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Katherens, Gilbert, carpenter, 1619
Keen, Arthur, citizen and vintner, 1563
Kellaway, Charles, gentleman, 1605
Kellock, John, esquire, 1627
Kelly, Henry, yeoman, 1587
Kemble, Mary, widow, 1626
Kemp, John, waterman, 1634
Kendall alias Tindall, John, barber-surgeon, 1639      
Kildale, William, brewer, 1625

King, Thomas, 1603
King, George, pursemaker, 1608
Kipping, Alexander, brown baker, 1625
Kirby, James, waterman, 1615
Kitchen, Richard, 1612
Kiteman, John, blacksmith, 1582
Knight, William, shipwright, 1582
Knott, William, servant, 1631
Knowles, John, 1587

Katherens, Gilbert, of St Saviour, carpenter.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date written:  1619 May 22. 
Date proved:  1619 June 26. 
Family members named:  Jane Katherens his wife.  Helen Porter, widow, his sister, and her children.  Agnes Woolwright his sister, wife of John Woolwright, and her children; Agnes to have his Bible.  Richard Katherens his brother, deceased, and his widow Joan Katherens and her daughter.  Peter Katherens, son of the deceased Richard, and his wife and children.  The two unnamed daughters of his deceased brother John Katherens.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Jane Katherens his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  James Reade, scrivener; John Robinson; Ralph Keyes. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1619/71 (original will).  Abstracted in Playhouse Wills, pp.114-116.] 

Kene, Arthur, of St Saviour, citizen and vintner of London.  Bequests to the poor of St Saviour, St Olave, St George, and ‘Fournes Fells’; also to the newly-erected free grammar school in St Saviour. 
Date written:  1563 October 13. 
Date proved:  1563 October 26. 
Family members named:  His father and mother, unnamed.  Edward Kene his brother.  Margaret his sister.  William Towers his uncle.  Agnes Towers.  John Kene his uncle, and his children.  Edward Penyngton his brother.  James Kene shoemaker.  Leonard Kene, William Walker, and Thomas Taylour, smith, his cousins. 
Others named:  His Mistress, from whose service he has departed, and Joan Rawlynson her daughter.  Joan Wotton.  Goodwife Hole.  Goodman Stoner.  Gilbert Chammey his godson.  The children of Henry Goulding, Nicholas Kayser, and Goodman Allen.  Robert Richards, John Hudson, Alice Martin, and Elizabeth [no surname], his servants.  Nicholas Webster his apprentice.  William Fynsted.  Christopher Whitmore.  Mr Kelly the curate. 
Co-Executors:  Cuthbert Buckle and John Taylour. 
Overseers:  Mr Cuthbert Kene, clerk; Mr Christopher Hockland, schoolmaster. 
Witnesses:  John Kelly, clerk; Joan Davy; Ann Hockland; Ann Davy; Thomas Martin notary public, and William Dawtrey his servant. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/46, f.253v-254v (register copy).] 

Kellawaye, Charles, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared: 1605 November 2 or thereabouts. 
Date proved:  1605 November 4. 
Family members named:  His wife, unnamed (named in the probate entry as Marie).  His children, unnamed.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to his wife Marie. 
Witnesses:  Edmund Snap; Caleb Rawlin. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/106, f.160v (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.12 p.93.] 

Kellock, John, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is sick in body.  A bequest to the poor of Paris Garden. 
Date written:  1627 June 25. 
Date proved:  1627 August 15. 
Family members named:  Avis Kellock his wife.  Thomas Kellocke, apprentice, son of Marie Kellocke, to have a new wherry with a set of oars.  Mary Kellock, who must appear in person to receive her bequest.  William Sanderson his cousin. 
Others named:  Emm Corney his daughter in law.  John Butcher, in the East Indies.  Joan Tharpe.  John Pawlie, son of Anthony Pawlie.  Thomas Warren of Chiswick and his unnamed wife.  Griffith Hinton.  Elizabeth Price his sister in law.  Elizabeth Lewis his late servant.  Matthew [blank] his apprentice. 
Executor:  Avis Kellock his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  George Bannister; Griffith Hinton. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/152, ff.181v-182r (register copy).] 

Kelley, Henry, of St Saviour, yeoman. 
Date written:  1587 July 1. 
Date proved:  1587 August 29. 
Family members named:  Christiana his wife.  Francis and Thomas, his brothers.  Ralph Kelley his brother and Jane Kelley his sister. 
Others named:  Edward Common and Elizabeth his wife, of York.  John Toppyn of Kent Street, butcher.  Ann Robynson. 
Executor:  Christiana his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  (Mr) Henry Ducker; William Dawson; Walter Spendlove. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1587/55; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.17 no.210]. 

Kemble, Mary, of Paris Garden, St Saviour, widow.  Asks to be buried at St Saviour. 
Date written:  1625 May 20, testator being sick and weak. 
Date proved:  1625/6 January 4. 
Family members named:  Francis Kemble her infant son, to whom she leaves all, including all her household goods in her house in Paris Garden Liberty.  If her son dies before he is 21, then all to Kewrye Evans her mother and to Fulk Simon Evans, Robert Evans and John Evans (and his wife Joan) her brothers. 
Others named:  none. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to Thomas Allen and John Evans during minority of Francis Kemble. 
Overseers:  Thomas Allen, yeoman; brother John Evans; Richard Slade, waterman. 
Witnesses:  Katherine Toots (her mark); Cicely Johnson (her mark); Ann Stolland (her mark); Humphrey Bacheler, writer. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/11 ff.330v-331r and DW/PA/5/1625/136; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.11 no.588]. 

Kempe, John, of St Saviour, waterman.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared: 1633 May 19. 
Date proved:  1634 March 26. 
Family members named:  none. 
Others named:  Brian Gardner his servant, to have all his clothes.  Agnes Osborne to have all else. 
Executor:  Agnes Osborne; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Katherine Quelch; Ann Parker. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/12 f.227v and DW/PA/5/1634/63; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.12 no.411]. 

Kendall alias Tindall, John, of St Saviour, barber-surgeon.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body, and lodged in the house of his uncle John Humfrie. 
Date declared: 1639 October 15 or thereabouts. 
Date proved:  1639 October 30. 
Family members named:  John Humfrie his uncle, the sole legatee, and his wife Anne Humfrie. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to John Humfrie.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Marie Kendall alias Tindall, his sister; Rachel Robinson, widow (her mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/181, f.148v (register copy).] 

Kildale, William, of St Saviour, brewer.  Testator is in good and perfect health. 
Date written:  1625 July 16. 
Date proved:  1625 December 17. 
Family members named:  Blanche Kildale his wife.  His children, unnamed, all underage.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Blanche Kildale his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Humphry Browne, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/147, f.290r-v (register copy).] 

King, George, of St Saviour, pursemaker.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared: 1608 November 25, testator being sick. 
Date proved:  1608 November 28. 
Family members named:  none. 
Others named:  John Walter of St Saviour, stationer, to have all. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to .  FIND EXECUTOR   No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  William Collyer; Alice Mayden (her mark). 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/8 f.4r and DW/PA/5/1608/65; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.8 no.8]. 

King, Thomas, of St Saviour.  Nuncupative will. 
Date declared: 1603 October 14. 
Date proved:  1603 October 15. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth his wife.  His unnamed brother the waterman, to have his boat. 
Others named:  none. 
Executors: Elizabeth his wife, Richard More and Henry Reynoldes.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Roger Swetman; John Sprincklett; Martin Johnson. 
[Reference:  LMA, Admon fo.413; Abstracted in SAC v.7 no.769]. 

Kipping, Alexander, of St Saviour, brown baker.  A bequest to the poor ‘of this libertie where I nowe dwell’ (probably Clink Liberty). 
Date written:  1625 August 15. 
Date proved:  1625 September 20. 
Family members named:  Ann Kipping his wife.  Jane Hutton, widow, his sister; her daughter Anne Hutton and son William Hutton.  John Beedam of Rayleigh, Essex, mariner, his father in law.  Elizabeth Ford, widow, his sister.  Ann Stanbridge, his sister, wife of William Stanbridge of St Saviour. 
Others named:  Margery Facey his servant.  Debora Bennewell and Martha Bennewell his daughters in law.  George Pilly and Roger Feare, his apprentices, and Roger's father Philip Feare.  William Reeve of St Olave Southwark, carpenter. 
Executor:  Ann his wife. 
Overseers:  John Beedam; William Reeve. 
Witnesses:  John Hamont, scrivener; William Reeve; Richard Michaell. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/146, f.287r-v (register copy).] 

Kerbie, James, of Paris Garden, St Saviour, waterman.  Testator is sick and weak in body.  Asks to be buried in the Bull's Head churchyard. 
Date written:  1613/14 January 10. 
Date proved:  1614/15 February 22. 
Family members named:  Margaret Kerbie his wife.  Thomas Kerbie his son, to have his petty boat with her nets, anchor and sails, among other things.  Margaret Kerbie his wife and Agnes Kerbie his daughter to have all else equally. 
Others named:  none. 
Executor:  Margaret Kerbie his wife. 
Overseers:  Richard Snelling; James Haynes. 
Witnesses:  Robert Eyves; William Palmer; Richard Snellinge; James Haynes. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/9 f.46r and DW/PA/5/1614/69; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.9 no.66]. 

Kitchen, Richard, presumably of St Saviour.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in the College churchyard. 
Date written:  none recorded. 
Date proved:  1612 August 7. 
Family members named:  Joyce Crier his cousin, not yet 21, daughter of Henry Crier his cousin. 
Others named:  none. 
Executors: Henry Crier and Joyce Crier. 
Overseers:  Christopher Cottard, farrier; Thomas Courton. 
Witnesses:  Richard Gardner; Thomas Sanford. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/8 f.364v and DW/PA/5/1612/88; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.8 no.765]. 

Kightman, John, of St Saviour, blacksmith.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date declared: 1581/2 March 18. 
Date proved:  1582 August 11. 
Family members named:  Mary Kightman his wife, to have all.  When she dies, to leave something to the Dutch church. 
Others named:  none. 
Executor:  Mary Kightman his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  James Courte; Basnan Hoeckynges; Osivereus van Regan, minister and preacher of the word of God. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1582/731; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.17 no.69]. 

Knighte, William, of St Saviour, shipwright.  Asks to be buried in the churchyard of St Saviour among his children.  A bequest to the poor of Paris Garden. 
Date written:  1581/2 February 5, testator sick and weak. 
Date proved:  1581/2 February 22. 
Family members named:  Jane Knighte his wife, to have the house in Paris Garden he lives in.  Judith his daughter, wife of Gabriel Norther, shipwright, to have the lease of the house she and her husband late dwelled in.  Thomas his brother, a mealman, and his three children.  All else to his wife and daughter. 
Others named:  none. 
Executors: Jane Knighte his wife and Judith Northe his daughter. 
Overseers:  Richard Sampsone; Thomas Knighte, mealman. 
Witnesses:  Richard Sampsone; William Gyrdler; Gabriel Northe; Arnold Saunders, writer. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1581/14; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.16 no.596]. 

Knott, William, presumably of St Saviour, servant to Richard [Neile] bishop of Winchester.  Nuncupative will, declared in the testator's room at Winchester House, St Saviour, Southwark.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date declared: 1631 December 3. 
Date proved:  1631 December 14. 
Family members named:  Robert Emerson, son of his sister Margaret Gravener, to have a velour suit.  Agnes Knott his wife, to have all else. 
Others named:  none. 
Executor:  Agnes Knott his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Browne his brother in law; Daniel Hill; Elizabeth Barnes (her mark). 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/7/12 f.53r and DW/PA/5/1631/59; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.12 no.111]. 

Knowles, John, of Southwark.  Nuncupative will.  Perhaps not of St Saviour. 
Date declared: 1587 June [no day]. 
Date proved:  1587 July 11. 
Family members named:  Alison Gowswell his sister, and her unnamed eldest daughter and younger daughter.  Thomas Gowswell and Robert Gowswell. 
Others named:  none. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to brother Daniel Knowles in the person of John Danbye, notary public.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  none recorded. 
[Reference:  LMA, DW/PA/5/1587/45; from an abstract by Cliff Webb, v.17 no.200].