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Vanden Put, Lieven, 1593

Vanden Putte, Lieven, of St Mary Overy [St Saviour].  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared:  1593 July 2, to Jan Soillot, minister of the Dutch Church, age about 60, and to James Korte of St Faith, tailor, age about 66. 
Date written  (by Paul Typoots):  1593 August 11. 
Date proved:  1593 September 22. 
Family members named:  Hester Van Middeghell alias Vanden Putte, his wife.  Pieter Vanden Putte his brother.  Katherine, daughter of his brother Martin Vanden Putte.  Elizabeth and Vyne, daughters of his sister Mary; also Mary's son Abraham Voolart.  Cornelius Vande Woestyne his cousin. 
Others named:  Anthony Gootheryns, who owed him money.  The son of Clara Daunneas.  James de Cort, to whom he bequeathed his spectacles. 
Executor:  his wife Hester. 
Overseer:  James Hoste, an elder of the Dutch Church. 
Witnesses:  Paul Typoots, ‘notarye and Tabellian publique’; Jan Soillot; James Korte (his mark); Daniel le Blancq; Lawrence Typoots. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/82, f.148r-v (register copy).]