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Face, Robert, 1606
Fareman, Agnes, widow, 1625
Fessenden, George, mercer, 1637
Fielding, Robert, 1573
Finch, Alice, widow, 1644
Fink, Parnell, widow, 1602
Fisher, John, gentleman, 1603
Fleming, John, citizen and currier, 1593
Flooks alias Gwinn, Elizabeth, widow, 1611      
Ford, George, butcher, 1633
Forman, Nicholas, glover, 1648
Forman, Robert, citizen and cooper, 1648

Foster, John, citizen and plumber, 1590
Foster, Thomas, gentleman, 1633
Foulk, Ann, spinster, 1637
Fox, William, tallowchandler, 1639
Frank, Mark, clerk, 1664
Franklin, Gregory, citizen and sadler, 1624
Franklin, Henry, esquire, of Rye, Herts, 1578
Freeman, Ann, 1568
Fremlin, Robert, citizen and bowyer, 1596
Frisby, Michael, citizen and grocer, 1638
Frith, Richard, citizen and minstrel, 1587
Fuller, Richard, 1588

Face, Robert, of St Saviour.  Testator is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in the south aisle of St Saviour church near where his wife is buried.  Testator has a lease of ‘the Parcke or Princes meadowes’ where he grazes his cows.  A bequest to the churchwardens and vestry of St Saviour parish, and to the poor of the Boroughside and Clink Liberty of the parish. 
Date written:  1606 April 15. 
Date proved:  1606 May 30. 
Family members named:  The two unnamed sisters, and the two unnamed sons, of Richard Brockett, shoemaker of Wallingford, his cousin, deceased.  Richard Padge and Margery Padge his wife, the testator's brother and sister in law, and their sons Raymond [Reyman] Padge, William Padge and John Padge. 
Others named:  William Gawton the younger, Mawdlyn his wife, their underage daughter Mary, and the unborn child Mawdlyn is carrying.  The said Mawdlyn is to have the testator's wife's wedding ring, ‘valued at thirtye shillings at the least’.  John Pyne his friend.  John Kell.  Hugh Robinson.  Charles Dansey his servant.  His four unnamed maidservants.  Richard Hall, Clerk of the Sewers.  Thomas Wright, tailor, his friend.  James Barlow, husbandman of Newington.  Thomas Stevenson his neighbor.  His godchildren Marcus Padge, Robert Harrys, Robert Norman, [blank] Edmonson, Robert Jefferye, Robert Gawen and Robert Richardson. 
Executors:  Richard and Margery Padge. 
Overseers:  William Cownden and George Payne. 
Witnesses:  none recorded; but ‘Johannis Bond Scriptor’ has signed each of the three pages of the will. 
Memorandum:  written at the bottom of the will, noting that the executors refused to enter into bonds for their performance on the grounds that ‘it is not vsed in any Offices at or abowt London to take such bondes of any Executors when they take vpon them the execution of any testament’. 
[Reference:  Hampshire Record Office, ms.1606B/18.] 

Fareman, Agnes, of St Saviour, widow.  Affirmed her will with a mark not a signature.  She is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour churchyard. 
Date written:  1625 November 15. 
Date proved:  1625/6 January 20. 
Family members named:  Thomas Wiseman her cousin and Elizabeth his wife.  Samuel Fayreman her son in law.  Susanna Jenkins her daughter, wife of William Jenkins, feltmaker; their underage daughter Anne Jenkins; and Susanna's underage sons James Welfry and Thomas Welfry. 
Others named:  none. 
Executor:  James Welfry. 
Overseers:  James Mullins and John Taylor, ‘my Approved loving Cosens’. 
Witnesses:  John Heard (his mark); Nicholas Wyborne; Peter Newsam, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/148, f.8r-v (register copy).] 

Fissenden [sic], George, of St Saviour, mercer.  Testator is ‘in perfect health and memory’. 
Date written:  1637 April 2. 
Date proved:  1646/7 January 5. 
Family members named:  Margaret Hartridge his mother.  Elizabeth Fessenden his sister.  John, Thomas, and Allen Fessenden his brothers.  James Hartridge his brother. 
Others named:  Edward Stringer the elder.  Thomas Chowinge and John Shore of Brenchley [Kent?].  William Stone, sailor.  Peter Bowlton, a tenant. 
Executor:  Margaret Hartridge; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  James Hartridge; John ?Styvar. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/199, f.70r-v (register copy).] 

Fyldinge, Robert, of St Saviour. 
Date written:  1573 April 6. 
Date proved:  1573 April 27. 
Family members named:  Annis his wife, who is asked to be good to his daughter Joan Yvans.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Annis his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Richard Harman, curate; John Ameres, grocer in Fenchurch Street; John Realfe, hatmaker. 
Inventory: A probate inventory taken on 14 April 1573 by John Mors and Thomas Morwell.  Possessions assessed at £5.15.8. 
Burial: recorded in the St Saviour parish register on 14 April 1573. 
[Reference:  Hampshire Record Office:  the will, ms.1573.B.45/1; the inventory, ms.1573.B.45/2.] 
[Transcription:  Surrey Probate Inventories, pp.101-102, where he is mistakenly recorded as being of Paris Garden.] 

Finch, Alice, of St Saviour, widow.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date written:  1644 December 2. 
Date proved:  1644/5 February 19. 
Family members named:  Richard Finch her brother.  James Steele her uncle.  Christian Romball her daughter, not yet 17.  The unnamed children of her late brother William Rogers deceased. 
Others named:  Richard Frost her friend. 
Executor:  Christian Romball; no overseers named. 
Overseers:  Richard Finch; James Steele; Richard Frost. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Keene (his mark); William Webb; Marjorie Rumball (her mark); Francis Nelmes, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/192, f.273r (register copy).] 

Fyncke, Parnell, of St Saviour, widow.  Testator affirmed her will with a mark not a signature.  Asks to be buried by her late husband Adrian Fyncke. 
Date written:  1602 May 16. 
Date proved:  1602 June 11. 
Family members named:  John her son.  Rebecca her daughter, pregnant, wife of John Lee, citizen and barber-surgeon of London.  Priscilla Fyncke her daughter.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  John Fyncke her son. 
Overseers:  George Grymes, citizen and brownbaker of London; John Gery of St Saviour, tailor. 
Witnesses:  John Gery; Jasper Herly. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/100, ff.45v-46r (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.10 p.308.] 

Fysher, John, of London, gentleman.  Perhaps not of St Saviour. 
Date written:  1603 September 23. 
Date proved:  1604 April 27. 
Family members named:  Lawrence Fysher his brother.  Jasper Fisher, the testator's cousin, son of Robert Fisher his uncle, deceased.  Another Jasper Fisher, the testator's cousin, son of Edward Fisher his uncle, deceased.  Marie Bottomly and Margaret Knighte his cousins.  Richard and Elizabeth Wheeler his cousins, children of Edmund Wheeler, goldsmith, and his wife Elizabeth. 
Others named:  John Hanberie.  William Cownden, goldsmith.  Richard Barker of Aveleigh (Aveley, Essex?).  Edward Jackson, scrivener, and Marie Jackson his wife; the executor is to pay Edward Jackson ‘Tenne shillinges for a quarters Rent for my Chamber due at Mighelmas And Sixe shillinges sixe pence for my diett I had of him’. 
Executor:  Elizabeth Wheeler wife of Edmund.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Steven Damport; Edward Harryes; Edward Younge. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/103/450, f.329r (register copy).] 

Fleminge, John, of St Saviour, citizen and currier of London.  Asks to be buried in the St Saviour churchyard. 
Date written:  1593 September 7. 
Date proved:  1593 September 24. 
Family members named:  wife Ellen.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  wife Ellen. 
Overseers:  Thomas Keere; Garrett Smithe. 
Witnesses:  Joan Sheparde; Margaret Williams. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/82, f.146r (register copy).] 

Flooks alias Gwinn, Elizabeth, of St Saviour, widow.  Testator is in ‘good estate of health’, but she understands that ‘the greater parte of my glasse is runne, And that the tyme of my disolution cannot be farr of’.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church, near the body of her late husband John Poore.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish. 
Date written:  1611 October 20. 
Date proved:  1611/12 February 3. 
Family members named:  William Rowley her brother, who has been ‘a very vnnaturall and vnkinde brother to me’.  Jane Anderson, daughter of William Rowley's unnamed wife; Jane is now the testator's apprentice.  John Fawkener her son, ‘whome I haue not seene nor hearde of theis many yeares’. 
Others named:  Edward Thomas, butcher, her loving friend; his wife Christian; their son Edward Thomas; their manservant Walter; their maidservant Elizabeth.  Mr Pynoll and his wife.  John Wright, son of George Wright citizen and scrivener of London and his wife Elizabeth.  All her godchildren, unnamed.  Her unnamed cousin at Deptford, and her husband.  Goodwife Cooke.  Goodwife Bagley.  Mr Symons, preacher.  Mr Ticknall. 
Executor:  Edward Thomas. 
Overseer:  George Wright. 
Witnesses:  Christopher Frethron; Richard Field; John Heath; George Wright, notary public; Anthony Dalbey, Wright's apprentice. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/119, f.125r-v (register copy).] 

Ford, George, of Southwark, butcher.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date written:  1633 July 5. 
Date proved:  1633 July 24. 
Family members named:  Amy his wife.  John Ford his brother.  Joan Shackspurre his sister, and her husband Thomas Shackspurre.  John Lock his cousin.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Amy his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Peter Newsam, scrivener; Thomas Neale; Roger Askew (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/164, f.37v (register copy).] 

Forman, Nicholas, of St Saviour, glover.  Affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He has lease of a tenement in ‘the new rents’.  All former wills abrogated and annulled.  Testator is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour churchyard. 
Date written:  1647/8 January 7. 
Date proved:  1648 April 13. 
Family members named:  Rebecca his wife.  Robert Forman his son.  John Forman his son, and John's son Giles.  Sara Rand his daughter, wife of John Rand.  Martha Whittle, wife of George Whittle.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Robert his son; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  James Sowdon, scrivener; Francis Whiting (his mark); Jane Cottrell; Elizabeth Goodinch (her mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/204, ff.45v-46r (register copy).] 

Forman, Robert, citizen and cooper of London.  Perhaps not of St Saviour.  Affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is weak in body.  He has no children. 
Date written:  1647/8 February 23. 
Date proved:  1648 April 17. 
Family members named:  Anne Forman his wife.  John Forman his brother.  Sarah and Martha his sisters [Sarah Rand, Martha Whittle?].  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Anne his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Richard Hickman; Richard Puddefut; Richard Walpole, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/204, ff.34v-35r (register copy).] 

Foster, John, citizen and plumber of London.  His father is to have the income from the house in Southwark occupied by William Deane, cordwainer, and Henry Smith. 
Date written:  1590 November 9. 
Date proved:  1590 December 2. 
Family members named:  wife Alice; father William Foster; sons George and John, daughters Agnes, Christian, and Susan, all underage, all unmarried.  His sister Katherine and her two unnamed underage children; his brother Oliver and his unnamed underage child ‘which I christned’.  Nephew Henry Townson.  Aunt Moore, cousin Thomas Moore. 
Others named:  Abraham Greene, his servant; Edward, his late servant; William Garland. 
Executor:  wife Alice. 
Overseers:  cousin Thomas Moore; William Garland. 
Witnesses:  George Martin, notary public; William Garland; Henry Botharoam. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/76, ff.278v-279r (register copy).] 

Foster, Thomas, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Testator is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church ‘neere where my late wife and father are buried’.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish, and to the prisoners in the Southwark Counter. 
Date written:  1632/3 February 15. 
Date proved:  1632/3 March 11. 
Family members named:  Margery ‘my now wife’, and her three unnamed daughters by her first husband Samuel Bridges deceased.  Thomas Foster of Tower Hill, London, vintner, his cousin.  Anthony Foster his brother, and Anthony's son Thomas Foster.  Ann Cradden his grandchild.  Margaret and Ann his sisters.  Michael his uncle. 
Others named:  George Lilly.  Richard Windover of Southwark, innholder.  Thomas Waller, brewer.  Thomas Stone of Southwark, gentleman.  Mr Archer and Mr Morton, ministers.  Goodman Edcock.  Richard Cattle of London, gentleman, his friend, to have all his books, including his books of the law.  The following people owe the testator money:  Mr Brooke of Hampshire; Thomas Daborne; John Lilly; William Shelley; Daniel Everell; Robert Massey; John Glascock; one Rossiter; one Johnson. 
Executor:  Thomas Foster his cousin. 
Overseers:  Richard Windover, Thomas Waller. 
Witnesses:  none recorded. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/163, f.173r-v (register copy).] 

Foulk, Ann, of St Saviour, spinster.  A nuncupative will. 
Date declared: between Midsummer and Michaelmas, ‘the plague being then hott in that parrish’. 
Date proved:  1637 August 25. 
Family members named:  none. 
Others named:  Hugh Roberts of St Martin in the Fields, whom she hoped to marry if she lived.  He to be her sole beneficiary.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  none named; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Boswell; William Norway (his mark); John Lewes; and others. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/174, f.not retrievable (register copy).] 

Fox, William, of St Saviour, citizen and tallowchandler of London.  Testator is ‘weak & infirme of body by reason of old age’.  All his possessions to be sold, the money used to clear his debts and make his bequests. 
Date written:  1638/9 February 13. 
Date proved:  1640 May 8. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth Fox, Anne Fox, and Jane Fox, his three underage children.  One Bates, his cousin, and her children.  No other legatees. 
Executors: William Madox, goldsmith; William Powell, baker; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  John ?Guyard, John Gouldsmith, William Withers. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/183, f.44v-45r (register copy).] 

Franck, Mark, of Lambeth, clerk.  [Probably not of St Saviour when he made his will; but he had been a scholarship pupil in the Free Grammar School 1626-1635.  [Source: Governors' Book of the Free Grammar School.]  Testator is ‘in full and perfect health’.  He asks to be buried ‘by torch light’.  A bequest to Pembroke College, Cambridge, ‘of which I am at this tyme the vnworthy Master’, and all his books to go to its library.  A bequest ‘to the building of Saint Pauls’.  A bequest ‘to poore Clergymens widowes & such persons as haue bin undone in the late warres vpon the accompt of theire Loyalty’. 
Date written: 1663/4 January 13. 
Date proved: 1664 June 9. 
Family members named: Sarah Robins his cousin.  Samuel Watson his cousin. 
Others named: Nicholas Howlett his godson.  Ann Kelling his goddaughter.  Sir John Napier to have ‘my little Diamond ring’.  Mrs Frances Barkham to have ‘my great Dyamond ring’.  Mr Alexander Napier.  Mrs Joan Jackson and Mr Henry Jackson.  Thomas Pomfrett, vicar of Luton, to have ‘all the peeces I haue of Cornelius Lapide’.  Mrs Frances Dobson. 
Executor: Thomas Pomfrett; no overseers named. 
Witnesses: Staff: Tindale; Thomas Cook; Thomas Ripon. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/314, ff.13v-14r (register copy).] 

Francklin, Gregory, of St Saviour, citizen and sadler of London.  Testator is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church.  Bequests to the poor of St Saviour parish, and to the Company of Sadlers.  A capital messuage or inn called the Queen's Head, held by the testator and occupied by Isaac Allen, gentleman, was provisionally deeded to Gilbert Kinder when the testator was a widower and childless, but it is now reclaimed by the testator because he is now married and has a child.  Testator also has other holdings in St Saviour parish, and a messuage called the Three Kings in St Sepulchre without Newgate parish, ‘vpon Snow Hill nere the Conduit there’, occupied by John Curtis, tailor.  Principal legatees are his wife and child, but should they be dead a residual legatee is the St Saviour free school, for the support of a scholar. 
Date written:  1624 September 11. 
Date proved:  1624 September 22. 
Family members named:  Katherine his wife.  Gregory Franklin his young son. 
Others named:  Gilbert Kinder, citizen and mercer, and Margaret his wife.  John Parrish, sadler, his former servant.  Ann Parkhurst and Katherine Parkhurst, children of the testator's wife by her former husband Edward Parkhurst, citizen and merchant tailor, deceased. 
Executor:  Katherine his wife. 
Overseers:  Richard Yerwood, grocer; Robert Buckl[and], glover. 
Witnesses:  Richard Harrison; Richard Haukins; Anthony Rogers, scrivener; John Dodsworth, servant to Edward Jackson, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/144, f.57r-58r (register copy).] 

Franckland, Henry.  The son and heir of William Franckland, esquire, late of Rye, Herts. 
Date written:  1577/8 January 24. 
Date proved:  1577/8 January 31. 
Family members named:  brother William Franckland and wife Hester; cousin Joan Waterer, flaxwoman. 
Others named:  William Blacke, his principal legatee, servant to William Fullwoode, citizen and merchant tailor of London. 
Executor:  William Blacke. 
Overseer:  William Fullwoode. 
Witnesses:  Richard Thomas; Sir William Leverett, merchant tailor; Thomas Bullardyne, hosier; William Fullwoode, merchant tailor; Lawrence Busshe. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/60, ff.36v-37r (register copy).] 

Freeman, Ann, of St Saviour.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date declared: 1568 January 23. 
Date proved:  1571 May 23. 
Family members named:  Robert Freeman, gentleman, her husband and sole legatee, whom she charges with the upbringing of Ann Hinxstingberye her underage daughter.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Robert Freeman her husband. 
Witnesses:  Richard Harman, curate; Thomas Reding, sadler; John Duffeld, cutler; Mrs [blank] Savadge; and others. 
[Reference:  Hampshire Record Office, ms.1571B/067.] 

Fremlyn, Robert, citizen and bowyer of London.  Perhaps not of St Saviour.  Estate divided into thirds according to the custom of the City of London.  Testator has property in Dartford, Kent.  His wife, unnamed in the will, is named in the probate entry. 
Date written:  1596 September 7. 
Date proved:  1596 October 16. 
Family members named:  wife Jane, and her underage daughter Philippa Bowden; underage son Robert; brother George Kerne.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  wife Jane.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  John Emerson, Richard Dickenson, Daniel Bucke, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/88, ff.128r-129r (register copy).] 

Frisby, Michael, of St Saviour, citizen and grocer of London.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date written:  1638 August 5. 
Date proved:  1638 October 26. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth his wife.  Michael, Margaret, and Elizabeth Frisby his three underage children.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Elizabeth his wife. 
Overseers:  Abraham Colse his father in law; Richard Valentine his brother in law. 
Witnesses:  Peter Newsands, scrivener; Theodore Collinge. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/178, f.113r-v (register copy).] 

Frithe, Richard, citizen and minstrel of London.  Claims to be ‘in healthe of bodye’.  Has property in Paris Garden.  Has a tenement outside Ludgate, which he inhabits.  Holds the parsonage of Fordham in Cambridge. 
Date written:  1587 August 22. 
Date proved:  1588 September 28. 
Family members named:  Margaret his wife.  Margaret Hall his sister and her underage children William and Walter Hall.  Judith Hawkins his daughter, wife of Thomas Hawkins of London, haberdasher, and their children Richard, Margaret, Mary, Martha, Ann, Judith, Francis/es, and Elizabeth Hawkins.  William Frith of London, haberdasher, his son.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  his wife Margaret. 
Overseer:  his son William Frythe. 
Witnesses:  Richard Collins, notary; William Collins, his servant; John Ormeshawe. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/72, ff.427r-428v (register copy).] 

Fuller, Richard. 
Date written:  1588 May 16. 
Date proved:  1588 May 20. 
Family members named:  wife Isabel; daughter Marie.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  wife Isabel.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Henry Kirke, scrivener; John White; Mrs Traherne; Faith Carles; and others. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/72, ff.227v-228r (register copy).]