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Gainsford, Henry, citizen and goldsmith, 1574
Garland, John, innholder, 1561
Gately, William, yeoman, 1593
Gemett, George, gentleman, 1624
George, William, gentleman, 1646
Gibbs, George, sadler, 1586
Gilbert, Thomas, citizen and goldsmith, 1562
Gilbertson alias Derrick, Richard, bricklayer, 1652      
Gloster, John, 1625
Goffe, John, waterman, 1561
Goffe, John, innholder, 1616
Goldwell, George, gentleman, 1593
Gomport, Henry, 1585
Goodhand, Thomas, victualler, 1640
Goodman, Edward, waterman, 1641

Goodwin, William, merchant of Winchester, 1562
Gosling, Edward, bachelor, 1614
Gotheram, Noah, a Frenchman, 1609
Gough  see Goffe
Gray, Henry, lorimer, 1586
Green, Nicholas, cooper, 1647
Green, Robert, yeoman, 1645
Griffin, Margaret, 1584
Griffith, Edward, gentleman, 1611
Griffith alias Jones, William, 1591
Grove, Francis, 1643
Grubb, Elizabeth, widow, 1638
Grubb, William, shoemaker, 1621
Guy, John, brewer, 1625
Gwinn alias Flooks, Elizabeth, widow, 1611

Gaynesforde, Henry, citizen and goldsmith of London.  Claims to be ‘in perfect helthe of boddie’.  Specifies the dimensions of his gravestone and asks that his own coat of arms be engraved on it.  Bequests to the poor of several parishes, among them St Saviour.  Bequests to the poor prisoners in London and Southwark, and to Christ's Hospital.  Has a messuage in Holborn called the Blind Knight. 
Date written:  1574 August 18. 
Date proved:  1574/5 January 5. 
Family members named:  his wife Mary; his underage children Thomas Gaynesforde and Mary Gaynesforde; his mother Katherine Wrighte, widow; his sisters Katherine Nedeham and Ann Cottingham; Richard Johnson, his wife's brother; his cousin Robert Colmer, skinner, and wife; Thomas Gaynesforde in St Clement's Lane; all the underage children of all his brothers and sisters; his brother Francis Gaynesforde; his deceased brother Robert Gaynesforde's son John Gaynesforde. 
Others named:  Thomas Ware of London, fishmonger; his late master Thomas Muschampe of London, goldsmith; Thomas Curtis, goldsmith; his nurse ‘whiche nursed my children’; William Erington, tailor; Mr Charke, preacher [perhaps of St Sepulchre]; Thomas Pope, goldsmith, and wife; his apprentices Humphrey Whitehurst and Edward [blank]. 
Executor:  his wife Mary. 
Overseers:  his brother Francis Gaynesforde; his brother in law Richard Johnson; his late master Thomas Muschampe; his cousin Robert Colman. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Browne, scrivener, and his servants John Shane and Baldwin Castelton. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/57, ff.3v-5r (register copy).] 

Garland, John, of Southwark, innholder.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church. 
Date written:  1561 March 28. 
Date proved:  1563 April 10. 
Family members named:  Katherine his wife.  Katherine, Martha, Jane, Thomas the elder, Thomas the younger, William the elder, William the younger, his children, all unmarried. 
Others named:  Mrs Bayes.  Thomas Bowth, keeper of the plate at Hampton Court ['of the place' in LMA register]. 
Executor:  wife Katherine. 
Overseer:  John Blacket. 
Witnesses:  Walter Kelley, curate at St Saviour; John Garlande; John Blackyt; John Haldesworth. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/46, f.219v (register copy).  The will was also enrolled in the Archdeaconry Court of Surrey, where it was proved on 30 April 1563.  Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1563/64 and DW/PA/5/1563/69 (original will).] 

Gatley, William, of Southwark, yeoman.  Affirmed his will with a mark not a signature. 
Date written:  1593 September 2. 
Date proved:  1593 September 14. 
Family members named:  Alice his wife.  John Gatley of Norden, husbandman, his brother.  George Alynney and John Hilles, his cousins. 
Others named:  William Grymes.  John, Margaret, and Sarah Nedles. 
Executor:  wife Alice. 
Overseers:  Robert Jackson, innholder; John Hinshawe, tailor. 
Witnesses:  Peter Holmes, scrivener; Thomas Simpson. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/82, f.137v (register copy).] 

Gemett, George, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is weak in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church.  A bequest to the poor of the parishes of St Saviour and St Thomas in Southwark.  Has lands in Staplehurst, Kent, called ‘Brattles’.  Has two houses in Southwark, one called the Griffin, both occupied by John Williamson.  Has another house adjoining the Griffin northward, occupied by Richard Witherly.  Has leases from John Austen, butcher, deceased, to four houses in Petticoat Lane in Whitechapel. 
Date written:  1624 August 11. 
Date proved:  1624 December 2. 
Family members named:  William Gemett his son.  Alice Witherly his daughter, and her daughter Margaret Martin.  Elizabeth Baker his daughter, her son George Baker, and her daughters Alice and Elizabeth Baker. 
Others named:  Steven Lamb of Kennington.  Thomas Foster, citizen and grocer of London.  John Matthews of St Thomas in Southwark, chandler.  Charles Williamson his godson. 
Executors: Thomas Foster and John Matthews; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Isaac Foulds; Thomas Bishipp; Anthony Bodie, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/144, ff.382v-383r (register copy).] 

George, William, of Paris Garden in St Saviour, gentleman.  Affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is ‘by age weake in bodie’.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish, and to the clerk and sexton. 
Date written:  1646 May 16. 
Date proved:  1648 April 20. 
Family members named:  Dorothy his wife.  The following named as his kinsmen: William Stevenson in the Strand; Giles Bliss in Gloucestershire; Thomas Davis; Richard Smart of London; Mr Pullin, living in the Southwark Mint; Mr Crooksfield; and Mr Rainbow.  And the following named as his kinswomen: Frances George in Horselydown; Judith Bliss; and Anne Bliss. 
Others named:  Thomas Silver, carpenter, his neighbor.  Mrs Davis of Newington.  Thomas Willis, butcher.  Mr Millis, wine cooper.  Richard Bailey his servant.  Mr Butler, minister.  Mr Bolton, minister.  his unnamed maidservants.  William But of the Bankside. 
Executor:  Dorothy his wife. 
Overseers:  Richard Smart and William But. 
Witnesses:  John Farrants; Richard Baylie; Richard Smart. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/204, f.43r-v (register copy).] 

Gibbes, George, of St Saviour, sadler.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church, near his late father in law Mr Jefferson. 
Date written:  1586 September 24. 
Date proved:  1586 October 10. 
Family members named:  Agnes his wife.  George and Joan, his underage children.  Thomas his brother.  The unnamed children of his brother Alexander Gibbes.  Joan his sister, wife of John Glover, and their unnamed children.  Margaret his sister, wife of John Wrighte, and their unnamed children.  Henry Dalton his brother in law. 
Others named:  Ellen Leche; Master Sayer and wife; Master Parkman; Master Danby; Garrett Smith. 
Executor:  wife Agnes. 
Overseers:  Master Sayer, his landlord; Master Danby; Henry Dalton. 
Witnesses:  William Danby; Harry Dalton; Richard Johnson; Garrett Smith. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/69, ff.417v-418r (register copy).] 

Gilbert, Thomas, citizen and goldsmith of London.  Has leases to properties in the City as well as on the Bankside in St Saviour. 
Date written:  1562 December 29. 
Date proved:  1563 May 30. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth his wife. 
Others named:  John Shepard, underage son of John Shepard; Alice Smith his servant; Robert Smith; Thomas Foster, gentleman. 
Co-Executors:  Richard Clyffe of Holborn, gentleman, and Jeffrey Clyffe his brother.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Foster; John Hill and John Slight, citizens and ironmongers of London; Thomas Willett. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/46, ff.176v-177r (register copy).] 

Gibbertson [sic] alias Derrick, Richard, of St Saviour, bricklayer.  [Testator refers to himself and others as Gilbertson in the body of the will].  He is sick and weak of body.  Has property in Guildford. 
Date written:  1652 August 11. 
Date proved:  1652 October 18. 
Family members named:  Mary Gilbertson [sic] alias Derrick, his wife.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Mary his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  George Price (his mark); Edward Brent; Francis Gilbertson alias Derrick. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/223, ff.22v-23r (register copy).] 

Gloster, John, of St Saviour.  Testator is sick in body.  Bequests to the poor women of St Saviour parish and St Mary Newington parish.  A bequest to the vestrymen of St Saviour parish. 
Date written:  1625 August 25. 
Date proved:  1625 September 12. 
Family members named:  Matthew, John, and Rebecca, his three underage children. 
Others named:  John Fox.  Margery Mereday.  Katherine Adnett.  Christopher Mosendewe.  Julian Brace and her unnamed mother.  John Horne.  George Porrin.  Mr Haymon. 
Executors: Richard Wright, grocer; John Watts, brewer; Thomas Witcherly, pewterer. 
Overseer:  John Horne. 
Witnesses:  Edward Adnett; John Gorman (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/146, f.284r (register copy).] 

Gowghe, John, of St Saviour, waterman. 
Date written:  1560/1 March 14. 
Date proved:  1561 March 27. 
Family members named:  Margaret his wife.  Henry and Susan his underage children.  Joyce Gough his sister and her daughter Alice Goughe. 
Others named:  Thomas Banes. 
Executor:  wife Margaret. 
Overseers:  Henry Shyne; Nicholas Wyate; Nicholas Halambe; Thomas Banes. 
Witness:  Richard Clarke. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/44, f.84r (register copy).] 

Gowghe, John, the elder, of St Saviour, innholder.  Testator is sick in body.  Bequests to the poor of the parish of St Bride in London, and of Mere in Wiltshire.  Bequests to the poor of Paris Garden and of the Liberty of the Clink ‘wherein I nowe dwell’.  Holds a lease from the bishop of Winchester of his dwelling house, called the Falcon; part of it is called the Gatehouse, ‘wch I newe builte and converted into A tenement or dwellinge howse’. 
Date written:  1616 December 15. 
Date proved:  1616 December 28. 
Family members named:  Katherine his wife.  John Goughe his son, and John's underage son John Goughe.  Anne Portys his daughter, wife of Robert Portys, and their children.  Randall Goughe his brother, and Randall's daughter Sara Goughe.  Ann Glover his sister. 
Others named:  Roger Cole, gentleman.  Martha Brewster, wife of Richard Brewster.  Dionis Harvy his maidservant.  Joan Clarke.  Mr Archer, minister. 
Executors: Richard Holman of the Inner Temple, gentleman; Roger Cole. 
Overseers:  Robert Portys; Edward Griffin his neighbor. 
Witnesses:  Edward Griffin; Edmund Platt; Thomas Lander (his mark); Randall Goughe (his mark); Ann Portis; Sara Goughe (her mark); James Durninge. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/128, ff.444r-445v (register copy).] 

Gowldwell, George, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared:  1593 May 1 and 2 ‘or thereabowtes’. 
Date proved:  1593 August 6. 
Family members named:  Jane Desmaistres his daughter, sole legatee.  For his wife, unnamed, ‘I will not give her any thing’. 
Executor:  Jane Desmaistres his daughter.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Ann Desmaistres, widow; Ann Herring; Ann Skinner, widow; and others. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/82, f.98v (register copy).] 

Gomport, Henry, of London, stranger.  Buried in St Saviour parish but perhaps not of St Saviour.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared: 1585 May 11. 
Date proved:  1585 May 26. 
Family members named:  Anne Gomport his wife, sole legatee.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to Anne his widow.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Matthew Bolt; John Browne. 
Burial: recorded in the St Saviour parish register on 13 May 1585. 
[Reference:  Hampshire Record Office, ms.1585B/33.] 

Goodhand, Thomas, of St Saviour, victualler.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date written:  1640 August 30. 
Date proved:  1640 November 10. 
Family members named:  Henry Goodhand his brother.  Joan Cotton his sister, deceased.  His daughters:  Alice Voulch; Mary Newsam, widow; Sarah Goodburne, wife of Peter Goodburne; Elizabeth Hall, wife of Thomas Hall.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Elizabeth Hall; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Andrew Kembe; John Hely, scrivener; John Cooper (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/184, ff.206v-207r (register copy).] 

Goodman, Edward, of St Saviour, waterman.  Affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is sick and weak in body.  Has a thousand-year lease of his dwelling on the Upper Ground in Paris Garden
Date written:  1640/1 March 11. 
Date proved:  1641 April 17. 
Family members named:  Anne his wife.  Edward Goodman his son, to have his ‘great Church Bible’.  Richard Goodman his son. 
Others named:  George Harecott his godson. 
Executor:  Anne his wife. 
Overseers:  Edward Tresham; William Harecott. 
Witnesses:  William Deane, scrivener; Francis Searle; James Davies (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/185, ff.337r-338r (register copy).] 

Goodwin, William, of Winchester, merchant.  Not of St Saviour, but taken sick there and expects he will die there.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church. 
Date written:  1562 May 17. 
Date proved:  1562 June 4. 
Family members named:  Ellen his wife. 
Others named:  three creditors to whom he owes money: Mr Cage, linendraper; Mr Fillipps, tailor; Mr Trott, hosier.  Two unnamed children of Robert and Margaret Broles, whose upbringing has been entrusted to him by bond. 
Executor:  wife Ellen. 
Overseers:  William Lawrence and Giles White, both of Winchester. 
Witnesses:  William Yonge; George Tottey; William Clinger; Roger Rowe, servant to William Ligearte. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/45, ff.100v-101r (register copy).] 

Gostling, Edward, of St Saviour, bachelor.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is servant to Henry Hawke his master. 
Date declared: 1613/14 January 27 Thursday or thereabouts. 
Date proved:  1613/14 February 18. 
Family members named:  Oliver Russell his cousin.  Elizabeth Russell of Bertford [Bradford?], Wiltshire.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to Henry Hawkes and John Wright. 
Witnesses:  Henry Hawkes; John Wright; Agnes Russell (her mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/123, ff.60v-61r (register copy).] 

Gootheram, NoahPerhaps not of St Saviour.  [The will has been ‘Translated out of french’. ] Testator is sick in body but well in spirit.  A bequest to the poor of the French Church. 
Date written:  1608/9 January 31. 
Date proved:  1609 April 5. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth his wife.  Elizabeth Gootheram his underage daughter; her marriage choice must be approved by her mother, for ‘I would not have her marry to her owne fantasy’. 
Others named:  Nicholas Lechellet.  John Teffryes. 
Executor:  Elizabeth his wife. 
Overseers:  Nicholas Lechellet and John Teffryes. 
Witnesses:  John Teffryes; Elizabeth Followe; Michael du Chroe (his mark); John Tirrye. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/113/284, f.250r-v (register copy).] 

Grey, Henry, of St Saviour, lorimer.  Testator is sick in body.  Asks to be buried within St Saviour church or churchyard. 
Date written:  1586/7 March 3. 
Date proved:  1587 April 27. 
Family members named:  Mary Gray his wife.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Mary Gray his wife. 
Overseers:  Samuel Wattes, ironmonger of London, and John Gerratt, barber surgeon of London. 
Witnesses:  Nicholas Draper, gentleman; John Spencer; Samuel Wattes; Katherine [illegible]; Isabel Simms; John Kirkham (his mark); and others. 
Inventory: taken 5 May 1587 by Richard Harrison, Robert Cruchley, Samuel Wattes, John Tailor, and Edmund Rose.  In the inventory, testator said to be of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey.  Inventory mentions items in ‘the shoppe’: cheese, butter, onions, salt, vinegar, candles, cords, glue, packthread, glasses, pots, grocery wares, haberdashery wares, lumber, wood, and coal.  Possessions assessed at £17.7.5. 
[Reference:  Hampshire Record Office, ms.1587B/39.] 

Green, Nicholas, of St Saviour, cooper.  Affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is sick and weak in body.  A bequest to twenty poor women in St Saviour parish.  Leases two tenements in St Saviour of a Mr Dobbs; one is his dwelling, the other occupied by William Baker, butcher. 
Date written:  1646/7 March 3. 
Date proved:  1647 April 7. 
Family members named:  Ann his wife.  Elizabeth Maninge his daughter.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Ann his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Lazarus Annis, scrivener; John Lewis; John Bridges (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/200, ff.116v-117v (register copy).] 

Greene, Robert, of St Saviour, yeoman.  Testator is sick and weak in body.  Asks to be buried in the parish church of St George Southwark.  Bequests to the poor of St George Southwark ‘in wch Parish I was a long time a Parishioner’.  Bequests to the poor of Higham, Kent, of Paris Garden, and of Clink Liberty.  A bequest to ‘two poore Widowes, Widow Gunnes and Widow Griffin living together nere the Kings bench in Southwarke’.  Has fourteen acres of copyhold land in Fryaning [sic], Essex.  Has a freehold messuage called the Three Arrows in Blackman Street, Newington, occupied by Matthew Moore. 
Date written:  1645 November 8, with a codicil dated 1645/6 January 11. 
Date proved:  1645/6 January 19. 
Family members named:  Jane his wife.  Jane Marshall of Billericay, Essex, his sister.  Jane Marshall's daughter Martha Taber, wife of Henry Taber, of Horkley, Essex, husbandman, and their underage son Henry Taber.  Jane Marshall's other daughter Marie Jefferie, wife of Henry Jefferie of Billericay, husbandman, and their three underage children John, Thomazine, and Elizabeth Jefferie.  Mrs Mortimer, widow, his cousin. 
Others named:  Mrs Austen, ‘in whose house my abode now is’.  Mrs Floud, also living at Mrs Austen's.  William Smith, Katherine Bird, and Elizabeth, Mrs Austen's servants.  Robert Hanwell his godson.  William Dallison of St Martin le Grand, his loving friend.  Thomas Shave of Kent.  His wife's sister Bishopp, of Higham, Kent, and her daughter Marie Bishopp.  Mr Harrington, parish clerk at St George Southwark.  Robert Harvard, son of Thomas Harvard of St Saviour, butcher.  Francis Bunting, servant to Richard Paxton, scrivener. 
Executor:  Jane his wife. 
Overseers:  Thomas Harvard, butcher; Richard Paxton, scrivener. 
Witnesses, to both the will and the codicil: Richard Paxton, scrivener; Francis Bunting his servant. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/195, ff.23r-24v (register copy).] 

Griffen (Griffith?), Margaret.  Daughter of Thomas Griffith [sic] of St Saviour, gentleman. 
Date written:  1584 June 19. 
Date proved:  1584 June 25. 
Family members named:  John Griffith her brother; Eleanor Griffith her mother.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  mother Eleanor Griffith.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Joan Booth; Rose Pickering; Agnes Besley; Henry Pykeringe. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/67, f.101v (register copy).] 

Griffith, Edward, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Nuncupative will; testator is ‘lying in his deathe bed’.  He says ‘I have muche owyng me which I thincke will neuer be recouered’. 
Date declared: 1610/11 March 1. 
Date proved:  1611 June 14. 
Family members named:  Edward Griffith his son, to have everything.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to Christopher Budd, vicar of Adderbury, Oxfordshire, during the minority of Edward Griffith the son.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Edward Bulmer and his unnamed wife; John Car and his unnamed wife; ‘and the woman who attended hym in his sicknes’. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/118, f.16r (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.35 pp.40-41.] 

Griffith, William, bargeman, 1591, see Jones alias apJohn Griffith, William. 
Grove, Francis, of St Saviour.  Asks to be buried near the body of his unnamed daughter.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish.  His dwelling in St Saviour is called the Golden Key.  Has property in Sheepyard [sic; i.e. Ship Yard] in St Saviour parish; also in Croydon, and in Pulborough, Sussex and Rainham, Kent. 
Date written:  1643 September 13. 
Date proved:  1645 September 4. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth his wife, to have all his household goods ‘except my bookes’.  Adam Grove and Henry Grove his brothers; Henry's son Francis Grove; Henry's other children, unnamed.  Frances Grove and Mary Brewer his sisters. 
Others named:  The unnamed children of Richard and Anne Gibbins.  Raph Gibbins.  The unnamed children of John Brewer (perhaps husband of Mary Brewer).  Richard Cleyton his servant.  Mr Butler, preacher.  Nathaniel White and his unnamed son.  Mr Spencer, minister.  The unnamed children of Captain Moore.  Serjeant Scutch.  Serjeant Tarrenter.  Mrs Whitcher his mother in law. 
Executor:  Henry Grove his brother. 
Overseers:  George Moore esquire; George Hunt; John Brewer; Edward Harris. 
Witnesses:  none named. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/194, f.17r (register copy).] 

Grubb, Elizabeth, of St Saviour, widow.  Testator is ‘in good health of body’.  Asks to be buried near her late husband.  A bequest of money, and of all her wearing apparel, to the poor of St Saviour parish. 
Date written:  1637/8 January 11. 
Date proved:  1646 May 19. 
Family members named:  Edward Grubb her brother, and his unnamed wife.  William Bromley, citizen and leatherseller of London, her son in law, and his only son Zephaniah Bromley, underage, the testator's grandson.  David Bourne her cousin.  Her cousin Marshall; her cousin Smith. 
Others named:  Christopher Nicholson, citizen and fishmonger of London, and his unnamed wife.  Mr Archer.  Mr Cleaver, minister.  Mrs Jacob.  Margaret Gryffyn.  Elizabeth Berkitt widow. 
Executor:  Christopher Nicholson. 
Overseers:  Nicholas Mourton, preacher; Thomas Ward, hosier. 
Witnesses:  Gabriel Becke; Robert Voyce. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/196, ff.165v-166v (register copy).] 

Grubb, William, of St Saviour, shoemaker.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is sick in body.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish.  Has property in Maidstone, Kent. 
Date written:  1621 October 5. 
Date proved:  1621 October 23. 
Family members named:  Alice Grubb, widow, his mother.  Elizabeth his wife.  Moses Grubb and Sephora Grubb his two children.  Henry Grubb his brother, and Henry's son John Grubb. 
Others named:  Robert Owin his manservant. 
Executor:  Elizabeth his wife. 
Overseers:  Ralph King of London, grocer; James Reade, his neighbor. 
Witnesses:  Richard Haford; James Reade, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/138, ff.158v-159r (register copy).] 

Guy, John, of St Saviour, brewer.  Testator is sick in body.  A bequest to the poor of Clink Liberty ‘where I dwell’; to the poor of Nether Heyford ‘Oxon’ [sic; Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire?] ‘where I was borne’. ; and to the poor of Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.  A bequest to ‘Tenn Poore ministers’. 
Date written:  1625 June 17. 
Date proved:  1625 June 28. 
Family members named:  Jane Guy of Banbury, Oxfordshire, widow, his mother.  Katherine his wife.  Dorothy Lampery of Banbury, his sister, wife of Robert Lampery, joiner, and their unnamed children.  John Guy of London, brewer's clerk, his kinsman, and John's son John Guy, the testator's godson.  Joan Bramston, widow, his aunt. 
Others named:  William Brinse.  Isabel Woodhams his wife's sister.  William Pemerton his apprentice.  John Williams and James Williams, children of his wife's sister.  Henry Monger, son of his partner James Monger, citizen and clothworker.  Richard Walker, citizen and carpenter, his partner.  George Prin of Westminster, brewer.  Richard Harford, citizen and brewer. 
Executor:  Katherine his wife. 
Overseers:  James Monger; George Prin; Richard Harford. 
Witnesses:  Richard Sandon, scrivener; William Pemberton. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/146, f.4r-v (register copy).] 

Gwinn alias Flooks, Elizabeth, widow, 1611. 
The testator's surname is written in the will as Flooks alias Gwinn; the will can be found under "F"