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Tart, Matthew, citizen and innholder, 1632
Tedder, Thomas, citizen and blacksmith, 1567
Thomson, Christopher, milliner, 1562
Thorn, Thomas, musician, 1629
Tindall alias Kendall, John, barber-surgeon, 1639    

Toodup, William, tanner, 1595
Towne, Thomas, gentleman, 1612
Treherne, John, king's servant, 1618
Tryne, John, alebrewer, 1593
Tunstall, John, tailor, 1582

Tarte, Matthew, of St Saviour, citizen and innholder of London.  Testator is ‘somewhat Crazie in body’.  He has no children. 
Date written:  1631/2 February 27. 
Date proved:  1635 May 6. 
Family members named:  Elizabeth his wife.  Thomas Ellwood his uncle.  Margaret Holland his aunt.  Alice Marsh his aunt.  Elizabeth Hamond his aunt.  Blanche Ellishe his aunt, and her son William Ellishe.  William Tarte his brother, and his children Matthew, Ellen, and Elizabeth Tarte.  Elizabeth Christian his sister.  Katherine Langley his sister.  Alice, Anne and Margaret Shipton, children of his deceased aunt Anne Shipton.  No other legatees. 
Executor:  Elizabeth his wife; no overseers named. 
Witnesses:  Ralph Marshe; Philip Christian; William Fitton; Humphrey Dyson, notary public; Joseph Ferrett his servant. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/168, f.48r-v (register copy).] 

Tedder, Thomas, citizen and blacksmith of London.  Not of St Saviour, but has property there.  Asks to be buried in St Clement Danes church.  He mentions the names of many St Clement Danes parishioners, most of them not recorded here.  Holds a messuage in St Saviour called Slovins Hall, occupied by Robert Johnes, yeoman; also property in Newington and Walworth.  Many of his blacksmithing tools are bequeathed: an anvil, a grindstone; William Jenkine gets ‘a certayne instrument or toole called a vise of yron and stele belonging to the occupacion of a Cutler’. 
Date written:  1567 December 17. 
Date proved:  1567/8 January 13. 
Family members named:  Christian his daughter, her husband Henry Jeninges, and their daughter Paskine; Christian also has a son named John Grove.  William and Margaret Jenkine, children of his late daughter Margery and her husband Davy Jenkine, cutler, of St Clement Danes.  Elizabeth Tedder his daughter.  John Hughes his cousin, and his wife. 
Others named:  Thomas Johnes of St Clement Danes, bucklermaker, his late servant.  Griffin Apprice of Peckham, Surrey.  Richard Vale. 
Executor:  his daughter Elizabeth Tedder. 
Overseers:  John Hughes of London, blacksmith; Richard Vale of St Clement Danes. 
Witnesses:  William Bobbet; George Harryson; and others. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/50, ff.7v-8v (register copy).] 

Thompson, Christopher, of St Olave, Southwark, milliner.  Not of St Saviour.  Asks to be buried in St Olave church. 
Date written:  1561/2 March 23. 
Date proved:  1562 April 13. 
Family members named:  Margaret his wife.  William, Ann, and Elizabeth Thompson his underage children. 
Others named:  Thomas ?Lutets and Robert Johnson his servants. 
Executor:  his wife Margaret. 
Overseers:  Giles Dawbeney, painter; Thomas Hanson, mercer. 
Witnesses:  none recorded. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/45, f.68r-v (register copy).] 

Thorne, Thomas, of St Saviour, musician.  Testator is in good and perfect health; he makes his will because he is ‘intendinge to travile into the parts of beyond the seas called the East Indians’. 
Date written:  1628/9 March 20. 
Date proved:  1633 August 31. 
Family members named:  none. 
Others named:  John Rodes, musician of St Giles in the Fields, Mary his wife, and their son John Rodes. 
Co-Executors:  John and Mary Rodes.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  John Horne, scrivener; Raphael Joyner his apprentice. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/164, ff.112v-113r (register copy).] 

Tindall alias Kendall, John, barber-surgeon, 1639. 
The testator's surname is written in the will as Kendall alias Tindall; the will can be found under "K"
Towdup, William, of St Saviour, tanner.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  A bequest to the poor of Clink Liberty. 
Date written:  1595 October 5. 
Date proved:  1597 October 17. 
Family members named:  Joyce Towdup his wife.  George Towdup his son, not yet fifteen years old.  Agnes his underage daughter.  Alexander Towdup his youngest brother.  George Towdup, butcher, his brother, of Anwick [Anick?], Northumberland.  Cecily Gibson and Isabel Clare his sisters. 
Others named:  Mother Francis, widow.  Thomas Swanne of London, yeoman.  John Nott, tanner of Colebrook, Middlesex [sic]. 
Executor:  Joyce Towdup his wife. 
Overseers:  Thomas Swane and John Nott. 
Witnesses:  Edward Griffin, scrivener; Hugh Tucker (his mark). 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/90, f.illegible.] 

Towne, Thomas, of St Saviour, gentleman.  Testator has a woodwharf and house in St Saviour Close, occupied by Mr Campion. 
Date written:  1612 July 4. 
Date proved:  1612 August 1. 
Family members named:  Ann Towne his wife.  Dorothy Feeldhowse his cousin.  Phyllis Norgatte and Daniel Norgate his cousins.  John Towne of Dunwich, Suffolk, his brother.  John Towne of Hackney, his cousin. 
Others named:  William Borne, Thomas Dowton, Edward Jubye, Samuel Rowley, Charles Mercie, and Humphrey Jeffes his very good friends and fellows.  William Simons, preacher at St Saviour.  Katherine Clarke his late servant.  Ann [blank] his now servant. 
Executor:  Ann Towne his wife.  No overseers named. 
Witnesses:  William Corden; Edward Griffin. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/120, f.107r-v (register copy).  See also Prob.10/294 (original will); Prob.8/15, f.7r (probate entry).] 
[Transcription in Playhouse Wills, pp.88-90.] 

Treherne, John, of St Saviour, gentleman, porter of the king's gates.  Testator affirmed his will with a mark not a signature.  Testator is somewhat weak in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church near where his wife and his son John Treherne are buried.  Bequests to the poor of the Clink, the Upper Ground, and the Boroughside of St Saviour parish.  Bequests to the churchwardens and vestry of St Saviour, and to the Company of Clothworkers ‘whereof I am free’.  Has a ‘great messuage’ in St Saviour, where he dwells, and also a messuage in Three Naked Boys Alley in St Olave parish.  Has a lease to property in Pincock Lane in St Nicholas Shambles, London.  Has a house called the Horseshoe on the Bankside in St Saviour parish, which once belonged to Gilbert Rocket.  Has property in Challock, Kent, held jointly with Thomas Lake, gentleman. 
Date written:  1618 July 24, with a codicil dated September 6. 
Date proved:  1618 October 28. 
Family members named:  John Treherne, Leonard Treherne, Mary Treherne, and Anne Treherne his underage grandchildren, children of John Treherne his son, deceased.  Christopher Griffin, Treherne Griffin, Margaret Griffin, Agnes Griffin, and Joyce Griffin, underage children of Ann Griffin his daughter, wife of Edward Griffin.  William Harris, son of his daughter Sara by her former husband Thomas Harris deceased.  Sara Draper, John Draper, Henry Draper, Rebecca Draper, Edward Draper, and Thomas Draper, underage children of his daughter Sara by her former husband Henry Draper deceased.  William Iremonger, son of his daughter Sara by her now husband William Iremonger gentleman. 
Others named:  Eleanor Cooke his late servant.  John Greene, scrivener, his loving friend and countryman.  George Payne his neighbor. 
Co-Executors:  Edward Griffin and William Iremonger his sons in law. 
Overseers:  John Greene, George Payne, and Richard Yearwood. 
Witnesses:  To the will:  Thomas Sutton; Richard Wright; Francis Winton; John Greene, scrivener; Arthur Juxon.  To the codicil:  John Greene, scrivener; Philip Powle. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/132, ff.203r-206v (register copy).] 

Tryne, John, citizen and alebrewer of London.  But apparently of St Saviour.  Testator is weak in body.  Asks to be buried in St Saviour church near where his late (unnamed) wife is buried.  Bequest to the poor of the parish of St Saviour, and to the vestrymen of the parish, ‘to be spent amongst them at their pleasure’.
Date written:  1593 August 12. 
Date proved:  1593 August 28. 
Family members named:  Thomas Tryene his son and principal legatee.  Elizabeth his daughter, not yet 21.  John Tryene ‘my apprentice and kinsman’.  William Tryene ‘my apprentice and kinsman’. 
Others named:  Unnamed servants now dwelling with him. 
Executor:  son Thomas Tryne. 
Overseers:  Thomas Emerson and Humphrey Emerson ‘my well beloved friends’. 
Witnesses:  Thomas Emerson; Richard Sawter; Richard Johnson, scrivener. 
[Reference:  TNA, Prob.11/82, ff.121v-122r (register copy).] 

Tunstall, John, tailor, see Dunstall, John.