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NOTE: These lists contain extracts from wills of parishioners principally of St Saviour parish.  Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) are at The National Archives (TNA, class Prob.11).  Wills proved in the Bishop of Winchester's Surrey Archdeaconry Court are at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA, class DW/PA/7); those proved in the Bishop's Consistory Court are at the Hampshire Record Office in Winchester.  Other wills are at the British Library and elsewhere.  Literatim forms of surnames are preserved where appropriate.  Uncertain readings are marked with a question-mark.  Some names in these lists are of persons not dwelling in St Saviour parish, but with property interests there.  For fuller information the originals should be consulted. 

CAUTION: relationship terms in these wills are often vague.  ‘Servant’ can often mean apprentice.  ‘Brother’ may mean either a blood relation or a professional one.  ‘Brother’ and ‘sister’ often mean brother in law or sister in law.  ‘Son in law’ often means stepson.  ‘Cousin’ and ‘kinsman’ are used loosely, e.g.  ‘my Cozenn John Towne my second husband Thomas Townes kinseman’, from the will of Ann Russell.  No attempt has been made to clarify these relationships; caveat user

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