her servant. 
Executor:  Jane Pestle her mother, named in the will; but she having died, the codicil names Richard Windever, Thomas Foster, Nicholas Newton, and William Drayton as executors of the will and also of the will of her late husband, of which the testator was to be executor. 
Overseers:  Richard Windever; William Drayton, citizen and cooper of London. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Goodhand (his mark), Augustine Hopson, Tomissoun Cossey; Richard Paxton, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/148, ff.69v-70v (register copy).] 

Angell, Thomas, of Southwark, vintner.  Perhaps not of St Saviour.  Has lands in Thames Ditton, Surrey; Cranford, Kent; Ightham, Kent; Wighton, Norfolk. 
Date written:  1633/4 February 26. 
Date proved:  1634 April 23. 
Family members named:  Alice his wife, to have all his lands.  Margaret Wright his sister, wife of [blank] Wright.  Dorothy Angell his sister. 
Others named:  John Parrish his friend and neighbor. 
Executor:  Alice his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Richard Payton; Sir Richard Jones [inserted]; John Done; Richard ?Lingham. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/146, f.250r-v (register copy).] 

ap John Griffith alias Jones, William, bargeman, 1594. 
The testator's surname is written in the will as Jones alias ap John Griffith; the will can be found under "J"
ap Lloellen, Gwin or Gawain, yeoman, late of Nerquis, Flintshire, but now of St Saviour.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is sick and weak.  To be buried as directed by Michael Rawlins and his wife Katherine Rawlins and with consent of his other children. 
Date written:  1613 September 20. 
Date proved:  1614 May 30. 
Family members named:  John Gwyn, Lewis Gwyn, and Evan Gwyn, his sons. 
Others named:  Edward Seward, son of Edward Seward of Fenchurch Street. 
Executors: his three sons.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Evan Robert (his mark); Michael Rawlins (his mark); Katherine Rawlins (her mark). 
[References:  TNA, Prob.11/123, ff.333v-334r (register copy); substantially the same will also in LMA, DW/PA/7/9, ff.50v-51r and DW/PA/5/1614/49, where it was proved two days earlier; see the abstract by Cliff Webb, v.9 no.74.] 

Ashe, William, of St Saviour.  A bequest to the poor of Paris Garden. 
Date written:  1603 October 9. 
Date proved:  1603 [month omitted] 11. 
Family members named:  Margaret his wife. 
Others named:  Mathewe Pirrit his godson. 
Executor:  Margaret his wife. 
Overseers:  Richard Stone and Richard Body. 
Witnesses:  Seth Bennell, Robert Byndlose, and the Overseers. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/7, fo.414; Abstracted in SAC v.7 no.771.] 

Ashmore, John, of St Saviour.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date declared: 1587 June 28. 
Date proved:  1587 June 30. 
Family members named:  Susan Ashmore his now wife.  John his son.  Margaret Ashmore and Rose Ashmore, his daughters. 
Others named:  His former wife's sister Mary. 
Executor:  Susan his wife; but George Kirkby appointed proxy for her. .  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Rose Bonner; Ann Talmage. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1587/43; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.17 no.198.] 

Ashton, Edmund, of St Saviour, citizen and brewer of London.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish.  Testator is sick, so is his wife, ‘the time now being very dangerous’. 
Date written:  1625 August 3. 
Date proved:  1625 August 18. 
Family members named:  Martha Ashton his wife, and the unborn child she is carrying.  Elizabeth Ashton his daughter, not yet 21.  Elizabeth Reade his sister.  Katherine Duffield his wife's sister and her brother John Duffield.  Bridget Delton, his wife's sister's mother.  Edith Bucke his cousin, wife of Robert Bucke.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  wife Martha; should she die, his daughter Elizabeth; should they both die, then uncle John Watts and his friend and cousin Mr Robert Bucke to be executors.  Executors Watts and Bucke both dying, administration granted to the overseers. 
Overseers:  Anthony Alfray, grocer; Samuel Clarke, tallowchandler; and [blank] Stone, vintner, his friends and neighbors. 
Witnesses:  Richard Sander; Thomas Roes. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/11, ff.246v-248r and DW/PA/5/1625/5; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.11 no.459.] 

Aslett, John, waterman, 1626. 
This will can be found under Haslett
Aspin, John, no residence given.  Perhaps not of St Saviour.  Testator weak and sick in body. 
Date written:  1626 October 17. 
Date proved:  1626 November 1. 
Family members named:  Juliana Aspin his wife.  William Aspin his brother.  Mathew Haiwood his brother.  John Scrivener his cousin.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Juliana Aspin his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Bartholomew Voyse; John Manfleet (his mark); William Plowman of St Olave Southwark. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/11, ff.314v-315r and DW/PA/5/1626/6; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.11 no.543.] 

Aston, John, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared:  1603 October 30. 
Date proved:  1603 November 11. 
Family members named:  Joan his wife.  Elizabeth Bennet his wife's sister.  Thomas Aston and Ann Aston, his two children, both underage.  Robert Ashton, second son of his cousin Robert Ashton esquire.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Joan his wife. 
Overseers:  Robert Aston his cousin, and John Johnson of London, fishmonger. 
Witnesses:  Edith Undrell, wife of Thomas Undrell (her mark); Edith Clark (her mark); Henry Reynoldes. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/102, f.337v-338r (register copy).  Abstracted  in SAC vol.11 p.122.] 

Atkinson, Elizabeth, of St Saviour, widow of Rowland Atkinson.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour churchyard. 
Date written:  none recorded. 
Date proved:  1593 September 24. 
Family members named:  none. 
Others named:  John Webe son of Thomas Webe, smith, late deceased.  Ferdinand Wakefield and George Wakefield, the children of Peter Wakefield. 
Executor:  Simon Corte; administration granted to Augustine Hewlett, notary public for Simon Corte. 
Overseers:  Peter Wakefield and Geoffrey Thornton. 
Witness:  Simon Corte (his mark). 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1593/1151; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.17 no.722.] 

Atkinson, Joan, of St Saviour, widow.  Testator affirmed her will with a mark not a signature.  Asks to be buried in the Bull's Head churchyard. 
Date written:  1619/20 March 9. 
Date proved:  1619/20 March 17. 
Family members named:  Christopher Atkinson her son, to have the boat and rod and its furnishings.  William Atkinson her son, not yet 17.  Alice Atkinson her daughter, charged with care of William.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Alice Atkinson. 
Overseers:  Henry Williams and James Howe, his neighbors. 
Witnesses:  James Hichman; Alice Coverley (her mark); Agnes Williams (her mark). 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/9, ff.303r-v and DW/PA/5/1619/5; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.9 no.542.] 

Atkinson, John, of Southwark.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date declared:  1602 May 8. 
Date proved:  1602 May 29. 
Family members named:  Joan his wife, to whom he leaves all.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Joan his wife. .  No overseers or witnesses named. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1602/6; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.18 no.41.] 

Atkinson, Nicholas, of Old Paris Garden, Southwark, waterman.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is sick in body. 
Date written:  1609 September 7. 
Date proved:  1609 October 12. 
Family members named:  Joan Atkinson his wife.  Robert Atkinson and Thomas Atkinson, his brothers.  Edith Atkinson and Margaret Atkinson, his sisters. 
Others named:  Nicholas Gryffen, ‘a child which I have kept’, not yet 21. 
Executor:  wife Joan Atkinson. 
Overseers:  Robert Eyves and John Burname. 
Witnesses:  Francis Ricards; Richard Hewes (his mark); John Burname. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/8, ff.72v-73r and DW/PA/5/1609/6; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.8 no.159.] 

Atkinson, Robert, of Southwark, feltmaker.  Perhaps not of St Saviour. 
Date written:  1603 August 19. 
Date proved:  1603/4 February 4. 
Family members named:  Annis his wife.  Joane Marshall his daughter in law.  Marie Atkinson and Ellin Atkinson his brother's daughters.  Thomas Marshall his son in law, who is to have ‘all the tools belonging to my trade’. 
Others named:  Robert Macklyn his godson.  Thomas Marshall, dwelling in Tunbridge. 
Executor:  Annis his wife. 
Overseers:  Robert Macklyn and John Laye. 
Witnesses:  Robert Macklyn and John Laye. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/7, ff.460v-461r; Abstracted in SAC v.7 no.869.] 

Atkinson, Thomas, of St Saviour.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church.  He owes 8d to the collectors for the poor. 
Date written:  1578 October 7. 
Date proved:  1578 October 12. 
Family members named:  Edward Atkinsonne his brother.  John Adynsonne his brother, living in the country. 
Others named:  William Baldocke his servant.  Richard Mylles.  Richard Harman the curate.  Various people who owe him money:  Mrs Joan Westcrofte; Owen Wylliams; Richard Simon otherwise Fortune (who bought a boat from him and John Hodsonne); and one Lankester late deceased.  He owes various sums to Geoffrey Wylliams, Nicholas Holdenbye, John Whyte, and Mr Turpin. 
Executor:  wife Agnes Atkinsonne. 
Overseers:  James Peniall ans John Hodsonne. 
Witnesses:  Richard Mylles (his mark); William Pantere; James Peniall; Richard Harman, curate. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1578/91; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.16 no.388.] 

Atkinson, Thomas, of St Saviour, brewer.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date declared: 1598 May 1. 
Date proved:  1598 May 12. 
Family members named:  Ann Atkinson his wife. 
Others named:  John Hunter his countryman.  Ann Worthe his servant. 
Executor:  Ann his wife.  No overseers named.
Witnesses:  William Bellingham; his wife Ann Bellingham (her mark); Ellen Stewarde (her mark); Mr Maydew, alebrewer.
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1598/31; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.18 no.13.] 

Atkinson, William, of St Saviour, leatherdresser. 
Date written:  1612 June 19. 
Date proved:  1612 July 15. 
Family members named:  Joyce Atkinson his wife.  Elizabeth Waddington his daughter, wife of John Waddington.  Francis Thompson his nephew, apprentice to Mr Richard Humble, vintner. 
Others named:  Robert Thompson his apprentice.  Jane Lamnall his maidservant, unmarried.  George Newman.  George Ware.  Many debts owed: to Edward Thomas; John Valentyne; Robert Harvey; George Parker; William Austen; John Giles of Bromley, Kent; Richard Harwood, grocer; Joseph Cooper, fellmonger; William Stansby, painter in Thames Street; Lawrence Arme at Reading, Berkshire; Ralph Wilson in the New Rents; John Oates, collarmaker; Thomas Jones of St George, Southwark; John Gravens, glover; and to Robert Reffell and his son. 
Executor:  Joyce Atkinson his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witness:  Thomas Miller, writer of the will. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/8, ff.384r-v and DW/PA/5/1612/6; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.8 no.799.] 

Awdley, Thomas, citizen and skinner of London.  Bequests to others because ‘I haue noe childe’.  Various benevolences to the Company of Skinners.  Bequests to Grantham and other places in Lincolnshire.  Bequests to the parishes of St Sepulchre Newgate, St Giles Cripplegate, St Mary Overy, and St George Southwark.  Bequests to the poor in the prisons in London and Southwark.  Holds several properties in London, purchased of Alexander Avenon, citizen and ironmonger. 
Date written:  1590 December 11. 
Date proved:  1592 August 14. 
Family members named:  Margaret his wife.  His brothers John, Walter, Christopher (and son Thomas) and Anthony (and sons Robert and Thomas) Audley.  The wife of his cousin Edmund ?Thawlde.  Ann Earle his cousin, wife of Augustine Earle.  The children of his deceased cousin Christopher Webster.  The children of his wife's sister Elizabeth Bingham, widow of Anthony Bingham, haberdasher.  His nephew Francis Worthingeton of Gray's Inn, and his father Richard Worthingeton. 
Others named:  all his servants, unnamed; Paul Brickbanke, late Fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge.  Helen Wood, widow of Robert Wood, leatherseller.  Cuthbert Martin of London, skinner.  Hugh Johnson, a vicar in the country. 
Executor:  Margaret his wife. 
Overseers:  Walter and John his brothers. 
Witnesses:  Hugh Johnson; John Laurence; William Collins, servant to Richard Collins, notary; Anthony Awdeley; Cuthbert Martin. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/80, ff.132Ar-134v (register copy).] 

Audley (Awdley) alias Luke, Thomas, of St Saviour, butcher.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish.  Has over a hundred acres of land in Rederiffe (Rotherhithe). 
Date written:  1610/11 February 16, with a codicil on February 18. 
Date proved:  1610/11 February 28. 
Family members named:  Henry Gourd his son in law (stepson), whose mother the testator had married.  Agnes Ammate his sister, widow, and her daughters Katherine, wife of William Guy, and Grace Smith, a widow, and Grace's three unnamed children.  Radycon Westley, his first wife's sister.  Matthew Westley and Thomas Westley, presumably Radycon's sons.  Ellen, Mary, and Agnes, the daughters of his last wife. 
Others named:  William Russell the elder, butcher, and his son William Russell the younger.  John Hayford his servant.  Thomasine and William, his servants.  Mr William Lancaster, serjeant of the king's catery.  Elizabeth Tyler.  Clement Pete. 
Executor:  Christopher Woodward, vintner. 
Overseers:  George Payne and Richard Yarwood, grocers, appointed in the will.  In the codicil, William Lancaster and John Treherne the elder are added as overseers. 
Witnesses:  John Treherne senior (his mark); Richard Yarwood; Thomas Botton, scriptor.  Witnesses to the codicil: Richard Miller, butcher (his mark); Thomas Botton, scriptor. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/117, ff.69r-70r (register copy).] 

Austen, Anne, of St Saviour, widow.  Asks to be buried in the vault on the south side of St Saviour church by the body of her former husband John Bingham Esquire.  A bequest to the poor of the Bankside, the Upper Ground, and the almshouse.  A bequest to St Thomas Hospital in Southwark for the poor.  She has two houses in the St Saviour churchyard on the west side of the church, for the use of poor people.  King James owes money to her former husband John Bingham, whose executor she is, and without that money she cannot fulfill his bequests; she urges her own executor to seek those funds vigorously. 
Date written:  1646 April 10. 
Date proved:  1649 December 5. 
Family members named:  Mary Carleton her sister, and Mary's three children Daniel, Anne, and Margaret.  James Austen her son, and his daughter Anne.  John Smith of Northinkley [sic], Gloucestershire, her kinsman.  William Austen and James Austen, her sons in law [stepsons?].  Mr Lambert Osbaldston and Mr Robert Osbolston, her cousins.  William Wall her kinsman.  William ?Staieworth her son in law and his wife Mary her daughter in law.  John Bromfield Esquire, her nephew, only son of Sir Edward Bromfield, knight, her brother in law. 
Others named:  John Squire, vicar of Shoreditch.  Mr Hobson, minister at St George, Southwark.  Mr Spenser, minister at St Thomas, Southwark.  Henry and Margaret Hudson and their children Margaret, Jane, and her godson Edward.  Thomas and Grace Woodward and their children Edward, Christopher, Katherine, and her godson Thomas.  Robert Oldisworth her godson, son of William Oldisworth.  Her goddaughter Margaret Falkener, and her mother Margaret Falkener, widow.  Mary Floud, widow.  Mr John Rice and his son Austin Rice.  Edward, John, William, and Anne, children of John Bromfield Esquire by his former wife Joyce.  John Smith and his children Edward, John, James, Charles, Anne, Margaret, Elizabeth, Thomas, Richard, and her godson William.  William Smith her servant.  Elizabeth, wife of John Kent. 
Executor:  John Bromfield Esquire. 
Overseers:  Sir Edward Bromfield, knight, and her cousin John Smith Esquire. 
Witnesses:  John Smith; Robert Mundey. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/210, ff.254r-255r (register copy).] 

Awsten, James, citizen and dyer of London.  Has several properties in London and beyond.  Bequests to a number of parishes, in London and beyond, including to the poor of Paris Garden, and the parish of St Benet Paul's Wharf, where he was ‘late a parishoner’. 
Date written:  1602 July 9. 
Date proved:  1602 July 24. 
Family members named:  Joyce his wife.  William Austen his underage son.  Henry Awsten his brother [who perhaps lives in Lancashire] and his children.  John Corlis his brother.  Helen Ogden his sister and husband.  Margaret Robinsonne his sister and her son William Robinson.  His wife's parents William Wildinge and wife, and their children Katherine and Thomas.  Elizabeth Marshall, his wife's sister, wife of Richard Marshall.  Katherine Knowels and Alice Walmeslye, his cousins.  William Austen of Thorneton, his kinsman. 
Others named:  Hugh Wollston, gentleman.  John Mownslowe.  William Britton his late servant and Katherine Crosse his sister.  Thomas Morrosse, haberdasher. 
Executor:  his wife Joyce. 
Overseers:  Thomas Wildinge and Richard Marshall his brothers in law. 
Witnesses:  John Mownslowe, scrivener; Richard Cooper; William Awsten; Thomas Towne; Charles Hurte; John Hurte (his mark); Reginald Evans. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/100, ff.72r-74r (register copy).] 

Austen, John, of St Saviour, barber chirurgeon.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish.  Has a house in Lewes, Sussex. 
Date written:  1611 December 8. 
Date proved:  1611/12 January 27. 
Family members named:  Mary Harte his mother.  Mary Harte and Alice Harte, his underage sisters.  Elizabeth Austen his sister.  Daniel Peverell his kinsman.  Marie Peverell his kinswoman [inserted]. 
Others named:  Christopher Smythe.  Stephen Abraham his hired servant.  ‘Johane Payne late my mistris’ [i.e. his master's wife] and her son John Browne.  John Campyon. 
Executor:  Nicholas Newton. 
Overseer:  Jarvis Morly. 
Witnesses:  Henry Underwood; Allyn Edsowe; Stephen Abraham. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/119, f.11r-v (register copy).] 

Austin, William, of St Saviour, esquire.  Testator is in ‘present health’.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church, in his mother's grave, in a sheet not a coffin, and at night [see his mother's will for a similar directive].  Bequests to the poor of Paris Garden, Clink Liberty, and the Borough, all in St Saviour parish; also to the poor of St Benet Paul's Wharf.  Has copyhold lands in Paris Garden.  Also has property in the London parishes of All Hallows in the Wall, St Benet, and St Peter Paul's Wharf, London.
Date written:  1632 May 19. 
Date proved:  1633/4 February 6. 
Family members named:    [Note: names listed here are of his closest family.  Some eighty legatees are named in the will; for those not listed here, see the transcript.]  Anne his wife.  James his underage son.  William his underage son, to have lands and tenements occupied by William George, William Payne, Thomas Bowman, Rice Lewis, and George Hough.  Mary his underage daughter.  Joyce his daughter, and Joyce's daughter Margaret Bromfeild.  Lady Joyce Clerk his mother, deceased [see her will].  His uncle Marshall.  William and Elizabeth Marshall his cousins.  Jane Pyatt, his uncle Wilding's daughter.  His aunt Bigg and her unmarried children.  ‘my brother Asteley and my sister’.  ‘Mr Alderman Bromfeild and my sister’.  ‘my brother Robert Bromfeild and my sister’.  ‘my brother Overman and my sister’.  His sister Fenour.  His sister Clerke.  His cousin Bill.  Margaret Daniell his sister.  James Walmesley his cousin.  His brother Goodfellowe.  His brother Bancrofte.  Richard Teat his cousin. 
Others named:  Mr Bucket or Mr Greenbury, Mr Campe or Mr Blackwell, and his cousin Martin Lucas to be appraisers of his goods.  Robert Greene his servant.  The ministers or chaplains of St Saviour. 
Executor:  Anne his wife. 
Overseers:  Sir Francis Stydolphe knight, Mr Alderman Bromefeild, and Mr Robert Bromefeild, his worthy brothers; and his uncle Marshall. 
Witnesses:  John Searle; Robert Greene; Adrian Wasson. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/165, ff. 105v-107v (register copy).] 

[Transcription:  click here.] 

Austyn, William, of St Saviour, waterman.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour churchyard. 
Date written:  1637/8 January 11. 
Date proved:  1637/8 February 27. 
Family members named:  Joan Austyn his wife, to whom he leaves everything.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  wife Joan Austyn. 
Overseers:  Willmot Browne, shipwright, and John Grove, waterman, his friends both of St Saviour. 
Witnesses:  Willmot Browne; John Grove; Thomas Woodman (his mark); James Sowdon, writer. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/12, ff.394v-395r and DW/PA/5/1638/1; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.12 no.825.] 

Ayre, Robert, of St Saviour.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date declared: not recorded. 
Date proved:  1614 October 8. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth Ayre his wife.  George his kinsman, now his servant. 
Others named:  Thomas Welborne. 
Executor:  Elizabeth Ayre his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Welborne; Mary Smith; Elizabeth Ayre his wife; Robert Carter. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/9, f.80r and DW/PA/5/1614/2; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.9 no.125.]