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Pace, Ralph, 1623
Packenham alias Chitsley, Ursula, 1584
Padge, Richard, yeoman, 1611
Palmer, Jane, widow, 1583
Parker, Thomas, victualler, 1646
Partridge, Agnes, widow
Parrot (Paryt), William, nailmaker, 1603    
Pate, Thomas, citizen and cutler, 1644
Payne, George, citizen and grocer, 1625
Payne, Joan, widow, 1582
Payne, John, whitebaker, 1575
Payne, John, citizen and dyer, 1608
Payne, John, citizen and fishmonger, 1608
Payne, Katherine, widow, 1576
Payne, Margaret, widow, 1625
Peacock, John, victualler, 1610
Pearl, John, citizen and innholder, 1619
Pepys, Talbot, silkweaver, 1636

Perkins, Samuel, woodmonger, 1650
Phillips, William, tailor, 1600
Philpot, Richard, brewer's servant, 1631
Phineas, Joshua, citizen and leatherseller, 1646
Pickmore, Henry, 1644
Pigeon, John, citizen and grocer, 1594
Pigeon, Martha, 1596
Pilfold, Agnes, 1565
Pinder, Robert, citizen and grocer, 1589
Pinketh (Pinkheath), Robert, merchant tailor, 1576
Plysaert, Philip, tuftaffata weaver, 1609
Pointer, William, 1625
Polson, Jeffrey, 1605
Pope, Thomas, gentleman, 1603
Preston, John, gentleman, 1607
Price, Griffin, dyer, 1597
Purdy, Robert, sadler, 1591
Purle  see Pearl

Pace, Raph, of St Mary Overy [St Saviour].  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body.  Has a house occupied by John Forte, baker.  Has a soap house, whose profits are to go to his children.  Has two loads of soft tallow in his house, which are to be sold.  The Pratts owe him money. 
Date declared: ‘some fewe daies before his death wch was on the sixt day of Julie’ 1623. 
Date proved:  1623 December 20. 
Family members named:  Joan his wife.  Hester, Anne, and Marie his daughters. 
Others named:  Sir Robert Heath, knight. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to Joan his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Joan his wife; Merrie Offin, wife of Robert Offin. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/142, f.169v (register copy).] 

Packenham alias Chitsley, Ursula, 1584. 
The testator's surname is written in the will as Chitsley alias Packenham, Ursula; the will can be found under "C"
Padge, Richard, of St Saviour, yeoman.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is sick and weak in body.  A bequest to the poor of Southold, Suffolk, ‘where I was borne’, and to the poor of St Saviour parish, ‘where I dwell’.  .  Has a tenement in St Saviour parish occupied by John Foxe, butcher, and another occupied by John Dover. 
Date written:  1611 June 6. 
Date proved:  1611 September 12. 
Family members named:  His late wife, unnamed.  Alice his now wife, to have, among other things, his late wife's clothing and jewelry, and also ‘my Cowe wch goeth in the Park’.  William Padge his son.  Rayman Padge his son, now on a voyage overseas.  Magdalen Gawton his daughter, wife of William Gawton; their underage sons William Gawton and Rayman Gawton; their underage daughter Mary Gawton, now dwelling with a Mr Symonds.  This Madgalen is to have the income from the house occupied by John Dover, but this bequest is void if she or her husband William Gawton take any action against the testator's executor.  Robert Face his late brother in law, deceased.  His brother Mason. 
Others named:  Robert Aston his landlord.  Edmund Lever the elder, on London Bridge.  Francis Garland.  Richard Hall.  Rowland Buckett.  Hugh Robinson.  John ?Gowse alias Kell, his man. 
Executor:  William Padge his son. 
Overseers:  Robert Aston, Francis Garland, Edmund Lever, Richard Hall, and Rowland Buckett. 
Witnesses:  Richard Hall; Edward Adyn, Hall's servant; George Perin. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/118, ff.134v-136r (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.35 pp.43-44.] 

Palmer, Jane, of St Saviour, widow.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church ‘by my pewe dore there’.  Bequests to the poor of the Liberty of the Clink, of the Upper Ground, of the Borough, of St George Southwark, and of the Southwark prisons.  Asks that Mr Edmunds preach her funeral sermons. 
Date written:  1582/3 January 25. 
Date proved:  1584 June 22. 
Family members named:  Margaret Edgeworth her cousin, wife of Anthony Edgeworth, citizen and brewer; their underage daughter Jane Edgeworth, and all their family servants.  Richard Woodward alias Toms, her brother, and his son Daniel Woodward alias Toms.  Agnes Cooke, daughter of her eldest brother.  Alice Pyttes her cousin, wife of [blank] Pyttes, butcher, and their daughter Jane.  Mrs Dickenson her sister. 
Others named:  Jane Dowle, underage daughter of Edward Dowle.  Thomasine, wife of John Whitlock, and her son Henry Hodge.  ‘my gossip’ Byrd, and her deceased daughter Jane.  Christopher Wood, brother of gossip Byrd, and Alice Wood his daughter.  Nurse Barnett.  Emme Kendall.  William Cutler and Jane Griffen her godchildren.  James Webbe.  Elizabeth Brand.  Joan Dowle.  Mr Edmunds, preacher, and daughter Priscilla.  Edward Hunte and wife.  John Cutler and wife.  Thomas Bruntes, shoemaker.  Alice Smythe.  Alice Earle her late servant.  Elizabeth Oxen her old maid.  Josyan [sic] Polson.  Matthew Wylkynson.  Ggoodwife Handwayes.  Goodwife Dowle.  Ann Cottrell.  Judith Piper. 
Co-Executors:  Anthony and Margaret Edgeworth. 
Overseer:  John Piper, baker. 
Witnesses:  John Cutler; Thomas Ironmonger; Edward Dowle (his mark); Thomas Brigges; Marie Birde (her mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/67, ff.99r-100r (register copy).] 

Parker, Thomas, of St Saviour, victualler.  Testator is sick and weak in body.  His dwelling house, at St Margaret's Hill, is called the Samson.  Has many household furnishings stored at the Talbot Inn in Southwark.  Has lent money to one John Turke of Snodland, Kent; repayment is long overdue. 
Date written:  1646 December 18. 
Date proved:  1647 April 15. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth Parker his wife.  Anne Parker and Mary Parker his underage daughters.  Thomas Parker and Mary Parker his father and mother.  John Parker and Michael Parker his brothers.  Elizabeth his sister, the now wife of Simon Ticehurst.  Mary his sister, the wife of William Ward.  Elizabeth Webb his sister in law. 
Others named:  William Chafey of Southwark, innholder.  John Snowe, citizen and draper of London. 
Executor:  Anne Parker his daughter. 
Overseers:  William Chafey and John Snowe. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Nelson, scrivener; John Stevenes. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/200, ff.107v-108v (register copy).] 

Partriche, Agnes, of St Saviour, widow.  Widow of John Partriche, citizen and whitebaker of London.  Asks to be buried in the St Saviour churchyard near her late husband. 
Date written:  1573 October 2. 
Date proved:  1573 November 7. 
Family members named:  Margery Stawford her daughter, wife of William Stawford. 
Others named:  Mary Smith, underage daughter of the late Robert Smith, sailor. 
Executor:  daughter Margery Stawford. 
Overseers:  Thomas Powlter, citizen and merchant tailor of London; John Beeston, citizen and haberdasher of London. 
Witnesses:  none recorded. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/55, f.263v (register copy).] 

Paryt, William, of St Saviour, nailmaker.  Affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  His property in Sussex described. 
Date written:  1603 September 11. 
Date proved:  1603 December 3. 
Family members named:  Margaret his wife.  Matthew Parryt his son. 
Others named:  Seth Benwell of St Saviour, baker. 
Executor:  Margaret his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  William Gildin (his mark); Richard Watford (his mark); Richard Topin (his mark); Francis Smith. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/102, f.381r-v (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.11 p.130.] 

Pate, Thomas, citizen and cutler of London.  Perhaps not of St Saviour.  Testator is ‘something weake in bodie’.  Bequests to the Company of Cutlers, to St Bartholomew's Hospital.  His books are to be equally divided among his children. 
Date written:  1644 November 24, with a codicil on 28 November. 
Date proved:  1644 December 10. 
Family members named:  Margaret Pate his wife.  Edward, Thomas, and John, his sons.  Ann Jarritt his sister.  Edward Pate of Ludgate Hill, his brother.  His sister Cruckwells.  Thomas Popeblunt of Tyttenhanger, Hertfordshire, esquire, his cousin.  Mr Edward Overing his cousin.  Mr William Birom his brother .  Edward Starky his cousin. 
Others named:  Mr Edward Newells of Edmonton, esquire.  John Stracey his apprentice.  Sir Henry Blount.  Mr Brand.  Mr Richard Bates.  Sir John Streete.  Mr Richard Batson.  Mr Leaver his friend. 
Executor:  Margaret Pate his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Joseph King; Arthur Price. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/192, ff.109r-110r.] 

Payne, George, of St Saviour, citizen and grocer of London.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour parish ‘neare where my Children do lye’.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish ‘where I nowe dwell’.  Has a house and lands in Brasted, Kent.  Has a house in Gracechurch Street, London, occupied by Owen Kynastone.  Has two houses in St Saviour, one occupied by Mr Humfrey, the other occupied by John Burbage. 
Date written:  1625 June 30, acknowledged again on August 15. 
Date proved:  1625 August 17. 
Family members named:  Margaret his wife [see her will below].  John Killingbecke his cousin, his sister Bray, and her sister [blank] Bishe.  George Cheeseman his cousin.  Elizabeth Botley his wife's niece, daughter of Thomas Botley deceased.  George Paine and Edward Payne his sons, and another son John ‘who is nowe beyonde the sea’.  William King of Brenchley, Kent, clothier.  Constance Bell ‘whome I now keepe’. 
Others named:  Katherine Underwood, daughter of Henry Underwood.  George Kynastone his godson.  George Payne his grandson, son of George Payne his son, and the testator's godson. 
Executor:  Margaret his wife; should she be unable, then Edward his son. 
Overseers:  Francis Killingbecke of Twineham, Sussex, clerk, his brother; and Richard Yearwood, citizen and grocer of London. 
Witnesses:  On June 30:  Henry Underwood; James Buttes; Richard Cattle; Roger Askewe (his mark).  on August 15: John Gloster; James Blackleach; Thomas Underhill. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/146, ff.193r-194v (register copy).] 

Payne, Joan, of St Saviour, widow.  Affirmed her will with a mark not a signature.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour churchyard. 
Date written:  1582 November 3. 
Date proved:  1582 December 3. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth, Alice, Ann, Margaret, and Jane Waram her grand-daughters, children of her daughter Margery Waram, the widow of Thomas Waram of ‘Ebworthe in the Countie of South’ [Emsworth, Hampshire]. 
Others named:  John Maltes, yeoman, keeper of Freemantle Park near Southampton.  John White of St Saviour, oarmaker. 
Co-Executors:  John Maltes and John White, as above.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  John Browne, clerk; Richard Follor (his mark); Rowland Hampson (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/64, f.347r-v (register copy).] 

Payne, John, of Southwark, whitebaker.  Asks to be buried in the churchyard of St Mary Overy [but apparently he was buried in the church; see his widow Katherine's will below]
Date written:  1575 December 27. 
Date proved:  1575/6 January 17. 
Family members named:  Katherine his wife, who dwells in London [see her will below].  John his underage son.  Thomas and Elizabeth Underhill, his wife's brother and sister, and their mother Agnes Underhill, widow of Thomas Underhill.  His brother William Payne the elder of Basingstoke, blacksmith, and his unnamed children.  His brother James Payne of Basingstoke, blacksmith, and his unnamed children.  His brother Robert Payne.  His sister [in law?] Eleanor/Ellen Payne and her unnamed children.  His kinsman and servant Rowland Payne.  His kinsman Thomas Hole.  His kinsman John Wylsefourde of London, merchant tailor.  His servant Roger Staton, brother to Elizabeth Staton his first wife. 
Others named:  John [sic; Joan?] Stockes, and Eleanor, his maids; Vincent and Peter, his men. 
Co-Executors:  wife Katherine and son John. 
Overseers:  brother William Payne the elder; kinsman John Wylsefourde. 
Witnesses:  John Willsefourd, merchant tailor; William Payne the elder; Thomas Hole, brownbaker; John Underhill, glazier; Henry Allen, draper; Thomas Boyer, innholder; Agnes Underhill; Edward Yonge; Rowland Robinson; Thomas Burton; and others. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/57, f.422r-v (register copy).] 

Payne, John, of St Saviour, citizen and dyer of London.  Testator is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish. 
Date written:  1608 August 17. 
Date proved:  1608 August 29. 
Family members named:  John Paine, fishmonger, his late brother, deceased [see his will below].  Anne Taylor his sister, wife of John Taylor, and their six unnamed children.  Thomas Taylor his brother.  Francis Simpson his cousin, and Judith his wife.  William Flowerdew his brother.  Elizabeth, Anne, Margaret, Richard, John, and Thomas Flowerdew.  Marie Dashe, one of William Flowerdew's daughters.  His sister Paine, late wife of Stephen Paine deceased.  Margaret Bromfield his cousin, and her children John Bromfield and Anne Bromfield.  Anne Paine, Mary Paine, and Joan Paine, his cousins.  Edward Bromfield his cousin.  Master Richard Walthall his cousin. 
Others named:  Margaret Smith and William Smith.  Abraham Wall.  Daniel Newman, John Morris, and Alice Sparkes.  Mr Boston, the clerk of St Saviour.  Grace Bromfield, to have ‘a paire of Spectacles that were my mothers’.  Thomas Overman his friend, and Mrs Overman.  Elizabeth Pagginton. 
Executor:  Edward Bromfield his cousin. 
Overseers:  Richard Walthall and Thomas Overman. 
Witnesses:  Richard Walthall; John Paginton; Edward Jackson, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/112, f.133r-v (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.13 pp.187-188.] 

Payne, John, of St Saviour, citizen and fishmonger of London.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church, near his late wife Anne.  Bequests to the poor of St Saviour parish; to St Thomas Hospital in Southwark; to the Company of Fishmongers; to the vestrymen of St Saviour parish; to the Kings Bench and Counter prisons in Southwark; and to the four London prisons (the two Counters, Ludgate, and Newgate).  A house in Thames Street, formerly his father's dwelling house, now occupied by one Hubbard, grocer. 
Date written:  1608 July 17. 
Date proved:  1608 July 29. 
Family members named:  Margaret Bromfield his daughter, and her children John Bromfield and Anne Bromfield.  Thomas Bromfield his brother.  Grace Bromfield his sister.  Isabel Flower, his wife's poor kinswoman.  Richard Walthall his cousin, the son of his sister Dutton.  John Payne his brother [see his will above], provided that he not be contentious about the house in Thames Street (above).  Anne Taylor his sister.  Mrs Overman and Mrs Paginton, the daughters of Thomas Bromfield.  Edward Bromfield his son, to have his ‘Librarie of bookes’.  Margaret Payne, Anne Payne, Mary Payne, and Joan Payne, his four daughters. 
Others named:  William Symonds ‘our Preacher’, for a funeral sermon.  Mr Francis, another preacher.  Mr Jacob, minister.  Mr Smith, late minister at St Olave, his dear friend, and Smith's unnamed daughter.  Elizabeth Flowerdew his maidservant.  Daniel Newman his servant.  The heirs of William Pinchback, sometime an alebrewer at the sign of the White Hind in Coleman Street.  Thomas Offlie, son of Hugh Offlie, deceased, former alderman of London.  Christopher Noddle, Hugh Offlie's former cashier, now dwelling near Fishmongers Hall in Thames Street.  John Younge of Chichester, Sussex.  Robert Pinckheathe ‘my Predecessor’.  The children of William Benn, ‘sometymes a Cheapeman of Havant’. 
Executor:  Edward Bromfield his son. 
Overseers:  Richard Walthall, citizen and mercer, and Thomas Overman, leatherseller. 
Witnesses:  Melch. Francis; Richard Walthall; John Payne; Margaret Bromfield; Anne Payne. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/112, ff.95r-96r (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.13 pp.184-185.] 

Payne, Katherine, of St Saviour, widow of John Payne of St Saviour, whitebaker [see his will above].  Asks to be buried in St Mary Overy church, near her late husband.  A bequest to the poor of St Lawrence Jewry in London. 
Date written:  1576 May 15. 
Date proved:  1576 May 28. 
Family members named:  John her underage son.  Agnes Underhill her mother.  John Underhill of London, glazier, her brother.  Thomas Underhill of London, clothworker, her brother.  Elizabeth Underhill her sister.  Her cousin Wilford's wife dwelling in St Martin's.  Susan Adams her cousin.  Julian Allen her cousin. 
Others named:  Edward Young of Southwark, freemason.  Agnes Atringham.  Goodwife Launcelotte.  Newth's wife.  Nurse Facey.  ‘greate Agnes’, her mother's maid.  Agnes Ranescrofte, her mother's maid [same person?].  John, her mother's waterbearer.  Mother Danson.  Mother Atkins.  Goodwife Mele the chandler's wife dwelling at Axe Gate.  Edward, her mother's man.  Elizabeth Orringham, her mother's maid. 
Co-Executors:  mother Agnes Underhill and son John Payne. 
Overseers:  Edward Younge of Southwark, freemason; Thomas Boyer of London, innholder. 
Witnesses:  Harry Allyne; Edward ?Notte; Thomas Boyer; Nurse Facey (her mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/58, ff.57v-58r (register copy).] 

Payne, Margaret, of St Saviour, widow of George Paine [see his will above].  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick and weak in body.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish. 
Date declared: none recorded. 
Date proved:  1625 August 25. 
Family members named:  George and Edward her sons. 
Others named:  Elizabeth Collinson, widow, and her daughter Elizabeth.  Robert Bell, brother of Constance Bell, deceased.  Thomas Manning's children. 
Executor:  Edward her son; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  John Gloster; Roger Askewe (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/146, f.199r (register copy).] 

Peacocke, John, of St Saviour, victualler.  Nuncupative will.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish. 
Date declared: 1610 September 9. 
Date proved:  1610 October 9. 
Family members named:  Johane his wife, formerly the wife of Robert Michell, deceased, and her two unnamed children by him.  Jane his daughter.  John Gibson his sister's underage son.  William Peacocke his cousin. 
Others named:  Edmund Stedman.  Jane his maid. 
Executor:  Johane his wife. 
Overseers:  William Peacocke and Edmund Stedman. 
Witnesses:  Ellen Raye; Agnes Mawdlyn. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/116, f.225r (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.24 p.67.] 

Purle, John, of St Saviour, citizen and innholder of London.  Testator is sick in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour parish.  A bequest to the Company of Innholders. 
Date written:  1618/19 January 9. 
Date proved:  1618/19 March 24. 
Family members named:  Margaret his wife.  Richard Purle his brother, and his underage children John Purle, Richard Purle, Grace Purle, Ursula Purle, and Mary Purle.  Henry Brooke his kinsman and tapster.  William Curtis his kinsman.  Ralph Marshe his brother in law. 
Others named:  Thomas Bolton and William Garfoote, innholders. 
Co-Executors:  Margaret his wife, Thomas Bolton, William Garfoote, and Ralph Marshe.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  John Stocke (his mark); John Gilding (his mark); Humfrey Baker (his mark); Edward Jackson, public scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/133, f.216r-v (register copy).] 

Pepys, Talbut, of St Saviour, silkweaver.  Testator is sick in body. 
Date written:  1636 October 22. 
Date proved:  1636 November 3. 
Family members named:  Talbutt Pepys esquire, his uncle and godfather.  Thomas his brother, and his four unnamed sisters. 
Others named:  Alice Markham of St Saviour, widow. 
Executor:  John Wood, citizen and silkweaver; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Lawrence Edwards; Samuel Ghoast. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/172, f.193r (register copy).] 

Perkins, Samuel, of St Saviour, woodmonger.  Testator is sick and weak in body. 
Date written:  1650 March 26. 
Date proved:  1650 May 28. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth Vennor his sister, wife of Peter Vennor.  Rebecca Perkins his sister, wife of Richard Perkins.  Abigail Vennour his sister, wife of Joseph Vennour.  Hanna Wright his sister, wife of Abraham Wright.  Anne Peirce his cousin.  Mary Perkins his sister, wife of Zacheus Perkins, and her daughters Elizabeth and Marie.  Joseph Muston his uncle.  Winifride Wood, widow, his aunt.  John Stanton, gentleman, his uncle.  William Perkins, Thomas Perkins, Nathaniel Perkins, John Perkins, and Joseph Perkins his brothers.  William Perkins and Joan Perkins his father and mother. 
Others named:  John Martin his friend.  Richard Mason.  Richard Ellis. 
Executor:  William Perkins his father. 
Witnesses:  Samuel Parkins; William Parkins; Joseph Muston; Marie Parkins; John Martin; Nathaniel Parkins. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/212, ff.196r-197r (register copy).] 

Phillippes, William, of St Saviour, tailor.  Lord Compton owes him money, which his mother and sister are empowered to recover. 
Date written:  1600 May 7. 
Date proved:  1601 May 18. 
Family members named:  Agnes his wife.  Margery Phillipps his mother.  Margaret Phillipps his sister.  John his brother, and John's unnamed son, the testator's godson.  Richard his brother, in Ireland.  His unnamed sister and her husband John Yardley.  His unnamed son in law. 
Others named:  Mr Butterton.  Thomas Penberrie.  Isaac, Mr Brokett's man.  William Potter.  John Ribbitt.  William Webb. 
Executor:  Agnes his wife.  But administration granted to Margery Phillipps his mother and Margaret Phillipps his sister.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Penbere; William Potter; William Butterton; John Phillippes. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/97, f.271r-v (register copy).  Abstracted in SAC vol.10 pp.146-147.] 

Philpot, Richard, of St Saviour, brewer's servant.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is ‘nowe about to take a voyage to Cannyda vnder Captaine Kirke’, and makes his will as a precaution. 
Date written:  1630/1 March 12. 
Date proved:  1632 September 24. 
Family members named:  none. 
Others named:  James Weale his loving friend.  Rebecca Pysen widow.  Elizabeth Harris, wife of Richard Harris of St Saviour, clothworker. 
Executor:  Elizabeth Harris; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Richard Cattle; John Cattle; Thomas Cattle. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/162, ff.235v-236r (register copy).] 

Phinnies, Joshua the younger, of St Saviour, citizen and leatherseller of London.  Testator is sick and weak in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church ‘where I am a parrishoner’.  Asks that his funeral sermon be delivered at his graveside and not from the pulpit ‘for I hold it fittest soe to be there done’.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish. 
Date written:  1645/6 March 6. 
Date proved:  1646 April 16. 
Family members named:  Joyce his wife.  His mother Nicholson.  Gabriel and Josias Nicholson his brothers.  Mary and Sarah Nicholson his sisters.  Joshua Phinnies his father.  His three children: son Joshua Phinnies and daughters Anne and Katherine Phinnies.  Mary Smith his sister, wife of Bartholomew Smith.  His brother Greene and his wife.  Benjamin Phinnies his brother, and his wife.  Caleb Phinnies his brother.  His brother and sister Glover.  His brother and sister Cullinge.  His sister Barret and her daughter.  His brother and sister Bradley. 
Others named:  William Bromley and Thomas Bromley.  His two maidservants, unnamed.  Luke Hewet his servant.  Francis Maplesden and wife.  Jonathan Buck and wife.  John Hardwicke his friend.  Ann Osborne widow. 
Co-Executors:  Joyce his wife and Joshua his son. 
Overseers:  his brother Greene, and John Hardwicke. 
Witnesses:  William Hubberstey; Samuel Wist; Henry Shelberry, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/195, ff.390v-391v (register copy).] 

Pickmore, Henry, of St Saviour.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  He is weak in body.  Has an interest (perhaps a lease) in the Boar's Head Inn in Southwark. 
Date written:  1644 June 21. 
Date proved:  1644/5 February 7. 
Family members named:  Mary Pickmore his daughter and sole heir. 
Others named:  William Millington, victualler at the Queen's Head.  John Gregory, victualler at the George.  Mary Bostocke his maid.  Thomas Swetnam, merchant tailor at the Boar's Head in Southwark. 
Co-Executors:  William Millington and John Gregory.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Swetnam; William Millington (his mark); Henry Gregory. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/192, f.253r (register copy).] 

Pigen, John, of Southwark, citizen and grocer of London.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church beside his late wife.  Bequests to the poor of St Saviour, St George, and St Mary Newington.  Has two houses in Long Southwark [i.e. the High Street], one occupied by himself, the other by Richard Peirce.  Has a messuage, the Christopher and Shears, in Gracechurch Street in London, and houses in St Helen Bishopsgate.  Has a house in Lingfield, Surrey, occupied by Humphrey Pennyall.  Has houses, tenements, and wharfs in St Olave, Southwark, and houses in Bermondsey Street. 
Date written:  1594 November 26. 
Date proved:  1594 December 9. 
Family members named:  John, Richard, Humphrey, and Daniel his sons.  His three unnamed daughters.  His sister Comber and her unnamed children.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  son John. 
Overseers:  Nicholas Barnsley, grocer; James Stanley, scrivener. 
Witnesses:  James Stanley, scrivener; John Collett the elder. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/84, f.321r-v (register copy).] 

Pigeon, Martha, of St Saviour.  A ‘sentence’, in Latin, enquiring into the probate of the goods of Martha Pigeon.  Her will, which presumably is also in the records of this Court, has not yet been found. 
Date written:  1596 March 14. 
Date promulgated:  1597 December 8 Thursday. 
Family members named:  John Pigeon, her natural brother.  Grace Pigeon alias Boswell. 
Others named:  Thomas Redman, notary public; Thomas Ward, notary public. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/90, f.410r-v (register copy).] 

Pinder, Robert, of St Saviour, Citizen and ?Grocer of London.  Has property in Essex. 
Date written:  1589 September 19. 
Date proved:  1589/90 January 24. 
Family members named:  Joyce his wife.  Elizabeth Pinder his daughter.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  wife Joyce. 
Overseer:  Thomas Bromeffeilde. 
Witnesses:  [blank] Curthopp; Edward Phillippes; Richard Yearwood. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/75, f.32r-v (register copy).] 

Pillfold, Agnes, of St Saviour, widow, citizen and tallowchandler of London [sic].  Testator is whole in body.  A bequest to the Company of Tallowchandlers ‘So that they doe accompany my corpes vnto the Churche’. 
Date written:  1564/5 January 15. 
Date proved:  1568 December 21. 
Family members named:  Thomas Astill her son, citizen and tallowchandler, and his underage sons Thomas and John Astill.  Agnes Pillfold her daughter [in law?] and Agnes's children Julian, Ann, Katherine, and Edmund Pillfold.  Helen Rysom her daughter, wife of William Rysom, and their underage children John, Mary, and William Rysom.  Joan Pillfold her daughter in law.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Thomas Astill her son.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Robert Wilkinson; George ?Sordinge. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/50, f.186v (register copy).] 

Pinckheathe, Robert, of St Saviour, citizen and merchant tailor of London.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church.  Has two houses in St Saviour, one which he inhabits and another next door occupied by Jasper Weston, grocer.  Holds property in the manors of Isleworth and Stepney (‘Stebunheath’). 
Date written:  1576 March 28. 
Date proved:  1576 July 12. 
Family members named:  Ann his wife.  Ann Johnson his sister.  John Payne his father in law. 
Others named:  Mr Gravett, to give sermons. 
Executor:  Ann his wife. 
Overseers:  brother in law Anthony Walthall, citizen and mercer of London; Francis Chambers, citizen and merchant tailor of London. 
Witnesses:  Roger Roo, scrivener; Richard Thomas, Roo's servant; John Gravett. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/58, ff.142v-143r (register copy).] 

Plysaert, Philip, of St Saviour, tuftaffata weaver.  [‘borne at vallenchienne and now dwelling in the parish of St Mary Overies in Southwarke’. ] Testator is sick in body. 
Date written:  1609 October 7. 
Date proved:  1609 November 15. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth his wife.  John, Philip, and Elizabeth Plysaert his three children.  No other legatees. 
Executors:  Elizabeth his wife, and William Griffin his loving friend.  Administration granted to William Griffin, Elizabeth Plysaert having removed herself (‘ex certis causis eam et animum eius moventibus, oneri executionis Testamenti huiusmodi expresse renuntiante’).  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  none listed. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/114/492, f.326v (register copy).] 

Pointer, William, of St Saviour.  Nuncupative will.  Testator is sick in body.  Money and wages are ‘due vnto him for his voyage to the East Indies’. 
Date declared: 1625 October 8 or thereabouts. 
Date proved:  1625 October 12. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth Traite his aunt, wife of Robert Traite of St Saviour.  Edward Pointer his brother. 
Others named:  Mary Johnson. 
Executor:  Robert Traite; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Susan Haydon (her mark); Philip Hurlebutt; Richard Hurlebutt (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/147, f.69r (register copy).] 

Pope, Thomas, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Testator is ‘at this present in good and perfect healthe’.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church ‘where nowe I dwell’.  Holds three contiguous dwelling houses, leased from ‘ffrancis Langley draper deceased’; he lives in the middle one.  Gives £20 for ‘the setting vp of some monument on me’ in the church.  A bequest to the poor of ‘the libertie where nowe I dwell’. 
Date written:  1603 July 22. 
Date proved:  1603/4 February 13. 
Family members named:  Agnes Web his mother.  William Pope his brother.  John Pope his brother, to have the dwelling house east of his own, now occupied by John Moden.  Bequests to the unnamed children of his brothers.  Thomas Owen his cousin. 
Others named:  Suzan Gasquine, ‘whom I haue brought vp ever since she was borne’, to have his dwelling house.  Marie Clarke alias Woode, to have the dwelling house west of his own, now occupied by John Holland.  Thomas Bromley, underage, ‘heretofore baptized in the parish of Sainte Andrewes Vndershaft’,  to share equally with Marie Clarke alias Woode ‘all my part right Title and interest’ in ‘that Playhouse ... called the Curtein’, and also ‘all my parte estate and interest’ in ‘that Playhouse ... called the Globe’.  Bromley's mother is to ‘receiue theis legacies’ until Thomas is of age.  Robert Gough and John Edmans, to have ‘all my wearing apparrell, And all my Armes’.  John Jacson his loving friend.  Dorothy Clarke, sister to Marie Clarke alias Woode.  Goodwife Willingson, ‘who is nowe the keper of my house’.  Bazell Nicholl, scrivener, his loving friend.  John Wrench his neighbor and friend. 
Co-Executors:  Bazell Nicholl and John Wrench.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  John Wrench; John Edmans. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/103 (register copy): ff.95r-96r, the will; ff.96r-97r, the sentence.  See also Prob.10/224 (original will).] 
[Transcription in Playhouse Wills, pp.68-72.  Abstracted in SAC vol.11 pp.133-134.] 

Powlson, Jeffrey, of St Saviour.  Nuncupative will.  A bequest to the poor of St Saviour parish. 
Date declared: 1605 June 19. 
Date proved:  1605 September 6. 
Family members named:  Thomas, Richard, Alexander, Stephen, and William, his brothers.  Edward Palmer his kinsman. 
Others named:  Toby Burche.  Joseph Burche.  John Crowder.  Edmund Dawsonne. 
Executor:  none named; administration granted to Ann Powlson his widow.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  William Butterton; Edmund Dawson; John Crowder. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/106/106, f.73v (register copy).] 

Preston, John, of Southwark, gentleman.  [of St Saviour in his codicil].  Testator has two properties in St Saviour parish; an inn ‘called the Taberd alias the Tabrett’ [possibly the famous Tabard] and the adjoining tenement ‘called the Abbottes lodging’.  He also has property in Barking, Dagenham, and Little Ilford in Essex, and in St John Street in Clerkenwell. 
Date written:  1607 July 31, with a codicil on November 29 and confirmed on December 12. 
Date proved:  1607 December 18. 
Family members named:  Dame Dorothy Williams, his daughter, wife of Sir Thomas Williams, knight.  Philip Bernard of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman, his grandson, one of the sons of Dorothy Williams and her former husband John Bernard; he is to have all the testator's property, including the inn called the Taberd.  William King of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman, his nephew, named in the will as residual legatee should the bequests to Philip Bernard fail; but this bequest withdrawn in the codicil, leaving Philip Bernard the sole legatee.  No other legatees. 
Executors:  Philip Bernard and William King.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  to the will: Adrian Wilkes; John Renoldes; John Hastie (his mark); Richard Kirbye.  To the codicil: John Hart, notary public; Thomas Bate; John Bernard.  To the confirmation: John Hone, doctor of laws and a Master of Chancery; John Hart, notary public; William Dirrant (his mark); William Lane; John Bernard. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/110/493, ff.358r-359v (register copy).] 

Price, Griffin, of St Saviour, dyer.  Nuncupative will, made at Stockbridge, Hampshire, where he lay dying. 
Date declared:  1596/7 March 7. 
Date proved:  1597 November 29. 
Family members named:  none. 
Others named:  Edward Justrell of Stockbridge, smith, his sole legatee; Mr Pinder at Metasfonte. 
Executor:  Edward Justrell.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  William Belychambers; Roger Norton; and others. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/90, ff.313v-314r (register copy).] 

Purdy, Robert, of St Saviour, sadler.  Nuncupative will, he ‘beinge sicke in his death bedd within his owne howse’. 
Date declared:  1591 December 6. 
Date proved:  1591 December 13. 
Family members named:  Joan his wife.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  wife Joan.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  John Massam, gentleman; James Lyle; Robert Myles; Elizabeth Keble; Agnes Wood; and others. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/78, f.283r (register copy).]